Misty Croslin Dad’s Body Language Shows He Loves Misty, Is Devastated, And Warned Misty to Stay Away From That Stupid S***And From Ronald Cummings

Misty Croslin’s father Hank Thomas Croslin Sr., 41 clearly has troubles of his own. Last Thanksgiving he was arrested and put in jail, charged with withholding information from a doctor and fraudulently obtaining prescription drugs. He is due in court in February so his future may be as bleak as his daughter’s.  Soon, he too may be behind bars if he is found guilty.

Investigators said Hank Croslin obtained about 300 Oxycodone and Hydrocodone pills from three different physicians between April and May 2009 and none of the doctors knew about the other prescriptions.

Since Hank knew the drill in terms of what to expect behind bars, he openly shared  his fatherly advice when he visited daughter Misty in jail .

Misty was recently arrested for trafficking prescription drugs. During the emotional jailhouse visit, Hank gave Misty some sound advice about what to do and not do in jail.

Hank  Clearly Loves Daughter Misty

Despite Hank’s obvious issues, there is no doubt after watching the video visit with Misty, that he truly loves his daughter.

What Misty is accused of doing is egregious, not to mention that she was the last person to see Haleigh and not coming clean about what happened to that precious child. However, after watching the jailhouse tapes of her father, you could really feel his pain and see his anguish in dealing with  the fact that his beloved daughter is behind bars.

He said “I love you” to her  over a dozen times during the call and used terms of endearment even calling her his beautiful baby girl, ”  He indicated that he has deep affection for his daughter. You could hear the love he has towards her in his voice and it was consistently gentle and kind.

“I Told You So”

He also used a bit of tough love  during the video visit.  He said “ I  told you to stay away from that shit.”  No doubt he may have been referring to his daughter’s drug usage  or drug dealing when he used the term “stupid shit.”.

Then he says to her “You never should have been with Ronald in the first place. Tried to act all grown up.”

He did not minimize her actions either He gave her a reality check. He said that she knew better and made a big mistake. He also warned her that they are going to blame it all on her and say that she got Ronald into this “shit,”

You could hear the heavy breathing and the sighs of exasperation as he spoke throughout the video. At the end he was so devastated talking to his daughter behind bars, that he broke down and began to cry.

Hank Taking Responsibility for His Role ,Truthfully Admitting He Doesn’t Know What To Do, and Knowing Deep Down, He’s Lost His Kids

The one thing that impressed me while watching the video visit was that Hank manned up and admitted his role in  Misty and her brother’s predicament.

He said  “I wish  I would done better keeping you guys out of this shit.” He even says how he wishes he never “ brung you here.”

Hank was also truthful when he said “ I  don’t  know how to help either one of you. I don’t know what to do, I don’t have a clue. ”

He also realized the consequences of his actions as he repeatedly says “I worry about you and your brother. I can’t lose either one of you.”

You can her the anguish in Hank’s voice as he says “ It’s hard for me to have you both locked up.”

The truth of the matter is that Hank knows that he has lost them both and that is why you hear him sigh and breathe so heavily as a signal of distress, throughout the video visit.

Fatherly Concern and Fatherly Advice

Hank showed fatherly concern by as he asked her if she was taking showers and what she was eating. He also told her to exercise so she would get tired. He even asks her where her jail cell is located ( at the end) and asks if anyone is hollering things at her.

He doesn’t candy coat things. He tells her the truth that her can promise her that they are not  going to be easy on her. He tells her to not trust anyone and to only talk to her lawyer.

Towards the end of his video visit, he tells her to sit up,  so that he can see her. That is when he begins to cry.

Hank Warns Misty Not to Lie About Haleigh

In the video, He tells Misty that she must not lie with regard to Hailey and that all of this must Hailey stuff must stop

He says to her ” The Haleigh case is a whole different ballgame. I didn’t understand why you didn’t come forward before.”

He tells her to tell the truth and don’t talk unless she is with her lawyer. Hank says to Misty “  You don’t be lying about nothing, It will bury you deeper.”

Hank Says He’ll Always Be There for Misty

There is no doubt that Hank wants to do right by his daughter and visit her as much as he can. But he is in a predicament as well. He will soon be minus a place to live because Lindsey, his son’s wife is moving out. He doesn’t have a job and realizes that if he doesn’t get a job soon,  he will be in a worse situation than he is in  already. He doesn’t even have a car “ wheels” to get around. He also has his own court date coming up later this month. His wife also has legal troubles of her own as she was in jail for forgery six months earlier.

Even though Hank’s life is a complete mess, he is sincere when he tells Misty “ I will always be there to support you.  I don’t know what will happen I don’t know what we will do either. I will always be there as much as I can.”

No matter how much Hank loves his daughter, will have  to deal with the sad  fact that he may have lost his daughter for good. He will never be able to tell Misty that he loves her to her face or kiss her or give her a warm fatherly hug because most likely she will never get out of prison.

On a subconscious level, even Misty is aware of this. In her jailhouse visit with her mom Lisa, she  leaked out “ It sucks man I hope I don’t have to be here forever.” This leakage of information reveals that deep down, Misty knows that she may very well be in prison forever.

Misty is Going Through Various Stages of the Grieving Process

Throughout her jailhouse tapes, you hear her going through various phases of the grieving process.

In her denial phase, she says she didn’t do anything wrong and plays the victim as to how they are keeping her in this little cell and not letting her do anything.

Then in her bargaining phases she tells her brother Bubba (Tim) “If I get out I’m not doing nothing anymore. I’m not smoking cigarettes. I’m not smoking weed. I’m gonna be good. If I go to prison I’m gonna be good and get my GED  and do what I have to do. When I get out I’m gonna do the right thing I’m gonna stay with my mom and dad and I’m not leaving them ever again.”

You hear her in the reality phase or the acceptance phase when she admits to her brother that she will be thirty something when she comes out of prison in 21 years.

There is no doubt that as Misty learns she will most likely never come out of prison, she will go through her anger phase and other phases until she finally accepts her fate. In the meantime, I hope she comes clean and tells what really happened to Haleigh. www.drlillianglass.com


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