Gary Coleman’s Body Language and Behavior In Walking Off Insider Set in Anger Reveals How Desperately He Needs Help

As the Body Language Analyst for The Insider, I was  at  CBS Studios yesterday doing a language analysis post mortem on Gary Coleman’s behavior after he stormed off the set. Gary was interviewed  by the panel  consisting of  anchors Lara  and Chris, steady guest panelist Neece Nash and  guest panelist   Lisa Bloom.  He became very hostile and verbally abusive towards Lisa which was frightening to watch.

It was equally shocking to see how once loveable Gary tuned out. His defensiveness and his  telling  that he has thoughts of not being on this earth were raw were painful to watch. But what was even more painful to watch was his shocking behavior on the set of the Insider.


Throughout the interview, you could see Gary’s anger escalate. He was very uncomfortable talking about his recent arrest and having to spend time in jail.

It was embarrassing to him, You could tell he was embarrassed as when he spoke he often had his eyes closed, He didn’t want to look at anyone as he spoke about these obviously embarrassing and painful issues. When someone closes their eyes whent hey speak to you, it usually means that they want to disconnect from you and not face you. It reveals embarrassment and shame.


His tone was extremely defensive and hostile . He made excuses for his behavior and appeared to be in denial as he discussed why he landed in jail. There was also a whininess in his tone which was further indication that he was  on the defensive. He seemed to blame everyone instead of taking responsibility for his actions. He blamed his wife and even blamed everyone including his fans.


What was the most shocking revelation was when Gary spoke of his thoughts of ending his life and not being on this earth.  He was serious  as there was conviciton in his voice when he said these words. This was scary and cler indication that he definateLy needs medical attention.  He also mentioned that he had bipolar disorder.


Gary was asked whether or not he was still a virgin  by Neece Nash – a question Gary refused to answer directly. Even though he admitted he was a virgin when he was 40, he was not married at the time.  He was flustered by this line of questioning and perhaps rightfullyso.

But instead of giving an simple yes or no  direct yes or no answe,he skirted the issue which made one wonder of he was still a virgin and  whether his physical or medical condition prevented him from consummating his marriage. In an exasperated and angry tone he repeatedly  answered that he  was married and asked “what you do think?”  You could see him becoming very stressed at this point.


When Gary spoke of  thinking about   ending his life, the whole panel became concerned and appeared to reach out to him. In fact, former prosecutor Lisa Bloom  initially reached out to him and touched his arm to reassure him that there was help available  for him with his condition.


He shot back that the medications couldn’t help him. This may very well be the case as it pertains to him. In fact int he recent issue of Newsweek Magazine the cover story is about the ongoing debate about  Antidepressants not working for patients.  In some people medications do not work.

In others there is such an extensive trial and error period to find the right medication  and  the right dosage that this alone could be debilitating.

In others, the side effects of the medication may be worse than the disorder.  And still in others certain medications may not work well when combined with other medications and other medical procedures.

The fact that Gary reportedly goes through dialysis for his kidney problems on a daily basis and may possibly take other medications may be an issue as well. So when he said that medications don’t work for him, he may have a point .


Then body language wise, Lisa may have unknowing done something  that Gary perceived as even more hostile. She pointed her finger at him as she spoke. You can see him physically back up as she does this. Then Gary lets loose with a tirade of vulgarities and in essence curses Lisa out.

She then asks him pint blank if he speaks this way to his wife, He says that he doesn’t unless he has to.

If he spoke this way to a perfect stranger, Lisa Bloom, no telling how he is speaking to his wife at home. You could see Gary’s anger escalate as the veins in his temple region became visibly prominent. He even pointed his finger back at Lisa as she spewed forth obscenities.

Luckily,  Gary took off his microphone and left the set. He left the set cursing all the way to his limo, but nevertheless he left without punching anyone out or using a weapon.


Even psychiatrist  Dr. Charles Sophy who came on the set to discuss the aftermath of Gary’s behavioral tirade, said that it was frightening and he could have been dangerous right before he walked off the set.

Gary did admit on camera  that he had bipolar disorder. The worst thing for someone with Bipolar disorder is stress as it brings out the worst behavior in a person with that condition.  No doubt that Gary was completely stressed out when he was being interviewed and being on the hot seat . Talking about the arrest, his marriage, his intimacy, and feeling as though he was put into a corner. It obviously  brought out the worst in him.


While Lisa is great and a wonderful legal analyst and prosecutor, in retrospect,  think that after Gary reveled he was bipolar, perhaps she could have not been so aggressive with him in terms of her tone and the finger  pointing behavior. It was the finger pointing  in my view that casued Gary to back u and become very hostile towards her.

While the confrontation made great TV, it certainly was jarring to Gary for him to react as he did.

On the other hand, Gary knew that this would be the focus of the show and that he would be on the hot seat and would be  grilled. He is a seasoned professional and  knew what he signed up for and he did not have to be there. No one forced him to do the show.  In fact at the beginning of the show he said that he was  there for the money.


Gary being the professional he is and literally growing up on television and film sets, knows that you NEVER walk of any set. You handle yourself and deal with what has to be dealt with while the cameras are rolling, no matter what. You NEVER walk off any set! That is the professional suicide. But obviously the stress was so intense he had to break it, by leaving the set.

At one point during his interview he also tries to break the stress level my changing the subject and telling Chris he looks like Matt Lauer which was a complement. But then he takes that compliment back by telling Chris he doesn;t want hin to get a swelled head. It was said as a tension releaser.


His parting shot was to obscenely  put up his finger and shout an obscenity into the camera as he got inside the awaiting limousine, which ironically happened to be Lisa Bloom’s limousine.


In the wake of Gary’s tirade, he left a lot of frightened and upset people. Many of the cast and crew were frightened by his behavior, especially towards the end. There is no doubt that seeing this scenario unfold on camera is jarring to Gary’s many fans who grew up watching and loving him.

It is clear from his anger filled behavior  that Gary needs to get himself sorted out before he makes any additional public appearances. He needs to put himself in situations where he doesn’t get that stressed, especially of he isn’t taking medication to help control his Bipolar disorder.


I pray for Gary that he does not self- destruct. He needs to take a more positive approach to life and count his blessings. There are people who really love him out there, like one of his fans who bailed him out of jail, whom he has yet to thank.

Gary has been through a lot of hell with his health issues that he has discussed publicly. He has been through a lot with his TOXIC parents literally ripping him off financially and leaving him destitute. He has had to endure a lot of public ridicule throughout the years.

He reportedly  felt the public humiliation at having to work as a mall security guard to earn a living after being at the top of a show business career.  He felt humiliated by the play Avenue Q where he was parodied  and felt helpless because he didn’t have the money to sue.   He has had many runs ins with so may people  that landed him in the headlines in a negative way.

My heart goes out to Gary  because there is no doubt that life has been difficult for him . But life has also been great for him and he needs to look at all of those great things in his life and count his blessings.

Maybe that will help him eliminate some of the internal stress and hostility  he harbors  and give him a happier more productive  life. There is no doubt that Gary needs professional help. Even if he doesn’t take medication,in my opinion  he needs to have someone on hand whom he can speak with on a regular basis to help him cope with his issues.

You can see my body language analysis of Gary Coleman on the Insider tonight on CBS   at 7:30 PM


5 thoughts on “Gary Coleman’s Body Language and Behavior In Walking Off Insider Set in Anger Reveals How Desperately He Needs Help

  1. How sad Gary Coleman’s life has turned out.
    He has very deep seated anger and without therapy he will never get better. He needs help NOW before things get even worse for him.
    I too thought perhaps he wasn’t taking his Bi-Polar meds but they may be conflicting with other meds he may be on.

    Mention was made that he was working in a Mall as a security guard…….oh my… he issued a weapon? If so,
    I really don’t think he is in any condition to carry one.
    On second thought if he has a record, I’m sure his employers are well aware of that.

    Along with his medical problems, he has an incredible attitude problem which he’s had for a very long time.

    Gary Coleman is not only a danger to himself…but to anyone around him.
    Lisa Bloom for one….



  2. I am not excusing his behavior, however, I thought it was very disrespectful and out of line for Neecy to ask him whether or not he is a virgin!!! Not only is it none of her business, but she added fuel to the fire, by asking him the most hurtful (and private) question she could possibly ask him!!! Why push this poor man over the edge? And then everyone is shocked by his actions after that? I thought it was disgraceful and I am never watching the Insider again.


  3. Gary Coleman has had attitude problems for decades. He still thinks he’s the cute little “wha-chu talking about Willis” kid on TV. He is not so much a has been as a never would be.


  4. When Oprah asked the same question (are you a virgin?) to Michael Jackson back in her 1993 interview with him he reacted in a totally different way.

    Maybe you could do a body language analysis of that interview?

    Thanks for your insight.


  5. Body language can actually show how a person reacts on such scene. Even though you’re not saying something but your actions can tell how you feels. When Gary Coleman was asked, he could not directly answer the questions given to him. But actually, his actions can tell. How sad Gary Coleman’s life has turned out.


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