Octomom Nadya Suleman Showed Some TV Promise, Despite Her Jarring LOUD Nervous Laugh on Jimmy Kimmel Parody Dating Show


 Since the Game Show Network is in a hurry to get Nadya Suleman a show they wanted to give her some TV chops,  so they put her on Jimmy Kimmel Live to test her out.

 Believe it or not, no matter what you think of her past self-admitted irresponsible behavior, I think she passed the little screen test.  I think that because of her performance on Jimmy Kimmel, the Game Show Network has nothing to worry about as Nadya will in my view do a good job for them.



The good news is that’s he was charming,  and warm and affectionate, beginning the show by giving Jimmy a hello kiss and ending the show hugging her date, even though he was too much in shock to return her affection. She was pleasant and I personally found her likeable and there seemed to be a sweetness about her that was very appealing.

                                                                                                          PAPP APPEAL

I think what added to her appeal was watching how she handled herself publically all these months. She isn’t mean or belligerent or fighting with the papps. Instead, she likes the papps and they act in kind. She answers their questions and doesn’t say that she hates them.


She’s had a lot to handle with agencies and lawyers, early on, trying to take her kids from her early on. She’s had to deal with a lot of criticism and hostility from all over the world. Yet she handled it articulately and with grace and aplomb.


And what I like about Nadya the most, is that whenever we have seen her with the kids, she has been loving and affectionate, kind and gentle. I really like seeing that. The best thing of all is that she has not paraded her right  little ones out there, or her other kids for that matter. She has not exploited them and I really respect that.  


 Of course this is really the first time we have seen Nayda in a pleasant and light-hearted situation. When we first met her she was grilled by my dear friend Dr.Phil and rightfully so. But I was impressed with how she handled herself with Dr. Phil. She admitted to him and to the world that she did act irresponsibly and did not make the best choice.

Personally when I see a person who is not in denial and not blaming others and able to openly admit culpability,accepting full responsibility for their actions, it makes me think a lot more of them. It says  a lot about their character.


No matter what you think of Nadya, you have to admit that she looks great! After 8 kids, her body is slender and we toned and she looked remarkable- if not sexy. Jimmy even alluded to looking at her behind as he made a joke about it.

She is clearly not used to this positive attention and her discomfort shown through. But she was very well put together from her hair to the dress she chose to her hose and boots.. She was actually quite an inspiration to get back into the gym and start working out like she has been doing over the past few months.


She had inflection in her vocal tones, so she wasn’t boring or monotone. She was articulate and infected.  She wasn’t self centered but rather engaging.

 I particularly  liked how she made all the  men  she questioned on the other side of the wall, feel good about their answers they gave.

. Even when they were stuck, like bachelor number two, she was supportive, saying that he must be in his head. She made it OK. That means she was not into only herself, but sensitive about someone else.

There was a lightness about her as she genuinely laughed at herself—maybe a bit too much and definitely a bit too loudly. Just as Nadya  no doubt tells her 14 kids to use their “inside voice” when they are indoors, she needed to do the same and not use her  her “outside voice”





When she first entered the stage, there was no question she was nervous as she was practically shaking. However,  she quickly recovered. Although her quick recovery  is a great sign for anyone who wants to be on TV, she needs to make sure it never happens again. That is why she could use some formal on camera training. There are various techniques that can help you- de- nerve in an instant that she needs to learn. I even wrote a book about it once called ‘ Talk to Win”  that could really help her, just by learning some of those techniques to help her. 

Unfortunately, that nervous energy came out vocally in her raucous laughter. Tha is why she laughed so inappropriately and recovered from her laugh so quickly. When a person is genuinely laughing, there is a transition in their recovery time where you see them still smiling. That was n the case with Nadya as she went from over the top laughter to a serious facial expression. When you see that happen, you can rest assured that it is an indication of nerves.


The laugh was way over the top and way inappropriate and if she has plans to move forward with the show, she  defiantly needs to work on this. It was shocking  to the ears  of those who had to listen to it. Over time, it not only became annoying, it became embarrassing as the jarring bursts of sound were  at inopportune moments. There are ways she can re-learn how to laugh more appropriately. She also  and learn how to redirect and  focus that nervous energy vocally.

I do hope the Game Show Network doesn’t overlook this because this can be just the thing to turn viewers of, not to mention turning off  men whom she wants to date.


I also liked that Nada had nothing to hide s she spoke of how unsocialized she has been over the past ten years. Unfortunately it shows and the laugh is a part of it. If she was around more adults, she would  have learn how to gauge her laughter and her loud verbal outbursts. She would have be conditioned by observing their reaction to her as to what is socially and unsocially acceptable in terms of volume and timing of her  laughter.

So getting this show may turn out to be a good thing for Nadya in terms of her being around more adults and learning how to react more appropriately around them.  She even admitted she was slightly agoraphopic. Hopefully getting out more and getting more positive support can help her appropriately  interact with others more.

 While the laugh was  a minus, her sweetness and a charm and pleasantness were plusses. I actually found myself smiling as I watched her and that is a good sign.


 When Bachelor Number three gave her a great answer to her question as to what he would do if she gained a lot of weight, saying that he would be OK with that because he wasn’t dating the body, she winked and gave him a thumbs up. I thought that should some spontaneity and good naturedness on her part.



AS the show continued, she got more comfortable and you could see her shine. She was very pleasant in my view.

Then it came time to meeting all three of  the bachelors. I liked how she took charge during this awkward moment.  She reached out and  her arms around Bachelor Number one


And Bachelor Number two, taking charge to avoid the initial awkward moment, and

Bachelor  Number 3, whom Nadya’s body language revealed she  really liked. Based on his initial body language and genuine heartfelt smile, he  liked her as well. But then he felt awkward when he realized it wa “Octomom” and literally stepped back a bit.  


 But then her  nerves got the best of her  and as a coping mechanism when she sensed him retreating a bit, she did some over the top nervous behaviors by  doubling over as you see above. His hand is now cupped in a fist like position indicating frustration and perhaps a bit of upset at having been set up with a woman with all those kids as well as  the fear of their association and the potential of unwillingly be  being pulled into limelight.



Then she held her stomach as though she was overcome with laughter , but it was really nerves and the awkwardness of feeling a bit rejected, especially  when her date  fellow said how he was in shock.He kept staring at her because he literally could not believe his yes- that he was standing in front of Octomom and was chosen by her as a date. Prior to that she was only a magazine article or a newsreport, but now there she was- up close and ersonal. Ita ll seeemed too much for him to process.


Overall,  I would say that Octomom,  Nadya Suleman’s quest for finding Mr. Right will make great TV. After that little skit, I actually found myself wanting  to see more. I wanted to see if they kissed, if they had a date, where they went and how they acted. That is a great sign.

I hope that she finds love! She deserves it and those babies  and her other kids could definitely use a nice and kind male role model in their lives. Even though I think that Bachelor Number 3 seemed like a really nice guy, I think it was a lot more than he could handle and it showed. No dount there will eventually, be someone out there for Nadya and her brood. Even a  squirrel eventually finds their nut ( no pun intended).  www.drlillianglass.com


4 thoughts on “Octomom Nadya Suleman Showed Some TV Promise, Despite Her Jarring LOUD Nervous Laugh on Jimmy Kimmel Parody Dating Show

  1. Dr. Glass, I am glad someone has finally said something nice about Nadya….for some unknown reason, it is OK for the Duggars to have 19 children, but not OK for her to have 14..our society is forever changing…and for the good…gay men are able to adopt, while many of these loving men take the disabled children, that most people don’t want…giving these children love and care….they are two men acting as one great mother! The same goes for lesbian women…my granddaughter thinks nothing about her sweet little friend in her classroom that has two mommies, she was a sick little Russian girl left in a bus depo to die from heart failure..until these wonderful women, who are both Mom and Mom, gave her a new chance in life..and medical care..She is 8, she does not see color or race or sex of two mommies…it is us adults, that show them something different…shame on us..Nadya has plenty of loving Nannies to help her…She is a beautiful woman…I am one of those that chose to send her money for her children…would love to hold and love, those little beauties.
    Good for you Dr. Glass, you are my hero for the day!


  2. Her laughing was quite odd and probably due to nervousness. Other than that she was very pretty and a good sport. If there are entitlement issues, they don’t stand out.


  3. I also thought NS did a fairly good job on the show. She seems a genuine person (odd, but genuine) and the high-pitched laugh was the only thing that threw me. She, unlike the disgusting Kate Gosselin, seems to connect with others, has some interest outside herself and might be able to make it as a celebrity with no particular talent. We know lots and lots of those in Hollywood.

    While I find both Gosselin and NS’s situations to be bizarre and know they truly brought everything on themselves, Nadya comes across as someone you could sit down and talk to and laugh with. She has the human quality that Kate Gosselin lacks. I would rather poke out my eyes with scissors than to sit down with Kate Gosselin (and my eardrums), but these two should never, as you said one time I believe, be put into the same basket.


  4. I will only discuss her behavior on Kimmel’s show.

    You are right that her donkey braying laughter is very annoying and can hold her back. However, that is the least of Nadya’s problems.

    Simply put, her dress and behavior are inappropriate.

    Her dress is too tight and does not fit right and makes her look cheap rather than sexy. Somebody should teach her how to dress.

    Her laughter is obviously annoying, but it is done way too much and at the wrong times. She sounds mentally ill.

    She doesn’t even have basic control over her mannerisms and fidgeting and again comes as more crazy than emotional.

    She is obviously unhappy with the date she picked and it is quite noticeable. This makes her look mean spirited and too good for her date. This is very poor behavior on a game show.

    To sum it all up, Nadya has many inappropriate and annoying habits and mannerisms that do NOT bode well for her to be on TV shows, even game shows. And I doubt that she has the ability to correct them.

    To each his/her own opinion.


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