Brad and Angelina’s Body Language At Superbowl Show Much Love and Affection Towards One Another


Several weeks ago there were questions swirling through the media as to whether or not Brad and Angelina were breaking up. For months it has been reported  by various news outlets, and not just the tabloids, that their relationship was under a strain.

As many photos as there were of them being affectionate in Cannes and in other venues, there were equally as many photos and videos of them showing a strain in their relationship. There were apparently eyewitness reports that they were in conflict as well.

 In my previous blog, I reported that I hoped this was not the case as personally, I adore these two as a couple. They are like- minded in that they do such good for the world. They havea beautiful family and have so much going for them both as a couple and individually.

 So when  these photos of them together surfaced at the Superbowl, I was thrilled to see the love and affection displayed and their attentiveness towards one another. You can actually feel the love between them as they gaze into one another’s eyes in the first photo.  They are in sync and very much connected. Angelina loving grabs on to Brad’s hand and returns the loving gaze into his eyes.

In the second photo she lovingly touches his arm and smiles brightly while he adoringly  kisses her hair. It makes you smile.  This couple is an inspiration and it was great to see their PDA’s. They obviously got over any rough spots and definitely and finally  put to rest any rumors of a break up. This is great news!


4 thoughts on “Brad and Angelina’s Body Language At Superbowl Show Much Love and Affection Towards One Another

  1. I usually agree with your assessments Dr. Glass, but I have to disagree here. Looking at the series of the pictures with the couple, I think these two shown were the best “media friendly” ones…the rest of them look like a very uncomfortable interaction. I was particularly interested in the ones with Maddox, who seemed very happy in one-on-one pics with Brad before Angelina stopped by, but in the rest of the them he looks miserable. This was once a kid who didn’t seemed phased by the media and was always smiling, but now his body language and facial expressions, at least to me, signify a kid who is uncomfortable and unhappy. As the oldest of the six kids, he would be the most in-tune with anything going on in the relationship/in the household…and I think it shows. If you get the opportunity I would appreciate your insight on the pics with both parents & Maddox, especially the ones after the game. Thank you!


    1. I disagree with Carrie…she is a hater. She wants to see what she believes but it’s not there. All I see is a loving family and it’s TOTALLY ABSURD what Carrie said about Maddox. Carrie, u shouls stop the BS and wishing this family ill-will. Brad is not going back to Jen…regardless.


  2. I agree — theses two look uncomfortable in some of the pictures and Maddox appears to be uncomfortable in the photos. Review the one where they are kissing — Brad looks pretty disengaged (eyes open, stiff back).


  3. All I can say is how do we really know what their body language is saying when they are both very good actors. Let’s face it… it’s unusual for a couple who have basically lived together for five years to be so outwardly affection in public. Was it all for the camera? Only time will tell!


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