Sara Palin’s Body Language on Jay Leno in Her Comedic Debut Showed Excellent Comedic Timing- The Most Difficult Thing in Doing Comedy


Say what you will about Sara Palin her comedic delivery was excellent during the delivery of her monologue.  Her timing was impeccable. No matter if you agree with her politics or not, one has to admit she did a great job displaying some comedic talent.

Having worked with comedians in terms of helping them with their phrasing and timing- something that is very difficult to conquer  for any comedian. Palin nailed it every time.

In addition, her tone and pitch were in control and well- modulated during her comedic performance. Her body language and movements were fluid and showed a lot of self- confidence. She had complete  control over her audience during her performance.

The best thing a comedian can do to make sure they have the audience on their side is to put themselves down and she did a great job of doing that in her comedic monologue.

There was no doubt she was a bit nervous and guarded  in this new experience as she often made a fist- like gesture when she spoke as you can see in the photo above.

When she released her fist like position and relaxed her hands as she delved into her comedic monologue,  you can see  int he photo above that she became more relaxed and comfortable.


During her  initial sit down interview with Jay , when she first sat down she appeared to be a little more uncomfortable at first ,  as determined when her vocal pitch would get a little higher in tone. The pitch of her voice raising seems to be Palin’s vocal  pattern when she feels stressed and she may have initially shown signals of stress when first  sitting down with Jay.

But it quickly dissipated and she was then well modulated, articulated and well animated. During the interview, she took her journalistic training and turned the tables back on Jay as she brought up his recent controversies in the media.

Jay suddenly took the role of  being Sarah’s guest as he made several  faces reflecting his disdain at what happened to him. He then got the ball back in his court and began asking the questions.


Actually I really liked this dialogue Sara and Jay had  as a new form of interviewing people. Usually a guest only answers questions the host asks. The host keeps probing so there is no where else to go but to stay on topic and answer the hosts particular question.

But what if the guest was not only able to answer questions, but could now ask the host as well. It seems like a fairer way to do an interview.  I really loved the exchange between Jay and Sara. It became more of a dialogue that is more real.

In this day and age of keeping it real I think that this should be the way to go. I would love for Oprah or Barbara or any one of the women on the View to ask a question and then have the guest in turn ask  them  one back. I would love to see how they also think about topics they bring up and discuss. It would make for a real and lively discussion and interaction.

So Sara may have inadvertently  started a new trend here, with redirecting the questioning towards the host. As I said I liked it and would like to see more celebrities and politicians who are interviewed as questions of their interviewers in return.


3 thoughts on “Sara Palin’s Body Language on Jay Leno in Her Comedic Debut Showed Excellent Comedic Timing- The Most Difficult Thing in Doing Comedy

  1. Right on, Dr.Lillian…..and since you mentioned the ‘View’,

    here’s what was said regarding Sarah –

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck defended Palin’s confidence and ability to laugh at herself. Joy Behar said any comedian has to be “delusional” and “in denial” to put across the comedy so well.

    Hasselbeck snapped, “If she was not Republican, you’d say that’s a good job, she was confident in herself. But because she’s Sarah Palin, she’s delusional.”

    Joy Behar is the one whose ‘delusional & in denial’ and with a HUGE BIG FLAPPIN MOUTH.


  2. I have noticed Sara Palin’s hight pitched nervous tone many times. I know you work with people as a voice coach, sometimes. I wish you would get the opportunity to help her.


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