Bachelor Rozalyn Pappa’s Body Language Showed Signals of Deception


Tonight and tomorrow night  I am appearing on The Insider to discuss whether or not Rozalyn Pappas of the Bachelor was telling the truth when she said she did not have an intimate relationship with the producer on the show, who was fired. You must see the Insider tomorrow night as there is some major groundbreaking BOMBSHELL  information that was revealed to me and to the panel of experts  after I confronted Rozalyn face to face in an interview. It’s on CBS at 7:30 PM.


Studies show that when a person is very attractive they are perceived as being less guilty of committing a crime, friendly, exciting, and more credible. Having said this, one wanted to believe that Rozalyn with her model looks would be telling the truth. But unfortunately this was NOT the case!

Rozalyn showed multiples signals of deception during her interview with Chris Harrison, hist  of the Bachelor. These signals of deception were most evident after the rest of the Bachelor contestants ont he panel confronted her and in essence busted her  in terms of what they saw.

First and foremost, Chris was open and welcoming to Rozalyn when he began the show as you can see by his by his body language. His eyes were open wide and he was genuine when he said that he was really glad to see her.

As soon as Chris asks her about whether she had a relationship with the producer on the show You should see her shoulder shrug which ws an immediate signal of deception.

Then Chris continued to probe and you saw lip licking and  lip pursing which was another clear signal of deception.  The pursing meant she didn’t want to talk about it. She also closed her eyes when she spoke which in essence means that someone is showing deception as they don;t want to look at the truth. When people are being forthright they look directly at you. In this photo Chris is telling Rozalyn that in the context of the show the line was crossed, By her body language, she is in essence admitting it.

Then Rozalyn outs her hand over her chest in as a  defensive self protective move. She has been confronted and has touched her chest as a self soothing behavior.


When one of the other contestants on the show told Rozalyn that her intimate behavior with the producer made her  made her feel uncomfortable Rozalyn’s expression was defensive, Notice show she shrinks back in her seat and how her shoulder is rounded, Her mouth is open  and she looks angry about the fact that she was confronted, The fact that her body is being minimized is a signal of deception.

Then another contestant confronted her and told her that she was upset about how she was acting with the producer. Note Rosalyn’s defensive facial expression.

If looks could kill, the person Rozalyn is looking at would be dead. Rozalyn is very angry and disgusted with  yet another her fellow contestant who is busting her for her behavior with the producer and for the way she was touching his thigh.


The pitch of Rozalyn’s voice was also raised which indicated a  huge signal  of deception. She was also  very hostile and defensive which was not endearing to the audience. Then she attacked Chris. This was BAD! She accused him of not being the producers friend and hitting on the producers wife, WOW! Talk about a low blow. Now she completely alienated the audience. This was NOT a smart move, First of all you NEVER attack the host no matter what and you certainly don;t bring anything personal about him into the mix. Chris handled it like a professional and was even keeled. But you could see by the slight  fist like motions  he made with his hands that he was angry.  When he clasped his hands together, at the end his anger  at Rozalyn was very clear.


There is no question in my mind that something was definitely going on between Rozalyn and the producer. Did they sleep together or have sex with one another? I don’t know for sure as I wasn’t there. The only people that know what happened between them for sure are Rozalyn and the producer. But I can tell you that there was some type of close relationship between the two.  How close? Ony those two can tell us, but there was something going on and that was for certain.

I think that she needed to come clean on the show and say that she liked the producer much better than the Bachelor. She needed to say why she was more attracted to hin and how he made her laugh and how he had a better personality. I think the audience would have had a lot more respect for her if she did that. In fact it may have turned the whole show around if she had been honest. She needed to tell the truth instead of being so defensive and hostile in my view.


Upon meeting Rozalyn face to face at the Insider I can tell you that she is even more physically  beautiful in person than she is on television. As  was invited up on the panel with Lara and Chris and Samantha and sat in front of Rozalyn,  I had to tell her the truth- that she did show signals of deception.

The the BOMBSHELL information happened that is EXCLUSIVE to the INSIDER so I can’t reveal it until tomorrow ! It was HUGE!!! It was AMAZING as this time she told THE TRUTH!  You MUST watch it! It’s on tomorrow on CBS at 7:30 PM , You won’t  be disappointed that is for sure!


2 thoughts on “Bachelor Rozalyn Pappa’s Body Language Showed Signals of Deception

  1. Umm… In her case, in light of her behavior, I’d say you’re right in saying these motions and actions like lip-licking are signs of deception on her part. I just don’t like how you wrote it as if it always means deception. I’ve done it simply out of irritation with someone, or someone else with me.


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