Kate Gosselin’s Body Language Shows Poise and A Much Softer Side on Jimmy Kimmel Live

After watching Kate Gosselin on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night I can say that she is coming across a lot more polished and a lot more poised. She looked absolutely beautiful with her softer hairstyle, toned body and gorgeous dress.  Her posture was excellent. This was clearly  her best  television appearance  yet. She was actually very pleasant, cordial and laughed appropriately at Jimmy’s jokes and at herself. She was even humble when she said she couldn’t dance.

But then at the end when she said”  I am  going to win,” it seemed like it was right back to the old Kate. If she hadn’t said that, I would have rated her performance on Kimmel Live as a near perfect. She needed to say that she would try her best and hope that she would win, not that she will win. Being  cocky like that does not put anyone in a good light, let alone Kate.  Kate really needs to work on her humility in my view. If she does that, she will be so much more appealing to audiences.

 There are obviously some changes taking place with her not only on the outside but on the inside as well. No doubt her handlers  are working to get her more likeable  and camera ready for her upcoming show.

 That is no doubt why she is doing Dancing With the Stars- one of the highest rated shows. It will let more people see her who haven’t seen her and it will allow those who have seen her to see her in a different light-hopefully in a better light.

At first I was concerned that she would be doing a show that demanded so much and that she would be away from her kids. But she explained on Kimmel Live that her partner (Tony Davolani) will be coming to her home in Pennsylvania to work with her in her basement so she won’t be away from the kids. Then she will be coming to LA once a week to do the show. I think that is GREAT! Being away from her kids for so many weeks was my main concern for her in doing DWTS. But now I think it will work out well.

Kate also mentioned how positive Tony is. That is exactly the type of person Kate needs to be around. Perhaps some of his positivity and kindness towards others will rub off on her. There was no doubt that being around Jon for all of those years brought out the worst in her and vice versa.

After witnessing Jon’s immature and self-destructive behavior and how he treated his girlfriends, it is no wonder that Kate had so many issues with him.

Hopefully her being around a positive kind dancing partner like Tony will  contribute to the positive changes that seem to be taking place with Kate. http://www.drlillianglass.com/


26 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s Body Language Shows Poise and A Much Softer Side on Jimmy Kimmel Live

  1. She can allow people to improve her posture, her tone of voice, her cackle, but nobody will ever improve the unkind and uncaring woman inside, the user, the exploiter, the self-centered woman who sought to have fertility treatments when she knew as a nurse about the chance for multiples, and she knew she and her husband could not support them.

    Almost anyone can fake it for an interview if they can take direction at all. She is an evil person who will not be able to fake it for long. And we have seen that she is the most dishonest, ungrateful and obnoxious woman who has ever been pushed down our throats and through our eyeballs.

    As far as her being “toned”, I have seen pictures of Kate from the side that show her thick waisted, thick ankled, fake boob self in not so flattering a pose (and in that same dress). The artificial hair does nothing to soften the mean-spirited mother. We’ve seen those angry faces she gives her kids, among others, and the way she snatches them around and steers them from the head.

    She tricked a lot of people and apparently is still able to do it. I can’t figure out what the appeal is here.


  2. Dr. Glass, not you too! I have to respectfully disagree with your current assessment of Kate and your small but unneeded attack on Jon. If you are only concerned with outward appearances then she has shown some improvement (the hairstyle is a matter of opinion though!) Kate has had the benefit of TLC’s PR team working her over and coaching her during interviews. It is simply lipstick on the pig. She is the same person underneath, who probably caused enough self esteem issues and emotional distress in Jon that it will take years of counseling to deal with. Remember he was always the more hands on parent, the neighbors all liked him better than her and he has more of a relationship with her family than she does. Because he did not want to continue with TLC’s cash cow they along with Kate orchestrated a well organized and powerful character assassination on him. The same PR team that makes her LOOK better made him into something evil. He is immature, yes, made some bad decisions, yes. but the man is not evil. She is still the self entitled self important, emotionally abusive person she always was. Check out the video of her with the other contestants, she is not even a star but acted more diva like than the rest of them. PLEASE!! Even with practices at home she has to fly out to LA to tape which is not done in one day and it is a long flight. She just spent days in nyc and is listed on the previous post as a speaker at a womens expo in Indiana. She will choose anything that puts the limelight on her over spending time with her children. In a recent interview she said that her children were going to get counseling and she was going to be there for them. Does she need this paycheck more than they need their parent at this time in their lives. I don’t think so. She is being portrayed as a single Supermom still, and that is the biggest lie on TV!!!! She has more helpers than Santa Clause and does nothing more than occasionally pick them up off the busand take them to the store for photo ops. Can you not see this Dr. Glass? Tlc is trying to rewrite history.


  3. Agree with all of the previous responses. Kate has not been with her children for 14 days and will be gone next weekend too.

    My question to you Dr Lillian, and I am asking you this difficult question with great respect for you: Are you sure that your very sudden glowing post on “All Things Kate” has nothing to do with the fact that your livelihood in part depends on appearances and articles on many of the media shows and outlets that are blatantly pushing this phony Kate re-do on the masses? Is there not a conflict of interest? It sure makes me wonder, just a little.


    1. Dear Nancy
      Thank you for email. To answer your question, my body language analysis was an objective assessment of her performance on the Jimmy KImmel Live. That was it. It did not include her past behaviors. I have reported exactly what I have seen in the past which has been a lot of abusive behavior, snarkiness and self entitlement.

      Presently I do see that she is trying to come across a lot more softer. However the old Kate is still leaking out as I reported in my blog where she says “I will win”. There is no doubt that she has been coached and remade.

      Maybe she will be remade from the inside out as well. I am hoping for that for her sake and the sake of the kids.

      I do not hate Kate nor have anything against her. I do appreciate when people try to better themselves and make transformations in their behavior.

      As far as my livelihood is concerned, I do not depend on Dancing With the Stars for my livelihood or any of the other of venues to whch I contribute my body language analyses.

      Nor am I beholden to anyone to say to do anything for their sake. I do not work that way. My body language assessments are honest and objective based on my experience and background. I cannot be bought and I am not influenced by anyone.

      Thank you again for your comments.
      Dr. Lillian Glass


  4. Kate is going to LA on a Sunday and returning Tues night or Wed morning. This is quoted from her. I suspect she is doing it in PA to film the kids watching her dance. Get the public interested and wanting more of the kids.

    As for her poise answers, don’t you realize she wears an earpiece. With the interview with Jimmy K you can see her look a little down and put her left hand to her ear. The poise pauses were she had to hear what she should say. If anyone doesn’t believe it, it is on UTube


  5. Hi Dr. Glass

    I was pleasantly surprised with Kate’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. She did seem more relaxed and confident.

    I really hope that the changes we are seeing on the outside are coming from the inside.

    People do change and maybe Kate is doing just that. I agree that Kate and Jon were not good together. Maybe the change we are seeing is due to the fact that they are no longer together.

    I wish her luck on DWTS.


  6. Sadly, she is fooling you too. She isn’t home. If DWTS films two nights, that is a minimum of 4 days gone. Three at best. She has been in NYC rehearsing (she is in PA but still hours from NYC), was seen in LA rehearsing recently for three days. Do you see the lie? She says that but it can be proven otherwise. She can be home 3 days per week and yet, she is not.
    Don’t be fooled. TLC is filming the children, and pretending she is home with them playing mom. When this doesn’t work for her, mark my words, it will be “the best thing for the children” or Jon’s fault. Watch.
    Kate doesn’t have a mom bone in her body. Her concern is not with the children. If it were, she would be home, helping them through all the transitions in their new life.
    Funny how she mentions the children need to adjust to the loss of a parent. The reality is, she is the parent lost.
    After these rare appearances at home, she will be off and running on her book tour. Being a mom means being there for your kids, not seeking fame and fortune at their expense.

    I wish Kate could do an interview without an ear piece!


    1. I so agree. She’s being coached and directed, as surely as she has been primped and styled by someone else. She couldn’t even put her own hair in a ponytail.

      She had to change her appearance because she has an ugly heart. If she didn’t, we’d have known it because the gap between her and Jon’s behavior would have widened. Instead, she eventually started going clubbing, she’s too famous for a regular job, etc.

      Her kids must have either been horribly confused by Jon and Kate pretending to have a marriage when cameras were around, or were told to pretend (act) as well. I don’t think Kate cares. She has never mentioned anything of it, even though she goes so far as to publish letters to her kids. What a mom.

      “I am very relieved that our divorce has been finalized, and I look forward to the New Year, focusing on the children,” Kate Gosselin said in press release sent out following the ruling. “


  7. One person named Jibberjabbers starts a rumor about an earpiece and all the people who dislike Kate declare it is fact.

    Jean you don’t believe all that stuff you said…do you?

    IMO Kate loves her children. No one has the right to say she doesn’t. She has made arrangements so she can be with her children while out trying to make a living. I see nothing wrong with that.


    1. Kate is incapable of loving her kids. Just look at the way she treats her boys! I do have the right to say she doesn’t, especially when there is a ton of proof.


    2. Look at the Utube at top of the page. This part was never left in the interview. Must be very embarassing not to be able to talk about your children without being told what to say.


  8. I don’t even know what a jibberjabber is. You could see her fiddle with it. I noticed it on the same interview someone posted above. I never even saw that video clip. WOW. That is crazy! You are talking about your children and need prompts? Since then, I notice it on other interviews. You can tell by the way she pauses.

    I would like to know the last time she was home and/or spending time with her children. She hasn’t been home in a while it seems. Off in NY rehearsing, to premieres, Women Show this weekend. When is this woman a mom? When your children are going through some a traumatic time in their lives, how dare you put your needs first. She isn’t doing this to make a living. Give me a break. DWTS is for her own desire to be seen, to be famous.
    What about the therapy she said her children need right now and how she will “be there for them”

    I don’t respect her. And I do not believe she truly knows how to love someone else.


  9. It’s all fake, fake, fake, fake. Fake teeth, fake hair, fake breasts, fake tan, fake attitude. Her reputation is irreparable.

    She is famous for N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Kate needs to make her kids her first priority and then pursue her career.


  10. Criticizing Kate or deconstructing her TV persona is not “hating” her. It’s not love/hate. That’s way too simple. I do not hate Kate. I do hate the way she has behaved for the past 3 1/2 yrs. But those who have a financial stake in promoting her have tried to set up an equation that says any criticism equals hate. I will not fall for it. That is a false equation intended to nullify any criticism.

    This is not PR 101 any longer. The ever-shifting image of Kate the “star” makes image-making a major challenge. I do wonder if the real problem isn’t a lack of core identity — no there there. That’s what they say about narcissists. I think ABC may be working overtime to manage this situation once they realize what they are dealing with. Dr. Lillian, maybe you are correct and that Kate has made internal changes and not just the lipstick on the pig that many of us believe is the case.

    I just saw an article where TLC executives were quoted as now stating that “Kate Gosselin is a SUPERSTAR!” Now she has shapeshifted again–no longer just a “star” –the newest incarnation has her now surpassing everyday stardom. Baloney.

    Kate believes she has the Mom vote. See the following article where she explains her strategy for why she is convinced that she is going to win:

    Kate Gosselin Asks Moms To Pool Votes

    PHILADELPHIA – Kate Gosselin has a plan to win “Dancing With The Stars” and it has nothing to with her dancing skills, but with getting her mom fan base to flood phone lines.

    And the ABC dancing competition is all about who gets the most votes.

    “I feel a uniting of moms everywhere. Moms all do the same job and I get so much from the mothers everywhere. There is so much support.”

    Gosselin, 34, has told reporters she will use the mom fan base for “Jon & Kate Plus 8” to swamp the phone vote lines with votes for her.

    “I have a team across the country planning to call in for me. We need every vote we can get,” she told Fox411. “There are patches of people everywhere.”


    Yes, but I thought that the DWTS winners was about the best dancers. I guess Kate is once again “special” and now it’s a popularity contest. So be it! It’s no longer about dancing ability but Kate has made it about “vote for me because I’m a great mom and I represent you!” WRONG, Kate.

    Here’s a novel idea, Kate: How about just practicing and working as hard as you can, performing to the very best of your ability during the live shows, and then either being thankful you’re safe for another week or accepting it gracefully if you’re voted off, the way any reasonable, and mature adult would do?

    Kate if you win by the soliciting of the mom telephone votes instead of actually winning by fair and honest competition, you haven’t really won. Don’t you believe in the real importance as a mother to demonstrate yourself as a honest and responsible role model for your children? Isn’t that the important lesson you would want to teach your children?

    I do wonder how many phone lines TLC and Figure 8 Productions will be staffing on her behalf? How many internet votes will they be able to cast?

    I am very disturbed by the newest Kate &TLC & ABC scam which is to pretend that Kate is spending a lot of time in Pa. with her kids while she is training for DWTS. This simply is not true.

    Kate has not seen her children for 14 days (Since 2/20). Friday, she was still in NYC for promotional appearances. So…Kate will be home for 4 days. She’ll be in NYC prepping for The View on 3/10, The View 3/11, ? 3/12, South Bend, IN on 3/13, practice, practice, practice, probably fly to L.A. mid to late week, maybe 3/18 to prep for season premiere of DWTS on 3/22. Two shows 3/22 & 3/23. …But remember THE KIDS COME FIRST!!! And everything she does is for the kids. She’s a big phony.



    Kate was quoted in People Magazine about a month ago stating that her children were going to begin therapy at home, the following week AND that they needed it in a big way. She insisted that she would be there to support them. Huh? Therapy does not last only for 3 weeks.

    How can she not be there with her beloved children to actively partcipate in this therapy with them and therapy for herself? Do you believe that therapy will be effective if the primary care giver is absent more days in a month than present? I don’t.

    My belief is that for real change to occur a consistent supportive presence and ongoing expression of love and attention is mandatory and essential. How can the children integrate new ways of being and thinking and behaving that they learn in therapy sessions if Mom isn’t there to reinforce these healthy behaviors and be a integral part of this process?

    That makes absolutely no sense to me, that she would believe that this will be a successful experience for her children without her active participation. What could possibly be more important than her children’s psychological health and happiness? Certainly not her own quest for fame and super stardom, IMO.

    Kate is NO role model for the masses of us moms. I just would like Kate, TLC & ABC to knock off this BS about her being mom of the decade–it’s very insulting.

    Dr. Lillian, thanks for your response to my earlier post. I appreciate you affirming that no conflict of interest exists and that you can not be bought. I know that some people, myself included were confused–on your web site in the biography section under the media portion it states that you are the body language expert for DWTS. Can you explain a little about what your role consists of in that capacity? I do appreciate that you made crystal clear that your personal integrity and professional ethics can not be compromised.


  11. Hi Dr Glass,

    I might agree with your verdict on evidence, but not on circumstance. Kate got where she is by using her children unfairly to her advantage. No one’s forcing her to appear in the court of public opinion, and I feel no need to be nice.

    I do not see a pleasant, lovely Kate. I see a confabulated, fictitious version of a narcissist, projected by her to elicit constant interest and attention. By harvesting reactions to her False Self, she obtains pleasurable tidbits of attention with which she can regulate and shore up her self-esteem.

    The psyche of the narcissist is dominated by emotion —
    they are ruled by their hearts — and their feelings are introverted, or directed inwardly; thus, the “self-love”. Convexly, they have self-worth and self-esteem issues because the dumb saps don’t know what to think about themselves. However, they do know how to attract attention to themselves. Their whole life’s behavior is aimed at obtaining false-positive data about themselves.

    The avenue by which narcissists stabilize their self-image is a path of least resistance — they love themselves too much to have to work on their self-esteem. They don’t need an accurate self-image, just a comfortable one, and an inflated one is decidedly comfortable — more to love!

    I won’t be surprised if Kate dances well. What part of her isn’t busy journaling her feelings for future publication is busy with sensual details. Little wonder she spends gobs
    of money on plastic surgery, spa treatments, manicures, tans, clothes, handbags, shoes, etc., instead of perhaps downsizing the mortgage and being a mother to her kids and, heaven forbid, going back to school. But she wouldn’t be able to take the hit to her self-esteem. The last time Kate lost a big source of narcissistic supply, she went into withdrawal and melted down on national TV.

    It was her own fault. She began projecting an increasingly False Self long ago during the time of her “reality” show. She even hid for months the fact that she and Jon were living separate lives. How mad she was that Jon grew tired of being controlled by her, and made his own rules.

    We got the memo that Jon and Kate didn’t “always bring out the best in each other” a long time ago. The intro to their show had that disclaimer, by Kate. I am, however, dumbfounded that you of all people would suggest that the current version of Kate’s shill is evidence that it was Jon’s fault Kate treated him the way she did. If you’re going to imply Jon had that kind of influence over Kate’s behavior, you might as well say Kate can warp time and space At least I could agree that some warp, somewhere accounts for Kate’s behavior. She certainly hasn’t.

    I guess Kate just wants to move on. But, so do sharks. I hope Tony Davolani is keeping his eyes peeled.


  12. I have some additional comments:

    I wouldn’t be impressed by Kate’s looks if she could win the flipping Miss America pageant; beauty is only skin-deep. And if I was interested in watching an illusionist, it would be anyone but Kate; I’d choose somebody like David Copperfield. I haven’t seen hours and hours worth of film of David Copperfield acting like a jerk. Kate, I have, and she made me feel bad. I don’t care to be manipulated that way.

    The litmus test as far as I’m concerned is whether or not she can respond to other people’s feelings. Kate made many, many people feel bad. I call that, a trouble-maker. And there has been no indication that she has done any work on her insides.


  13. I am 50, married 31 years, have 2 kids 27 and 19, this woman is not what real moms want portrayed. I know I’m older but watching this push and pr stunt for all moms is a farce, if it is for younger moms this push and pr stunt is wrong. We have all learned through out this gosselin stint the ins and outs of “becoming a celebrity” that has to be taught to these followers, because it is the cost of the children. These children are doomed, this farce is not a joke, it’s real and it’s sad. I don’t care what she looks like on the outside, in the business there’s tons better looking than her, she will always be the ugly kate she showed us on tv. To me tho, I see 8 messed up, sad, lonely kids that not only won’t appreciate anything but will now never know true love of a parent or family. I really don’t think these nannies invest anymore to these kids than the parents do either, why should they, they’re over worked and under paid I’m sure. If the nannies are , then who cleans behind the furniture or dusts way back now? This is a train wreak. period.


  14. I want to say also is, we all have worked hard, we may not all have pr teams, tlc or the like. If she is now pushed as the greatest mom, there’s something wrong in the thinking of her followers because being focused on her, is proving the neglect on the personal well being of 8 growing kids, I hate being lied to and manipulated by this media crap. Let the truth be the truth…I would hope the younger moms would never put anything like this gosslein fiasco before the kids lives they brought into this world.


  15. I don’t understand why everyone feels they have the right to judge Kate Gosselin.

    I don’t see anyone keeping track of how many days other celebrities spend with their children. Lots of actors spend weeks on location filming and no one criticizes them for it.

    I never felt like she is trying to portray herself as a super mom. I’ve never heard Kate refer to herself as a super mom.

    The show was about a couple struggling with raising 2 sets of multiples nothing more and nothing less.

    As time goes on people and circumstances change. By the end of the show they weren’t struggling financially anymore.

    I think the problem people have is they can’t relate to them anymore. They don’t have the financial problems like most of us anymore. I don’t resent them for improving their financial status and I don’t understand why any one would. I say good for them.

    It’s not my place or any one elses to tell them how to live their lives.

    If Kate wants to pursue a career in entertainment that is her choice. If you don’t like her you have a choice not to watch her.

    Dr. Glass I would be interested in hearing your opinion on why everyone feels like they have a right to judge every little thing Kate does or does not do. I think that would be a very interesting post.


    1. Kate has no talent, no charisma, doesn’t have a nice bone in her body. Her only claim to fame is giving birth to 8 kids. She thinks she is entitled to everything.

      Maybe you should look around, the truth about Kate is out there.


  16. So sad to read today that Kate is bringing back the dogs. The People Magazine article was scanned on a blogsite. I had been hopeful that those gorgeous dogs had found a forever family. It is really sad to know that they have been in a kennel all of thes months.


  17. Dr. Lillian Glass,

    In September 2009 you posted about the demise of the Gosselin dogs. The following was part of what you posted:

    “That is not fair to the dogs. In fact it is downright cruel. It is no laughing matter as reflected by Kate’s snarky chuckle. It’s sad and cruel on Kate’s part.
    But I can’t help but think that at least some of those kids especially, Adan the one with the glasses, who is an animal lover since he could walk and Leah who is a reptile lover obsessed with alligators, would be upset by not having their dogs around. How would Kate even know that the kids were upset anyway? For an entire week she has been in NYC guest hosting the View, That weekend she was still in the city shooting a pilot for the Paula Deen Show and all this week has been speaking at conferences like the Southern Women’s Conference in North Carolina. So how would she know how those children were feeling anyway?”
    Dr. Lillian Glass

    Have you changed your mind about the above content? Kate has been at home with her children 4 days since 2/21/10. As you wrote in Sept 2009–How would Kate know how her children feel about anything?


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