Jermaine Jackson Shows Many Signals of Deception While Trying to Cover Up for Son Jafar in Dutch TV Interview

Jermain Jackson’s interview on Dutch TV showed numerous signals of deception. These these signals included lengthy pause time,  out of sync phrasing, shoulder shrugs and long pauses between words, breathing,  upper  chest breathing, shaking his head “no” when he should be shaking it “yes,” mask-like pulled back nervous disingenuous smile, and  “um’s,”” ang uh’s”,  head jerking. and drawn out vowels.

Therefore,  it appears to me that Jermaine Jackson is clearly showing signals of deception in an attempt to cover up for his 13 year old son Jafar. Allegedly Jafar was chasing  Michael Jackson’s youngest son Blanket around the house with a Stun Gun which he purchased online.

In Jermain’s attempt to cover to Jafar, he implicates himself by saying that Jafar was buying a Stun Gun for him and that he knew about it!  I doubt that was the case ? What kind of parenting is that? How in their right mind would let their 13 year old son but them a Stun Gun over the Internet?   


Here are Jermain’s exact words from the interview. In parentheses you will see the  signals of deception that he exhibited

“That’s not true there was no accident.” “That was my son.” (upper chest breathing- signal of  deception ready to take place next). “He was,  he was (repetition- signal of  deception) getting this , this (repletion, signal of deception)  little  thing ( minimization of not saying what this “”little thing” was—-a STUN GUN!!!) As Jermaine says this he has a tight mask-like smile indicating deception.

As Jermain says he was getting this little this little thing forME. His voice gets louder to emphasize the word ME and he suddenly jerks his head down into his chest which indicates deception. It is no doubt that the “little thing (STUN GUN) was NOT  purchased for him but for his son.  

Then Jermain turns away as he tries to blame put the blame on the press and says in a very slow labored speech pattern,  “Some how some one alerted the press and it got out of hand  and there was no encounter with Blanket or anything” ( said with a mask like smile indicating deception). What does he mean by “ no encounter with Blanket ( a person)  or any thing? “ The fact that he added the word “any THING” after mentioning Blanket is yet another signal of deception. It is too much information. If someone was being forthright they would have stopped after the word “Blanket.” They would have said without a mask-like smile “ Nothing happened to Blanket.”

Then Jermain goes on and gives way too much information, clearly another signal of deception.

“ But my son feels very very bad  (repetition as a signal of deception)  (upper chest breathing indicating deception), because he told me (  his pitch of voice suddenly goes up) that he was going to get me something online ( shoulder shrug – a signal of deception along with shaking his head “no” as he says this indicating yet another signal of deception)”  that  before we left to come out here and uh (signal of deception along with  upper chest breathing indicating further  deception)  it got out (drawing out the vowel for longer than normal indicating deception)  of hand ( THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!! When something makes no sense the person is most likely not telling the truth) 

Also why was Jafar feeling very very bad? You say it is because he told you that he was going to get you something online.” Was he feeling bad because he used your gift  which you  claim  he was getting you on line to scare his baby cousin?  Was he  feeling “very very bad” becasue his gift was a surprise for you and after he used your alleged gift to chase around his cousin, it was no longer a surprise- that you learned your gift was a stun gun?

 Then Jermain continues “Somehow it got out  out”   (repletion  indicating signal of deception as he is also  shaking his head “no” when when should be shaking it “yes” as another signal of deception) of hand. But but ( repletion) Blanket is fine….”
What got out of hand? Was it the fact that Jafar was allegedly chasing Blanket around with a stun gun and frightening this innocent child? Was it the fact that Dept., of Child Services Spent 6 and ½ hours at the home? And what in the world was a 13 year old doing buying you a STUN GUN? Why in the wqorld would you need a STUN GUN? Who were you planning to STUN with your GUN? And  the fact you said you KNEW that Jafar was buying you a “little something” like a STUN GUN online and you allowed it is unconscionable and speaks to your parenting!!!

 You, Jermain, would have been much better off to tell the truth instead of your BS spin.

Why didn’t you just come out and say” I am appalled at what happened. I am appalled that my 13 year old son bought a STUN GUN on line. I have discussed this with him and he has been reprimanded and dealt with for his unacceptable behavior.

But to say that he bought this STUN GUN for you and that you knew about it is completely  ridiculous.

Little Blanket has been through so much that the last thing in the world he needs is to be traumatized by his cousin, your son. The last thing he needs is to experience fear of being STUNNED by A GUN!  No child should have to experience this. It is abusive behavior! If this is the case, I say he and his brother Prince and sister Paris should not be living in the same household as you or  Jafar.


2 thoughts on “Jermaine Jackson Shows Many Signals of Deception While Trying to Cover Up for Son Jafar in Dutch TV Interview

  1. Hi Dr. Glass

    I have been reading about this and I keep wondering why all those children are living with their grandmother.

    I agree he should have just come clean about the whole situation.

    Why don’t the parents and children have a home of their own? It appears that things are out of control at that house. Did you see in the video where one kid shouted a profanity and hit the child so hard it knocked him to the ground.

    I don’t think this is the type of environment that Michael wanted his children raised in. I really question why he wanted his mother to raise his children if something happened to him. It is obvious that if the things he said about his childhood are true his mother did not protect her children from abuse and I wonder why he thought she would protect her grandchildren.


  2. I would love to hear the whole accurate story-but I doubt that I will. Posts on TMZ don’t make me feel really informrd.
    Where was Grace during all this? I hope to God that she’s still there!! Surely she isn’t supposed to monitor all 8 kids-so how could Katherine.
    This is one of the most unusual arrangements I’ve ever heard of.
    Maybe if Jermaine would travel all over europe giving interviews to anyone who will listen/or pay he would come home, find a job and take care of his families/family.
    If I’m allowed a guess-I’ll bet he was the one in the hot tub with the French girl just to hurt MJ. Just a guess, now.


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