Lindsay Lohan’s Body Language With Arms Stretched Out In Crucifix-Like Position Depicting Jesus Christ For Fashion Magazine Is Very Poor Taste

Lindsay Lohan just did a photo for the cover of a French fashion magazine for their summer issue where she wears a crown of thorns, draped in a white plunging robe, and has her arms are stretched out in a crucifix-like position, obviously depicting Jesus Christ.

While you can argue that the shot taken was not of her doing, but by that of Gucci photographer Terry Richardson, she definitely had choices. She had the choice to do or to not do the shoot. This was definitely a very bad choice in my opinion. It shows distorted thinking in my view.

It showed the same distorted thinking and bad taste when another controversial celebrity Kanye West ( the same Kanye who destroyed Taylor Swift’s award winning moment)  attempted to bring attention to himself and his album by dressing up as Jesus Christ with crown of thorns and fake blood on his face for the cover of Rolling Stone. That was also a poor choice.

I think that any celebrity,( unless they are playing the tole of a religious figure in a film)  who has to resort to dressing up as a religious figure to advertise  a product is  either ill advised by their handlers or is so desperate for attention that they  will do anything to draw that attention to themselves, even of that attention is extremely negative.

While I have sympathy for Lindsay due to her Toxic father Michael and his antics, who by the way also sought to dress up as a Biblical figure several years ago by dressing up as Joseph in a nativity scene (complete with black gloves and a red turtleneck under his robe) I have no sympathy for anyone who disrespects any religion.

I strongly  believe that Lindsay’s attempt to depict Jesus Christ in a fashion shoot is extremely disrespectful.

With all of the bad press Lindsay has received over these past few years about her alleged  drug use and alleged  relationship fighting, she certainly did not need to draw even more bad press towards her as an attention getting device through this photo.

In my view, Lindsay needs to use all of her energy and focus on her once illustrious career as an actress. I thought Lindsay was one of the most promising actresses with natural talent.  I think that she needs to go back to what she does best- act and leave all of this nonsense and controversy behind her.

There is no doubt in my view. that a lot of her alleged  inner turmoil may no doubt. come from her dad issues. We have all seen him up close and personal. We have even heard the personal tapes where he revealed intimate conversations with his daughter. He always appears to be embroiled in some controversy involving the law.

I think that if Lindsay sorted out her dad  issues of which I can imagine are voluminous,  she would have a less turmoil in her life. I think she needs to put her high drama into her acting instead of into her personal life in my view. We would all benefit from that!


2 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan’s Body Language With Arms Stretched Out In Crucifix-Like Position Depicting Jesus Christ For Fashion Magazine Is Very Poor Taste

  1. Thank you Dr Lillian , oh okay I guess posing as Marilyn Monroe did not get her enough attention , so normally the fading starlets” pose ” as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelley and then Jackie O did they ever think that being themselves would be the thing to do . I find her offensive on a good day she seems stuck on herself as a celebrity , and this is really offensive to me , it will not help her or her fading career in the long run , probably get a little press in the beginning , shape up Lindsay or ship out , you have so much going for you and you are wasting it all ! to balance my remarks I would like to say I do not think her parents have been a good influence on her at all .


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