Haleigh Cummings Father’s Vocal “Tells” in His Jailhouse Interview Show Guilt, Resignation, and Ambivalence Towards Misty

Ronald Cummings, father of the missing 5 year old Florida girl, Haileigh Cummings, is now in jail for trafficking prescription drugs. In his exclusive jailhouse interview with Florida Times- Union reporter Dana Treen, Cummings had a lot to talk about.  His vocal tells and the content of what he said spoke added volumes.


His voice appeared strong and definite as Ron seemed resigned to the fact that he will be going to prison by firmly stating “I’m going to DOC (Department Of Corrections). I’m going to prison, no ‘ifs, ands, or buts.'” His voice showed that he clearly knew what was going to happen to him and that he was accepting of that fact.
He also showed remorse at the close of his interview as he said “This is a setback in my life,” “When I come out, it will remind me what I should be doing, not what I was doing, or accused of doing.”


In his vocal tone you can hear the uneasiness and extreme discomfort he is feeling while being isolated in jail. His voice reveals his frustration as he graphically describes how it is too much to bear by saying, “ nobody on either side, nobody nowhere around, nothing but a hallway.”

“You know what’s bad? I don’t look forward to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I look forward to after breakfast lunch and dinner, ’cause after breakfast lunch and dinner, the one trustee has to come through here and pick up the trash. Well, they bring the trash right through the back door right past where I’m at, so he has to come right by me, so I get to see him for 3 minutes in the morning, 3 minutes in the afternoon, 3 minutes at night,”


Ronald’s voice becomes suddenly enraged when he talked about what he would do to the person who abducted his daughter. There is a harsh edge to the tone as he speaks with a bravado and says “It’ll be justifiable homicide. I don’t care if they get me with unjustifiable homicide. I don’t care, if I find out what happened to my youngin’ it doesn’t matter to me. It’ll be worth life without parole or the death penalty or whatever”.


The most interesting part of his jailhouse interview was when he discussed his former wife and now girlfriend Misty Croslin, who was also arrested and was last person thought to have seen  HaileighCummings before she disappeared almost a year ago.
On the one hand he says, “There really isn’t a relationship I guess, just ex-wife, slash friend.” But then at the end of his interview in his final message he said “I want my girlfriend to know I love her.”
As further indication of his ambivalence and confusion about Misty he says, “Of course, I want to know if she knows anything. It’s hard to believe that she don’t know more, but it’s also hard to believe that if she did know more she didn’t already talk.”


While he has shown remorse and is resigned to that fact that he will be spending time in prison, he is obviously in denial in terms of how much time he will be spending in prison.
It could be the major portion of his life- 43 years if he is convicted of all charges levied against him. As further evidence that he is still in denial and has not yet fully processed what has happened to him, Cummings told reporter Treen that the charges are “a setback in my life.”
Once he realizes that he may be spending 43 years in prison, he will see that this is not a mere “setback” in his life. It is in essence, the end of his life as he knew it.


Several months back on September 18, a letter allegedly written by a friend of Misty Croslin’s who was in the Putnam County jail, Kristina “Nay Nay” Prevatt allegedly send to her boyfriend a letter stating that a man named Joe told detectives that Haileigh ingested some Oxycontin and died and accused her and Misty and a man named Greg of being there when it happened. The alleged letter also said Greg put Hailey into a bag and took her to a pond.

Although Kristina Prevatt denies her involvement in her alleged letter to her boyfriend, which can be seen on http://www.cayleedaily.com/2009/09/read-letter-about-haleigh-cummings-overdose-on-oxycontin-drug/ Kristina allegedly was known to hang out with Misty and was allegedly at the Satusuma home last February when Haileigh vanished.

Six months ago, this may have seemed like a far – fetched scenario where someone may have made up those claims to get their 15 minutes of fame, but now that Misty has been accused of prescription drug trafficking, and if she is found guilty, it may seem like a plausible scenario . Of course we don’t know for sure.

On the other hand, the way Ron was speaking in his jailhouse interview, it seemed as though he is convinced that someone actually took  Haileigh and may have her as he describes what he would do to the person who took Haileigh. But then again, this is the same man who says he “loves” his girlfriend and says “ but it’s also hard to believe that if she did know more she didn’t already talk.” www.drlillianglass.com


4 thoughts on “Haleigh Cummings Father’s Vocal “Tells” in His Jailhouse Interview Show Guilt, Resignation, and Ambivalence Towards Misty

  1. Thank you again, Dr. Glass.

    I did hear that interview on one of the news channels. Ron did say, he and Misty are no longer an item and that he had a “new” girlfriend. This was who he sent that message to, IMO.
    I also believe, Ron had nothing physically to do with HaLeigh’s alleged abduction. He was at work, was caught on video around 3:15am that same morning buying items at the store. When he clocked out at work,on his way home, he stopped at the store and bought cigarettes and beer. So, it’s all on Misty, IMO.
    Since she is now facing huge time, I wonder if she will crack, maybe strike up an immunity deal, if she tells what truly happened to HaLeigh. It will be one year come February 10, 2010 that HaLeigh was last seen alive.
    The police are still going on the premise that HaLeigh is alive since they have no crime scene. I do believe, when the cadavar dog “hit” on that dumpster, that maybe HaLeigh was there at some point. I do hope they find this child alive and well but I seriously have doubts.
    HaLeigh has been surrounded by pedophiles and drug abusers and I find it very difficult believing no one knows the truth on the whereabouts of this precious child. I pray for a safe return but going by that 3 hour rule, it doesn’t seem promising.
    Misty is being coy and IMO, knows exactly what became of HaLeigh. I continue to pray for this child’s safe return.


  2. OMG if Ronald had one ounce of brain matter he would’ve stayed clear of all the others who were arrested with him.
    However having said that, did they really think that they were not being watched by LE? Again, no brains amongst any of them.

    Nay Nay’s letter may have some semblance of truth in it regarding the drugs that was mentioned. We all laughed and thought Oh No this can’t be….but it very well may be.

    As for Ron’s incarceration, he is in for the long haul. He now has plenty of time to reflect on what he could’ve-should’ve-would’ve done. Too late now.

    I’m not at all convinced that he had a hand/part in the abduction of Haleigh at all…but he definitely thinks that Misty does and so does everyone else. Her lawyer told her to shut up, and if those interogating her may offer her some immunity if she tells what she knows. She is not the innocent she tried to portray when Haleigh went missing and her story changed too many times for her to be taken seriously once more info came to light.
    Why this child was allowed to be around these drug addicts and pedophiles is just mind boggling to me.
    Ron will be in jail for a very long time so he had better get used to seeing the trustee remove the trash 3 times a day.

    As for his “I want my girlfriend to know I love her” message,
    I strongly doubt it was Misty he was referring to….I heard
    he had a new cutie.

    In the end, we all want to know WHERE IS HALEIGH?


  3. Social Responsibility & Haleigh Cummings

    Some thoughts that come to mind when I think about Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony and other children that have gone missing – and robbed of life;


    The convolution to sort through over a simple single event of a child gone missing – is mind boggling, when it would only take one person to just come forward with the truth.

    The lengths that people connected to this case have gone to obscure and cloud the discovery of Haleigh is a shining example of just how damaging drug abuse is to an innocent child born in its’ midst.

    It is the core cause of this case from the beginning and I firmly believe that society as a whole has a social responsibility to these innocent children, not only to report drug addicted parents to the authorities, but a greater responsibility for the judges who oversee and administer the law to ensure that these unfit drug addicts “parents” lose their right to “raise” and “influence” their offspring and are additionally prevented from bringing any more children into the world and continuing this cycle of abuse.

    Only by cutting off the poison tree branch from the trunk can society hope to foresee a future of health and optimistic possibilities – a scenario which has been in decay and decline for way too long. I believe in second chances, but there comes a time when enough is simply enough – and in this case. enough was enough a long time ago.

    Let’s keep up the good fight, society. A socially responsible person’s concern is about bettering the environment they live in, no matter what it takes in spite of what the irresponsible says, thinks or feels. Just because they live in fear of being found out doesn’t mean that they should enable us to fear them, either by retaliation – or by any other means. It’s time courage takes the lead – and “right” outweighs “might”.

    And hopefully, there will be less Haleigh’s and Caylee’s in the world to worry about – and the norm of having a child a day gone missing will be a thing of the past. All it takes to care for a child that you may think is in harms way – is to make a simple phone call. A proactive stance – before the damage is done is the only way to protect and insure our most valuable investment in societies future.


    1. This is in response to the comment left by Mac Ambo;

      Mac Ambo, I couldn’t agree more when you wrote, “The lengths that people connected to this case have gone to obscure and cloud the discovery of Haleigh is a shining example of just how damaging drug abuse is to an innocent child born in it’s midst.”

      And then you go on to say, “It is the core cause of this case from the beginning………”

      I couldn’t agree more. Haleigh (& her sibling) never stood a chance from the beginning. It was just a matter of ‘when.’ When was something horrible/horrific going to happen to one or both of these beautiful children?

      Ron may not have been the one who ended Haleigh’s life. But really, what kind of life was he providing her? The very people he entrusted her life to, not only took that life, but are ALL in jail. INCLUDING himself, I might add! I have often wondered if in jail, if he has thought about this; thought about how nothing good could ever have come out of the lifestyle he was leading & how dangerous if was to these 2 innocent children? Has he ever thought or said to himself, “I knew something aweful was going to happen one day.” Does he take ‘any’ responsibilty what-so-ever? Personally, I haven’t really felt this from him.

      I have said many-a-prayers for this sweet, sweet child. I just hope that all those involved get the just punishment that they deserve.



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