Tammi Smith From Person of Interest to Person In and Out of Jail on Bail As She Verbally Trashes Tempe Police

Three weeks ago I did a blog about Tammi Smith. The headline read “ Tammi and Jack Smith (Persons of Interest) Body Language Show They Appear to Know More About Baby Gabriel and Show Major Signals of Deception “ In the blog I said that police should change their status from “People of Interest” to “People Who Should Be In the Next Cell Next to Elizabeth Johnson.”  Well it turns out, that is exactly what happened. Two days ago, Tammi Smith was arrested and went to jail.

When it happened, I said “it’s about time! Perhaps now we will find out what happened to baby Gabriel as this based on her body language and vocal tells in my view, she clearly knows a lot more than she is letting on verbally.

But Unfortunately Tammi was just released from jail and husband Jack got the $15,000 together to bail her out in the wee hours of the morning. On her way out Tammi had a few choice words for the Tempe Police Department.

She said “We are going to tear them apart, I’m not, my attorney is going to tear them apart” as she is accusing them of arresting her on trumped up charges. “

Tammi’s other words about Tempe police  were:

“They released a paper full of, full of things that I can’t even describe it. It was ridiculous. It’s basically like cutting and pasting little pieces of things together but forgetting this and this and this to prove my innocence. It was unbelievably ludicrous. And it’s OK, because we have all those pieces to fit back in there that creates all of our innocence,” Tammi Smith stated.

Then Tammi gets rather cheeky or snarky as she says

“Doesn’t mean those charges are going to stick. Doesn’t mean those charges are true. But nevertheless they were able to do that because they’re the guys with the guns,” said Smith.

That was NOT a very smart thing to do as Tammi will no doubt be back in her cozy jail cell sooner than she thinks when she discovers the charges against her will no doubt stick.

Why Was Tammi Arrested?

The Tempe, Arizona police  reported  that  Tammi Smith was charged with custodial interference, conspiracy to commit custodial interference and forgery. T

Custodial interference refers to the taking or keeping of a child from the custodial parent with the intent to interfere with that parent’s rightful physical custody.

So her claim that these are trumped up charges isn’t accurate in my view.  These charges make a lot of sense to me. That is exactly what Tammi Smith and her husband Jack Smith  tried to do when they tried to adopt  Baby Gabriel. Gabriel’s biological father, Logan McQueary, refused to give up his parental rights. He told police that the Smiths continuously pushed him to surrender the child but he refused, according to CBS affiliate in Tempe.

Why Isn’t Jack Smith in a Jail Cell?

I can’t understand why the police didn’t arrest Jack Smith as well. In my view, he needed to be in the locked up as well. Maybe they let him go free, so that he could bail Tammi out of jail and so they can follow him in hopes that both he and Tammi  will leak out some valuable information concerning precious Baby Gabriel.

Gabriel’s Daddy Logan McQueary’s Search and Being Trashed By Tammi

Upon hearing of the arrest,  Baby Gabriel’s daddy and custodial parent, Logan McQueary” it was a long time coming.” But unfortunately Tammi wasn’t in jail long enough.  

Poor Logan feels so helpless that he is taking things in his own hands and retracing Elizabeth’s steps in hopes to find Baby Gabriel by taking a road trip. I think it is a futile exercise. But it will help in his healing process because he has been proactive. He will always know in his heart that he tried to do something on his own to find his baby boy.

Upon her release from jail, Tammi not only verbally trashed the police, she had some choice words for Gabriel’s daddy, Logan.  As she was leaving jail, Smith lashed out at Logan McQueary, as she said she Smith believes McQueary helped police craft the charges against her.

Then she self-righteously makes the following statement “I don’t believe in my heart of hearts he ever cared about getting that baby. If he did, he had weeks to go get that baby but never once tried. Never once did he go to San Antonio and go to every hotel off of the interstate to say, ‘Hey, have you seen this woman or this baby,'” Smith said.

My response to Tammi is how dare you blame McQueary who was so distraught by his son’s disappearance and being told the boy was murdered by Elizabeth.

In defense fo Tammi’s accusations, Logan  said he would have left much sooner but detectives asked him to stay in town to help with the investigation.

It was not up to Logan to search for the boy. It was the call of the investigators. For Tammi to say this about Logan speaks volumes as to her character and who she really is as aperson.

Tammi Needed to Be In Jail Longer

Tammi was released from jail so soon in my view. Perhaps visits from husband Jack could have been videotaped this time without her knowledge of course. Perhaps she would have been tripped up and we would have learned the whereabouts of Baby Gabriel.

Tammi will never admit what she no doubt knows about the baby- whether he is dead or alive. Unless she is tripped up by someone- Jack or law enforcement where there is some super clever investigator and interrogator working her. She  will not freely  tell all she knows, That is for certain.

How I wish I could be in the room with her or in an adjoining room where I can watch her interrogation and have the investigator wear an earpiece where I can feed him questions to ask her. After I observe a “tell” of deception or another type of “tell”, I would help direct the questioning so that she could be tripped up.

If the baby is alive, for all we know she may have set everything up and the baby may possibly be with one of her relatives. Perhaps the boy is in Tennessee as we know she has family there. Look what this mastermind did in trying to involve her own first cousin Craig Cherry in saying that he was the father, when he never met mother Elizabeth Johnson.

Who Was This Mystery “Grandmother?” Was It Tammi?

The babysitter who watched Baby Gabriel while Elizabeth left for several hours, spoke of a verbal fight she overheard between Elizabeth and a female over the phone, whom Elizabeth later revealed was her “grandmother.” When questioned, Elizabeth’s real  grandmother said she never spoke to Elizabeth during that period of time

Perhaps this “grandmother” was none other than Tammi Smith.

Why was there a fight between the two over the phone? Why did the babysitter hear yelling? Why did Elizabeth say (according to the babysitter) “Do you want me to go back?” What does that mean? Where did the person on the other end of the line who may have possiby been Tammy , want Elizaabeth to go back to?  This can open up a new direction to explore in locating this precious baby boy.

Why Wasn’t Elizabeth and Tami’s Interview Videotaped or Audiotaped by Arizona Jail Authorities ?

I am still stunned by the fact that her jailhouse interview with Elizabeth was not videotaped. I hope that is not the case because if it is, it was a very wrong move on the part of Arizona law enforcement . Either someone in the system dropped the ball or someone in the system is not that bright. If it was taped, we would definitely know what happened to baby Gabriel by now.

She’ll be baaaack!

Even though Tammi has shot off her big mouth making threats to the police, I have no doubt that she will be put back into jail sooner than later. It seems reasonable that she would be arrested for custodial interference and that charge will no doubt stick, so she will be serving time after a trial.

As someone who does jury consulting, I can assure you that no jury will be sympathetic to this brash overly confident masterminding threatening big mouth.  www.drlillianglass.com/”>www.drlillianglass.com  


4 thoughts on “Tammi Smith From Person of Interest to Person In and Out of Jail on Bail As She Verbally Trashes Tempe Police

  1. Dr. Glass, what do you think are the motives of these Smith people? Do you think they benefited or sought to benefit from brokering a baby deal somehow between the mom and a buyer? If their only connection was that they wanted to adopt Gabriel and Gabriel’s father just wouldn’t sign over his parental rights, do they hope that maybe things will cool off and they will be able to get hold of the baby somehow? Or is their motive more nefarious? She is unreadable because of her pomposity and grandiosity. She reminds me a bit of Cindy Anthony.


  2. Dr Glass , thank you for this analysis , I think smug bully sums this smith woman up nicely , I am sure she knows more than she is telling , is is possible for you to help the police as you suggested , I am agree it might help Logan to look for the baby , and nobody should take any gruff from that woman Smith , the husband may talk , but she does remind me of cindy anthony so I am wondering is this husband is as well heeled as george anthony , that beautiful baby boy has a hold of my heart and I am praying that he can be found O.K.


  3. My prayer is that Jay J. Armes will be able to find little Gabriel. He, and three other investigators are still looking for him. I think part of them are in Mexico. I refuse to give up hope. I just can’t until it is definate one way or the other.

    Tammi Smith is as EVIL as the so=called mother….


  4. When tami smith said on Nancy Grace that she had forgotten about using her cousin’s name as the father of little Gabriel, I knew she was not being truthful. I am pleased that she was arrested. I think Elizabeth Johnson is so hard hearted and cruel. I wish there was some way to force her to tell where little Gabriel is. I can’t imagine anyone harming such a sweet baby.


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