Kate Gosselin’s TOXIC Personality Comes Out On Dancing With the Stars as She Not Only Disrespects Her Teacher Tony Dovolani But the Other Contestants


After Kate and Jon divorced and Kate got her new “image makeover”  and proclaimed in the press that she was now “Clean Slate Kate,” I was very open-minded.

In fact, I wanted her to succeed as I realized that she was essentially a  single mother of 8 with a husband who was not going to contribute to the family finances. I knew that she was the breadwinner and that it was important for her to succeed. So I was  aware of that.  I hoped that there would be an inner makeover to go with the outer makeover.


In the past I has been very disturbed by how abusively Kate treated Jon ,who mind you is no saint. But still, he did not deserve the physical and verbal assaults she  constantly gave him.

While I realize 8 kids are a handful, the way she spoke to them and her verbal abuse towards many of them  (especially on the last episode) was appalling to me.

Her snarkiness, rudeness, (throwing papers on the floor after she was done answering questions) self entitlement, selfishness and self centeredness in her TV specials and interviews were also very offensive to me.


Then Kate and her handlers at TLC no doubt decided that  she should have a complete makeover.

I thought they did a fantastic job on Kate’s outside.  Her hair extensions, toned figure, eyelash extensions, and whatever else they did to her looked great.

But as  I mentioned in my previous blogs, outer beauty only goes so far. It is what is inside that  really counts!

So then we heard all the right rhetoric that Kate was making significant changes in her life.

Even her hairdresser got into the media fray and did an interview stating how Kate was working on her inner self.

Her handlers at TLC no doubt  put her all over the media to show off her new look and her new self.

She was guest hosting the View on several occasions  as she had the support of Barbara Walters in her corner. In fact to the dismay of many, Barbara  made Kate  one of her  2009’s  “Most Intriguing People.”

Kate was everywhere in the media. She even threw out a teaser on Jay Leno saying how she wanted to be on Dancing With the Stars.


I thought that was a bad idea  for Kate  to be on DWTS because of  her not seeing the kids and knowing up close and personal,  how physically and emotionally demanding it can be for contestants  on the show.

But then,  they built a studio in her home basement, so she could be with the kids. They even gave her the kindest sweetest most supportive teacher- Tony Dovolani.

After hearing  that, I actually thought we could now be able to  see her inner makeover as well as her outer makeover  on the show.

I   thought that she might shine on the show and reveal a different Kate- a non hateful Kate.


I really wanted to give Kate  the benefit of the doubt. However,  many of my readers were annoyed with that decision  and made comments like “ leopards  can’t change their spots” and you can put lipstick on a pig, but  its still a pig,” and “once a bitch always a bitch.”

Still, I had a wait and see attitude. Being the optimist that I am, I hoped for the best for Kate’s sake and for the sake of her kids.


I have not written about Kate Gosselin since she has been on Dancing With the Stars, not because I am the Body Language Expert for Dancing With the Stars and I don’t want to say anything that may offend them.  That is not how I operate.

I am sought out by various media venues because I tell the truth and because  my body language analyses are credible.

I am in no one’s pocket and cannot be paid to say what isn’t true. So that is why I have  gained the respect of not only ABC’s DWTS, but Nancy Grace, msnbc, VH-1, NBC,  CBS, FOX,  CNN, HLN, and The Insider and Entertainment Tonight, as well as in my own column in Cosmpolitan Magazine, US Weekly and every other media outlet in which I appear.


What I saw on last night’s Dancing With the Stars made me see that Kate,  no doubt, in my view  may have  some serious  issues in terms of her personality that a makeover can NEVER help.

It would take years and years of therapy In my opinion for her to deal with her issues as I see them.

Her self -absorption, self centeredness, lack of compassion towards others, lack of communication skills, immaturity, combined with her  inner anger runs so deep.

We not only saw this on last nght’s show. We saw it all along.

But the way she spoke to Tony, a champion dancer and the consummate professional, not to mention one of the sweetest men around, was  unforgivable!


First Kate  talks to Tony  in the tone you would use to a naughty five year old and admonishes him for not teaching her how she needs to be taught. She insults him as a professional and as a man.

She walks away from him like an immature,  non communicative baby,  saying that she “had enough ,” which  finally prompted Tony  to say “I quit.”

Then as Kate  whined and said” you can’t quit,” she felt no remorse whatsoever , as she wiped away her fake non-tears. The tone of her voice also did not sound apologetic.


Then when She said “I don’t get it!” and threw her arms up in the air, that was the only thing that rang true. SHE DOESN’T GET IT!!! She doesn’t GET  that she can’t disrespect people and constantly abuse people and  have them stick around. She doesn’t GET  that even a season professional can only take enough abuse and disrespect, until he decides that it isn’t worth it.


Kate also doesn’t “GET  that it is not just about HER on Dancing With the Stars. This was her chance to not only shine as a dancing mother who never danced before,  but to shine as far as her personality goes.  She did neither!

There was nothing redeeming about her behavior, which was more important  than her hair and eyelash extensions, Restylyn injections, and sequined gowns.

Besides the altercation with Tony where she tried to emasculate him as she did with Jon, through her condescending tones and hostility, she DIDN’T GET  that you need to be respectful to the OTHER  contestants. She didn’t GET that it is rude to chatter and speak when they are on camera getting their scores.


When Nichole Sherzinger and Derrick Hough got the perfect 10’s of the evening, everyone of the other contestants clapped and smiled. Kate was obviously so self absorbed and in her own little world that she had NO reaction- no clapping- no smiling- nothing!

Then a when she realized that the focus was not on her, she gave little lame clap minus a smile. That body language speaks to who she is as a human being- self absorbed and self centered who has lack of compassion for anyone other than herself,  in my observation.


Yesterday, US Weekly Magazine asked me to analyze Kate’s body language with Tony.

I could see her leaning away from him in disrespect in week one. She was literally giving him the cold shoulder. I observed a lot of tension between them and it wasn’t the good kind of tension- sexual tension. Instead, it was the bad kind- the kind that causes havoc in everyone’s life as we saw.

Tony has spent a lot of hours with Kate and obviously the tension buildup showed last night, to the point that he had to walk away. If it was up to Tony, he would have left her immediately. But no doubt, some executive must have had a little talk with him and encouraged him to go back and grit his teeth and  try again.

I was thrilled  that Tony showed that he had boundaries and would NOT be abused and disrespected by anyone.

If  anyone needed to apologize it was Kate, which she did NOT do. It was Tony who showed that he was the bigger person.

It took two weeks for this to happen. If she had Maxsim as a teacher, which I had hoped for, it would have taken two seconds for Max to walk away and NEVER look back. No way would  Maxim put up with any of her shenanigans. He would NEVER stand for it!!


If looks could kill, Kate’s facial expression threw out daggers to the judges,  both in week one and now in week two.

The cold eyed stare and hatred emanating from her eyes and facial expression was chilling. She clearly didn’t like hearing what she did wrong. She didn’t like anyone telling her she needed improvement. Her inner ice coldness and hatred was  clearly reelected on her face.

This was her time to show her good nature- to dispel all previous talk that she was a mean and hateful bitch.

This was her time to show that her past behavior was due to the stress of being in a bad marriage and having all those kids.

But  now it is clear who Kate is and she is NOT a likeable or sympathetic character in any way in my view.


When Kate said that she was glad that Tony came back and apologized, it made me sick. She was the one who needed to apologize to him for treating him so badly that he had no choice BUT to walk out!

Any healthy person with a healthy self esteem as obviously Tony seems to have, would do the same thing.

Then she said she was glad that he came back because so many people in her life has walked out on her

WHAT????? It’s like a child killing his parents and then playing the victim card that he is upset that he is now an orphan!! Well if he hadn’t killed his parents in the first place he wouldn’t be an orphan.

Similarly if Kate hadn’t killed her relationship with Tony and alienated everyone who crossed her path, then no one would walk away from her.


TLC is no doubt hell bent on making “a silk  purse out of a sows ear”. But as the expression goes, you CANT make a silk purse out of a sows ear.”
Similarly you can’t make a successful TV talk show personality out of an ITLESS, clearly emotionally dysfunctional and disturbed woman with a miserable and hateful personality as  Kate appears to have in my view. It will ONLY backfire.

Maybe Kate will be the Omarossa type – the villain you love to hate. But that only goes so far!

Producers  tried to do a show with Omarossa and it was impossible, from what I heard. She was impossible and the show subsequently tanked.

Villains only go so far.  Kate is cast as the VILLAN. She was the villain on Kate Plus 8 and now is the villain on DWTS. You can’t spin or bullshit the public. In most of their eyes she is CLEARLY  perceived as a villain.

TLC can try all they want  to make the Mother Theresa version of the single mother role model of 8 children, but the public is not stupid. They will not but it! They may tune it at first like you would tune in to see  a bad car accident ,  but then they will get sick of her no doubt.

They get who she is and no matter if  they  do a repeat show like the old Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie “Simple Life,” where Kate  is put into new situations, or they do a show where she is the next Oprah and does helpful mom tips, or does a complete inner makeover on herself, no one will buy it.

They will see that it is contrived and that they are no doubt being manipulated.  They public is not stupid. TV programmers must NEVER forget that or their will fail!

I say cut your losses TLC and find another person to give a show to who is deserving and who is not an emotional train wreck in my view. And if you insist on showcasing train wrecks,  there are more  interesting train wrecks  out there to showcase than Kate Gosselin.


Nothing  Kate  can do now  that she had every opportunity to repair her villain image  while appearing on  DWTS,  will succeed.

After last  night’s debacle  where Kate  abused Tony, she is cast as a villan forever! Nothing DWTS can do will change it, IF they do, and make her sweet and vulnerable, the public will perceive it as being phony.

TLC  and DWTS and ABC and Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the View and Jay Leno and everyone else who was reached by  TLC’s  long PR tentacles,  gave her every opportunity to shine and come across as a hero and as a lovely human being.  But she completely blew it!. She blew every golden opportunity to salvage her TOXIC image. It was TOXIC in the past and continues to be in the present and most likely will be in the future.

Even if she finds a cure for cancer or raises millions of dollars for the homeless in Haiti or Chile, she will always be seen as the VILLAIN who cured cancer or the VILLAIN  who raised millions of dollars for the homeless in Haiti or Chile.

Not that she would ever do those things as she apparently  too self absorbed to help anyone but herself. She can NEVER repair the damage she created concerning her IMAGE!

We now know who Kate is for sure and a TV show with her will only  be more of the same, no matter how they spin it or edit it!

The true Khate will come out and it’s definitely not a pretty sight to see on a steady basis, no matter how many hair or eyelash  extensions or Resytlyn injections they  put into her. Her inner hatred and inner demons will always come out , “as the body doesn’t lie.’


And for those of you that will no doubt email me to tell me I am jealous of Kate- you are dead  wrong. I am jealous of no one! Instead I am grateful for who I am and ALL of the blessings I have been given.

For those of you that accuse me of being a “hater,” I  can assure you that  I am Not!  I am not filled with hate. Instead  Kate, whom you apparently admire is the one filled with hate and anger.

It t reflects all over her body language, her tone of voice and her facial expression. If you don’t believe me, go back and look at all the Jon and Kate  Plus 8 episodes and look at  her last night’s DWTS  behavior. Don’t just watch how she moved on the dance floor. Watch how she moved off the dance floor.

For those of you that say Kate is a wonderful mother, I say you cannot say that!  Only her children will be able to make that assessment when they are adults, just like you made YOUR assessment about whether or not you had good parents after you grew up and became an adult.

And for those of you that will no doubt write me  nasty comments  and put out your hateful emails to me and comments  simply because I mentioned your  beloved heroine Kate, to you I say, get you head out of  the sand and take off your blinders and look at what IS and  not what you fantasize Kate to be!


If you can look up to a woman who knew better as an OB_GYN  nurse who  took fertility drugs to have multiple children, whom she couldn’t afford without the  financial assistance of others,

was consistently  abusive and disrespectful to  her husband and her  kids,

has no relationship with  anyone in  her immediate family including her estranged parents and bothers and sisters (they can’t ALL be bad) ,

has fall outs with practically everyone she encounters,

is rude and hostile, insensitive, has no filter, is selfish, self centered,  and self entitled as we have repeatedly seen,

and most of all not being grateful for all that that she has been given and instead feels more and more entitled to be given more and more,

then you need to re-examine your priorities and who you look up to . It speaks volumes about you!

And finally can you really admire a woman who acted like a spoiled immature baby by first walking out on Tony until her had enough of her and wanted to quit?

Do you realize that her 8 kids had to witness their mother acting like a complete TOXIC bitch on the show? Do you think that is good for them to see? Do you think it helps them in any way? Maybe it helps them financially, but certainly not emotionally.

Tony Dovolani is the one to be looked up to in my book, to put up with ‘ whining, abuse, disrespect  and nastiness. I certainly hope that DWTS gives him a bonus in pay for having to put up with her and working well above and beyond his call of duty with Kate.

I don’t care how hard you say she has it with 8 kids!  No one forced those fertility tablets down her throat!

If you want to look at a heroine, look at the single mother,  who whether she has one or ten kids,  doesn’t bitch and moan about it,  but works several njobs to support them without the help of nanny’s and maids, and house cleaners, drivers, makeup artists, and camera crews.

Look up to those women who can’t afford a new dress,  let alone hair extensions because they need that money to put food on the table to feed their children. These are the women to admire not Kate Gosselin, who has had it so  easy from day one thanks to TLC.


I don’t feel that Kate Gosselin is  ready to have a show for so many reasons, let alone the main one being psychological–  a very good reason. It will ,in my view, have a negative effect on her and on her children in the long  run. I think it is  a bad  and irresponsible thing to give someone a show who has repeatedly demonstrated red flag signals.

To me it is a disaster waiting to happen. This woman should not be rewarded a show because her infamy makes for great TV and good viewership who will tune in to see what kind of bitch she will be the next week.

That is sickening in my view and does no one any good. There is more to life than ratings!

If I were advising Kate I would tell her to take years off off being on TV.  She has enough money to support those kids now for the rest of their lives. She has earned millions from the show and books and appearances already. How much more does she need?

She is also ITLESS and in my view doesn’t contribute anything new on TV. The novelty of a woman with multiple kids is over.

The only thing  that had any merit was seeing the kids grow, not seeing her obnoxious behavior. If  TLC now goes back and does a show with the kids now that they are already grown  because Jon wants out of their legal suit and reluctantly agreed to it, I will have lost all respect for TLC.

Putting them back on the air will do them harm and no good in my view. They need the chance to live a non- camera centered life.

In my view, Kate needs to stay home with them and raise them and get professional help to deal with her very troublesome  issues in my view.



Sandra Bullock and Jesse James’ Body Language Showed Marriage Trouble For A While

While everyone seemed to be  shocked that Sandra Bullock and Jesse James’ marriage is in trouble, with his alleged cheating with now four women,  I wasn’t at all surprised.

Why? In studying their photos, especially during this awards season, I  didn’t like what I saw with regard to their  their public interaction.

It seemed like Sandra was the last to know this as she thanked him at one awards ceremony by saying that she never knew what it was like for someone to cover her back.It was more like stab her in the back!

At the Academy Awards she was thatful for THAT as she pointed to a crying Jesse. But those were no tears of happiness. Those were tears of guilt and shame and knowing he did not deserve this accolade.

In my view, she inadvertently  picked the right work to call him-  a THAT!  A   Nazi saluting white supremacist loving cheater is definitely a  THAT !


I knew something was really off with this couple during Jesse Jame’s appearance on the Celebrity  Apprentice. The purpose for being n the show was to raise money for your favorite charity. The celebrities have to use all of their high profile and rich contacts in  order to secure the money.  Jesse had one of the richest women in the world to ask- his wife Sandra Bullock, but he didn’t do so.

Donald Trump was surprised. But I wasn’t.e that there were clearly some issues going on in this marriage, perhaps his pride prevented him from asking his richer wife for a handout. While I could  well understand  that- I couldn’t understand why  he wouldn’t do it just for the purpose of raising money for a charity to help others.


If we go back and look up at the first photo posted in this blog, we will see something that is very telling body-language wise. Sandra is all smiles and happy and has her arm  affectionately around her husband’s neck. But he is not reciprocating her affection. Instead, he is pulling away and looking in another direction.

When couples so not look in the same direction it means they are not like minded. When he pulls his head away from her it is a signal of disdain.

In this photo, Sandra is all smiles again and happy. But she is walking in back of him, This is also a very bad sign for couples body – language wise. Unless you are in a culture where it is customary for the woman to always walk inback of her man, it is unacceptable.

In the photo he is not holding her hand and their facial expressions couldn’t be more diverse. That is also a bad sign. It means that they are not on the same page emotion-wise. It is clear that Jesse doesn”t want to be their based on his facial  expression.

His pursed lips show inner anger. Jesse is pout of his element and he clearly doesn’t like it. They are also looking in different directions which is also a bad sign relationship wise. Sondra is int he back  with his shoulder in front of her which is also not a good sign body language-wise.

Even when Jesse is in his element  and out of a tux and in his  regular casual gear, he is still  looking  in a different direction than Sandra, once again indicating their non-like mindedness. There is also too much upper body distance between them as well as lower body distance  which is also not a good sign. It shows that there may be intimacy problems here.

And here we really see the distance between them which may be indicative of sexual problems between the two and a lack of intimacy. His hand is cupped in an anger like position as is hers. This indicates that there is tension between the two.

Once again they are looking in different directions s she looks  down  nd he looks up, once again reflecting their non-like mindedness.


Perhaps Sandra was too busy with her filming and awards schedule to even notice there was a problem   between the two. Perhaps she knew all along and didn’t want to face it. Perhaps she was in denial like so many of us can be when we know the other shoe is about to drop.

The bottom line is that she tried and obviously wanted to make it work. He words at the Academy Awards and at Oprah Winfrey’s post Oscar show indicated that she was indeed in love with her man and was happy to have him in her life. In her interview to Oprah she saidf that even though they were different they were really very much alike.

But were they alike in her mind only or were they really alike in how they thought about  life and issues ? Did she know he was a Nazi loving saluting kind of guy? I certainly hope not!


I think that the public humiliation and the betrayal not only speaks to Sandra but to all women. Most women were affected by this. In essence her marriage served as a role model for many oin that it said you can be very different and still find common ground and accept one another.

But this was not the case.No doubt Jesse was intimidated by Sondra’s  stellar success. Instead of making him feel proud and invoking more self esteem and self worth that he could attarct such an accomplished woman, it made him feel less than.

It affected his self esteem to the point that he had to allegedly  intimidate women so that he could feel more powerful and more in control. He allegedly had sexual liaisons with employees and with a similar looking like minded tattooed Hitler loving white supremesist.

 It’s all very sickening in my view, While I am a proponent of couples working out their marriage and applaud couples who stick together and work things out, I do not think that in this case there is a goood future in this realtionship.


Sandra worked so hard to develop her image which translates into box office success. Now that there is the stink of Nazism and white supremacy attached to her courtesy of Jesse James, she has no other choice than to leave this TOXIC MAN in my view.

Sandra is like so many women out there who see a “bad boy”  with a shaky past and think they can be the one to tame him. Well they are wrong as Sandra came to find out, Jesse  was previously married to a porn star and had a two tumultuous marriages.

He was imprinted to be with these type of women and not the” accomplished independent “good girl” type as Sandra.

That is why he was ni doubt drawn to his  stripper porn star Nazi loving mistress, who by the way would be the first one to be thrown int ot he ovens in Nazi Germany based on how she looks with tattoos engulfing her entire body.

Jesse obviously found someone like minded as he too has shown to be a Nazi sympathizer as he made the Sig Heil gesture with two fingers under his nose to signify Hitlers mustache. Little does  Jesse  realize that back in the day in WW2, anyone who  was all  engulfed in tattoos  like he wears and his sex partner  has, would  would be one of the first to be  thrown into the ovens,

Sondra , in my view has no choice other than to walk away from this distorted thinking TOXIC MAN forever and never look back. If she doesn’t, it will speak volumes about her.



River Cruz Reaches Out to Dr. Lillian Glass To Thank Her For Exposing Her Credibility Through Voice and Body Language Analysis


I debated whether or not to release the information I am about to share with you in this blog.  I decided to do so because  I believe that it is essential that the public should know everything related to the Casey Anthony Case and anyone that has any association with it.

George Anthony’s alleged mistress,  River Cruise called me up two days ago to thank me for writing the blog I did where I discussed how her body language and her voice and speech content appeared to  credible to me.

Because  I am not River Cruz’  licensed therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or any one else’s for that matter, and have never met or treated River,   I am not bound by any confidentiality. So there is no issue here.

But as a voice and body language expert and a media personality, I am bound by the truth. I have no special interest  or agenda  as to  why I support her statement,  other than to state that based on my years of experience as a body language , voice and speech analyst,  it seems to me that she was and is telling the truth. The circumstances of  how she revealed the information also adds to her credibility in my view. She didn’t seek it out. Instead, she was sought out by law enforcement, so she felt compelled to come forward with all that she allegedly knew.

 I also wanted to let the public know about the devastating effects of  what can happen when people are suddenly thrust into the limelight unprepared and having to fend for themselves. Listening to and reading all of the hostile feedback can be devastating as River discovered and wrote on her twitter page.

                                     A PHONE CALL TO ME  FROM RIVER CRUZ

Last Wednesday, I received a phone call in my Beverly Hills office from River Cruise. We spoke at length and she thanked me sincerely for being the only one in the media for coming to her defense in believing that she was telling the truth about George Anthony, who allegedly said to her that Caylee’s death was an” accident”.

 A few days earlier,  I had written a comprehensive blog based on River’s interview which   she had done in the press. I stated that in my view, as a body language and communication expert,  River  was definitely telling the truth and was not lying when she discussed what  George Anthony has told her.

 In analyzing her interview, I  saw no signals of deception.  Furthermore,  I saw a woman who was reluctant to come forward until she was forced to so  by law enforcement. I saw a woman who did not welcome the media attention and who was not out to make a quick buck off of the Caylee Anthony tragedy. These factors also added to her credibility.

My phone conversation with River validated that she was indeed credible and had nothing to hide. I found her to be a very warm and sensitive person who was in a lot of pain over the public’s skepticism.


During our conversation,  River  revealed how difficult all of this media attention has been for her in terms of no one believing her and  the  public’s  being very harsh on her over the internet.

She even mentioned that people in her community were particularly  mean to her and pointing the finger at her  and how her child was even affected by all of this in school.

She felt embarrassed and ashamed that she every got involved with George and felt very bad about it.


She then mentioned to me that she didn’t want to live and began to cry. I told her that she had a lot to live for and that the truth would prevail. I also told her that she did a wonderful thing by coming forward  because she presented information that may be very important in terms of  seeking justice for Caylee.

I also told her that she had a lot to live for because of the people that loved her like her sister and her children and the rest of her family.

 I asked her if I needed to call her sister and let her know she had these thoughts of not wanting to live she said no. I asked her if she had someone there so she wouldn’t be alone. I encouraged her to contact her sister.

I asked her if she was serious about not wanting to live and she assured me that she was not going to do anything to harm herself or to take her life.  Based on the tone of her voice which she exhibited at that particular time, I believed that she did not appear to be in imminent danger at that moment.

She then shared how terribly difficult this has been with people making horrible comments about her over the internet and being so mean to her. She was upset that people accused her of lying when she was being honest.

 I encouraged her to not  take these comments to heart because these people  didn’t know what they were talking about and that she knew the truth and that is all that counted.


I then told her that she did not have to suffer through this alone and I strongly suggested  that she see a professional – a therapist to help her during these very difficult emotional times.

She told me that she didn’t want to do so because the attorneys might use it against her to destroy her credibility.

 I told her that she was more important than what any lawyer thought and that she must definitely get some help. I told her that she didn’t have to suffer in silence and that there were people who could give her some help and provide emotional relief.

I also asked her if there was a church nearby and she mentioned that there was one. I  suggested that she contact the minister immediately as he could offer her some immediate  emotional support. She said she would look into it.

To reassure her that she was not alone, I  told her that  appeared to me like a warm and wonderful person and had a lot to live for and encouraged her  to not read these nasty internet comments from “haters” or take them to heart because they don’t know what they are talking about. After all, they didn’t know what she allegedly  knew.


River opened up to me about what she shared with the press and reiterated what George had told her about Caylee’s death being an”accident”. Apparently  according to her , he knew Caylee was dead all the while. As she said this no me over the phone her voice sounded forthright and there were no signals of deception which I picked up.

I was livid when she told me this. I said to her  “ If he knew Caylee was not alive all along, how dare him prey on the hearts of beautiful people out there who took their time and effort to go out and search for Caylee! He should be investigated and be held accountable for his actions if he did in fact know Caylee  was alive all along!”


Maybe Casey told George it was an “accident”  and George told River. Obviously George  chose to believe his lying daughter. Perhaps  the thought of  George thinking it was an “accident” rather than Casey actually smothering her child  to death and placing duct tape over her mouth and nose  was easier visual for him to handle. So that is why he may have shared ridiculous “accident” story with River, in my view.

Maybe Casey held Caylee under the water in the pool for too long until she drowned. Or maybe she pushed Caylee in the pool and let her down or maybe she gave Caylee too much chloroform which put her to seep for good. In any of these scenarios, I personally  fail to see any “accident.”

 Perhaps convincing himself that it was an accident is George’s way of  being able to live with himself and not seeing himself as some sort of freak who spawned a monster who killed his granddaughter on purpose. Since he was now in the arms of another woman, River,  he wanted to look his best in her eyes.

So,  he may have told her the “accident” story so that he could be viewed the “victim” who’s  granddaughter who died in an “accident” as opposed to being murdered by his own daughter. Perhaps he thought that this scenario would make him seem more palatable  to River  Cruz.    

   Personally I don’t see that Caylee’s death accident. The fact that George could even think that what Casey did is an accident is completely distorted thinking in my view.   No one puts duct tape over a baby’s nose and mouth and a little heart shaped sticker over it in an “accident”.  But I do believe that this is what he told River –that Caylee’s death was an accident.


To me, based on River’s comments about George , all of this now started  seeming to make sense as to  perhaps why George wasn’t out there “beating the bushes” and  searching for Caylee like everyone else was.  Most parents and grandparents would be the first ones out there searching and leaving no stone unturned.

It also started to make sense to me as to why perhaps Cindy was so awful to Tim Miller of Equisearch, who along with his army of volunteers  tried his best to find Caylee and how Cindy essentially threw  him out.

 All of the contradictions and body language “ tells” that I observed  over these years regarding George suddenly began to appear to  make more sense to me in light of River’s allegation.

All of George’s overreacting and lunging towards someone in anger and wanting to hit them for merely asking George why he wasn’t searching for Caylee. Now it made sense to me why he possibly got so upset and shouted in anger  that” Caylee was alive”  when a protestor said Caylee was dead.  Was George’s reaction like what Shakespeare referred to when he wrote in one of his plays “ me thinks thou dost protest too much”? Anyone who worked in law enforcement as George did early on would know that the longer a child is missing, the greater the possibility of their not being alive. Why would he get so upset by this reasonable comment?


Then  River shared with me the fact that Cindy had a Freudian slip on camera on a news show  where she spoke about Caylee being in the WOODS. River then emailed me the link to a video which documented this. This was at the  time when the WOODS  weren’t even a consideration because everyone was out searching for Caylee everywhere possible.

As I watched  the video, in light of what River said about George and Cindy knowing what happened to Caylee , it appeared now make even  more sense to me.  There as Cindy talking about WOODS when people were just searching for Caylee and wondering where she was. Then Cindy backtracks with “uhms” and  “like you know out there”.

 Then  I listened to the audio  of Cindy  leaving a  massage to Sergeant Allen and saying how she was sure Casey got help ..Cindy’s voice sounded sure and definite. How could anyone in the early days of Caylee going missing sound so sure of anything, let alone getting help! Why was she so sure? Was she so sure because she may have possibly been the one helping Casey? Was she shop sure because  it may have possibly been  George or Lee that helped  Casey? Why was her voice so definite sounding?

I raised these questions in my blog yesterday (Thursday) as I shared this new insight based on the link to the press interview that River sent me, which by the way she also said was on her twitter account as well.


As we continued to speak River shared how she gave George money because she felt sorry for him. This made me even sicker hearing about George. Based on how he came off vocally, speech wise and body language wise  as  Mr Victim, Nice Guy I Want to Be Liked on his Fox 35 interview, where he  seemed to wan everyone to feel sorry for him and blamed the world,  I could only imagine the sob stories he told River to get her to cough up the money. Now hearing it from River’s mouth,  my thoughts of George being a TOXIC MAN are confirmed.


We also discussed the fact that she looked so much like the fictious Zanny the Nanny character description  that Cindy and George and Casey referred to . River agreed and even said that she had an Asian tattoo like the one they described.

We even talked about her hair and I told her that one time when I was on Nancy Grace’s show, Nancy was saying how Casey kept saying  that Zanny had curly hair and then she had straight hair and how it was all confusing. Then River told me how she had curly hair but usually wore it straight.

I then  mentioned how descriptive Cindy had been in her deposition and was so sure Zanny was a 10 as she cut down the woman named Zanaida Gonzalez and told her she was not a 10 like the real Zanny. I   River asked if she had ever met Cindy and she did and that she knew Cindy .

Then I started feeling even more nauseated as all these thoughts raced through my mind.    Everything now really seemed to make a lot more sense to me.

Since George and Cindy BOTH  knew River, in my view,  they both obviously used her as a visual  for the prototype of the fictions Zanny the Nanny. That may have been  why Cindy sounded so confident and didn’t skip a beat when she described Zanny to a tee and verbally beat up the innocent Zanaida Gonzalez telling her in such a condescending tone that she was definitely not a 10 like the real Zanny. 
I told River that she  did the right thing in telling all that she knew  because it seemed to me  in my opinion that she may have very well saved her own life, which she agreed.


I assured  River that she was not alone and there were people out there like me who did believe her and not to worry about the naysayers. I told her to stop reading the nasty comments over the internet . I also made her promise me that she would seek out some professional  help and at the least call the minister. I told her that she was free to call me anytime.


The next day, I posted my blog about looking  at  George and Cindy’s past behavior in light of what was revealed by River. The feedback I received from those who read my blog  was extremely supportive of River.


Because I knew how upset River was by people’s negative comments, the day before, I called her up to reassure her and to give her some positive feedback. I wanted to  let her know that there were people out there who were indeed supportive towards her. I wanted her to read some of the  positive comments on my latest blog post so that she could feel reassured that she wasn’t alone.


But when I called, it wasn’t River who picked up the phone. It was Skye, her twin sister. I told Skye that I was Dr. Lillian Glass and that River had reached out to me the day before.  I  said that I was calling to let her know that I posted a blog where the comments about River were positive so she wouldn’t feel that the whole world was against her.

Skye informed me that it was too late because River  was in the hospital and attempted suicide. I was absolutely shocked! I relayed my prayers to Skye to give to River and told her to tell River that there were a lot of people in her corner and to hang in there, which she appreciated. She said that she woulkd relay the message to River.

As soon as  I got off the phone I received numerous emails from people  who sent me River’s twitter message which said the following:

about 8 hours ago via web that whole family knew what happened with caylee~IM TIRED OF ALL THIS I NEVER WANTED AN OF THIS~~~SO NOW ITS TIME

Another person sent me the following messge

“ Dr.Glass you need to contact this woman personally ..she has said somethings regarding suicide..she seems to be exrtremely depressed about all the negative comments being said about her, and the shame she feels for getting involved with geo . I think river could benefit grealty from hearing from you”.

I was so upset the entire night that I could barely sleep. I wished River would have called me. I wished we would have spoken before she made a suicide attempt. Thank God the suicide attempt didn’t work.


I called River’s phone number  the next day morning and her sister Skye  answered. She told me that  had has visited her sister in the hospital and said she may be  released. I then relayed my prayers and good wishes to both Skye and to her sister River.

 In addition I emailed River and  wrote  her what I  initially wanted to share with her in the phone a day earlier.  about how people were supportive of her and  in her corner. In my email I encouraged her to  hang in there and not pay attention to the negativity and to the haters out there.


River had nothing to gain by coming forth.   In fact she chose to take this information to her grave.  It was only when law enforcement contacted her that she reveal the information she was told by George.

She has not been gallivanting around in the press since she gave that initial interview,  which is further indication that she isn’t out to make  a quick buck off of Caylee’s death. After my conversation with her I found her to be a very lovely  and sensitive woman and  I am even more convinced that she was telling the truth.

I continue to pray for River. Maybe this suicide attempt is a blessing in disguise. Maybe it afforded  her the help she desperately  needed  including  possible medication to help her cope with this trying situation.   www.drlillianglass.com


Did George’s Defensive Body Language and Cindy’s WOODS Comment Early On Indicate That They May Have Known Caylee Was Already Dead When People Searched For Her?

If what River Cruz, George Anthony’s alleged mistress says is true, then George and  Cindy may have wasted our precious time, our prayers, and the good will of humanity.

 If what River Cruz says is true, then I believe Cindy and George should be punished to the full extent of the law and serve a  prison term along with their daughter.

Lets go back and look at George and Cindy’s behavior and body language, vocal, and speech patterns while Caylee was allegedly missing.


During the time when people were searching for Caylee, George got violent and  was ready to hit a protester who merely asked George why he wasn’t out searching for Caylee?  George apparently  lunged  towards and tried to push the protester for  merely asking a legitimate question.

Is it possible based on  what we allegedly know from River, that  this question got him right where it counts?  Was it too much truth for him to bear? Was he not joining the search because he in fact knew his grand daughter  was already dead?

There was also a time when a protester yelled out that Caylee was dead and George got overly  upset saying that she as not dead, even though she as missing for over a month at the time. Being in law enforcement, George knew quite well that the longer a child is missing, the less the chances are of her being alive. Was he protesting too much because he in fact knew Casey was indeed dead?

In retrospect, was his reaction a signal of his guilt? Did he have something to hide?  Did he already know Caylee was dead and didn’t want people to go down that road? Did he want to build a case that Cayleee was alive by sending people on a wild goose chase to find her, when he may have known something different?.

It seems to me that this  makes  more sense now that River’s information has become public.

The fact that Cindy orchestrated all of George’s movements and comments on television is also a red flag to me. We saw by her grabbing his arm and signaling him. Did Cindy not want George to say or do anything that would indicate Caylee wasn’t alive,  so they their programmed verbal plan?

The fact that they would fly here and there using  who knows who’s money on Caylee  sightings is also sickening, especially if they did indeed know this little girl was dead all along.

I always thought it was odd when I saw the photos of the Cayalee look-alikes, that these grandparents  who lived with her since day one wouldn’t immediately  recognize that it wasn’t their grand-daughter.


Early on Cindy was  very convinced Caylee was alive and even knew where she was and where she wasn’t.  She says something that now may make more sense, now that we  know that Caylee was found in the WOODS.

Out of the blue Cindy says “ George and I don’t believe Caylee is in the WOODS … you know out there.”  Why in the world would she be talking about THE WOODS of all things during those early days? Her “you know” is an attempt to backtrack, verbally.   Why would ANYONE suspect Caylee was in the  WOODS when people were looking everywhere  for Caylee? Did Cindy know when she gave that interview that Caylee was already dead  in the WOODS?

The above statement Cindy made is also peculiar as was her looking up and to the right and left- signals of deception. How does she know they are getting close ?  Is this more of her  BS because she may possibly have   known Caylee wasn’t alive at that point?

During that time Cindy made a call to Sargent Allen and left a voice mail where she said “  Casey had to have had help no matter what you think the scenario might be.”

Cindy’s voice quality reflected that she was very sure that Casey got some help. Was she the one who was helping Casey? Was it George or Lee? How was Cindy so sure Casey got some help?


River Cruz coming forward and revealing what she did, albeit reluctantly, may have possibly uncovered real truth in The Anthony saga.  It may have possibly  even saved her from “ being thrown under the bus” or “sold down the river”  by George and Cindy.

I say Thank goodness River Cruz’, George Anthony’s alleged mistress’ information is now on record stating that George told her Caylee’s death was an accident gone awry.


I wonder if that” accident” was Casey giving Caylee too much chloroform when she put her  to sleep in her trunk and Caylee never waking up. I wonder if that “accident” was Casey putting duct  tape over Caylee’s mouth to stop her from crying or getting on her nerves and then putting it over Caylee’s nose as well until she stopped breathing.  In any event, the fact that George would think any of these egregious acts was an “accident” speaks volumes about him.

Anyone who doesn’t believe River Cruz is grossly mistaken in my view.  My body language and voice analysis of her shows no signals of deception in her spontaneous unplanned interview. Since she had no time to prepare or formulate her answer, her behaviors were raw and genuine.


To anyone that tries to impeach her by saying she has an arrest record and used another name and that River Cruz is her alias, I say “So what”? It has absolutely NOTHING to do with her communication with George. The Anthony’s attorney Brad Conway has mentioned these things in the press as an attempt to punch holes in her credibility.

Bounty Hunter Leonard Padialla says he doesn’t believe River either, but he doesn’t know for sure as it is just speculation on his part.  

Keep in mind that when a person voluntarily comes forward they may have  another agenda like their 15 minutes of fame and getting that fame whether they tell the truth or not. But in Rivers case she did NOT want to come forward. She was forced forward by law enforcement and to me that is a big part of the truth equation,

Also both Leonard and Brad Conway were not privy to George and River’s bedroom talk!

Brad wasn’t there between the sheets with River and George and neither was Leonard, so they would never know for sure. Intimate talk happens when all of your defenses are down and when you usually naked. So that is another reason I believe River.


Also if someone gets arrested for let’s say a DUI or a doing something stupid when they were younger like shop lifting that doesn’t necessarily make them a liar. That doesn’t impede their credibility in my view. A liar is someone who is constantly caught in lies over and over again like Casey Anthony.


As far as her name change, lots of people change their name when they become adults for a variety of reasons. Look at Hollywood actors and actresses. Along with their head shots  comes a change of name for many as they head into show business.

 Not that River is in show business, but I wanted to point out that  people do in fact change their names for a number of reasons. Psychologically it may be that someone wants a new start in life so it is a symbolic reason they may change their name- legally or not.


And for those of you who point the finger at River because she had an affair with a married man, remember that SHE  was single. HE was married, not her. So if you are going to point the finger, point it at George before you point it at River.

We don’t know what bill of goods George sold River. We don’t know if he told her he would leave Cindy or even marry River or at least be with her for the long term. I suspect that may have been the case. She definitely, in my opinion, was told something about their relationship having a long future, otherwise she would have NEVER forked over 5K to him. Women  ususally do this when they think there will be a future with a man. They don’t often fork over money to any man with whom they think they won’t haver a future.

George was exceptionally needy from what we have seen. So he may have pursued River with  vengeance and promised her things he knew he had no intention of delivering,  just to get some TLC and some loving.  I wouldn’t  put it past him after seeing his Fox 35 interview where he portrays himself as   the perennial victim.

Since River is so adamant about not being in the public and seems like a reasonably intelligent woman, so  I doubt that she would have pursued a man with such high visibility. So that is what leads me to be believe that he was no doubt the pursuer.

Many women especially real  nurturing types of women, will open their  hearts an pocketbooks to men they think are in trouble to help them out.  Unfortunately it is a HUGE mistake as River found out.


If River was interested in making money off the case then she no doubt would have come forward by  herself and not waited for law enforcement to track her down from George’s phone records. ‘

She would have  been all over the media capitalizing on her association with George and her secret information.

Instead, she was reluctant to come foreward.  We all saw her practically  in tears as she walked away from the interview saying that she didn’t ask for this and didn’t want all this publicity. That is a HUGE signal that someone is NOT into this for the money or for the fame.

As far as the Enquirer goes and whether or not she got paid, from what we know it was her sister who may have approached them. The Enquirer like many media publications,  does offer to pay for exclusive high profile stories.

In fact,  for a magazine spread they did on Rachel Uchitel, OK Magazine paid a lot of money to Tiger Woods’ sex partner. Most high profile actors and actresses are paid huge sums of money by magazines  for exclusive wedding or baby photos. So what is the difference here?

The Enquirer may jack up a headline or two to whet reader’s appetites. But the content of their stories are checked and fact checked for the most part. Sometimes they do fall through the cracks and when they do, they are often sued. No one wants to be tied up in litigation so they are very careful. Since this is such a high profile case, you had better believe they were careful. You can be sure they had their team of attorneys just like most magazines have, checking things over.

Also we just learned that ABC paid Casey 200 K for photos and licensing of materials. So why get upset because River or her  sister may have possibly  received some money  for an exclusive article?


There is another reason I am happy River came forward. She may have saved her own life. From what I understand she is a mother and she in essence saved her life for her children’s sake. How did she save her own life?

We know from Cindy’s past and ruthless   behavior that she tried   to throw several people under the bus  to save her Casey.  Look at what she tried to do to innocent Jesse Grund, Casey’s early on boyfriend, and to his family. They tried to accuse him of being involved in Caylee’s death. Look what they did to Amy Huizinga.

Did George tell Casey about River and describe River to Casey? Did they both collude to make up a  Zanny the Nanny  character who looked exactly like River? Was Cindy in on it?

I found it odd in her deposition that Cindy had such a detailed description of  Zanny the Nanny when she said she  never saw her. In fact Cindy obnoxiously said that Zanaida was a 10 and that the  Zanaida who sat in front of her was definitely not a 10. This cruel statement   devastated the poor innocent young lady. How was Cindy so sure how the real Zanny the Nanny looked?

George followed suit in his description, as he described Zanny as well.

Casey said Zanny the Nanny was a  Latina, had dark skin, wore her hair curly and then straight, had kids of her own, had a sister, had a mother, was about 5 foot 6,  had nice teeth,  had an Asian tattoo, and was a 10!

That is the exactly the description of River Cruz!

Now that this detailed description Casey gave of  “the last person who saw  Caylee” was documented to law enforcement   and validated in the depositions of George and Cindy , what is to say that George and Cindy could not have come forward during Casey’s criminal trial and  pointed the finger at River Cruz?

After all River has the same identifying characteristics as Zanny the Nanny, right down to her Asian tattoo.

What would  prevent them from saying that River was the real culprit who kidnapped Caylee and killed her? What would prevent Casey from saying that River falsely told her that her name was  Zanaida Gonzalez and that she was a babysitter who babysat for Caylee for years?

While it may seem like a  far fetched scenario, anything is possible with Cindy and George in my opinion. Always remember what Cindy tried to do to innocent Jesse Grund.

Could River have been used to create a reasonable doubt so that Casey could get off scott free?

Well now that River’s affair with George  it is out in the open this could never happen. But what if it wasn’t out in the open? Could she have been used as an escape goat for Casey?


The bottom line is that George and Cindy need to be investigated to the point that there is no stone that is unturned. If they knew that Casey was dead while others tried their best to find her, then they should be given no mercy in a court of  law.

I always wondered why George and Cindy had a lawyer. It didn’t make sense to me  that innocent grandparents would have to have an attorney. But after River’s statement which indicates that George may have known Caylee was dead while he allowed others to search for Caylee,  I now see why they definitely need a lawyer.


In my last blog I said that Cindy needed to invest in a bra. I was not being petty. I was being honest and observant. The way a person dresses and comports him or herself is also a  part of body language analysis. Just as Cindy’s gum smacking during her deposition showed disrespect, her lack of wearing a bra or one that fits properly, speaks to her lack of self- respect in my view.www.drlillianglass.com


George and Cindy Anthony’s Body Language Shows Trouble in Their Relationship


 George and Cindy Anthony can hold hands all they  want and even smile as they  pretend everything is fine between them, but THE BODY DOESN’T LIE AND NEITHER DOES THE FACE OR THE VOICE. They can get all the image consulting they want but eventually the truth will leak out in the way they move and speak.

I know this for a fact as I have spent over two decades helping people how to improve their image, the way they speak  and their body language. While it may work for a movie role and even for a job interview, in order for it to stick on a long term basis and become a part of you there has to be a significant change in your psyche. It takes considerable  time and effort.

So, when I see this  photo of George and Cindy holding hands and Cindy smiling like she doesn’t have a care in the world, she and George are NOT fooling anyone, I see right through them.

In this photo we see too much physical distance between them. When a couple is connected even if they are an old married couple who have been married for decades, the physical distance between them is not as great as we see with Cindy and George.

George is stiff in his body language as you can see by the rigidity in  his muscles. When people are that tense looking around one another it usually means that they don’t really like one another that much.

Also George is looking down ands she is giving a phony smile for the cameras. When a couple isn’t looking in the same direction, it means that they are not like minded. George’;s facial expression shows a phony smile as well. His lips are tight and pursed  which actually shows anger. The furrowed brow and tension in his eyes also show upset. So this is NOT a happy man around Cindy.

When people really like one another the gravitate towards each other like magnets. In this case George and Cindy’s upper and lower  bodies appear  to   repel one another.


On a side note, in my view Cindy should really invest in a bra. To me it doesn’t look as though she is wearing one and  if that is the case it speaks volumes. She is not  a teenager or a woman in her 20’s who may not need one. She is in her late 50’s and definitely needs one.

If  by chance she is wearing a bra, she needs to stop putting money into Casey’s monthly jail account so Casey can buy herself snacks and spend that money on buying herself a proper fitting bra so she doesn’t look so sloppy.


We have all heard the expression “giving them the cold shoulder.” It is not just an expression. It is a reality. This is exactly how it looks. When people’s shoulders are raised around another person, it means that they are distancing themselves from that person. In essence, the are forming a barrier between themselves and the other person.

In this photo we see George  literally giving  Cindy  the cold shoulder as they walk together. Once again they are looking in different directions which  shows that they are not in synch with one another.  George looks down and he looks pained.

The cold shoulder scenario continues in the  courtroom. Only this time it is Cindy who is cold shouldering George as you can see. George seems to be in his own world and isn’t even aware of  Cindy as you see.

Cindy  looks upset and disconnected from George. Her upset can be seen in the tension around her jaw area.  


In the courtroom, Cindy turns around to speak to the person in back of her. In doing so he turns her back to George. This is extremely rude and is a hostile act.

We have all heard the expressed “he turned his back on him or her.”There is a lot of truth to that. When you literally turn your back to someone it means that you reject them and are blocking them out.  That is what Cindy is doing to George.

 Then Cindy had to leave the room and didn’t tell George that she was leaving. She just got up and walked it front of him as though he wasn’t even there. This is yet another indication that she is turned off with George in my v iew.


Cindy is pissed off at George and it shows facially as well. She is angry. Now that we know about his alleged affair with River Cruz, it makes a lot more sense as to why he didn’t return her ‘I love you too.” When Cindy mouthed the words “ I love you” to George when she was sitting next to him in the courtroom the time Casey was giving her lame and phony apology to Amy Huizenga. George sat there like a bump on a log and ignored her.

All of this sudden hand holding is clearly for show. George has been outed for his alleged affair with the Zanaida prototype River Cruz and he and Cindy are trying to BS everyone and make like they are so in love and together. But it is clear BS  and it is not working !  


If it is indeed true that George had an affair with River Cruz, the Zanaida prototyp,e during the time everyone went frantically searching for Caylee, I feel like to vomit on him. HOW DARE HE!!!  He needed to be looking for Casey not cheating!

And if what River and her sister Skye say is true that George knew that Caylee was dead and that it was an accident gone awry, then he needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and  be put into a cell forever.

He needs to come clean and say what that accident was. Did Casey drown Caylee in the pool and then put tape over her dead bopdy and throw her into the woods to mke it look like someone killed her? Is that how it went awry?

Wgy didnty she call 911 or did she purposely drown the little girl?

If this is true, can you imagine how much time and effort George WASTED instead of coming clean ?

People are genuinely good and beautiful.They want to help. They give of their time, their pocketbooks, and or their hearts.

Millions of people all over the world gave of their hearts. They  wanted Caylee to be alive. They prayed for her . They held vigils. The prayed she was alive but  were even  prepared if  Caylee was no longer  alive.

They  prayed that her little body would be found so that she could have a proper burial with respect and dignity.

So if  George was that TOXIC to toy with the public’s heart and good humanity, I say punish him to full extent of the law. There is NO excuse for this! This weak spineless hypocrite who worked in law enforcement and said that he knew the smell of a dead body, knew EXACTLY was was going on.

Cindy and her pizza box theory is no better! She too must have known something. She  was pretty descriptive when she put that poor real Zanaida Gonzalez down in her deposiiton  and told her she wasn’t a 10. Her behavior has been attrocious  throughout this ordeal.

One one level I can understand why George may have wanted to get away from Cindy and her constant harping and control. We certainly saw how she controlled him like a puppet during the Larry King interviews.

But George needed to man up and walk away from Cindy. He didn’t need to lie and cheat and have a mistress and act like a spineless wimp if what River says is  And I don’t buy George and Cindy’s attorney,  Brad Conway’s arugment that Skye and River had different names and had a rap sheet.

 So what? That has nothing to do with the informatiuon they provided. law enforcement looked for them. They did not seek out the attention which makes them sound more credible to me.


 If you look at this photo at George and Cindy leaning in the same direction trying to get Cayse to aknowledge them as she walks away, there is no question that Casey has moved on as far as her parents are concerned.  And who can blame her. How could George and Cindy claim they love Casey and NOT visit her. Who cares what the public thinks!  They shouldn’t  care if Casey is scrutinized by me or anyone else! Seeing their daughter means much more. You woulkd think!

They needed to go into the jail and tell her they loved her and leave . They didnt have to speak about the case. The could have spoken about what they were doing and even read her some bible passages or words of inspiration. George could have shown Casey his earrings and his tattoo of Caylee.

Casey doesn’t even acknowledge them when they are in the courtroom. It was actually sad to see George and Cindy standing up and trying to get Casey’s attention as she left the courtroom. Casey could care less. She completely ignored them. She has no use for them and is no doubt upset that they never came to visit her.

Maybe George and Cindy’s not  visiting  Casey in jail  because they are afraid they will be scrutinized,   is just an excuse.

 Maybe they really don’t want to see her up close and personal because they know in their heart of hearts what she did to their beloved grand baby.


In any event, I think that George and Cindy  need to get real and stop playing games and trying to pull one over on the public that all is well between them and they are so lovey dovey when they are not! Their  body language says it ALL  to me !

They are better off showing up in court separately because no doubt  when this is all over , when Casey will be sitting in her new prison cell on Death Row, both George and Cindy will no doubt, go their separate ways. 

They will most likely write their separate books and do their separate TV appearances.

 Since he wouldn’t be with Cindy anymore, George  wouldn’t have to sneak and lie and hide and have a mistress. Instead, he could have a bona fide girlfriend. Perhaps he might even start a new family and learn some valuable lessons from what he did to his present family.

The one lesson he should have learned from all of this is that when you raise a child you need to set boundaries and not let them get away with their crap. Otherwise you create another Casey Anthony.


Casey Anthony’s” All Smiles” Body Language Shows She’s Feeling Confident With New Lawyer Cheney Mason on Team While Jose Baez ‘s Body Language Shows Some Distancing

Casey Anthony’s body language was all smiles as she walked into the courtroom and she  continued to smile. You could tell she was pretty excited to be in the courtroom as she was taking a lot of deep  upper chest breaths  are  indicative of  excitement.

So why is this woman, who is going to be on trial for murdering her daughter smiling and breathing so heavily with excitement ? It is because she is feeling very confident now that a new attorney has been added to her defense team.


Cheney Mason, a long-time Orlando defense attorney, has joined Casey’s  defense team and  told the court that he would defend Casey at no charge. He then  made the following statement to  WESH 2 News ,”This case is going to be fun to try, and we’ll walk out of here with Casey in arm.”

With that kind of rhetoric, he no doubt has boosted up his client Casey’s confidence and ego regarding the case, by assuring her that she will be able to walk out a free woman.

My view is that the only way Casey will walk out a free woman is in her dreams. Mr. Mason must think he is the fictions Perry Mason of the popular television series back in the day , who never lost a case.

Cheney Mason is no Perry Mason and he will definitely lose the case in my opinion. When Casey “walks out in arm”  it will be on the arm of  marshalls who will be escorting her to prison for life or do be executed for her crime.


Caseycontinued to smile her smug Cheshire cat grin as though she knows something no one else knows,  as she  rubbed the palms of her hands together rapidly. This is what one does  when they are excited or they are  anticipating something good to happen.Obviously she has bought into Mason’s false  prophecy that she may soon  soon be a free woman.

She is also no doubt  happy and confident  about the fact that they will  find her to be  indigent so she can get a free ride as she has done her entire life.


Jose  Baez must have noticed that his client  was smiling so much and acting way too happy so he whispered something to her  like “ stop smiling”.

Casey tried to oblige, but she just couldn’t shake that Cheshire cat grin off her face.

Besides her buying into  Mason’s  false  optimism , she is probably smiling because he is happy that she has been freed from her jail cell for a few hours. She is probably thrilled to experience a  change of scenery.


One of the things we often  see with Casey’s body language is her grooming behavior. She is always brushing herself off.

When someone is showing deception they often do this. It is also a signal to psychologically clean one’s self off.  Perhaps it’s her way of cleaning herself off for doing the dirty deed of killing Caylee.

This gesture in combination with her smiles indicates that she also subconsciously feels that her new attorney will “clean her  off” so that she can leave this Caylee mess behind her.

But Casey and her new attorney are living in an illusion, No one will be able to clean her off. No matter how many times she brushes herself off she is still dirty with the knowledge of what she did to little Caylee.

The constant  grooming  with her hair indicates Casey’s narcissism of always wanting to look her best. It also speaks to  her low self esteem and deep  insecurity of being consumed with her looks and appearance , regardless of  the situation she is in.


I can’t believe that ABC was the ONLY media outlet who paid for a licensing fee for Caylees photos . They Something seems strange to me in this regard. Maybe the other outlets paid it to George and Cindy and not to Casey.

Maybe Casey gave George and Cindy Power of Attorney so they can collect the money and not her. Anyway the whole thing is upsetting that this trial will be paid for with taxpayer’s money now that Judge Strickland has officially  declared Casey to be indigent, after asking Casy’s defense team to provide an itemized list, of how their attorney’s fees have been spent.



Casey’s lead attorney Jose Barez used to be all over  Casey. He was affectionate and often could be seen giving her  tender and loving touches. But nor anymore. You can see the distancing taking place, He rarely smiles at her, whereas before he always seem3ed to be smiling at her and with her.

But now, his body language is showing that he;s keeping his distance from her and dealing with her very professionally, something he didn’t do in the past. In fact he was allegedly called out for being too affectionate and hugging his client during their jailhouse visits early on.

I am sure Jose isn’t doing any hugging any more now that the case is beginning to unravel and he no doubt is the only one who is privy to the real truth.

In fact look at this photo above. His upper body is rigid and he is talking to he from the side where there is a lot more physical distance between them then we had seen early on.

Also look at the way his hand is cupped on her shoulder.

It is a more  forceful grip than we have usually seen him do with Casey. His fingers are curved as though he is pressing down  on her shoulder . You can also even see the tension in his fingers.

That usually means anger. When you see a hand cupped along with tension in the fingers it says body language wise that the person is not too pleased with the person they are grabbing.


The only attorney on her team who seems to be consistent affection- wise is Andrea Lyons. She has a casue  which is anti death penalty, and Casey is representative of that cause.

So she is espewcially compassionate to Casey who may very well be put to death- somethin Andrea is vehemently against.

To me it looks like the case is really wearing on Andrea as she looks more drawn and seems to have lost a good bit of weight.


Linda Kenny Baden was very professional body language wise as she kept a professional distance when she bent her head down to speak to Casey, who looks diminutive next to all her attorneys.

No doubt  Casey is loving  all the attention from her lawyers and  and loving the time she is spending away from her boring jail cell.

So when it came time to be escorted back to her cell, there were no more smiles, What was also telling  as she turned around to head towards the door was that she did not look at her parents.

They certainly looked at her but she did not respond in kind. To me that says she is not longer bonded with them, The  time and distance between them has left its mark.

We know from their history and seeing them interact on the  jailhouse tapes that there was no love lost between Casey and Cindy. So it is understandable twhy she didn’t look at Cindy.

But she always seemed close to George. So to not acknowledge him at this pount speaks volumes. maybe she got wind of his affair or maybe she is pissed that George told his  Zanaida Gonzalez prototype  something Casey may  have told him in confidence So she is ticked off at  George.

Maybe Casey  lied to George that it was an accident that went awry and George shared that information with River Cruz and now the whole world knows. Maybe this revelation will screw uo her defense so she is pissed at dad for spilling the beans.

Personally I think she was selling George a  bag of BS. Putting tape over a baby’s mouth is not an accident. It is not a game. It is evil and malicious and sadistic.  can’t imagine what game was played or what accident occurred that invoved duct tape over anyone’s mouth and nose. It  seems to me that this “accident” was  done on purpose.

If George really  believes that what happened to Caylee was an accident,  then he is in extreme denial or is one of the dumbest people on the planet.


Tiger Wood’s Sex Partner Rachel Uchitel’s Image is Beyond Repair No Matter If She is Called A Slut, Whore, Hooker, Mistress or Liar!


There is nothing I hate more than PR Spin and bullshit and pretending something isn’t so when it is.  Remember the story about The Emperor’s New Clothes? It was a story where no one in the kingdom wanted to offend the king, so they  kept telling  him that he had on nice clothes. The truth was that the king wasn’t wearing any clothes. He was nude. But his subjects told him what he wanted to hear even though it wasn’t true, as not to offend or upset him.
Well I refuse to  play that game with regard to Rachel Uchitel, a  woman who initially lied to the press  that she did not have an affair with Tiger Woods when she flew to Melbourne Australia to be with him. This is the same woman who was paid millions of dollars from Tiger Wood’s camp (thanks to her enterprising attorney Gloria Allred) to keep quiet about the affair and all that she knows about Tiger.

Now she has her panties in a bunch because Jeff Beacher, a Vegas entertainer has referred to her as a SLUT and a WHORE. In fact,  she and Gloria just sent him a cease and desist letter saying that he defamed her character by referring to her in these defamatory terms  on his Facebook page. They threatened Jeff that if he didn’t take down his post, he would be sued.

Personally I think that Jeff  should leave it up and them sue him because this will no doubt be thrown out of court as a frivolous case. Then he can sue them for malicious prosecution.


In my view, Jeffn  Beacher’s attributing these adjectives to Rachel Uchitel is not what defamed her. What defamed Rachel Uchitel was her cheating with a married man and lying to the press that she didn’t have an affair with Tiger. What defamed her was getting millions of dollars from Tiger to keep quiet about an affair she initially said she never had.

According to Webster’s dictionary a “whore”  refers to someone who is an immoral woman. Wikipedia refers to a “slut” as a person of low character.

Wouldn’t you say that a woman who knowingly had sexual intercourse with a married man, who happened  to have a wife, a toddler and an infant at home to be an “immoral  woman” who had “low character?”  I think most people would say that. In fact based on the  comments made by the over 300 respondents on TMZ, it appears that most seem to agree with the dictionary definitions in  classifying Rachel as a slut and a whore.


Whether you call her a slut or a whore or a mistress, it’s still the same situation. If you put a dress and lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig underneath the dress and the lipstick.

No matter how you spin Rachel’s image or what you call her, she will always be perceived as  an opportunistic  woman who has sex with a  rich and famous married man, who had a wife and two babies at home, who initially lied to the press about the affair and then was  was paid millions of dollars to keep her mouth shut .


Rachel has no doubt worked hard to repair her image, but it is  clearly not working. First there was that lame photo spread in OK Magazine of her and her dogs and her apartment. No one was buying her glamor girl star- like image The ONLY reason she was in the magazine in the first place was because of her affair with Tiger, yet she did the shoot under the condition that she would not be asked about Tiger. That was the only pertinent information. Who cared about seeing  her with her dogs and how her apartment was decorated and reading the BS about her being a homebody when in a previous magazine article in Blackbook a year earlier, she described her jet set lifestyle with the rich and famous.


Then there was another attempt to repair her image  after comedian and talk show host Joy Behar made a play on Uchitel’s name and said “You ka tell she’s a hooker. ” She and Gloria Allred threatened to sue ABC, the View, and Joy Behar unless Joy apologized on the air. Even though Joy was forced to apologize, her body language reflected that she was seething underneath.


In yet another attempt to repair Rachel Uchitel’s image she opened up to Mario Lopez in an interview on Extra. In my professional opinion as someone who has worked with thousands of celebrities and on camera personalities over the years to get them camera ready, Rachel’s appearance on Extra did further damage to her already damaged image.

In my view she did not come across as likable, but rather as harsh and unsympathetic. Her nasal, whiny, monotonous, and  uninflected voice was off-putting, not to mention what she talked about. When she spoke about being an original mean girl she was a complete turn off.


Nobody respects a liar. Once you blatantly  lie to the media, as Rachel did when she initially denied her affair with Tiger, no one ever believes you or trusts you again. As soon as Rachel opened her trap, pre Gloria Allred and lied to the press about her not having an affair her credibility was gone for good.

Rachel can have an army of Gloria Allreds and sue every single person on the planet who says something bad about her but it still won’t change how the public perceives her.


In my view Rachel should take the millions she made off of Tiger for  keeping quiet  and go away and get a life.

She should stop threatening to sue people for saying derogatory things about her. The more she does it the more it will confirm in people’s minds that she may very well be  that slut whore or hooker she so vehemently denies she is. She needs to  leave it alone and get above the situation. She needs to move on.

This is America and we have First Amendment Rights to say as we please as long as it is true. According to the definitions provided by the various dictionaries it seems to me and to others that Jeff Beacher  may have been  telling the truth as he described Rachel Uchitel.

The bottom line is that Rachel needs to get a reality check that  she will NEVER be respected  for what she did and her image  will NEVER be repaired no matter how much spin she or Gloria put on it. The fact that she has yet to apologize to Elin or to the public for her indiscretion  speaks volumes. Even if you call her a mistress instead of a whore, slut nor hooker, no one respects a mistress either. www.drlillianglass.com