Dr. Conrad Murray’s Body Language at Michael Jackson’s Tomb Shows Frustration, Anxiety, Shame, and Anger


In looking at Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray’s body language as he visited Michael Jackson’s tomb the other day, my first thought was why didn’t he do this before? Why now, at the time he is going to jail? Why didn’t he visit Michael’s tomb earlier?

The answer is simple in my opinion. It seems like a PR ploy to show that Murray is not such a bad guy and has feelings and remorse about what he allegedly did to Michael. But where were those feelings of remorse when he released his video shortly after Michael was dead. He certainly did not show any remorse back then.

In fact I reported just how little remorse he had when I did a piece for Entertainment Tonight and showed how Murray showed no signs of contrition or sorrow and was just concerned about himself. I specifically remarked how he did not even bother apologize to Michael’s family.


This photo shows Dr. Murray with hands cupped as he walks down the steps where Michael ‘s body rests. The cupped hand gesture often signifies anger and frustration. Dr. Murray is no doubt  angry and frustrated that he is in the situation he is in having to go to jail for allegedly killing Michael.


When Dr. Murray is ready to sit down you still see the cupped hand on the left which indicates frustration  and defensiveness. There is a  great deal of  tension his face as he no doubts anticipates his bleak future.


Here you can see Dr. Murray’s ambivalence as he is seated on the ledge. He really doesn’t want to be there and his feet reflect it. One one level, he sits quietly with left his foot firmly planted on the ground. He looks down with  raised shoulder indicting fear and and anxiety. On the other hand as you can see by his his foot is pointing on the opposite direction and his toe elevated that   he wants to leave. The cupped hand resting on his knee also indicates his frustration while his other hand, with his fingers splayed and  resting on his thigh indicate a self comforting or self soothing behavior.


His raises shoulder reflects his tension  and his frustration, anxiety, and shame at what happened to Michael . His facial tension also reflects his fear and anxiety.


His ambivalent feet pointing in the opposite direction and cupped hand indicate anxiety and fear and anger- anger at his being in the predicament he is in.


Murray is wringing his hands in this photo which clearly speaks to his nervousness and anxiety.


Here you can see reality beginning to set in as Murray  physically sees where Michael is housed due to his alleged negligence.


The tension in Dr. Murray’s face, sad eyes, and his furrowed forehead is indication of the reality and the finality of seeing his former  patient entombed in a mausoleum due to his alleged negligence.His widened  eyes also indicate that fear is setting in.

Visiting Michael’s tomb definitely had a profound affect on Dr. Murray as we can see in all of these photos.

Perhaps now, he will take responsibility for his actions and his role in Michael’s death and not issue a string of denials as he has done in the past.

More important, perhaps he will now be able to issue a personal apology and personal  condolences to  Micheal’s family, something he has not done prior to his visit. www.drlillianglass.com


2 thoughts on “Dr. Conrad Murray’s Body Language at Michael Jackson’s Tomb Shows Frustration, Anxiety, Shame, and Anger

  1. Conrad Murray was so anxious and nervous because he knew the Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California were over at Holly Terrace, grieving the loss of Michael. He had every reason to be so tense…. luckily, we were there to prevent him from getting his photo-op in front of Holly Terrace, and collecting the $1 million from a U.K. Tabloid for doing so!

    http://lisaburks.typepad.com/gravehunting/2010/02/conradmurrayflg.html (Breakdown courtesy of Lisa Burks)


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