Tiger Wood’s Cheating Taking It’s Physical Toll On Wife Elin’s Body Language






This is a photo of Elin Nordegren with her husband Tiger Woods, before she had any clue he was having sex with mistresses, hookers, whores, or escorts.“Before” she looks like  a stunning 20 something year old, bright- eyed and fresh- faced. Her facial muscles are relaxed and she looks pleasant and healthy. Her jaw looks relaxed as does her forehead, indicating no tension and both her eyes and her lips are smiling as she shows teeth. This is a clear indiction that Elin looks happy.


In this photo,  you can clearly see what I have always said regarding body language  and the voice. What goes on in your head and your heart comes out in the way you look and speak-how you act, move,  behave and talk.

In only a few short months in her “ After Leaning About Tiger’s Affairs Photo,” Elin looks at least a decade older, with puffed bags under her eyes. She looks gaunt and her jaw looks tense, indicating a lot of internal anger.  

 Even though Elin is trying to put on a brave front in this photo by projecting a smile, it isn’t working. The half-smile, the lip tension and the lack of smiling around the eyes clearly shows her unhappiness and inner turmoil.  There is also tension in her forehead, further indicting the anguish she is experiencing.

 This has aged her tremendously. There has been a considerable weight loss and she looks like she has spent a lot of hours crying and in a lot of internal turmoil.

While Elin has not yet filed for divorce and is doing her best to try and work things out with Tiger by showing up at his Sex Addiction Rehab sessions in Mississippi (which personally I feel is bogus and a PR ploy in Tiger’s case) it has clearly affected her in a very bad way.  And who can blame her?

It was bad enough to discover that her husband was having an affair, but to discover that he was cheating with whores, hookers, and escorts was even more degrading.

Adding insult to injury, was her discovering that Tiger was telling these mistresses,  unbeknownst to Elin,  that their marriage was a sham, that he never really loved Elin and loved them more.


Just knowing that would take its toll on anyone. It is not only feeling betrayed by Tiger’s cheating with which Elin has to deal. It is these words resonating in her head. As time passes, and the more time she spends alone, physically away from  Tiger, these words, no doubt get louder and louder. They resonate deeper and deeper as they burrow into her psyche.

How can she erase the thought that Tiger thought her marriage was a shame when she put so much into it? How can she stop thinking about him telling another woman with whom he was having sex that he loved her more, that he never really loved Elin, or that his marriage to Elin  was a marriage of convenience only?

 How can she ever forget that he told Rachel Uchitel, (who got millions of dollars from Tiger with the help of her attorney  Gloria Allred and who had the nerve to  get upset by Joy Behar’s comment “You ca tell she’s a hooker” as a play on her last name Uchitel) that he loved her more than he loved Elin and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her?  

The answer to these question, is you can’t forget these words. These words are the lasting effects of the affair. Unless there is joint therapy on a regular basis with both parties present a great and qualified therapist that has BOTH your interests at heart in terms of healing your marriage ,this marriage is doomed.


No matter if Elin stays for the sake of a) the kids, b) the money c) her wanting to save face, d) her love for Tiger,e) all of the above, or f) any number of the above, the marriage will eventually disintegrate unless these words are addressed and dealt with immediately.

This is the core of the hurt.  While knowing that your husband had sex with another woman is bad , What is worse is hearing or reading the words that your husband loved another woman more than you, that he never really loved you, and that your marriage was a sham, especially after you just produced two beautiful children out of love.


Of all the mistresses, hookers, and escorts, the one who showed any humanity thus far was Jaime Grubbs. She was the first to apologize to Elin early on, on national television. Her body language revealed that she felt bad about the whole affair and she showed genuine remorse. Recently she even had a few choice words to say to Tiger with an unflattering label which he clearly deserved.

But escort Jaime   recently refused to apologize to Elin, stating that she had nothing to apologize for. Below are her exact words when asked if she owed Elin an apology.

No, I don’t,” “I feel like that’s his — that’s his business. Everybody makes mistakes. This wasn’t something that I did yesterday or a month ago or a year ago. This was years ago. I was younger. And I’m not saying that what I did then was right. But — I’m certainly not gonna say that it was wrong. … I don’t believe that I owe her an apology.”

Well this certainly reveals a lot about Jaime Junger – an excuse maker who by her comment seems self- righteous, entitled, and heartless.

Perhaps if she saw this Before and After Photo she might change her mind and have some more compassion. It doesn’t matter that if her affair was yesterday, a month or a year ago, or years ago when she was younger. What matters is that she had an affair and that affair hurt another person. When you hurt someone you apologize. The fact that she says she doesn’t owe a person whom she hurt and apology, speaks volumes about Jaime.

While Jaime was the most defiant thus far, except for Grubbs, it speaks volumes  about all the other sex partners. They  were all so quick and eager to gain their 15 minutes of fame,

 (especially Rachel Uchitel wh gained the most- millions, an undeserved apology from Joy Behar, and a photo spread in OK Magazine complete with showing off her nicely decorated home and dogs).  

They were ALL willing to get media attention through paid interviews and/ or  free PR on national shows oe magazines, but yet were not willing to say two very powerful words which could have made a huge difference to Elin- “I’m sorry.” www.drlillianglass.com/”>www.drlillianglass.com


7 thoughts on “Tiger Wood’s Cheating Taking It’s Physical Toll On Wife Elin’s Body Language

  1. If tabloid/media had not been endlessly putting out e-news reminding Elin of these things, it will be far easier for her to forgive and forget….


  2. I doubt that the media is the one responsible for reminding her of these things. I think every time she looks at Tiger, she will be reminded.I think that the only thing that could make it easier for her to forgive and hopefully never forget, is major couples therapy with a qualified therapist who has BOTH of their berst interests at heart so that they can begin the healing process after he comes our of sex rehab.


  3. My heart aches for Elin Nordegren. Elin loved, respected and trusted Tiger Woods. Elin’s world was shattered by Tiger’s savage betrayal and her trust is gone forever. Elin appears to be in an emotional struggle, there are too many lies and infidelities and too much pain and suffering. Elin still keeps going on for her children. I just hope and pray that whatever Elin decides to do in the future will work the best for her and the children.


  4. I don’t know if it’s so much the “cheating” rather than the media coverage. Could you imagine having your entire life out in the open for the whole world to scrutinize and criticize?? I’d hate that!


  5. All cheaters say the same garbage Tiger said. The only difference between the Tiger’s affair and Joe Blow is that his unfolding in public. There are millions of betrayed men and women who suffer through the horrors of infidelity. Jaime Grubbs’ “apology” is a joke. She isn’t sorry one bit and was only trying to garner sympathy. Any woman who sleeps with a married man is lower than a prostitute. God bless Elin and give her strength.


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