Michael Douglas’ Son Cameron Joins The Blame Game as He Blames His Dad For His Problems of Drug Use and Drug Dealing


Nothing sickens me more than someone not accepting responsibility for their Toxic actions and pointing the finger in blame at everyone but themselves. The latest one to join the Blame Game is Cameron Douglas, son of Michael Douglas and grandson of film legend Kirk Douglas.

Cameron is in jail and will remain there until his sentencing in April for his being a drug dealer. He was refused bail because the judge believe that he would not remain  drug free on bail as evidenced by the fact that his girlfriend tied to smuggle heroin in a toothbrush for him when he was under house arrest.


What repulsed me the most was that Cameron  and his lawyers have now blamed his famous father Michael’s fame as the reason for his drug use. With a straight face the attorney said in court:

Cameron “(Douglas’) serious heroin addiction (stems from) notoriety that is not due to any acts of his own but by  birth and a difficult upbringing.” He goes on to say,

“He didn’t benefit from his celebrity. He was hurt by it in a variety of ways, including ways in this case.”

Even Cameron’s psychiatrist Dr. Robert Millman had the nerve to tell the court that  Cameron’s  problems are the result of who his parent’s are.

Cameron’s attorney was no doubt grabbing at straws in an attempt to garner some sympathy for his client. The psychiatrist was absolutely wrong! I know this up close and personal. I know how much Kirk, his grandfather loved him and how much his parents Michael and Diandra were dedicated to him. There is no doubt Dr. Millman was  paid handsomely for his BS statement which I thought  was completely lame.

The judge was not buying it either  and saw through this lame excuse. He is  keeping Cameron behind bars until Cameron is sentenced. He doesn’t trust  that Cameron will remain drug free if he is not in jail.


If that was the case and what Cameron’s attorney and psychiatrist is true, it would seem that you and your attoenye and paid psychiatrist  can get in front of any  courtroom  and make the argument  that any criminal’s problems are the result of who their parent’s are.

You can make the argument that the criminal’s  parents were neglectful,  too violent, they were  immigrants,  didn’t speak the language,fed them too many fast foods and never cooked a home meal,  the father was absent, the mother was a single mom, they were an orphan,  there were too many kids, they lived in foster homes, tehy  were an only kid , their parents were too poor, too average, or too rich and famous.  Puhleeezz! There is an excuse for everyone in every circumstance!


According to IMDB these are the films and show business experiences Cameron Douglas has had throughout his career:


  1. The Perfect Beat (2009) (V) …. DJ Mojo
  2. Loaded (2008) …. Rick
  3. Adam and Eve (2005) …. Adam
    … aka National Lampoon Adam & Eve (USA: cable TV title)
  4. It Runs in the Family (2003) …. Asher Gromberg
    … aka Family Business (UK: TV title)
  5. Yat goh hiu yan (1997) …. Giancarlo’s Man
    … aka Mr. Nice Guy (Australia) (Hong Kong: English title) (UK) (USA)
    … aka No More Mr. Nice Guy (USA)
    … aka SuperChef
    … aka Yi ge hao ren (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)

Miscellaneous Crew:

  1. Wonder Boys (2000) (production assistant)


  1. The Life and Times of Kirk Douglas (2000) (V) (special thanks)


  1. … A Father… A Son… Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2005) (TV) …. Himself
  2. “The View” …. Himself (1 episode, 2003)
    Episode dated 25 April 2003 (2003) TV episode …. Himself
  3. The Life and Times of Kirk Douglas (2 2000) (V) …. Himself – Grandson

This resume is pretty respectable for any young actor who is in his early 30’s. It shows that Cameron was indeed a working actor, appearing in films regularly.

There is no doubt in my mind that without his illustrious pedigree, there is no way he could have had a tenth what is listed on this resume .

His name and family pedigree opened doors. His talent allowed him to keep those doors open, which he did. No matter who his family was, if he didn’t have the talent to back it up, he would have been kicked out of those opened doors. It was up to him as to whether he knew his lines and performed according to the script At that point, it had nothing to do with Michael or Kirk. It was completely  up to Cameron and his acting skills. Luckily  he succeeded or he wouldn’t have been able to act in those roles he was given .

Similarly.  it was completely up to him as to how he chose to live his life. He was born into a family of  wealth and fame and resources.  He had opportunities for an education and travel  and material things that most people never have. It was up to him to make the decision as to how he would take positive advantage of the privilege he was given as a result of his birthright.

Just like he had to do with his own acting career in making his own name for himself, he need to do the same in making his own life  a productive one for himself. He made the choice to use and sell drugs. No one did it to him or for him.

He took all the gifts and blessings he was given and flushed them away. While drug abuse is a horrific epidemic that knows no socioeconomics, fame or family background, dug dealing is something completely different.


Since I know Cameron’s  grandfather very well and have had the  opportunity to chat with Michael on several occasions, I am personally  aware that   that both of these men absolutely adored Cameron. They each spoke of Cameronb with love and affection and pride, especially when Cameron did such a great job staring in the film which all three of them did together called “It Runs in the Family.”

They are no doubt suffering greatly because of Cameron’s actions. His mother Diandra has spent a lot of her life being devoted to Cameron and said so in many public interviews throughout the past two decades.  She loved Cameron. I remember seeing a photo spread of her and Cameron for a magazine when Cameron was younger and you could see in her body language and facial expression how much she completely adored her son.

Not only did this boy want for nothing, he was given every opportunity to pursue the acting career he wanted. The fact that he was Michael’s son and Kirk’s grandson opened lots of doors for him.  In 2003, it was his father  Michael who  was the one  who  created an acting vehicle for his son to co-star along with his Grandfather Kirk and actress Grandmother Diana Dill  in the film “ It Runs  in the Family.” So if anyone says that Michael was not there for his son or was not supportive of his son, they are grossly mistaken.

Personally, I will never forget   how excited Kirk  was about doing the film along side of his grandson. I  remember him telling me  with a huge smile on his face how very much he loved Michael and  Cameron and how Cameron had such natural talented as an actor. He was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with his grandson as well as his son. He told me that he was so proud of him. His being in a film with his son and grandson was  extremely special to Kirk because this was the time that Kirk had recovered from his stroke. After working so hard on his speech was finally able to speak publicly in a film for the first time after his stroke.


It is not that this boy was just a drug addict, he was a drug dealer who made a lot of money selling drugs. That was HIS choice of “profession” as a way to earn money.

This is someone who had all of life’s luxuries and world- wide travel. Both of his parents, Michael and Diandra  were wealthy and would never let him be without a place to live or  food to eat. In fact his mother Diandra  recently purchased a 15 million home and he was welcome there anytime.

His grandfather  Kirk, who loved him more than anything would certainly be  there  if he needed help. Kirk is one of the most generous people and a huge philanthropist, I know for  a fact that  there is no way that he would support other causes while neglecting a family member who needed help. He is not that kind of person. Cameron  did NOT have to sell drugs to earn money.


What distresses me the most is not only what Michael is experiencing  with what is  essentially the loss of his son, but what  his dear grandfather  Kirk is going through. Knowing that he will never see his grandson as a free man must torment Kirk every moment of the day.

Cameron will be in prison  for a minimum of ten years and a maximum of life imprisonment. Even if he comes out in ten years or less, he may be much worse off. How is this slight, pale,  non street savvy guy who only knew privilege  going to survive in a hard core prison?

I have no doubt that people will try to mess with him just because he is Michael’s son and Kirk’s grandson. Suffice it to say that unless Cameron is in  protective custody, he is essentially a dead man walking in everyone’s view. Even of he gets a minimum sentence of ten years, ten years is a very long time. This is the prime of his life. This is the time that will shape him as a man. He will not come out of prison for the better, that I can assure you.

If he is whining about daddy not being there for him or being the root of all of his evils,  there will be a lot more to whine about in prison,No one will be there for him as he sits alone in hic cell or with a cell mate. Perhaps then he will have the time to think of all the wonderful gifts he was given in life and how he threw them away. He had a gorgeous home to hang out in with beautiful surroundings and every creature comfort imaginable. This will only be a memory to him now. His entitlement and lack of gratitude is what got him into his position.

And please don’t tell me that this poor young man was upset because he could never fill the shoes of his father or grandfather . I say, he was well on his way with five films under his belt.  If he would have spend the time honing his craft, going to acting classes, writing his own scripts, developing his own projects, and makingt he right contacts, he could have been a big star and a major player in Hollywoood in his own right.


Kirk has gone through so much tragedy in the past few years, having survived a helicopter crash where he was the lone survivor. Then he  survived a debilitating stroke that left him speechless only to regain his ability to speak and go on a book tour and even  perform and speak in several films. I have so much love and respect for Kirk and his strength and fortitude to accomplish what he did despite these tragedies.

Then, his beloved son Eric died of a drug overdose. I was at Eric’s funeral  and at Kirk’s house afterwords.  I saw firsthand how devastated Kirk and his lovely wife Anne were  as they had to bury Eric as they placed a shovel of dirt over his grave. I saw how hurt they were with the fact that they would never see their youngest son again. Besides Eric;s being gone, seeing their broken hearts through their broken faces made me sob.

Now Kirk, who has been blessed to recently celebrate his  93rd birthday this year , has to once again face such a tragic loss . It may even be worse than a death. It is  a living death,where he knows that for however long his beloved  grandson is in prison life for him will be a living hell.


Eric’s death also devastated his brother Michael whom I spoke with after the funeral when we were all at Kirk’s house. Michael loved Eric as well. They even sounded exactly alike, something that Michael and I discussed. Eric so looked up to Michael  and would often  tell me how much he adored his older brother.  They had a good realtionship for the most part, when Eric wasn’t strung out on drugs. I know that Michael tried to help him but ultimately he couldn’t, just like years later he would not be able to help his own son, Cameron.

Both Kirk and Michael  thought Eric was funny and always kept them laughing. Michael even relayed that to me when we were discussing Eric at Kirk’s house. But Michael certainly was not laughing when he was standing at Eric’s grave and shocing dirt on to his baby brother’s grave.   What also  struck me was how loving and supportive his wife Catherine Zeta Jones was towards Michael as he was suffering about his brothers passing.

Thank goodness she is by his side now that he had such emotional turmoil to face regarding his own son.  Michael no doubt needs all the love and support possible from her and everyone else he knows  during these nightmare times that are ahead of him.

He must be in agony knowing that there is absolutely nothing he can do to get Cameron out of the mess he is in.There is no call he can make or nothing he can do to make life easier for Cameron. Cameron is on his own and all  Michael can do is sit by and watch his son’s demise in prison as his  31 year old son is in the prime years of his life.


My special love and prayers  go out to both Michael and Kirk who did everything to encourage this boy throughout his life. They did everything to help him in every way. Cameron needs to now take complete responsibility for his actions.He  is clearly  going to have to suffer the horrific consequences of his behavior of not only taking  drugs,  but being a full-blown drug dealer.   www.drlillianglass.com


Will A Book Deal For George Anthony Help Get His House Out of Foreclosure?


A book deal for George Anthony cannot come soon enough now that their home is in foreclosure.   As soon as George Anthony’s “Looking Through the Microscope” which I personally thought might be a type of book proposal, which he shared in his exclusive Fox interview, gets published, I am sure that the money he receives from his advance will cover everything and then some.  But until then George needs to buck up and get some work so that the repercussions of Casey’s horrific behavior doesn’t leave him homeless.

Out of  all the Anthony’s I feel worse for George. He is between a rock and a hard place. He knows from his police work that Casey is  no doubt guilty of killing the love of his life, Caylee.  Yet if he breathes a word of how he really  feels he will mess up her case. I have no doubt that in his moments of solitude  he can’t help but feel  guilty for letting Casey get away with her crap for so long. He probably wonders if he had been stricter with her, perhaps all of this wouldn’t have happened and he might still have his precious Caylee.


Casey Anthony had money issues to the point that she stole from her best friend Amy Huizenga, stole from her grandmother and who knows who else.  She was irresponsible when it came to her finances. Many feel that George and Cindy are financially irresponsible as well. Whether that is or is not the case, they certainly need to get responsible now.

The house may be foreclosed because they owe over 120K on it. But didn’t they know this would happen? Foreclosure doesn’t happen overnight.   Why did they wait so long? Their attorney is handling their case pro bono and so is Casey’s attorney Jose Baez. So they aren’t shelling out any money there.

The blogosphere is filled with those who say  enough money for the cruise and for George’s piercings and his tattoo which  combined, could pay for several house payments. Granted it is not enough, but if that is the case,  it shows you where their priorities are.  On the other hand, perhaps some generous person paid for their cruise. I hope that is the case, as it would show that they weren’t flitting away money they needed. There is no doubt that they deserved to get away from it all and relax when things were getting unbearable with Casey’s case.

But they have had quite a while to think of how they could earn some money so they wouldn’t have yet another problem to deal with- being homeless.


Why doesn’t the whole family pull together? Why doesn’t brother Lee move back  in and his fiancé and pool their resources to help out temporarily?  Even though Lee may want his privacy, it is another family crises situation and George is all about sticking together no matter what.  So Lee can perhaps save the day by moving back in with Mallory.

If they got all  jobs perhaps it would not only get their minds off the Casey case but it would definitely help  cover their $750 monthly mortgage. Apparently Cindy is on disability from her job and I can appreciate that.  How could she not be emotionally or even disabled from all that has happened?

There is no doubt that Casey’s case has taken an emotional toll on all of them.  Her disability income may not go very far and may just allow her to pay for utilities and food. I hope they consider going on food stamps to help them out so they don’t starve. In this day and age, it is  It’s nothing to be ashamed of . It can certainly help them.


That leaves George. He too is an emotional wreck, so there are certain jobs he cannot do and for sure with all his emotional ups and downs working at a full time job. He says that if he gets a job he is too public and people will stare and give him a hard time with hateful comments. He may have a point there. But on the other hand, if it is between someone’s harsh words and having a roof over your head, I would think that having a roof over your head outweighs the hater and their opinion of you.  But what about a home based job or a part time job that won’t stress him out as much and give him the flexibility he needs for the case? Here are some ideas for George to help him bring in some income like                                                                                                                                                                    being a dog walker                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            being a dog sitter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             mowing someone’s lawn or gardening                                                                                                                                                                                                     errand runner  for the disabled                                                                                                                                                                                                         baby sitting He was after all a loving grand parent)                                                                                                                                                                           working as a receptionist or file clerk in his attorney Brad’s office                                                                                                                                             security guard work where he could sit in a room  away from the public and look at surveillance video. Maybe some of the amusement parks around Orlando have this type of work opportunity.                                                                                                                                  Word processing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               stuffing envelopes,                                                                                                                                                                                                                            making cold sales calls for any company

These are just some ideas off the top of my head. Perhaps you have some ideas as well you would like to share.  I hope someone will offer him a job  in the meantime so he can do something to make ends meet.

But the good news is that when this case is over, even though George will have to deal with the aftermath and the fallout from whatever the verdict is concerning Casey,  with the right management team , George will do very financially  well with an upcoming  book and a speaking tour.


But if the probable book proposal that he shared on  Fox  35 in his exclusive interview is a preview of his upcoming book,  he definitely  needs to lose the blaming everyone tone or no one will want to read it. He needs to share what Casey’s actions have done to him and to his family and point the finger where it belongs, on his enabling behavior and on Casey’s horrific actions.

In the meantime, he really needs to figure out a way to keep that roof over his head so that he can continue to  go into Caylee’s room and find the emotional peace to which he has often referred to and not get evicted. My heart really does go out to him. www.drlillianglass.com

Bachelor Rozalyn Pappa’s Body Language Showed Signals of Deception


Tonight and tomorrow night  I am appearing on The Insider to discuss whether or not Rozalyn Pappas of the Bachelor was telling the truth when she said she did not have an intimate relationship with the producer on the show, who was fired. You must see the Insider tomorrow night as there is some major groundbreaking BOMBSHELL  information that was revealed to me and to the panel of experts  after I confronted Rozalyn face to face in an interview. It’s on CBS at 7:30 PM.


Studies show that when a person is very attractive they are perceived as being less guilty of committing a crime, friendly, exciting, and more credible. Having said this, one wanted to believe that Rozalyn with her model looks would be telling the truth. But unfortunately this was NOT the case!

Rozalyn showed multiples signals of deception during her interview with Chris Harrison, hist  of the Bachelor. These signals of deception were most evident after the rest of the Bachelor contestants ont he panel confronted her and in essence busted her  in terms of what they saw.

First and foremost, Chris was open and welcoming to Rozalyn when he began the show as you can see by his by his body language. His eyes were open wide and he was genuine when he said that he was really glad to see her.

As soon as Chris asks her about whether she had a relationship with the producer on the show You should see her shoulder shrug which ws an immediate signal of deception.

Then Chris continued to probe and you saw lip licking and  lip pursing which was another clear signal of deception.  The pursing meant she didn’t want to talk about it. She also closed her eyes when she spoke which in essence means that someone is showing deception as they don;t want to look at the truth. When people are being forthright they look directly at you. In this photo Chris is telling Rozalyn that in the context of the show the line was crossed, By her body language, she is in essence admitting it.

Then Rozalyn outs her hand over her chest in as a  defensive self protective move. She has been confronted and has touched her chest as a self soothing behavior.


When one of the other contestants on the show told Rozalyn that her intimate behavior with the producer made her  made her feel uncomfortable Rozalyn’s expression was defensive, Notice show she shrinks back in her seat and how her shoulder is rounded, Her mouth is open  and she looks angry about the fact that she was confronted, The fact that her body is being minimized is a signal of deception.

Then another contestant confronted her and told her that she was upset about how she was acting with the producer. Note Rosalyn’s defensive facial expression.

If looks could kill, the person Rozalyn is looking at would be dead. Rozalyn is very angry and disgusted with  yet another her fellow contestant who is busting her for her behavior with the producer and for the way she was touching his thigh.


The pitch of Rozalyn’s voice was also raised which indicated a  huge signal  of deception. She was also  very hostile and defensive which was not endearing to the audience. Then she attacked Chris. This was BAD! She accused him of not being the producers friend and hitting on the producers wife, WOW! Talk about a low blow. Now she completely alienated the audience. This was NOT a smart move, First of all you NEVER attack the host no matter what and you certainly don;t bring anything personal about him into the mix. Chris handled it like a professional and was even keeled. But you could see by the slight  fist like motions  he made with his hands that he was angry.  When he clasped his hands together, at the end his anger  at Rozalyn was very clear.


There is no question in my mind that something was definitely going on between Rozalyn and the producer. Did they sleep together or have sex with one another? I don’t know for sure as I wasn’t there. The only people that know what happened between them for sure are Rozalyn and the producer. But I can tell you that there was some type of close relationship between the two.  How close? Ony those two can tell us, but there was something going on and that was for certain.

I think that she needed to come clean on the show and say that she liked the producer much better than the Bachelor. She needed to say why she was more attracted to hin and how he made her laugh and how he had a better personality. I think the audience would have had a lot more respect for her if she did that. In fact it may have turned the whole show around if she had been honest. She needed to tell the truth instead of being so defensive and hostile in my view.


Upon meeting Rozalyn face to face at the Insider I can tell you that she is even more physically  beautiful in person than she is on television. As  was invited up on the panel with Lara and Chris and Samantha and sat in front of Rozalyn,  I had to tell her the truth- that she did show signals of deception.

The the BOMBSHELL information happened that is EXCLUSIVE to the INSIDER so I can’t reveal it until tomorrow ! It was HUGE!!! It was AMAZING as this time she told THE TRUTH!  You MUST watch it! It’s on tomorrow on CBS at 7:30 PM , You won’t  be disappointed that is for sure! www.drlillianglass.com

Tiger Woods Body Language Shows An Empty Mono- Tone Mono- Faced and Mono- Bodied Robotic Meaningless Apology! Was it Orchestrated to Prepare for His Comeback, Business,and Sponsors?




Today I appeared on CBS’s The Insider and the  TV Guide Network. I was interviewed by OK Magazine, In Touch Weekly, The Star, the Globe, and the New York Daily News , Hollywoodlife.com and WIOD Radio in Miami and WJN  Radio in Detroit. regarding Tiger Woods, his body language, communication and how he comported himself during his speech.  

As I watched him, I kept a completely open mind. While I thought his behavior and cheating on his wife Elin was egregious, I was looking forward to hearing what he had to say. I expected to see a sincere person who would not only tell me he was honestly sorry and ashamed of his behavior and how horribly it affected his wife.  


Instead, I heard, arrogance, defensiveness, blame and anger in his tone. While  I heard the right words.  they  were definitely said  in the wrong tone!  As a result they did not ring true to me. There was a complete disconnect between what he said, how he said it and how he comported himself while he said it.  

My reaction was that he did NOT do well. In fact I think that his empty apology did nothing to help his image. In fact. I believe it made matters worse as she spoke in a staccato tone and looked down at his paper most of the time, only showing his face for contrived  expressions and gestures.  


His mono-tone, mono-face and mono- body language spoke volumes. The speech was no doubt written for him as those were clearly not his heartfelt words. I saw the entire exercise as a PR ploy designed address his sponsors and the contributors to his Foundation. To me, watching him in action or rather  non action,  was a wasted 13 and 1.2 minutes of my day.  

There was absolutely NO remorse body language wise when he spoke. When a person shows contrition, his or her head is bowed down and their shoulders hunch over. They attempt to minimize themselves physically as they show shame and embarrassment. This was clearly not the case with Tiger who consistently displayed  a ramrod straight posture. This was indicative of super confidence if not arrogance and entitlement.  


His apology as to what a bad boy he was, was empty. Yes he was nervous with the swallowing and the lip licking, but that can also be a signal of deception- of not really believing what you are saying, or in Tiger’s case- not believing what you are reading that someone no doubt wrote for you.  

He was not feeling it and neither were we!  When he put his hand over his heart with his awkward splayed fingers it was laughable. It was a though someone choreographed a note to put his hand over his heart as he read the certain part in his script. 

 When he robotically looked to the right and to the left it was obvious that someone must have written a note for him to do that on his well rehearsed script. 

And please do not tell me that this is the way Tiger is and that he shows no emotion or life in his tone. I say to you, go back and look at his earlier interviews and you will see the live and emotion in his tone. 

His robotic behavior was a way of his detaching and ignoring the emotion.  


Tiger was detached for the most part but he was also angry-angry he got caught.  He was angry that the prostitutes , call girls, and ho’s who  spilled the beans to capitalize on their 15 minutes of fame due to their sexual association with him.  He was angry  that he lost  a lot of sponsors.  He was angry that his foundation is suffering.   Angry that he had to get up in front of people to do this to save what is left of his endorsements. He was angry that Elin found out. He was angry that people are on the right track in terms of  what probably happened that he was caught cheating, ran out of the house barefoot, had Elin run after him with a golf club as he hit the pole.  

His anger  was misdirected towards the papps. He raised his voice in anger  when he spoke of how dare the press follow his child, his mother  and Elin around. He was defensive and said it in such a hostile way that it will no doubt encourage certain  papps to follow them around even more. He needed to plead with them nicely and tell them he needed privacy for their healing process. Instead, he needed to ask their respect for his privacy not admonish them for doing their jobs.



He was also  angry toned  when he insisted that Elin did NO physical abuse and there was no domestic violence which took place. The fact that he didn’t share what did take place makes one think deception has taken place in his empty statements. Also it was way too much information. When people give away too much information, it is indicative of deception.  

Then why in the world did he run out of his home shoeless? Why was a golf club involved? Why did he have a fat lip? Why did he hit a pole in the wee hours of the morning? Did a bear break into his home and he had to run for it? What was the story. The fact that he didn’t share it makes one assume that a dispute took place and some physical violence may have occurred. And please don’t say that it is none of our business. It sure is our business when he takes the time to waste 13 and ½ minutes of our  day and not tell us what we want to know and to give us a lame apology. 


His ramrod posture showed arrogance and ager as well at having to do this. If this was the part of the 12 step where he made amends, he did it reluctantly and his body language showed it. There was no humility shown posture wise. The only time he moved was right at the end when he knew he was almost done with his ordeal, He slightly rocked his body  back and forth. 

 When people do this it means that they want out of there. They want to leave. It was clear that Tiger could not wait for all of this to be over and to leave the stage. 

 As he left the stage and wiped his brow of sweat you could see that he sweated his way through the contrived speech hoping it would be well receives, which it was not. 



While I am all for people brining in their religious beliefs to support them during hard times, it was so contrived to throw in his Buddhism out of the blue.  

If he began the speech saying that he was a Buddhist and he strayed it would have been one thing and would have sounded a lot more sincere But to stick it in 3/4 of the way down was as though he was throwing everything into the apology and excuse pot to see what would stick.  


Whatever anyone brings up initially is what is foremost on their mind. Foremost on his mind was not his religion. It was not Elin. It was not his kids. It was not his sex partners. It was not his mom. It WAS his sponsors and his foundation.  

This apology speech was about  all the sponsors and the money he lost. It was letting people know that he would be baaack! It was to let people know that he was not giving up golf and that his main concern was his sponsors and his finances and his foundation and letting people know that he was not on performance enhancing drugs. The fans were only a concern if they  purchased the products he endorsed. 

 It was obvious as soon as he opened his mouth that this  false apology was about business-big business and big finance . Otherwise the order of those to whom he apologized would have been completely different. Elin would have come first, the children second, mamma and ancestors third. Then religion would have come next or perhaps religion would have come first. 


There was only one genuine moment and that is when he looked into his mama’s eyes and she patted him on the shoulders. Although it was sweet it may have been done to show solidarity and to help him repair his severely damaged image.  

The truth that could not be hidden throughout his speech was that he she could not even look at him as he spoke. She looked down and crossed her arms over her torso, She also dug her fingers into her own side as she sat there  as you could see the pressure and the tension of her fingers.  

Her jaw jutted forward and her lips were pursed in anger and shame. In her Thai and Chinese culture where saving face is so important, she was clearly shamed. Tiger’s actions shamed her and her ancestors and it showed no matter how many hugs and kisses or pats on the shoulder she gave him at the end.  

GOING DOWN THE RECEPTION LINE I personally found it inappropriate when Tiger when down the line of those seated in the front row and hugged and kissed them and was congratulated as though he had finished making a Satte of the Union Address. He needed to hug his mom and leave the stage and do his hugs and back slapping and back  patting privately. 

 When he smiled after hugging the woman who was sitting in the first seat next to his mother it was completely inappropriate as there was absolutely nothing to smile about. 


I have never heard of anyone leaving a rehab facility of any kind in the middle of their program. That is why I am not sure how rehabbed Tiger is getting and what it is that he is getting rehabbed for. There was talk that he took a lot of Ambien by the press, In fact perhaps the reason he was passed out in the street when the cops came after he hit the pole may have been due to  prescription drug use. 

 Personally I believe that Tigers foray into sex rehab is only a PR Ploy. If he is getting rehabbed perhaps it is for prescription drugs and not for sex addiction. 

 Tiger cheated with so many different women because he could and because they were available- plain and simple. He didn’t say he had a sex addiction or he would have addressed it in in his speech. Instead, he said that he felt entitled and  felt he didn’t have to abide by the same standards as everyone else. That is the case. He said it in his own words. 


 There are those that think that when Tiger returns to the greens he will be an even better golfer. Others thing the opposite. It all remains to be seen. No matter what kind of golfer he turns out to be, his image is damaged forever and this little press soirée did not help him any. He was ill advised in terms of repairing his image. It fact he performed so poorly and insincerely that it hurt his image in my view. 

 But, on the other hand , if the intention was for this to be a little advertisement to let sponsors and business associates know that he is coming back the  golf world very soon and it will be business as usual, he may have been very well advised. Golf is big business and so is Tiger Woods. That speech  was about business That is it! 

TIGER IN THE  WORLD Even though man in our culture doesn’t approve of Tiger’s actions, there are a lot of people and cultures around the word who could care less.  So Tiger’s finances may  not be that affected or  harmed around the world. 

 In some places in the world, it is business as usual as it pertains to Tiger Woods. In Dubai, for example, there is still the Tiger Woods City  that is still continuing to be built complete with  a golf course that tourist guides proudly  brag about when you visit Dubai. 

 In Japan they have made rubber masks and dolls of Tiger woods that have sold very well. 

 When the scandal broke there was even talk of Tiger moving to France where as the French press reported  his indiscretions would  not  be so frowned upon. 

 When Tiger does return to the course later this year, don’t be surprised if you see him hailed as  a  “hero” by many. Don’t be surprised if he is applauded and receives a standing ovation when he shows up at some event after he is “rehabbed.” 

 Even though it’s all pretty sickening to me, it is a very real possibility.  I agree that what someone does in their private life is their business, but it is my business when you misrepresent yourself as being someone whom you are not. Just don’t promote yourself and your products as  Mr. Squeaky Clean when you are in reality Mr. Freaky Team! 


My only thoughts are with Elin and the kids.  The longer they stay in separate housing and apart, it does not look like a good sign in terms of their relationship as  most therapists would agree. You need to be together in the same place and in the same environment to have a better chance to work things out. She did visit him in rehab which is a good sign. But her not residing  in the same home with him  at this point and her no show at his speech certainly  does not bode well for the future of their relationship. www.drlillianglass.com 

Casey Anthony’s Body Language Appears to Reflect New Evidence By Prosecution Duct Tape Was Weapon Used to Murder Caylee

New evidence by the state is that they believe that the duct tape is considered the murder weapon  Casey Anthony to smother her own daughter Caylee with premeditation and willfullness.

In fact a strip of duct tape found on Caylee’s mouth is one of  three,  prosecutors believe were critically placed  by Casey Anthony to suffocate her daughter and blocking her air passages.

When prosecutor Jeff Ashton graphically laid out his theory Casey had a significant physical reaction body language wise .  Casey didn’t react physically until Aston spoke the following words-

“Maybe her killer saw her eyes as she applied one piece, then two, then three so that no breath was possible,”

That is when Casey no doubt heard the truth verbalized for the very first time in terms of what she actually may have done to Caylee. The truth was no doubt was too much for her to heart  as she retreated into attorney Andrea Lyon’s protective embrace.

That is when she  asked Andrea to make the pain of hearing the truth stop.  She said “Tell him to  him stop.” Andrea of course replied, “I  can’t.”  So for perhaps the very first time in her life,  Casey was forced to hear the truth  about  herself. She was forced to hear what she most likely did with the duct tape.

The rare Henkel brand of duct tape found on Caylee’s  skull was evidently the same type of tape was used by the Anthony family to put up fliers of Caylee when she was missing.

Now that we now know that the duct tape is considered a possible murder weapon, it is understandable why Casey reacted as she did upon hearing the prosecutor describe her actions with the duct tape. This once again confirms that “the body does not lie!” www.drlillianglass.com

Gary Coleman’s Body Language and Behavior In Walking Off Insider Set in Anger Reveals How Desperately He Needs Help

As the Body Language Analyst for The Insider, I was  at  CBS Studios yesterday doing a language analysis post mortem on Gary Coleman’s behavior after he stormed off the set. Gary was interviewed  by the panel  consisting of  anchors Lara  and Chris, steady guest panelist Neece Nash and  guest panelist   Lisa Bloom.  He became very hostile and verbally abusive towards Lisa which was frightening to watch.

It was equally shocking to see how once loveable Gary tuned out. His defensiveness and his  telling  that he has thoughts of not being on this earth were raw were painful to watch. But what was even more painful to watch was his shocking behavior on the set of the Insider.


Throughout the interview, you could see Gary’s anger escalate. He was very uncomfortable talking about his recent arrest and having to spend time in jail.

It was embarrassing to him, You could tell he was embarrassed as when he spoke he often had his eyes closed, He didn’t want to look at anyone as he spoke about these obviously embarrassing and painful issues. When someone closes their eyes whent hey speak to you, it usually means that they want to disconnect from you and not face you. It reveals embarrassment and shame.


His tone was extremely defensive and hostile . He made excuses for his behavior and appeared to be in denial as he discussed why he landed in jail. There was also a whininess in his tone which was further indication that he was  on the defensive. He seemed to blame everyone instead of taking responsibility for his actions. He blamed his wife and even blamed everyone including his fans.


What was the most shocking revelation was when Gary spoke of his thoughts of ending his life and not being on this earth.  He was serious  as there was conviciton in his voice when he said these words. This was scary and cler indication that he definateLy needs medical attention.  He also mentioned that he had bipolar disorder.


Gary was asked whether or not he was still a virgin  by Neece Nash – a question Gary refused to answer directly. Even though he admitted he was a virgin when he was 40, he was not married at the time.  He was flustered by this line of questioning and perhaps rightfullyso.

But instead of giving an simple yes or no  direct yes or no answe,he skirted the issue which made one wonder of he was still a virgin and  whether his physical or medical condition prevented him from consummating his marriage. In an exasperated and angry tone he repeatedly  answered that he  was married and asked “what you do think?”  You could see him becoming very stressed at this point.


When Gary spoke of  thinking about   ending his life, the whole panel became concerned and appeared to reach out to him. In fact, former prosecutor Lisa Bloom  initially reached out to him and touched his arm to reassure him that there was help available  for him with his condition.


He shot back that the medications couldn’t help him. This may very well be the case as it pertains to him. In fact int he recent issue of Newsweek Magazine the cover story is about the ongoing debate about  Antidepressants not working for patients.  In some people medications do not work.

In others there is such an extensive trial and error period to find the right medication  and  the right dosage that this alone could be debilitating.

In others, the side effects of the medication may be worse than the disorder.  And still in others certain medications may not work well when combined with other medications and other medical procedures.

The fact that Gary reportedly goes through dialysis for his kidney problems on a daily basis and may possibly take other medications may be an issue as well. So when he said that medications don’t work for him, he may have a point .


Then body language wise, Lisa may have unknowing done something  that Gary perceived as even more hostile. She pointed her finger at him as she spoke. You can see him physically back up as she does this. Then Gary lets loose with a tirade of vulgarities and in essence curses Lisa out.

She then asks him pint blank if he speaks this way to his wife, He says that he doesn’t unless he has to.

If he spoke this way to a perfect stranger, Lisa Bloom, no telling how he is speaking to his wife at home. You could see Gary’s anger escalate as the veins in his temple region became visibly prominent. He even pointed his finger back at Lisa as she spewed forth obscenities.

Luckily,  Gary took off his microphone and left the set. He left the set cursing all the way to his limo, but nevertheless he left without punching anyone out or using a weapon.


Even psychiatrist  Dr. Charles Sophy who came on the set to discuss the aftermath of Gary’s behavioral tirade, said that it was frightening and he could have been dangerous right before he walked off the set.

Gary did admit on camera  that he had bipolar disorder. The worst thing for someone with Bipolar disorder is stress as it brings out the worst behavior in a person with that condition.  No doubt that Gary was completely stressed out when he was being interviewed and being on the hot seat . Talking about the arrest, his marriage, his intimacy, and feeling as though he was put into a corner. It obviously  brought out the worst in him.


While Lisa is great and a wonderful legal analyst and prosecutor, in retrospect,  think that after Gary reveled he was bipolar, perhaps she could have not been so aggressive with him in terms of her tone and the finger  pointing behavior. It was the finger pointing  in my view that casued Gary to back u and become very hostile towards her.

While the confrontation made great TV, it certainly was jarring to Gary for him to react as he did.

On the other hand, Gary knew that this would be the focus of the show and that he would be on the hot seat and would be  grilled. He is a seasoned professional and  knew what he signed up for and he did not have to be there. No one forced him to do the show.  In fact at the beginning of the show he said that he was  there for the money.


Gary being the professional he is and literally growing up on television and film sets, knows that you NEVER walk of any set. You handle yourself and deal with what has to be dealt with while the cameras are rolling, no matter what. You NEVER walk off any set! That is the professional suicide. But obviously the stress was so intense he had to break it, by leaving the set.

At one point during his interview he also tries to break the stress level my changing the subject and telling Chris he looks like Matt Lauer which was a complement. But then he takes that compliment back by telling Chris he doesn;t want hin to get a swelled head. It was said as a tension releaser.


His parting shot was to obscenely  put up his finger and shout an obscenity into the camera as he got inside the awaiting limousine, which ironically happened to be Lisa Bloom’s limousine.


In the wake of Gary’s tirade, he left a lot of frightened and upset people. Many of the cast and crew were frightened by his behavior, especially towards the end. There is no doubt that seeing this scenario unfold on camera is jarring to Gary’s many fans who grew up watching and loving him.

It is clear from his anger filled behavior  that Gary needs to get himself sorted out before he makes any additional public appearances. He needs to put himself in situations where he doesn’t get that stressed, especially of he isn’t taking medication to help control his Bipolar disorder.


I pray for Gary that he does not self- destruct. He needs to take a more positive approach to life and count his blessings. There are people who really love him out there, like one of his fans who bailed him out of jail, whom he has yet to thank.

Gary has been through a lot of hell with his health issues that he has discussed publicly. He has been through a lot with his TOXIC parents literally ripping him off financially and leaving him destitute. He has had to endure a lot of public ridicule throughout the years.

He reportedly  felt the public humiliation at having to work as a mall security guard to earn a living after being at the top of a show business career.  He felt humiliated by the play Avenue Q where he was parodied  and felt helpless because he didn’t have the money to sue.   He has had many runs ins with so may people  that landed him in the headlines in a negative way.

My heart goes out to Gary  because there is no doubt that life has been difficult for him . But life has also been great for him and he needs to look at all of those great things in his life and count his blessings.

Maybe that will help him eliminate some of the internal stress and hostility  he harbors  and give him a happier more productive  life. There is no doubt that Gary needs professional help. Even if he doesn’t take medication,in my opinion  he needs to have someone on hand whom he can speak with on a regular basis to help him cope with his issues.

You can see my body language analysis of Gary Coleman on the Insider tonight on CBS   at 7:30 PM http://www.drlillianglass.com


Octomom Nadya Suleman Showed Some TV Promise, Despite Her Jarring LOUD Nervous Laugh on Jimmy Kimmel Parody Dating Show


 Since the Game Show Network is in a hurry to get Nadya Suleman a show they wanted to give her some TV chops,  so they put her on Jimmy Kimmel Live to test her out.

 Believe it or not, no matter what you think of her past self-admitted irresponsible behavior, I think she passed the little screen test.  I think that because of her performance on Jimmy Kimmel, the Game Show Network has nothing to worry about as Nadya will in my view do a good job for them.



The good news is that’s he was charming,  and warm and affectionate, beginning the show by giving Jimmy a hello kiss and ending the show hugging her date, even though he was too much in shock to return her affection. She was pleasant and I personally found her likeable and there seemed to be a sweetness about her that was very appealing.

                                                                                                          PAPP APPEAL

I think what added to her appeal was watching how she handled herself publically all these months. She isn’t mean or belligerent or fighting with the papps. Instead, she likes the papps and they act in kind. She answers their questions and doesn’t say that she hates them.


She’s had a lot to handle with agencies and lawyers, early on, trying to take her kids from her early on. She’s had to deal with a lot of criticism and hostility from all over the world. Yet she handled it articulately and with grace and aplomb.


And what I like about Nadya the most, is that whenever we have seen her with the kids, she has been loving and affectionate, kind and gentle. I really like seeing that. The best thing of all is that she has not paraded her right  little ones out there, or her other kids for that matter. She has not exploited them and I really respect that.  


 Of course this is really the first time we have seen Nayda in a pleasant and light-hearted situation. When we first met her she was grilled by my dear friend Dr.Phil and rightfully so. But I was impressed with how she handled herself with Dr. Phil. She admitted to him and to the world that she did act irresponsibly and did not make the best choice.

Personally when I see a person who is not in denial and not blaming others and able to openly admit culpability,accepting full responsibility for their actions, it makes me think a lot more of them. It says  a lot about their character.


No matter what you think of Nadya, you have to admit that she looks great! After 8 kids, her body is slender and we toned and she looked remarkable- if not sexy. Jimmy even alluded to looking at her behind as he made a joke about it.

She is clearly not used to this positive attention and her discomfort shown through. But she was very well put together from her hair to the dress she chose to her hose and boots.. She was actually quite an inspiration to get back into the gym and start working out like she has been doing over the past few months.


She had inflection in her vocal tones, so she wasn’t boring or monotone. She was articulate and infected.  She wasn’t self centered but rather engaging.

 I particularly  liked how she made all the  men  she questioned on the other side of the wall, feel good about their answers they gave.

. Even when they were stuck, like bachelor number two, she was supportive, saying that he must be in his head. She made it OK. That means she was not into only herself, but sensitive about someone else.

There was a lightness about her as she genuinely laughed at herself—maybe a bit too much and definitely a bit too loudly. Just as Nadya  no doubt tells her 14 kids to use their “inside voice” when they are indoors, she needed to do the same and not use her  her “outside voice”





When she first entered the stage, there was no question she was nervous as she was practically shaking. However,  she quickly recovered. Although her quick recovery  is a great sign for anyone who wants to be on TV, she needs to make sure it never happens again. That is why she could use some formal on camera training. There are various techniques that can help you- de- nerve in an instant that she needs to learn. I even wrote a book about it once called ‘ Talk to Win”  that could really help her, just by learning some of those techniques to help her. 

Unfortunately, that nervous energy came out vocally in her raucous laughter. Tha is why she laughed so inappropriately and recovered from her laugh so quickly. When a person is genuinely laughing, there is a transition in their recovery time where you see them still smiling. That was n the case with Nadya as she went from over the top laughter to a serious facial expression. When you see that happen, you can rest assured that it is an indication of nerves.


The laugh was way over the top and way inappropriate and if she has plans to move forward with the show, she  defiantly needs to work on this. It was shocking  to the ears  of those who had to listen to it. Over time, it not only became annoying, it became embarrassing as the jarring bursts of sound were  at inopportune moments. There are ways she can re-learn how to laugh more appropriately. She also  and learn how to redirect and  focus that nervous energy vocally.

I do hope the Game Show Network doesn’t overlook this because this can be just the thing to turn viewers of, not to mention turning off  men whom she wants to date.


I also liked that Nada had nothing to hide s she spoke of how unsocialized she has been over the past ten years. Unfortunately it shows and the laugh is a part of it. If she was around more adults, she would  have learn how to gauge her laughter and her loud verbal outbursts. She would have be conditioned by observing their reaction to her as to what is socially and unsocially acceptable in terms of volume and timing of her  laughter.

So getting this show may turn out to be a good thing for Nadya in terms of her being around more adults and learning how to react more appropriately around them.  She even admitted she was slightly agoraphopic. Hopefully getting out more and getting more positive support can help her appropriately  interact with others more.

 While the laugh was  a minus, her sweetness and a charm and pleasantness were plusses. I actually found myself smiling as I watched her and that is a good sign.


 When Bachelor Number three gave her a great answer to her question as to what he would do if she gained a lot of weight, saying that he would be OK with that because he wasn’t dating the body, she winked and gave him a thumbs up. I thought that should some spontaneity and good naturedness on her part.



AS the show continued, she got more comfortable and you could see her shine. She was very pleasant in my view.

Then it came time to meeting all three of  the bachelors. I liked how she took charge during this awkward moment.  She reached out and  her arms around Bachelor Number one


And Bachelor Number two, taking charge to avoid the initial awkward moment, and

Bachelor  Number 3, whom Nadya’s body language revealed she  really liked. Based on his initial body language and genuine heartfelt smile, he  liked her as well. But then he felt awkward when he realized it wa “Octomom” and literally stepped back a bit.  


 But then her  nerves got the best of her  and as a coping mechanism when she sensed him retreating a bit, she did some over the top nervous behaviors by  doubling over as you see above. His hand is now cupped in a fist like position indicating frustration and perhaps a bit of upset at having been set up with a woman with all those kids as well as  the fear of their association and the potential of unwillingly be  being pulled into limelight.



Then she held her stomach as though she was overcome with laughter , but it was really nerves and the awkwardness of feeling a bit rejected, especially  when her date  fellow said how he was in shock.He kept staring at her because he literally could not believe his yes- that he was standing in front of Octomom and was chosen by her as a date. Prior to that she was only a magazine article or a newsreport, but now there she was- up close and ersonal. Ita ll seeemed too much for him to process.


Overall,  I would say that Octomom,  Nadya Suleman’s quest for finding Mr. Right will make great TV. After that little skit, I actually found myself wanting  to see more. I wanted to see if they kissed, if they had a date, where they went and how they acted. That is a great sign.

I hope that she finds love! She deserves it and those babies  and her other kids could definitely use a nice and kind male role model in their lives. Even though I think that Bachelor Number 3 seemed like a really nice guy, I think it was a lot more than he could handle and it showed. No dount there will eventually, be someone out there for Nadya and her brood. Even a  squirrel eventually finds their nut ( no pun intended).  www.drlillianglass.com