Casey Anthony’s Body Language Appears to Reflect New Evidence By Prosecution Duct Tape Was Weapon Used to Murder Caylee

New evidence by the state is that they believe that the duct tape is considered the murder weapon  Casey Anthony to smother her own daughter Caylee with premeditation and willfullness.

In fact a strip of duct tape found on Caylee’s mouth is one of  three,  prosecutors believe were critically placed  by Casey Anthony to suffocate her daughter and blocking her air passages.

When prosecutor Jeff Ashton graphically laid out his theory Casey had a significant physical reaction body language wise .  Casey didn’t react physically until Aston spoke the following words-

“Maybe her killer saw her eyes as she applied one piece, then two, then three so that no breath was possible,”

That is when Casey no doubt heard the truth verbalized for the very first time in terms of what she actually may have done to Caylee. The truth was no doubt was too much for her to heart  as she retreated into attorney Andrea Lyon’s protective embrace.

That is when she  asked Andrea to make the pain of hearing the truth stop.  She said “Tell him to  him stop.” Andrea of course replied, “I  can’t.”  So for perhaps the very first time in her life,  Casey was forced to hear the truth  about  herself. She was forced to hear what she most likely did with the duct tape.

The rare Henkel brand of duct tape found on Caylee’s  skull was evidently the same type of tape was used by the Anthony family to put up fliers of Caylee when she was missing.

Now that we now know that the duct tape is considered a possible murder weapon, it is understandable why Casey reacted as she did upon hearing the prosecutor describe her actions with the duct tape. This once again confirms that “the body does not lie!”


14 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Body Language Appears to Reflect New Evidence By Prosecution Duct Tape Was Weapon Used to Murder Caylee

  1. Or just maybe…………..She applied the tape after Caylee had died, and she was upset that the prosecution “got it wrong”, but of course could not say that.
    It was obvious though, that when the tape was mentioned…..she reacted.


  2. Thank you for once again making actions speak loudly!
    And a Special Thank you for that Close-up Pic of the Henkel Tape Piece. On another site yesterday others were discussing this Exact piece of tape and I didn’t understand what they were talking about. (coming in on the middle of their discussion;(
    Sometimes I forget to go back through Discovery and Enlarge or Rotate pics to look at different angles. Today I had a “doh” moment as soon as I saw your Henkel Tape Pic….
    Thanks again for your Special Attention to the Caylee Marie Tragedy!!!!


  3. Diana, look again at the Pics of Casey In Custody wearing the 82 Jersey when she was First Taken in for Questioning…..that is One Smug Arrogant Look she is wearing as she Struts alongside the Deputy. I think she Enjoyed what she did to Caylee….to the point she was Proud of her Handy Work! Jmho, as always.
    If ANYONE can find a pic of Casey showing Concern, REAL Concern for “Missing” Caylee, please post a link…. Thank you.


  4. I believe that the prosecutor got it right in how Casey murdered Caylee. Sociopaths believe that they are too shrewd to ever be caught in a lie or a crime they committed. So they do very little planning and rely on their lies, on an as needed basis, instead.

    Sociopaths also are void of emotion so in Casey’s mind she thought it would be as simple as lying about Caylee’s whereabouts until people got tired of asking about Caylee. She couldn’t identify with the realization that people genuinely love one another and are not disposable. For this reason I don’t believe the theory about the duct tape being put on Caylee after she was dead. Casey thought Caylee’s body would never be found so it wasn’t necessary for her to stage a false kidnapping (that would be the only reason to put duct tape on someone after they were dead) If that was Casey’s intentions she would have screamed that Caylee was kidnapped right away. Plus, it doesn’t take an Einstein to see that Casey was making up her lies as law enforcement was questioning her. She had never dreamed that the police would ever be involved in what she did. For what it’s worth, that’s my opinion.


  5. Dr. Lillian Glass- I love to hear your take on things. Thank you for the information.
    I would like to know if you have ever observed Misty Croslin’s body language? I would love to hear the results on that.


  6. *blueonblue
    Oh I know. She still does LOVE attention. In her warped mind, she feels “special” walking into the courtroom. I imagine her not sleeping at all the night before, just laying there thinking of how she will wear her hair, and what she can think of to make herself cry on cue (and it’s not her dead daughter).


  7. Dr. Glass, I love your insights.

    I, too, am of the impression that Casey applied the tape as a murder weapon. I’ve never believed it was to prevent “spillage.” In my wildest imagination I can’t picture Casey dealing with the mess that was her daughter once the decomp. juices began to flo. I also don’t believe she added the tape to strengthen her kidnapping story or to keep the jaw from dropping.

    I see this going down exactly as the Prosecution described to us. It tears my heart to say it ~ whether groggy or alert, Caylee was looking into mommy’s eyes as she struggled for her life. The only part Ashton didn’t get to was adding ‘la pièce de la resistance,’ the red heart sticker. And I do wonder why he didn’t include that. Do you think he is saving that little morsel for the trial or is there not enough proof of that?

    I apologize if you’ve already addressed this (you might have but I can’t find it). What is your opinion on Casey rubbing her wrists as soon as Ashton mentioned “physical restraint?”

    Also, as someone else asked, I would be very interested in hearing your comments on the behaviour of Nancy Grace. I only see clips of her shows on YouTube but imo she comes across as almost having a split personality (I know that’s not the scientific diagnosis) ~ going from almost rage, yelling practically, at anyone who disagrees with her to a syrupy, eyelash batting modesty in under ten seconds. I have clocked it. What does that mean to someone like you who studies behaviour?

    Could you share that with us? Thanks! Now I’m going to go in search of anything you’ve written of Cindy and/or George. Boy, I expect a lot, huh? I know. lol!


  8. Hi Dr Glass!
    I too would like to know how you interpret what Casey’s actions mean just prior to her “cryin” when the prosecutor began to speak … and her actions just after saying make it stop … seems she showed anger, fists formed, wringing her wrists, but I’m also interested in her reaction after her attorney said I can’t …


  9. Great Post! I re-watched the hearing the other night and when she rubbed her wrist a cold chill went up my spine.

    Bees Knees~Excellent Question regarding Nancy Grace. I hope you get an answer!


  10. My strong opinion is Casey didn’t think that far ahead to place the duct tape after Caylee’s death to stop ‘the purge’ of liquids. From what I’ve researched even experienced killers don’t think about what happens after death so why would Casey who we all know lives 10 minutes at a time & never thinks of consequences.

    The duct tape was the murder weapon along with chloroform.


  11. Dr Glass you are on spot with your insight regarding Casey.

    If she reacted to Jeff Ashton’s words describing what Caylee saw during her last possible vision of Casey her mother, and Casey wanted him to stop…..what will happen
    when the autopsy photos are shown….one can only imagine
    how she will react to looking at those pictures.

    Obviously, she won’t be able to stop them or walk out of the courtroom…..but her reactions will be very interesting.


  12. Dr Glass….I love reading your insight into Casey and her family as well as others you evaluated.

    Now that the Croslin’s and Cummings are in the news due to their recent arrests regarding drug trafficking, is there a
    possibility you could give us your expertise into Misty Croslin, Lisa (mother), Hank Sr (father) and brother Tommy.

    Thank you so much


  13. It’s too bad that nobody answered their phones when Casey called that fateful day. But then……..even if Cindy would have answered, we still wouldn’t know what was really said anyway.


  14. dr.lilian,you are right on!cma is a sociopath,she cry only for herself!she only cry,because the prosecution know the truth and what she did with caylee!


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