Paris and Prince Jackson’s Body Language Show Great Self Confidence and Michael’s Love. They were NOT Exploited By Appearing At the GRAMMY’S

Michael Jackson not only left a legacy of phenomenal music and entertainment but he left beautiful children with so much love and self-confidence as they appeared on stage at the Grammy’s to accept their father’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

As soon as Paris and Prince Michael came on the stage accompanied by their very handsome cousins, for moral support, they each gave Lionel Richie a very warm, loving and heartfelt hug, with their arms fully embracing Lionel as they wrapped them around Lionel’s shoulder and neck.

This loving gesture indicated that Michael definitely gave these two a lot of affection throughput their young lives.Otherwise they would not be able to demonstrate it and give it so freely to others. You can fully give what you received and these two clearly received love and affection.


Prince spoke eloquently. His tones reflected self the confidence that would make Michael proud. Paris reflected the same self- confidence through her body language- her impeccable straight and solid posture. As Prince spoke, he embraced the award as lovingly as he no doubt embraced his dad when he was alive. What was even more impressive was that Prince spoke from the heart, without using a teleprompter. By thanking God for watching over him and his siblings for the past 7 months, reminded us how long Michael has been that Michael has not been with us. He also let us know that he was well taken care of by adding the special thanks to his grandparents.

When she first acknowledged his grandmother, his cousins nodded in agreement, indicating their love for her as well. He reiterated Michael’s message – “love” and said how he would continue to spread his father’s message and help the world as he further embraced his award as though he was symbolically embracing his father. After Prince was finished speaking, he went back to the loving arms of his cousins who embraced him, showing him their support for a job well done.


Then beautiful young lady, Paris with her impeccable posture and equally eloquent, rich, resonant voice, which depicted self- confidence and self – awareness spoke. She added a more personal touch in the few seconds she had to speak. She reminded us indirectly that although Michael won a Lifetime Achievement Award and was a great performer- he was still” daddy.” Her impromptu message came from the heart and was not teleprompted. She let us in on how “daddy” was supposed to perform last year but couldn’ t (and obviously couldn’t perform this year either due to his untimely death).


When I read the following headline on the Drudgereport, GRAMMY EXPLOIT: THE KIDS MICHAEL JACKSON PROTECTED SO MUCH– PUT OUT FOR SHOW… I was very disturbed by this headline.

Having served as a Governor of the Grammy Organization for four years, I know exactly what goes on in that Grammy Organization – or NARAS as it is formally called. I have seen  in it up close and personal and they would not exploit anyone. Their aim is to fairly and properly honor those who have shown exceptional talent.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was NOT given to Michael Jackson because he died and to exploit his children to garner ratings. The decision as to who would receive the award was made well before Michael’s death seven months ago. In fact it was made well over a year ago. Therefore, this headline is ridiculous.

Initially, The Grammy Organization had no intention of having his kids up on stage to accept the award. They intended to have Michael accept the award for his exceptional talent throughout his life. Since he was no longer with us, who best to receive the award on his behalf other than those who were an extension of Michael- his cherished kids whom he loved and adored more than anything in the world. It made the moment very special.

As far as being protected when they were young children and not being exposed, the operative words are “ young children.” That is no doubt why young “Blanket” was not up there with these two mature “tweens.” Michael’s 11 year old daughter and 12 year old son were NOT exploited. They came there willingly and spoke willingly, based on the tone of their voice and content of their speech and their body language.

I am sure that they cherished the opportunity to speak those beautiful and loving words about their father. I am also sure that since Michael was not there to accept the award, that along with his mother whom he loved dearly, he would have been proud to have his offspring accept the award on his behalf and speak the words they spoke.


2 thoughts on “Paris and Prince Jackson’s Body Language Show Great Self Confidence and Michael’s Love. They were NOT Exploited By Appearing At the GRAMMY’S

  1. I have been pleased to see that Michael’s children haven’t been exploited during this past year. Apparently, they have been kept out of the limelight, except for this special occasion. I am impressed with what I am seeing, so far.


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