Michael Douglas’ Son Cameron Joins The Blame Game as He Blames His Dad For His Problems of Drug Use and Drug Dealing


Nothing sickens me more than someone not accepting responsibility for their Toxic actions and pointing the finger in blame at everyone but themselves. The latest one to join the Blame Game is Cameron Douglas, son of Michael Douglas and grandson of film legend Kirk Douglas.

Cameron is in jail and will remain there until his sentencing in April for his being a drug dealer. He was refused bail because the judge believe that he would not remain  drug free on bail as evidenced by the fact that his girlfriend tied to smuggle heroin in a toothbrush for him when he was under house arrest.


What repulsed me the most was that Cameron  and his lawyers have now blamed his famous father Michael’s fame as the reason for his drug use. With a straight face the attorney said in court:

Cameron “(Douglas’) serious heroin addiction (stems from) notoriety that is not due to any acts of his own but by  birth and a difficult upbringing.” He goes on to say,

“He didn’t benefit from his celebrity. He was hurt by it in a variety of ways, including ways in this case.”

Even Cameron’s psychiatrist Dr. Robert Millman had the nerve to tell the court that  Cameron’s  problems are the result of who his parent’s are.

Cameron’s attorney was no doubt grabbing at straws in an attempt to garner some sympathy for his client. The psychiatrist was absolutely wrong! I know this up close and personal. I know how much Kirk, his grandfather loved him and how much his parents Michael and Diandra were dedicated to him. There is no doubt Dr. Millman was  paid handsomely for his BS statement which I thought  was completely lame.

The judge was not buying it either  and saw through this lame excuse. He is  keeping Cameron behind bars until Cameron is sentenced. He doesn’t trust  that Cameron will remain drug free if he is not in jail.


If that was the case and what Cameron’s attorney and psychiatrist is true, it would seem that you and your attoenye and paid psychiatrist  can get in front of any  courtroom  and make the argument  that any criminal’s problems are the result of who their parent’s are.

You can make the argument that the criminal’s  parents were neglectful,  too violent, they were  immigrants,  didn’t speak the language,fed them too many fast foods and never cooked a home meal,  the father was absent, the mother was a single mom, they were an orphan,  there were too many kids, they lived in foster homes, tehy  were an only kid , their parents were too poor, too average, or too rich and famous.  Puhleeezz! There is an excuse for everyone in every circumstance!


According to IMDB these are the films and show business experiences Cameron Douglas has had throughout his career:


  1. The Perfect Beat (2009) (V) …. DJ Mojo
  2. Loaded (2008) …. Rick
  3. Adam and Eve (2005) …. Adam
    … aka National Lampoon Adam & Eve (USA: cable TV title)
  4. It Runs in the Family (2003) …. Asher Gromberg
    … aka Family Business (UK: TV title)
  5. Yat goh hiu yan (1997) …. Giancarlo’s Man
    … aka Mr. Nice Guy (Australia) (Hong Kong: English title) (UK) (USA)
    … aka No More Mr. Nice Guy (USA)
    … aka SuperChef
    … aka Yi ge hao ren (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)

Miscellaneous Crew:

  1. Wonder Boys (2000) (production assistant)


  1. The Life and Times of Kirk Douglas (2000) (V) (special thanks)


  1. … A Father… A Son… Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2005) (TV) …. Himself
  2. “The View” …. Himself (1 episode, 2003)
    Episode dated 25 April 2003 (2003) TV episode …. Himself
  3. The Life and Times of Kirk Douglas (2 2000) (V) …. Himself – Grandson

This resume is pretty respectable for any young actor who is in his early 30’s. It shows that Cameron was indeed a working actor, appearing in films regularly.

There is no doubt in my mind that without his illustrious pedigree, there is no way he could have had a tenth what is listed on this resume .

His name and family pedigree opened doors. His talent allowed him to keep those doors open, which he did. No matter who his family was, if he didn’t have the talent to back it up, he would have been kicked out of those opened doors. It was up to him as to whether he knew his lines and performed according to the script At that point, it had nothing to do with Michael or Kirk. It was completely  up to Cameron and his acting skills. Luckily  he succeeded or he wouldn’t have been able to act in those roles he was given .

Similarly.  it was completely up to him as to how he chose to live his life. He was born into a family of  wealth and fame and resources.  He had opportunities for an education and travel  and material things that most people never have. It was up to him to make the decision as to how he would take positive advantage of the privilege he was given as a result of his birthright.

Just like he had to do with his own acting career in making his own name for himself, he need to do the same in making his own life  a productive one for himself. He made the choice to use and sell drugs. No one did it to him or for him.

He took all the gifts and blessings he was given and flushed them away. While drug abuse is a horrific epidemic that knows no socioeconomics, fame or family background, dug dealing is something completely different.


Since I know Cameron’s  grandfather very well and have had the  opportunity to chat with Michael on several occasions, I am personally  aware that   that both of these men absolutely adored Cameron. They each spoke of Cameronb with love and affection and pride, especially when Cameron did such a great job staring in the film which all three of them did together called “It Runs in the Family.”

They are no doubt suffering greatly because of Cameron’s actions. His mother Diandra has spent a lot of her life being devoted to Cameron and said so in many public interviews throughout the past two decades.  She loved Cameron. I remember seeing a photo spread of her and Cameron for a magazine when Cameron was younger and you could see in her body language and facial expression how much she completely adored her son.

Not only did this boy want for nothing, he was given every opportunity to pursue the acting career he wanted. The fact that he was Michael’s son and Kirk’s grandson opened lots of doors for him.  In 2003, it was his father  Michael who  was the one  who  created an acting vehicle for his son to co-star along with his Grandfather Kirk and actress Grandmother Diana Dill  in the film “ It Runs  in the Family.” So if anyone says that Michael was not there for his son or was not supportive of his son, they are grossly mistaken.

Personally, I will never forget   how excited Kirk  was about doing the film along side of his grandson. I  remember him telling me  with a huge smile on his face how very much he loved Michael and  Cameron and how Cameron had such natural talented as an actor. He was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with his grandson as well as his son. He told me that he was so proud of him. His being in a film with his son and grandson was  extremely special to Kirk because this was the time that Kirk had recovered from his stroke. After working so hard on his speech was finally able to speak publicly in a film for the first time after his stroke.


It is not that this boy was just a drug addict, he was a drug dealer who made a lot of money selling drugs. That was HIS choice of “profession” as a way to earn money.

This is someone who had all of life’s luxuries and world- wide travel. Both of his parents, Michael and Diandra  were wealthy and would never let him be without a place to live or  food to eat. In fact his mother Diandra  recently purchased a 15 million home and he was welcome there anytime.

His grandfather  Kirk, who loved him more than anything would certainly be  there  if he needed help. Kirk is one of the most generous people and a huge philanthropist, I know for  a fact that  there is no way that he would support other causes while neglecting a family member who needed help. He is not that kind of person. Cameron  did NOT have to sell drugs to earn money.


What distresses me the most is not only what Michael is experiencing  with what is  essentially the loss of his son, but what  his dear grandfather  Kirk is going through. Knowing that he will never see his grandson as a free man must torment Kirk every moment of the day.

Cameron will be in prison  for a minimum of ten years and a maximum of life imprisonment. Even if he comes out in ten years or less, he may be much worse off. How is this slight, pale,  non street savvy guy who only knew privilege  going to survive in a hard core prison?

I have no doubt that people will try to mess with him just because he is Michael’s son and Kirk’s grandson. Suffice it to say that unless Cameron is in  protective custody, he is essentially a dead man walking in everyone’s view. Even of he gets a minimum sentence of ten years, ten years is a very long time. This is the prime of his life. This is the time that will shape him as a man. He will not come out of prison for the better, that I can assure you.

If he is whining about daddy not being there for him or being the root of all of his evils,  there will be a lot more to whine about in prison,No one will be there for him as he sits alone in hic cell or with a cell mate. Perhaps then he will have the time to think of all the wonderful gifts he was given in life and how he threw them away. He had a gorgeous home to hang out in with beautiful surroundings and every creature comfort imaginable. This will only be a memory to him now. His entitlement and lack of gratitude is what got him into his position.

And please don’t tell me that this poor young man was upset because he could never fill the shoes of his father or grandfather . I say, he was well on his way with five films under his belt.  If he would have spend the time honing his craft, going to acting classes, writing his own scripts, developing his own projects, and makingt he right contacts, he could have been a big star and a major player in Hollywoood in his own right.


Kirk has gone through so much tragedy in the past few years, having survived a helicopter crash where he was the lone survivor. Then he  survived a debilitating stroke that left him speechless only to regain his ability to speak and go on a book tour and even  perform and speak in several films. I have so much love and respect for Kirk and his strength and fortitude to accomplish what he did despite these tragedies.

Then, his beloved son Eric died of a drug overdose. I was at Eric’s funeral  and at Kirk’s house afterwords.  I saw firsthand how devastated Kirk and his lovely wife Anne were  as they had to bury Eric as they placed a shovel of dirt over his grave. I saw how hurt they were with the fact that they would never see their youngest son again. Besides Eric;s being gone, seeing their broken hearts through their broken faces made me sob.

Now Kirk, who has been blessed to recently celebrate his  93rd birthday this year , has to once again face such a tragic loss . It may even be worse than a death. It is  a living death,where he knows that for however long his beloved  grandson is in prison life for him will be a living hell.


Eric’s death also devastated his brother Michael whom I spoke with after the funeral when we were all at Kirk’s house. Michael loved Eric as well. They even sounded exactly alike, something that Michael and I discussed. Eric so looked up to Michael  and would often  tell me how much he adored his older brother.  They had a good realtionship for the most part, when Eric wasn’t strung out on drugs. I know that Michael tried to help him but ultimately he couldn’t, just like years later he would not be able to help his own son, Cameron.

Both Kirk and Michael  thought Eric was funny and always kept them laughing. Michael even relayed that to me when we were discussing Eric at Kirk’s house. But Michael certainly was not laughing when he was standing at Eric’s grave and shocing dirt on to his baby brother’s grave.   What also  struck me was how loving and supportive his wife Catherine Zeta Jones was towards Michael as he was suffering about his brothers passing.

Thank goodness she is by his side now that he had such emotional turmoil to face regarding his own son.  Michael no doubt needs all the love and support possible from her and everyone else he knows  during these nightmare times that are ahead of him.

He must be in agony knowing that there is absolutely nothing he can do to get Cameron out of the mess he is in.There is no call he can make or nothing he can do to make life easier for Cameron. Cameron is on his own and all  Michael can do is sit by and watch his son’s demise in prison as his  31 year old son is in the prime years of his life.


My special love and prayers  go out to both Michael and Kirk who did everything to encourage this boy throughout his life. They did everything to help him in every way. Cameron needs to now take complete responsibility for his actions.He  is clearly  going to have to suffer the horrific consequences of his behavior of not only taking  drugs,  but being a full-blown drug dealer.   www.drlillianglass.com


6 thoughts on “Michael Douglas’ Son Cameron Joins The Blame Game as He Blames His Dad For His Problems of Drug Use and Drug Dealing

  1. Not having any experiance with herion I only know it a bad thing. that ruins peoples life once it gets ahold of them. But still dealing thats another story. If he mans up, I think rehab on first offence. and probation in coroporation with family members. Maybe a one shot deal. Its hard to feel bad for him with such a privlaged life. but the pressure to succeed and prove himself would have to be big. In ways very few could ever understand. sounds like he gave up and went the wrong way posibly feeling like a failure.


  2. How very sad for not only the Douglas’ but for all who go the Drug route !! It leads some to an early death.

    However this man had an easy life, a good family, unlimited money, a career which opened doors for him because of his name ( and talent too) but drugs got in the way of his thinking.

    At the age of 31 one would think this man had ‘it made in the shade’ so to speak. He had so much more than one could hope for but he threw it away.
    But to blame his parents (as his psychiatrist claims) is going beyond the pale.
    I’m thinking that his psychiatrist needs a psychiatrist….

    He may now have many years to think about the road he has followed………which has brought him to this point and
    heartache to his family.
    Money and fame will not help him now.


  3. Dear Dr. Lillian,

    This post is an excellent one. It so clearly and beautifully describes very deep familial connections combined with many of the most painful of life passages. It is heartfelt, accurate and feels so real to me.

    This is a very heartbreaking situation for Kirk, Michael, Cameron , mothers, wives and all family that all love Cameron.

    I often learn important information from reading your blog.
    Thank-you very much!


  4. Sanny- I enjoyed reading your post. It also really made me laugh: “I’m thinking that his psychiatrist needs a psychiatrist! Best laugh that I have had all day. Thanks.

    The part of this saga that I find to be so aggravating is the following: Assuming that this psychiatrist actually was alert & oriented, and not demented, then IMO, one can only surmise that this lawyer on purpose and premediatedly LIED in open court. I find that to be a very disturbing behavior. Especially from any physician.

    Unfortunately, I more or less expect some percentage of lawyers to regularly conduct themselves in such a duplicitous way.

    I must be a very cynical person and not nearly as kind as you. I actually believe that this psychiatrist’s legal straegy was to openly lie to the judge and blame Cameron’s family.

    I do not believe that he served his client’s best interests at all. He was paid a great deal of money to do this. Shame on him & Cameron’s defense team. That defense will only re-inforce Cameron’s avoidance of facing reality and taking full responsibility for all of his actions. That will greatly delay any healing for this whole family, IMO.


    1. A lot of peoople care- namely his parents and grandparents and the rest of his family. Also millions of people care that Cameron received Celebrity Justice – only five years when there was a mandatory 10 year sentence for what he did. He was not just an addict, he was a drug dealer. His dealing drugs contributed to destroying other’s lives. A lot of people care when someone is not only given all the privilages in life but also given love and attention and then thumbs his nose up at the very family who tried their best for him. I hope that he straightens himself out in prison and comes out of it a more humble and appreciative person and does something valuable with his life.


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