Will A Book Deal For George Anthony Help Get His House Out of Foreclosure?


A book deal for George Anthony cannot come soon enough now that their home is in foreclosure.   As soon as George Anthony’s “Looking Through the Microscope” which I personally thought might be a type of book proposal, which he shared in his exclusive Fox interview, gets published, I am sure that the money he receives from his advance will cover everything and then some.  But until then George needs to buck up and get some work so that the repercussions of Casey’s horrific behavior doesn’t leave him homeless.

Out of  all the Anthony’s I feel worse for George. He is between a rock and a hard place. He knows from his police work that Casey is  no doubt guilty of killing the love of his life, Caylee.  Yet if he breathes a word of how he really  feels he will mess up her case. I have no doubt that in his moments of solitude  he can’t help but feel  guilty for letting Casey get away with her crap for so long. He probably wonders if he had been stricter with her, perhaps all of this wouldn’t have happened and he might still have his precious Caylee.


Casey Anthony had money issues to the point that she stole from her best friend Amy Huizenga, stole from her grandmother and who knows who else.  She was irresponsible when it came to her finances. Many feel that George and Cindy are financially irresponsible as well. Whether that is or is not the case, they certainly need to get responsible now.

The house may be foreclosed because they owe over 120K on it. But didn’t they know this would happen? Foreclosure doesn’t happen overnight.   Why did they wait so long? Their attorney is handling their case pro bono and so is Casey’s attorney Jose Baez. So they aren’t shelling out any money there.

The blogosphere is filled with those who say  enough money for the cruise and for George’s piercings and his tattoo which  combined, could pay for several house payments. Granted it is not enough, but if that is the case,  it shows you where their priorities are.  On the other hand, perhaps some generous person paid for their cruise. I hope that is the case, as it would show that they weren’t flitting away money they needed. There is no doubt that they deserved to get away from it all and relax when things were getting unbearable with Casey’s case.

But they have had quite a while to think of how they could earn some money so they wouldn’t have yet another problem to deal with- being homeless.


Why doesn’t the whole family pull together? Why doesn’t brother Lee move back  in and his fiancé and pool their resources to help out temporarily?  Even though Lee may want his privacy, it is another family crises situation and George is all about sticking together no matter what.  So Lee can perhaps save the day by moving back in with Mallory.

If they got all  jobs perhaps it would not only get their minds off the Casey case but it would definitely help  cover their $750 monthly mortgage. Apparently Cindy is on disability from her job and I can appreciate that.  How could she not be emotionally or even disabled from all that has happened?

There is no doubt that Casey’s case has taken an emotional toll on all of them.  Her disability income may not go very far and may just allow her to pay for utilities and food. I hope they consider going on food stamps to help them out so they don’t starve. In this day and age, it is  It’s nothing to be ashamed of . It can certainly help them.


That leaves George. He too is an emotional wreck, so there are certain jobs he cannot do and for sure with all his emotional ups and downs working at a full time job. He says that if he gets a job he is too public and people will stare and give him a hard time with hateful comments. He may have a point there. But on the other hand, if it is between someone’s harsh words and having a roof over your head, I would think that having a roof over your head outweighs the hater and their opinion of you.  But what about a home based job or a part time job that won’t stress him out as much and give him the flexibility he needs for the case? Here are some ideas for George to help him bring in some income like                                                                                                                                                                    being a dog walker                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            being a dog sitter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             mowing someone’s lawn or gardening                                                                                                                                                                                                     errand runner  for the disabled                                                                                                                                                                                                         baby sitting He was after all a loving grand parent)                                                                                                                                                                           working as a receptionist or file clerk in his attorney Brad’s office                                                                                                                                             security guard work where he could sit in a room  away from the public and look at surveillance video. Maybe some of the amusement parks around Orlando have this type of work opportunity.                                                                                                                                  Word processing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               stuffing envelopes,                                                                                                                                                                                                                            making cold sales calls for any company

These are just some ideas off the top of my head. Perhaps you have some ideas as well you would like to share.  I hope someone will offer him a job  in the meantime so he can do something to make ends meet.

But the good news is that when this case is over, even though George will have to deal with the aftermath and the fallout from whatever the verdict is concerning Casey,  with the right management team , George will do very financially  well with an upcoming  book and a speaking tour.


But if the probable book proposal that he shared on  Fox  35 in his exclusive interview is a preview of his upcoming book,  he definitely  needs to lose the blaming everyone tone or no one will want to read it. He needs to share what Casey’s actions have done to him and to his family and point the finger where it belongs, on his enabling behavior and on Casey’s horrific actions.

In the meantime, he really needs to figure out a way to keep that roof over his head so that he can continue to  go into Caylee’s room and find the emotional peace to which he has often referred to and not get evicted. My heart really does go out to him. www.drlillianglass.com


51 thoughts on “Will A Book Deal For George Anthony Help Get His House Out of Foreclosure?

  1. This entire family blames everyone for everything bad in their lives and it starts w/George and Cindy. He may perhaps be more honest than Cindy is, not perhaps, he certainly is more honest than are Cindy and Casey, but by his actions and inactions over the years he allowed this psychopath to develop and grow under his own roof.

    And now he expects sympathy? Now he does not seek justice for the little girl who was so brutally murdered and discarded, but he wants to earn a few bucks off the story of his pathetic life and the lives of his terrible family members?

    We all heard Cindy say “it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car”, we saw and heard George talking to the FBI and telling them he feared, because he knows the smell of death, that his daughter or granddaughter were in that trunk.

    Then what happened? Did he and Cindy like being public figures, almost celebs in their way, and so instead of simply seeking justice for the baby they decided that society was to blame for Casey being the murderer she is, society or ex-boyfriends or mythical nannies, the police, even Nancy Grace?

    No, I have no sympathy for George or Cindy or Casey. Casey should never see the light of day again or taste the freedom she took from her innocent child. And although George and Cindy didn’t kill the little girl, they lost all my sympathy when they chose to just continue the lies and continue the blame games. So I hope neither of them ever is able to profit financially from their story.


  2. dr.lilian,when geo write a book ,i dont will buy it,because this book will be only lies !
    job for geo??this man was working in his life not really hard,and i am sure he dont want ever work!


  3. Isn’t it obvious that after not paying their mortgage for 9 months, they are planning a “walk away”. They have earned monies via media appearances, i.e., licensing fees, etc.. Where is that money hiding, and from whom is it hiding. Are we going to be surprised at the outcome of this foreclosure? Can anyone say “foundation”?


  4. Here are some employment options:
    Set up a tent rental for media, bounty hunters, protesters, etc. for the next circus
    Refreshment stand at such events
    Start a blog and get paid for the advertisement of torturing families that aren’t of the “Harriet and Ozzie” genre
    Take photographs and turn them into T-shirts
    Get a job at the county…bet the one that released everyone’s information-including social security numbers- online could use replacing
    Get a job at the courthouse securing communications-bet the one that let the Grand Jury testimony slip-out was really reprimanded
    Get a job at a University teaching-Baez is there, and, I just read a blog by someone I thought a lunatic was also there
    Become a human Guinea pig-participate is psychological, psychiatric and sociological studies;DNA testing as it relates to family, crime, driving abilities, temper, etc.;sell an organ, plasma, blood, etc.
    Become an expert for Nancy Grace
    Mow lawns
    Work at the Zoo
    Work for the local Police Dept…a few were canned
    Become an Private Investigator
    Write a book;Write a song…get the whole world to sing along
    Sell a car and get caught up on a few payment
    Do something that makes them happy…not because some miserable onlookers think they can run their lives.


  5. Dr. Lillian Glass,
    Thanks for taking your time with George but maybe you are wasting your time. Lee Anthony moved back with his parents, I believe for 5 months and then moved out according to his deposition. He was giving them $1,000 a month while he was staying there. So as you see the Anthony’s have a financial problem and besides they got money from licensing fees and their priorities are where it shouldn’t be.
    I am sorry but the A’s are just hoping to find somebody to pay off their mortgage. I am sick and tired of this family. They have lied and ruined many innocent people’s lives and I have no sympathy for them. They have long forgotten about bringing justice for Caylee.
    Many people lose their children and grandchildren but they have dignity.


  6. I don’t see Lee and Mallory moving into the Hopespring Drive house. We know how Cindy feels about young couples being in one of her beds — even just watching TV! I don’t think she’d ever allow them to sleep together. I think they’re better off far far away. They can live their own lives without Cindy constantly in their faces, telling them how to live their lives. We know how that turned out for Casey.


  7. NO sympathy for anyone in that family named Anthony. They have had every opportunity to do the right things for Caylee in this mess and not one of them has stepped forward to do so. I thought for a while George would but I’m sure Cindy made the difference there. George simply needs to shed those that bring him down. I have a feeling George enjoyed being a LEO. But Cindy probably told him to get out of it. They then went bankrupt so the controlling Cindy thing and the no balls at all, George thing is nothing new. He did have a job and stayed with it for awhile so that makes me think a lot of this family’s problems start with Cindy. I think therefore, the guilty feelings by Cindy for doing to this family what she has done, is what is making her act out the way she is now. She doesn’t want anyone to see below the surface. I think as everything becomes clearer to George and Casey, they will see this as well, if they don’t already. I think they will eventually HATE Cindy with all the venom of a viper when they finally figure it out. Cindy is truly reaping what she has sown. She may wind up completely alone.


  8. Dr. Glass many of the people on our blog have lost a child to one thing or another, but we continued to go on living and didn’t beg the public for donations. I had no insurance for my son when he passed, but I went to the credit union and got a loan, which I paid off on my own. We knew we had to continue living and went forward with it, these people think everyone owes them, “get off your asses and look for Caylee” while they sat at home calling the volunteers ugly names. Shame on them, no I can’t understand anyone helping them, and I never say this but good riddance, Karma will get em.


  9. If George thinks working will give him stares and comments, wait until he writes a book. People are waiting to pounce on these Anthonys no matter what they do, but especially making money off of their situation. I personally don’t think it’s equivalent to making blood money off of Caylee, but many see it as such. Then what will he do? Run and hide somewhere??

    No, he will hit the media circuits to promote his book and do book signings.

    Although many think of George as a bumbling idiot, he has a polished presence and can speak well. That in and of itself lends itself to job opportunities outside of writing a book. Long before a threatening foreclosure.

    I am with the crowd that is tired of the Anthony sympathy drivel. I would rather hear them say something like, “We are still suffering, but we are out there working and doing what we can. We will overcome this as we continue to support our daughter. If people want to give us a hard time, so be it. We need to do what we can to survive and to keep our memories of Caylee alive.”

    Many grieving folks don’t have the support of a faith and a church. The Anthonys claim to have these. Having faith means having hope, strength, and forbearance because God is their source, not the media, tourists, or bloggers. They have no excuse for the mentality they claim to have, unless, indeed, their God and church are weak.


  10. I too had sympathy for George for a while after all sympathy for Cindy and Lee had gone But Caylee loved and TRUSTED her JOJO and he has let her down so badly. The truth was the only final thing he could have done for Caylee and he would not do it. I appreciate that it is his daughter that is accused of this terrible crime but he is not helping Casey in the long run by lying and covering for her? In fact if the enabling was nipped in the bud once it became apparent that Casey was lying and stealing ? Casey may not have progessed onto a murder charge?


  11. NO SYMPATHY for the Anthony’s….. to me it seems all planned to many people are and will be suing them…..so thinking like a Anthony they plan ahead to make it look like they are broke, by not paying there mortgage and have there house taken away from them, I wouldn’t be surprised that they have a stash of cash hidden some where…. and there laughing at every one who feels sorry and help these scum bags out….Some one out there will feel sorry for them and help them out with there debt……they think they can fool people big time……but in time KARMA will get them!


  12. I think that this foreclosure is deliberate. Sure will will have some form of compassion because we really do not know what is actually going on, but I do believe this to be deliberate. No way the A’s could have spent all earned money already. There are many reasons for this foreclosure to take place, and I think they know what they are doing.
    Justice fore the baby that got murdered is the most important thing. George and Cindy have still have family, but Caylee does not. She has gone to heaven and is no longer among us.
    The A’s know what’s happening and they know what they are doing. I am not worried about them at all.


  13. You know what I think is really odd? That if George and Cindy had been stricter with Casey…she likely would never have had Caylee to begin with.

    So then, what’s worse….having this wonderful, innocent, loving child in your life for only a couple of years and coming to the most tragic of ends, or never having known her at all?


  14. As much as i appreciate your topic Dr.Glass i cannot say i am in agreement with feeling sympathy for George or Cindy and Lee either. Seems to me they are never bothered about being starred out when on their media blitzs. Nor the public starring at them or saying any mean things to them when they were dining at the Ritz with the whole gang when LE was working in the rain digging up the bones of their Grandbaby of which they had to have known it was Caylee as what other little girl of that age was missing in Florida at that time and of all things would have been thrown away like trash 15 houses down from their own home where Casey used to hang out and bury her pets.In my opinion they knew what happened to Caylee way back when they retrieved the stinky car.

    I personally do not believe they want to keep the house. They owe more than it is worth due to re-morgaging it. Something is totally amiss here and i believe it looks a lot like wolves in sheep’s clothing were dealing with. My only concern is justice being served for the real victim, Caylee.


  15. Here or some more opportunities to be explored:
    Start church or religion…become the pastor
    Become a bounty hunter…lying on national television is not only tolerated, but, recommended
    Combine the above: When all else fails, Praise Jesus and suggest everyone go out, get drunk and fornicate
    Become a ghost chaser
    Go to Mexico…cost of living is cheaper…be a real “dough head”
    Go to Canada…no health care costs…many will diagnose you for free online and recommend medications
    Do genealogy…find out who went wrong in the family tree and sue them
    Write scripts for other families
    Start soap opera
    Sell pavers and patches of concrete poured prior to the disappearance…other will purchase just to analyze
    Replace carpet…sell old carpet in remnants for online forensic teams
    Sell hair brushes, combs, and, heck…why not…sell hair for DNA testing
    Become a psychic and help the police and other searchers
    Coin words and cash in on them
    Start your own mafia-getting online radio and blog
    Sell old leaves, ribbons, cards,etc. from the memorial
    Sell stories about the neighbors to tabloids
    Start a bar or lounge…a crowd will appear
    Get back the Pontiac and sell it at an auction
    Confess to the world you are writing a book…see who all tries to beat you out of it because they want to be the one writing the book instead…then, write the book!


  16. I am guessing Brad told them not to pay the mortgage as it was a losing deal. We see what the payment is without the interest, maybe taxes and of course insurance. It could take upwards to 10 years to be paying on that house to be worth more than they owe on it.

    Why would the grandparents of a murdered little girl who may have been murdered in the same house really want to stay there? I don’t believe for one minute they have any bond with that house as like their daughter it should be a curse on them.

    Losing the house and pretending to be broke wards off any future law suits against them, no big pockets there!

    Cindy is collecting disability from the state. This means she can not work or she will lose the free handout. If the money from picture license deals went into the foundation they started and run as donations and that is about the only place money there could come from, George can draw a salary but not Cindy.

    All they have to do is to request all money from existing and future blood money deals be put into the foundation and it is untouchable by anyone except them. They can play broke and go on cruises, party it up and never have to work. In fact they don’t even have to lift a finger to look for lost kids, just pretend they do on paper. The Milsteads taught them well.

    And ya wonder why their kid is sitting in jail accused of murder!


    1. John I think you hit the nail on the head except she is not receiving disability from the State or Federal Govt. I believe she had a short and a long term disability policy through her work.

      I think Cindy would make more money as a nurse but then she couldn’t be spinning the foundation behind the scenes. Their appearance at the Cleveland Clinic and the police force with those tiny Caylee Bears wouldn’t have happened because Cindy would have been too busy working. Caylee has been dead for over 1.5 years…. get over it. Life must go on… But you are right the Milsteads taught them well and the Milsteads were business failures, in my opinion that used a non-profit organization to profit themselves and maintain their lifestyle.

      Milsteads were really upside down on their home loan 565K.. Their house would be lucky to bring 225 now.

      If the Anthony’s had done this right they could be really rolling in 10 times the amount of dough they are doing now.

      Gotta hope the Son of Sam law kicks in and Cindy and George face coverup charges or aiding and abetting. Then the foundation really comes in handy and who else is a trustee in it. People who are not going to be associated with the actual crime or the subsequent cover-up. Cindy sure hopes that they can be “trusted”


  17. First let me clear up the misconception that George an earn money while Cindy collects disability. Her disability will be garnished the amount George brings in. I’d venture a guess that she isn’t collecting much, perhaps somewhere near $1000. per month with medial coverage. George is most likely also collecting disability, as it is easier to collect disability for emotional issues than it would be if you were in a wheel chair. Being hospitalized for mental breakdown is a free ticket for disability. That is definite.

    As you (Lillian) said, they know exactly what happened to Caylee.

    Their denial is in full throttle with their shock, enabling tendencies and retrospect guilt. They can’t be anything but what they are and that is a couple of parents in hell.

    In their weakened emotional and mental state, their good old college try to get the public to believe their daughter is innocent, was a desperate attempt to make the nightmare be just that. I believe at this point, they know they’re not dreaming and the truth has debilitated them. They know the truth.

    They have to get out of that house because every time they drive up that driveway, they are triggered by the past. Unless they’ve become numb, it has to be killing them. Somewhere along the line they will either survive this nightmare, or die.

    Neither one of them is employable. Sure they can find work behind the scenes in some company, perhaps out of state where no one knows them… or perhaps they can begin their own company, selling something. If they co write the BOOK, it should be an honest rendition of what they have been through on a day to day level. Like a diary. It would be a human interest story and certainly evoke some respect. I’m not sure they are in the condition to share those things right now.

    I have a strong feeling their loyalty to Casey will wane. I also suspect Casey will cast blame on them for her plight, if she pleads.

    She will accuse Cindy of emotional abuse and say it pushed her over the edge and made her lose her mind, or some such. She will say Cindy took her baby away and made Caylee resent her and play the postpartum card. She will accuse her father of inappropriate behavior with Caylee, and or herself maybe. Then the Anthony’s will walk away. Just my gut feeling. Not that they are not already under a bus, Casey despises her mother and would love to see her crash. She is capable of snuffing her mother out just as easily as she was capable of snuffing Caylee’s life out. It could have gone that way. I believe George is just an aside to that and he would get caught in the rind. (Under the bus, that is)

    These are my unprofessional opinions.


  18. I hope they wind upin a box under a bridge somewhere. There’s a method to their madness, they are counting on big bucks after the trial in book, movie deals & are letting the house go, as is Conway, Dom Casey, Milsteads…all have homes in foreclosure. Caylee’s murder sure came in handy for this group of grifters & they are biding their time until after the trial, then they all will hit pay dirt…at least it’s what they’ve been promised & are counting on it & the FL taxpayers to bail their lying lazy asses out of this mess.


  19. Anyone know what happened to their dogs? I thought about it with the picture included in this article.They claim to love these 2 animals, hope they didn’t desert or mistreat them. Then again they claimed to love Caylee too, look what happened to her.

    I’ve always been suspicious of the rumors that Casey buried pets near where Caylee’s remains were found. How many pets did she bury & is that even normal for little girls to bury several pets? How did they die anyway? Abuse of humans usually starts with someone torturing & killing small animas first.


  20. I think raising a sociopath has to be worse than raising a child with any other mental problem. Most of the responses to a child like this (Casey) revolves around “Noise Control” within the household. The only way to deal with it, with any semblance of order, is to get educated about it. I doubt the Anthony’s did this.

    They kept feeding the beast, whom they didn’t trust with Caylee and took on the parental role with her. How refreshing to raise a child who was normal! And yet, they slipped up at the end. They obviously adored her. It’s too bad life doesn’t offer any real free tickets and no one can use a child to sooth their own angst. Sadly Cindy did this.

    This story is causing lots of anger, disgust, and a tremendous amount of bashing. I suppose this is a normal reaction from total strangers, but we don’t know these people. The anger and violence solves nothing. Attacking these people (strangers) solves nothing but exacerbates the negative in our world. Yes be angry, but don’t add to the problem or become a part of it. I often wonder if the anger is projected?

    Some are rallying for Caylee, a beautiful little girl who died for dysfunction. And I know dysfunction can be deadly in certain situations. I believe the other two victims in this case are George and Cindy. Being lied to continuously is worse then being stabbed to death slowly. It can make a person nuts!

    Is the horse showing signs of movement here? Caylee is gone, we have to accept that and pray toward due justice. It’s all we can do.

    Yes I believe Casey did the crime. It doesn’t affect my life in any way, except to say I am saddened by it. (When I think about it) We can’t un-ring that bell. We can only learn from it. We can hope the system isn’t abused by her lawyers. If she gets off, then we can worry. (My personal opinion)

    Look at the damage anger caused this little boy… this is the ripple effect so infectious and so damaging. It solves nothing. The Anthony’s are being punished by their own hands, we don’t need to help them suffer. But this little boy’s suffering at the end, in the video, made me cry. Another child affected NOT by Cindy Anthony but by his own mother because she attacked Cindy Anthony. This is more discusting.


  21. Dear Lillian,

    My apology. I didn’t know videos were not allowed here.

    Suffice it to say, the little boy who witnessed his mother’s attack on Cindy Anthony had a meltdown, fell on the ground and cried after he began to mimic his mother who called Casey a baby murderer repeatedly and began to call her a murderer as well as he screamed, “Where is the murderer and when is she coming outside?”

    He was terrified of the murderer while his mother went on and on with her screaming about “The Baby Killer” while she was into full blown hysteria as the little boy went ignored. As she defended Caylee she lost touch with her own child? No good can come of this. I believe the child is permanantly damaged.



  22. Dr. Lillian Glass,
    I have a great respect for your work and I thank you so much for your professional opinion, you are great.
    Of course you heard CBS “48 Hours” compensated them for the episode name “Caylee Anthony The Untold Story” (which it was a shame, they are not capable of telling any truth anyway) and there will be one more episode in the future. If you would like to know what they have done there are great comments posted there. The Anthony’s have lied though their teeth and used their money irresponsibly and now George doesn’t know why people dislike them. They have sold Caylee’s photos and videos and what are they doing with their money? The first time they lost their home in Ohio Caylee wasn’t born. So this is not because of Caylee, it’s part because of their daughter, the daughter they have raised and themselves. Here is the link, if you would like to read some comments, Dr. Lillian:


  23. Dr. Glass,

    According to their lawyer, Conway, and/or George Anthony who gave comments/interviews to local media, they paid for the cruise, 300 dollars a person…and used as though a meaningful excuse, it had been planned for some time. Also, “they didn’t see this coming” was claimed in those local interviews. Tied their financial woes to what happened to little Caylee.

    And it was offered by Conway the foreclosure is proof they weren’t profiting off Caylee, even though the lawyer sat in on State depo where George outlined what ( profit ) had been taken in from just CBS for 48 Hours, 10 k at time of depo and another 10 k to come and Conway negotiating ( book ) deal at that time of State depo. The interview where George asks aloud regarding having taken in the CBS cash, what would you do, need to make ends meet, blah, blah.

    It seems it is never their fault, it is always someone else’s or due to some event(s), but by gosh not their fault.

    I think if you review this local article partially clipped below, the video report too, you will get a glimpse of what locals have witnessed.

    Keep in mind they had been running around insisting Caylee is alive, but what does this ( slip ) by their attorney in early months of 2009 reveal about them, and about the attorney himself knowing they were insiting Caylee is alive; yet, he slips and lets out this very revealing commentary? Where I come from, IMO, the below means even when on Larry King December 10, 2008, the day before remains were discovered, making negative comments about law enforcement, claiming she is alive, they knew Caylee was not alive.


    WFTV–But Wednesday, their attorney went to court telling a judge that they are not emotionally able to handle testifying in the defamation lawsuit against their daughter Casey.
    “They believed that they had a murder case, but they didn’t have a body. Now they do and you can see what it’s done to this family,” attorney Brad Conway said Wednesday.


  24. My sympathy for the Anthonys waned for one reason and that was the EASE with which they tried to implicate innocent people. This is not hearsay. We heard Cindy attempt to rationalise all her daughter’s lies during her FBI session. She claims that Amy or Riccardo could be Caylee’s abductors. A few days later, whilst at OCSD, Jesse would become the new No 1 suspect .Later after her PI had checked out Richard Grund, he AND his wife would attain suspect status. Currently the guy who found Caylee in those woods is being trashed by Casey’s defence team in order to raise the spectre of reasonable doubt…….and this is with Cindy Anthony’s blessing. She passed to Baez information on Kronk, given to her by Padilla’s girl Friday Tracy McLaughlin. George would later joing Cindy in attacking LE for simply going where their daughter’s lies and the evidence would inevitably take them. George when speaking with Sgt John Allen would refer to them as f*cking flunkies.

    The Anthonys could have supported their daughter without dragging innocent young people into this tragedy.

    The fact that they all stated during their State depos that they were not convinced Caylee was actually dead calls into question the foundation set up in her name that uses an image with her birth and month of death date .

    Tim Miller and his organisation would not evade Cindy’s vitreol.

    A possible occupation for George………..Be a man
    Take responsibility for current financial problems that were long in the making and had nothing to do with Caylee’s death as Brad Conway recently alluded to. Go get a job, get rid of one of the cars, cut your cloth…..if you cant tell the truth…..stay silent and off the tv screens


  25. Again, thank you Dr. Glass for your assessments. However, Lee did move back in with this family a while back. What did they do with the money Lee gave them for living with them?

    When this first unfolded, my heart went out to the grandparents of Caylee. When Casey was arrested, the first time for neglect and lying to police, this is when Cindy became hostile and contrary. Cindy is very good at spinning her words and make it seem like the media got it wrong. So thankful her 911 calls were recorded, that tells the truth of her torment, her alarm, her fears, which waned after that arrest. They continue to say, Casey was arrested on a whim that day. Do they not know that lying to police is a crime? Then George with his, no amber alert was issued. Tell me how you issue an amber alert, 31 days after an abduction, no plate number for the vehicle but Casey allegedly knew it was the ‘nannys’ car. The authorities checked this Zenaida and found she had nothing to do with Caylee’s alleged abduction. They have not been a voice for Caylee and seems as if they traded one child for the other, again. Now, I can understand they don’t want Casey to die by the death penalty but they should not be trying to implicate innocent people. They should have taken a stand long ago, stood side by side with law enforcement instead of turning on law enforcement and trying to blame everyone but Casey. It’s my belief, they have knowledge of what happened to Caylee, after the fact and are trying very hard to cover up their daughters actions. This family can’t make it as a crime victims advocate for they have stifled Caylee and refuse to be her voice. No one trusts this family one iota. They lie or rather tell mistruths, untruths and look like a bunch if ignorant people for doing so. They are responsible for how the public view this family. At first there was much empathy and sympathy but was lost when the same media Cindy begged for coverage, now became leeches, maggots and parasites. George can’t find work due to his infamy. I believe it has to do with his anger. He gets jobs but can’t seem to keep them. From all I’ve seen in way of videos of these people, you have to see, that apple didn’t fall far from that tree. They received money from their interview, Cindy stated $20,000 one time and another $10,000. They should have paid the mortgage instead of taking that cruise, getting those diamond earrings, getting the tattoos and IMO, Cindy had a face lift, all costs money. You live within your means, not above it. My sympathy for this family left me a long time ago. All I want is justice for Caylee and she will get justice, in due time.


      1. Thank you Dr.Glass, I’ve learned much from you about body language. It is so telling.

        I’m sure this was a deliberate act on Cindy’s part, there is a method to her madness but will backfire big time. She feels “entitled” and it shows. I remember when Leonard Padilla was to have a memorial at JBPark for Caylee, Cindy ran to that park to make sure he didn’t. Another time Cindy expressed only “she” can make money off Caylee since she’s the grandmother. It makes me ill knowing Casey’s defense were paid from photos/videos of Caylee. Imagine the child she’s accused of killing, is paying her defense. I can’t wait for the Son of Sam law to kick in and leave this family with no income from Caylee, whatsoever!
        This is one demented family. They have serious character flaws, beat to their own drummer and you do as I say, not as I do attitude. Their integrity, their morals are twisted, their love of money shows it’s all about materialistic objects, their priories are out of whack. I believe Cindy feels since shes spent so much money on Casey and Caylee, it’s her time to be paid back, wherever that money comes from! When this case goes to trial, mark my words, Cindy Anthony will be deemed a hostile witness, George needs to man up and do what’s right for Caylee. The love of his life, his sunshine taken deliberately. Cindy has told anyone who will listen, Casey is a pathological liar and a sociopath. Why now are we to believe any different? Casey doesn’t have emotions she only mimics what she sees. I remember the day she was to be sentenced for the fraud charges, she stated to Andrea Lyon, I’m excited! I think she meant she was scared but due to being a sociopath, she doesn’t know emotions. She pretended to be a good mother in the company of others, when the novelty wore off, she put Caylee on a shelf. She had been disassociated from Caylee probably since birth so it was easy for her to take the Anthony familys sunshine away. She’s a sick person and I feel LWOP would be the best sentence for her. Death is too easy, she needs to reflect for the rest of her natural life that she’s in jail due to her actions of killing her own child.


  26. Don’t worry so much about them. Your sympathy is misplaced in my opinion. Losing their home is a planned maneuver which will be profitable for them in the long run. They do not want anyone to help them save the house and they will refuse such help but they will be glad to accept any and all donations for other purposes. It is a mistake to disconnect this situation from the rest of their story. Cindy makes all the decisions and she has made this decision purposely in my opinion. She has free legal council, disability from her employment, and had 1,000 extra a month coming in due to Lee and did not pay the mortgage anyway. This was a very purposeful decision in my opinion. Let’s cry for someone else.


  27. All the comments here are certainly true. Especially George’s history of being financially irresponsible and their misuse of money. It appears to me that they like giving the raspberries to the public for our refusal to buy into their creed. While they were on that cruise I half expected them to stick out their tongues at the camera and say, “Neener, neener” They are screwed up people. Their loss is beyond the pale in horrible.

    However, I don’t feel like riding in their raft. It’s full of darkness and hate. I’ll just observe and hope justice is done.


  28. Dr. Glass,
    I so much enjoy listening to your very precise comments! This case has just gone so beyond pathetic! Thank you for continuing to be a voice for Caylee. God bless.


  29. I agree and also thank you Lillian Glass. What your do so well absolutely fasinates me. You’re a great teacher. “The body doesn’t lie” Lies scare me more than violence.

    I’d rather be slapped by a lover than kissed by a liar”


  30. May I borrow your quote? “Karma is a bitch with a memory?”

    Love it!

    PS: Forgive me for the typos in the preceding comment. I need to get the crumbs out of my keyboard. Have a happy weekend and thanks for the quote.


  31. Dr Glass: Thank you for your insight and post regarding the Anthony’s most current problem – home foreclosure.
    It seems to me that everyone connected to this case has problems with holding onto their homes. Conway’s condo went to the auction block, P.I. DC also lost his home and the Defense team is extremely low on money and some who have signed on are dropping like flies.

    I myself feel this latest in the Anthony Saga has been planned for quite some time now.

    Cindy is the ‘Leader’ in her family and has directed them from the time she hung up the phone with her ‘911’ call.
    They circled the wagon around Casey and decided that that was the direction they would take in protecting their lying daughter.
    Cindy wanted MEDIA and she got it. She also enjoyed baiting the reporters but when they asked her questions as to why Casey didn’t report Caylee for 31 days…..she became abusive and turned on them, accusing them for not searching for Caylee ( at times with hammer in hand waving it like a threat.)

    I have no sympathy for them at all, however, if truth be told, I think George IS the weakest link in the family.
    Through his many interviews he has admitted that Casey never worked for 2 years, that she stole money from her GGP’s and from Caylee’s own little piggy bank.
    These are things that Cindy would never admit to anyone.
    I think they know perfectly well just what Casey did to Caylee…and have known that from the beginning.

    If he got out from under Cindy’s enormous thumb, he would talk more and it would be truth coming forth and not Cindy or Casey’s half truths….

    Would a job help this man? Yes I think it would be beneficial to his mental health.
    But it would also be beneficial for him to get away from Cindy.
    His faux suicide afforded him some sympathy but it also gave him a check coming in for ‘his disability’…

    This man has to start being a MAN….and stand up for the granddaughter he loved so much…..CAYLEE.
    If they truly feel that someone other than Casey murdered their Beloved Caylee, then why aren’t they looking for that person.
    Because in their hearts, they know who that person is but will never admit it even to themselves.



  32. Dr. Glass…

    Is there a possibility that you zone in on Cindy Anthony

    and give is a Body Analyzis of her?

    Thank you so much.


  33. This is all so sad. After witnessiing Cindy’s behavior it doesn’t surprise me that Casey is the way she is.

    I do feel bad for George. He obviously is a weak man and Cindy runs that family and everyone in it. The best thing that could happen to George is to get away from her, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon if ever. He is weak and has surrender all control to Cindy.

    I can’t understand why they are defending Casey the way they are. I understand she is their child but she is accused of killing their sweet and innocent little granddaughter. If my daughter did such a thing I don’t think I could stand by her like they are.

    We will never know what it’s like for them and thankfully so. I just don’t understand why they are not standing up for their granddaughter.


  34. George is obviously not a practical type person. He doesn’t know how to support himself. In other words, he needs Cindy. She’s the bread winner. She’s in control. The only way he can get out from under her is to meet some other codependent with more money. He knows what Casey did and he STONE knows it. He sold out.

    Is that sad? No, it’s typical with men like him. Survival of the fittest!


  35. I certainly will not be buying any book about this case. I’ve heard and seen more than I wanted to already. Do I feel sorry for these people who have turned their backs on little Caylee so they could support their murderous daughter and then blame everyone but their daughter, the prisoner? I don’t think so! It’s now going on two years since they’ve seen Caylee’s smiling face. Now they’re wanting the public to support them by buying their books, seeing a possible movie about them? Oh, please! These people need to get a grip on their own lives and go back to work like the rest of us who’ve lost loved ones and had no choice but to go out and support ourselves.

    Would these people be in a financial fix if they had kept an eye on their daughter as she was growing up, not turning their backs on her lies, her actions? Would they be where they are today if they had actually done some investigating into their daughter’s non-existent job? How was she supporting herself and Caylee? She wasn’t, Cindy was.

    They also would have had lots of public support from the beginning, would have had many generous donations, people supporting them from around the country with compassion, food, possibly financial help if they hadn’t turned everyone against them by being nasty to the media, the volunteers, anyone who offered to help, instead of being belligerent, changing their stories constantly, and supporting their daughter who considered their grandbaby trash. As if it were everyone else’s fault but Casey’s or even George’s and Cindy’s.

    If Lee wants any sort of a decent life for himself, he should stay far away from that madhouse. And probably change his identity.

    Maybe Cindy can pay her house notes with all that rotten pizza she found in Casey’s car because they aren’t getting a penny from me. Go to work like the rest of us, George and Cindy.


    1. Couldn’t agree more. Remember the donated toys they tossed in the garbage in clear view of the public who donated them because they smelled of smoke?
      Brand new toys smelling like smoke, offensive to the people who washed the smell like death pants to destroy evidence.
      We, the people following this tragedy, are refered to as maggots and leaches by the Anthony’s.

      Then again, if he wrote his book he could finance his daughters legal defense because we sure shouldn’t have to.


  36. I think George would have problems selling his book. I sure wouldn’t buy it. If you feel you’re under the microscope and don’t like it, then probably writing a book to amplify the magnification of the microscope probably isn’t the way to go. Frankly George and company have raked in over a quarter million dollars profit over Caylees murder so far and still cry poerty and that’s disgusting IMO. Karma is why they can’t find jobs, are losing their house and Lee won’t move back in. JMO


  37. Dr. Glass we know have more revelations in the Casey Anthony case…I’d like to know what you make of it?

    Woman Claims Relationship With George Anthony
    Posted: 5:01 pm EST March 12,2010
    Updated: 9:29 pm EST March 12,2010

    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — WFTV learned Friday that a woman said she had a relationship with Casey Anthony’s father, George Anthony and that woman was questioned by detectives.

    It turns out that woman looks a lot like the description George gave detectives of Zenaida Gonzalez, also known as ”Zanny the nanny.”

    Casey claimed it was the nanny who took her daughter, Caylee Anthony.

    Skye Benhaida told WFTV that her sister provided investigators with information that she was having an affair with George Anthony that started soon after Casey was arrested. She said it lasted for about a year

    “She was in love with George,” said Benhaida.

    Benhaida said George told her sister that Caylee’s death was an accident. But she said her sister never asked about Caylee’s death.

    “She told him that, ‘I would never ask you that.’ In reply, he said it was an accident that snowballed out of control,” Benhaida said.

    WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer says if George really did say Caylee’s death was an accident, it’s bad news for the defense.

    “This would apparently foreclose any defense that someone outside of the Anthony family is responsible for that child’s death,” said Sheaffer.

    Benhaida claims George apparently used her sister as a model for what Zenaida, the alleged nanny, looked like; right down to a tattoo that her sister has.

    Benhaida said, “Nice teeth and a tattoo down her left arm.”


    Here it the video, her twin sister speaks out…



  38. Heya just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a
    few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I
    think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same outcome.


    1. I won’t buy anything that would profit any Anthony in any way. I was very upset that Rob Lowe was involved in a movie having to do with the child murderer and her covering-up family who allowed the Casey monster to evolve and survive to that point. Let his house be foreclosed upon, let them wander the streets in search of a meal, let no attention except negative attention fall upon them. That baby depended on the adults in her life to protect her and they ALL let her down.


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