Misty Croslin’s Dramatic Body Language Transformation From Scared Little Girl to Tough Girl Arrogance

In a matter of days Misty Croslin has transformed from the crying frightened little girl who tells her momma in a jailhouse phone call,” I want out of here” to a tough jail chick who now brazenly tells her momma in a defiant tone “ I’m not afraid,” adding that she doesn’t care if they give her twenty years. brazenly stating, as she defiantly moves her head back and forth to the right and left, “If they give me 20 years it’ll be OK”. You guys’ll come see me and then I I’ll get out. “

This is the same person who had math issues with figuring out ten percent of 100,000 dollars. It is clear that her math skills are in question once again along with her being in denial. She obviously has no clue what 20 years means as indicated by her flippant tone as she makes this statement.
Let’s see how OK it is once she begins serving her sentence. Her hostile cheeky attitude definitely won’t wash with prison officials, that is for sure. She will no doubt be punished a lot unless she has an attitude adjustment.


She reassures her mother and herself that she is not scared as she repeats this several times while shaking her head” no.” This indicates that she is indeed scared.

But her mother is not in denial. Her mother is scared and her vocal tone shows it. She knows what 20 years mean as she whines “ You;ll be old and gray like me when you get out.”

Misty replies “I don’t care” as she says this you hear a puff of air indicating her fear and frustration along with her shaky and whiny tone. She then says while shaking her head no and trying to convince herself that what she is saying is true” They are not going to put me away for something I didn’t do.”


Now here is where we see a very interesting body language “ tell.” She shakes her head YES as she said this! “And I didn’t have anything to do with Haleigh. (shakes her head yes) and if I knew who did )shakes her head Yes again) , then I would tell them. Then you see her raising her eyebrows as you hear the pitch of her voice suddenly drop as she defiantly and angrily continues. “They need to leave me alone about that.” When people raise their eyebrows ans show anger as Misty has done here, it is a nervous gesture. Clearly it indicates that Misty is nervous about the Haleigh situation and knows a lot more than she has told.

Also why is she bringing up Haleigh when the topic of conversation had nothing to do with Haleigh. It is obviously because he shad Hailey on her mind and it is weighing on her.

Her breathing pattern changes as does her phrasing as she convinces herself (while shaking her head yes the whole time)” why I am her has nothing to do with Haleigh.” You see the anger and defiance on her face as well.

Then she says” leave me (expletive) alone” as she rapidly blinks her eyes. This is a HUGE signal of deception. She knows that no one is going to leave her alone until she reveals what she knows about Haleigh.


You can also hear the crying vocal whine in Lisa’s tone when Lisa tells Misty how bad Misty’s father feels because he feels responsible that Misty has some additional counts tacked on. This is news to Misty as she scrunches up her forehead indicting surprise at what her mother says and aks why. Her mother then explains it was because they were talking about the drugs.

Misty is quick to go into denial as she shakes her head no and assures her mother by saying “No, cuz I was already getting them, referring to the additional counts. By saying that they would have given her those two counts anyway, she is dismissing her dad’s role in helping to add to her sentence. It clearly indicates that she is in denial.

Then she says, in a fearful shaky tone as it begins to sink in” It doesn’t matter. She then speaks in fragmented sentences and says how she “didn’t sell the whole time” and how she is “being charged with everybody” Once again you hear Lisa’s enabling as she agrees with Misty telling her, “ I know. You are telling the truth. Why they keep putting charges on you?”

Misty shows relief as he mother shows she is on her side and lets out a sigh of relief and smugly leans back as she says, Exactly” to which her mom responds “That’s not right.”

She then gets into the bargaining aspect of her grief phase trying to convince her self and her mother that she will have some of the counts dropped because she can’t serve time for something she didn’t do.


Maybe it’s her new plaited hairdo that one of the other inmates upstairs gave her that has given Misty a little more self –confidence as she shows off her new “do” to her mom by showing her profile.

Her mom then tells her how she had her hair like that. Misty doesn’t react but tells how the nice girl upstairs who fixed her hair had to do it between the bars. So, Misty has made a little fiend in jail and nobody is “messing with her” so she feels a lot more secure as evidenced by her more secure vocal tone.

Misty who is devoid of any facial expression and speaks in a dul monotone, finally shows some facial movement in the form of a facial contortion indicating disgust at mom Lisa even saying such a thing as Lisa tells her not to cut her hair. She reassures her mom that she isn’t about to cut her hair.


Then out of the blue she looks directly into the camera and says “They can all put this on TV and kiss my ass,” showing her newfound bravado and toughness.

But in reality all of this hostile talk is no doubt fear based and grieving based. It appears to me that her sudden behavior change in jail signifies her anger phase which she lets out by telling everyone to kiss her ass.

Lisa comforts her daughter by telling her that is how she feels too. This is the first example of what you hear throughout the video of Misty’s mother enabling her daughter and verbally bowing to her. In essence it is Lisa who is “kissing her ass.” There is no doubt who runs the relationship between the two. It is MISTY!


In thinking about Haleigh, I cannot help wondering whether the little girl was sexually molested.According to the media reports Haileigh was a bed wetter. This causes me to ask whether or not she was sexually molested. Oftentimes bedwetting, especially in older children around five may possibly be indication that they may have been sexually molested.

Why was Misty washing Haleigh’s sheets so late at night as she claimed? What was on those sheets? Was it only urine? Was there something else on those sheets? Was Haleighy sexually molested on those sheets and if so, by whom? Was Misty washing away the evidence? Did someone take Haleigh out of those sheets and do they have her now? Are they sexually molesting her now? What does Misty know about this,if this is the case?

Is Ron being so sure Haleigh is still alive and not even questioning that she is possibly dead and telling the reporter that he would murder the person who took Haleigh indication that he knows more ? Are his over the top theatrics with tearless sobs and throwing himself on the ground in front of the cameras and his over the top politeness on TV shows on which he has appeared indication that he knows a lot more than he is revealing? Does he know for sure that someone actually took Haleigh?

Also why did he marry Misty so quickly after Haleigh disappeared and why aren’t they married now? Did he think that if they married people wouldn’t look askance at him for being involved with an underage girl who was 17 at the time. Did he marry her so quickly because he thought that husband and wife cannot testify against one another? Why isn’t he married to her any longer?


Months ago the letter written by Nay Nay, Misty’s friend when she was in jail referred to Haileigh getting into the drugs at a party and OD’ing on them. Is this the case? Did this really happen? Was Misty Croslin at that party? Does Misty know what happened? Did she know that Haleigh died and that her body may have been disposed of?

Whatever the case, based on the jailhouse tapes in looking at Misty’s body language it seems to me that  she knows a lot more than she is revealing! www.drlillianglass.com


7 thoughts on “Misty Croslin’s Dramatic Body Language Transformation From Scared Little Girl to Tough Girl Arrogance

  1. I think that, like KC Anthony, Misty will adapt and flourish in jail. Her life on the outside was probably no bed of roses and once she takes on the tough girl persona and makes a couple of tough girl friends, I think she’ll be okay.

    Also think she knows exactly what happened to Hayleigh and it puzzles me that she has kept whatever it is to herself for a year…or has she? Will someone finally step forward who heard Misty confess the truth?

    My personal feeling is that Hayleigh was taken because of a drug debt or was GIVEN to someone to repay a debt. In any case, Misty knows what happened.

    Dr. Glass, do you think that Misty’s mother is trying to get closer to Misty and get the truth out of her about Hayleigh or is she just enabling (like she has probably always done) Misty’s behavior?


  2. I am so glad you reviewed this particular video. I learned several body-language pointers from you, today. Thank you. I agree with everything you said.


  3. I too believe Misty knows exactly what happened to HaLeigh. I just don’t know if Ronald is playing along trying to act like the father of the year! Was HaLeigh taken to repay a drug debt? Did HaLeigh get into some pills and OD? Someone knows…Misty’s brothers claims of her not being in the MH the night before HaLeigh vanishes leaves me thinking, she may have left those children alone. I can’t believe the arrogance or is it ignorance they think they were arrested with all these drug charges because of HaLeigh? Do they not know their drug sales were all caught on tape? Not once, twice but 7 times..so far.
    I do hope someone can make Misty crack. She seems like she can’t see far into the future. She feels 20 years isn’t all that much time. She’ll be 38! Good Lord, I can’t tell if it’s truly arrogance or ignorance or possibly both..All I know is HaLeigh needs to be found and brought home, one way or the other…

    I truly hope HaLeigh was not being sexually abused and if she is, by whom??? Not Ronald, right??? He’s a predator, he’s got a thing for young ladies but I hope not as young as HaLeigh…or his own flesh and blood..but could be her Turners Syndrome has something to do with the bedwetting or could be she wasn’t being loved by Misty, as much as Misty professes her love for that child, IMO, her actions do not reflect LOVE…

    Again, Dr. Glass your assessment is totally right on the mark. I only hope someone can get Misty to tell where HaLeigh is, who has her and the rest can be filled in.


  4. My feeling is, Misty is very scared of Ronald. Could also be something happened before Ronald went to work and Misty was left to cover up the deed. This may be an uneducated child but she is street savvy, she knows her way around. She knows, since there is no body (yet) it would be hard for the police to get a murder warrant w/o evidence to back it up. The crime scene (MH) was checked, evidence taken and cleared. What’s piqued my interest was Ronald moving from the home HaLeigh knew as home. That in itself is a clue, to me…something may have happened to HaLeigh in that MH..why is Misty washing sheets and blankets when that child was to be sleeping? Something is wrong and the police need to apply pressure, on one of them or both of them. Ronald is no virgin to law enforcement. His entire rap sheet consists of drugs, guns and violence. He’s got anger management issues and wonder if his rage has something to do with HaLeigh….I wish for a safe return of this child but as the year has come and gone, I don’t feel she will ever be found..


  5. I think Misty really tried to tell everyone in the beginning.Who she thought it could be.No one listened. Its the reason she called Tommys home when she found Haliegh missing.Good old cousiin Joe-Known SO,molested Misty when young,as Tommy did. Joe, or Tommy took Ronalds gun.Joe,an Ronald did not like each other.Van was driven,new scratch,same night Haliegh went missing.An man did Joe really take off. Many may be surprised if the perp is ever revealed,or found. I think Misty was out from drugs being in her system for 3 days.Latargic,slept deep,an remember what she remembers.No one decent took her under their wing,to get her rehab help.But Lindsy says it 8,ooo or more,so no wonder no one got help there.Oh but the state just happens to be going to do this for the failed drug test,refusal of drug test.Long thim user mother Crystal, rewarded with with Ronjr,when courts knew her story,an now has her failing.WoW She loves Ronjr so much,she couldnt give her drugs up-no she wasnt set up by UC.Why?the rest were,Donna Brock dr shopped got these pills,an now says well i gave them to Misty so its her fault.40 Or over,can read,pill bottle reads do not share,or give out pain medication(against the law) Im sure she was gleaning some gain,Off Mistys dealing those drugs.Any one checked ,or asked DEA, how many Drs Donna has,from FLA,to her home in NC. I agree Mistys angry,hey what would you think,if she really does not know-who will believe her? scared,doupt its because she hurt Haliegh.Other than being a strung out drug girl. If wrong ill be the first to admit it!! Everyone knows why this first time offender is being treated different.With a high bond like this.Cause they couldnt solve this case ,in a yrs time,an Mistys taking the whole flack.As for Prison time.(((I saw a 3 time offender drug seller only get 2 yrs,on plea. a sex o,,murder under 100,000 bond !! one child killer only got 30 yrs Grrr ))) She has admitted she sold..PTI program,an rehab,counseling should be her time.Raised to the lifestyle she knows.Carless ,strung out ,yes.But no killer.An if the brain fog,from drugs,causes her to not remember,or has blanked some trama stress situation out.Help her,dont beat her down.Ron didnt harm,or diddle with his child,because his avalible girl friend were young-Mother knew these girls were with him.So who was in control of that situation-Mom,an Dads. CS was 14,well Ron was around 16,or 17 but M.Griffs didnt get her girl,oh yes she called,an her 14 yr old wouldnt return calls,so it was whos fault? LE can pick a minor up,an put her some where,or bring her home. These parents ,of these girl-didnt care,involed with their own crap. Bed wetting is common,small bladders, inheareted,as well as to many caffine drinks,drinking to late in evening before bed. She looks in photos,as happy,full of joy clean,an just a child with an illness . I have been on strong medication Oxycodone for 5yrs .Due to major health issues.I love my children,take care of them.Of course im 52,not 17-18 or 26.An have not been taught growing up,this was ok in home-but i will say This meds will make one sleep so deep,untill a bomb going off outside wouldnt wake them,an it does cause forgetfulness(brain fog) as medical dr says.I dont see any of the small ones,or the genaration before being raise right in 3 families how many more.? Dept Children S,walk in,an walk out-oh yes overstaffed right!!! if a child dies. Also im sorry Haliegh going missing has exposed,many flaws in what LE has been doing to keep the town clean-why we have ,an read of those who stayed around Haliegh bug foundation ,an drugs running freely-when first opened. I FORGOT A FAMILY RUN MONEY MAKEING BUISNESS right,An how did it help Haliegh?She may have been taken through woods,(sure is dark round there) around to CSX RR tracks ,where some one parked an poof Halieghs gone,another county,another state.Could be in a under ground bunker-its happened with young girls before-Why wont Putnum search wood again,now that colds got brush folage,an snakes down-As with Caylee-Haliegh may have been over looked,or missed spot. Who ever the preditor, i Pray Haliegh is found,My memories are, Pic of her an dad, going to bus stop,pony tail swinging,all in pink.An dad taking fish off hook,Halieghs like im not gona do that,dont hurt fishy.May she be found alive an safe,but if not at least found for closure,an burial.I love your reports,Dr Glass. You are an expert.But i have helped many get off drugs,an on the right track,seen what they do,how they live-makes me sorta an expert.lol


  6. Great insight! Thank you so much for your feedback. That is a great idea for them to check the wooded area as you say. It sounds like you are doing some great things for people. Keep up the good work and God Bless You. WArmly, Dr. Lillian Glass


  7. Why are Ron and Misty lying about who got HaLeigh off the bus? Some say Misty, actualy witness’ and only Ron says he got HaLeigh off the bus- who lies about the last time they see their missing child, other than Casey Anthony?

    Misty is scared of Ronald, not because of what he will do with her if he finds out the truth- he knows the truth and has prob threatened Misty that even if she tells the truth he will have her killed, even in jail, cause he has “connections”

    Are you also aware Ron went 5 months without calling the LE about HaLEigh, he admitted this, what father would go 5 months without calling the LE for updates about their daughter? Someone who already knows her fate, in my opinion.


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