Sickening Apathetic Body Language of Three Seattle Security Guards Who Stand By and DO NOTHING As Teen is Beaten and Her Bag Is Stolen

Perhaps the most egregious display of apathetic body language is seen in this photo above. You can see three Seattle security guards in a subway station looking on in apathy, shuffling along, as a teenage girl is brutally beaten.

The teen is kicked several times and is even kicked in the head. The repulsive security guard stands right in front of this horrible attack and does absolutely NOTHING to break it up.

Who cares if they are just contract guards who can only observe and report problems. Where is the humanity? Where is the human decency to come to the aid of one’s fellow man when they witness someone being brutally attacked?

To make matters worse ,a brazen thief goes into the street and takes the girl’s bag. The security guards don’t pay any attention to him as their backs are turned.

At first the thief attempts to take off. But then the brazen thief, has the audacity to not leave the scene of his crime, but to stand there and look on as the girls fight.

. After standing there with the victim’s bag in his hands for around five seconds, he then nonchalantly walks away.

To me this is beyond disturbing! I hope the thief is caught and locked up along with the three security cowards. It is simply not enough to fire them and put a black mark on their records.

I think they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for being an accessory to this crime. Their lack of action no doubt caused more damage to the fifteen year old girl who was attacked. What if she was killed? Their lack of action and protection could have contributed to this.

There is nothing that sickens me more than TOXIC PEOPLE TM like these worthless security guards. I don’t care what the rule books say. When someone is being harmed, for God’s sake- help them! These security guards would certainly welcome the help if they were the ones being attacked and brutalized.


4 thoughts on “Sickening Apathetic Body Language of Three Seattle Security Guards Who Stand By and DO NOTHING As Teen is Beaten and Her Bag Is Stolen

  1. While I appreciate what you are saying, I will not accept inhumanity because people are not getting paid enough. Saving someone’s life has nothing to do with getting paid or not. It is the right thing to do. When another person is in trouble you HELP them- especially of you are a security guard.


  2. Well, as for these useless security guard, besides missing the human decency gene, were clearly totally negligent in fulfilling their job description– of being caring human beings, IMO. “to observe and report” only while watching 3 or 4 teenagers kick this girl in her head etc is just wrong. They apathetically stood there just using their radios to call 911. I find this behavior scary and shameful. I can not understand how someone could watch that happening and not scream out or intervene in some way–that’s what human beings are supposed to do for each other. I am glad to hear that Seattle is going to change their policy of do nothing.


  3. Who doesn’t have an auto/knee-jerk response to a fellow human on the receiving end of violence? It’s no wonder violent crimes never end, especially today. We are supposed to be civilized. Those 3 security guards are probably incapable of spelling “Security. IMO


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