Casey Anthony’s Voice and Speech Tells In and Out of the Courtroom- Vocal Frying and Lying


As someone who is engaged in doing vocal forensics for legal cases, I am always amazed at how much we can learn about a person based on the sound and tone of their voice, not to mention their speech patterns and its content.

When a person lies, the voice can give a lot away. Vocal tells are not always consistent in lying.  Sometimes the pitch of a person’s voice may rise as it did last week, when Casey Anthony gave her lame apology in front of the courtroom.

Other times, the voice may sound lower because the vocal cords tend to close off and emit what is known as a “vocal fry” or a “glottal fry” which sounds like a creaking tone.

Since respiration is affected when someone lies, it is often difficult for liars to adequately coordinate their respiration with their phonation.  The fry  is also nature’s  way of wanting to close off  the vocal cords so the person won’t engage in lying. There is a lot of strain on the vocal muscles when the voice closes off, so you often hear Casey  clear her throat. That is another tell to let you know what is taking place.


If you go back and listen to Casey Anthony’s interrogation   audiotapes, with Detective Uri Melich,  you will hear Casey’s  lower pitch and a lot of vocal frying and  creaking tones. This was very evident when Detective Melich  talks to Casey Anthony about when Caylee went missing, how she met Zenaida Gonzalez,what happened the day Caylee disappeared, who she talked to about Caylee missing, how she tried to find Zenaida. and why she did not alert them earlier.

All of that frying clearly means she is lying!


In listening to these interrogation  tapes you will hear that Casey gives WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION, and provides convoluted stories  like she did about Zanida’s mother  and how Zenaida changed her number so much. That is a HUGE tell that someone lies.

TOO MUCH PAUSE TIME TO ANSWER QUESTION Like when Melich asked her about Zanaida’s mother  or asked her about the phone numbers of various people. The extended pause time was used  for Casey to no doubt concoct her false stories.

MONOTONE and lack of inflection pattern in the voice is often a key to deception as is rapid fire answers to questions.



When someone uses upward inflection at the end of sentences, it sounds as though they are asking a question as opposed to making a statement. This upward inflection that Casey used in the courtroom last week, was in stark contrast to the downward frying inflection she used when she was interrogated.  

What this means was that Casey was not being  sincere and definite in her apology. Instead, it was tentative,  phony, and insincere .  It was tentative because Casey is no doubt,  not used to asking for forgiveness or admitting fault for anything.

This is a young lady who has gotten away with everything her entire life. She was enabled as he family always seemed to look the other way and have their heads buried in the sand when it came to Casey.  It sounded like she was asking a question with her upward inflection. Her raised eyebrows that went along with her tentative upward  inflection  reflected that  what she was doing and saying in terms of apologizing it was new and foreign  information that her body was processing.


In the case of Casey Anthony, her higher pitched of her voice indicated a lot of tension in her vocal apparatus.  When people are not being truthful or are insincere or nervous, we  may oftentimes hear a sudden rise in pitch as we did with Casey. She knew deep down she didn’t believe those words one bit.


There were many vocal frys and cracking  of the voice as Casey spoke, indicating deception and  insincerity. This was especially evident when she said how she wished she would have been a better friend to Amy.

If and when  Casey does take the stand during her murder trial, it will be  very interesting to read her vocal and speech tells. No doubt we will her more of the same patterns of deception that she exhibited when she a interrogated and when she was insincerely apologizing.


9 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Voice and Speech Tells In and Out of the Courtroom- Vocal Frying and Lying

  1. Thank you Dr. Glass…

    I also took note of how immataure Casey’s voice sounds, almost this indicative of living a life of lies, or is she just immature and goes to how she was raised?? Has she been over protected by her mom or is she just following mom’s lead. She seems to harbor alot of anger and rage, which are the only two emotions I readily see that have no problems being shown by Casey.
    See, I feel if a mother can lie in front of her child, the child learns it’s okay to lie. I’ve heard all the contrary statements made by her parents, mostly her mother and wonder just like a child learns what they live, if this is what happened to Casey? I haven’t heard a bit of truth coming from her mouth, even as she gives this unfelt apology to her ex best friend.
    I also wonder how long she can go on with living this lie, implicating innocent people as the responsible party for Caylee’s demise. This is something that didn’t happen overnight, IMO…I feel this was a long time coming and is a product of her rearing..never held responsible for any wrongdoing and now, she’s in a fight for her life. I do hope Casey feels her ends justified her means for I do not believe a word her defense spouts of her innocence. If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true. Read the discovery documents as well as the evidence…

    A loving Grandparent
    I have three granddaughters and you can bet your bippy, I wouldn’t make any excuses for them, if I found myself in the same position. I would love my child, support my child, I’d stand by their side but would expect them to take responsiblity for their actions and not try to cover up for them..could the difference be morals, family values??? Raised on a Catholic foundation. Thou shalt not kill, lie or steal…something is missing from this family and the end result is what they are facing now..I once had sympathy for them, felt empathy for them until the convoluted lies rolled in..I feel sorry for them as a family, they need to see the dysfuction so it doesn’t repeat itself..

    Loving Grandparent to three beautiful girls


  2. My friend’s daughter is a compulsive liar, and she does the same thing as Casey with the low voice, or ‘frying’ as you put it. She makes stuff up as she goes along, and you can tell by the tone of her voice that she’s doing it. There’s also a heightened sense of her own importance involved, a patronism, and Casey also gave that away.


  3. Somewhere in the past few days I read someone’s description of Casey’s voice. The bloggar described her as delicate & feminine (or words to that effect ~ sorry, can’t provide link, can’t remember). Although I think it was clear to the majority of listeners, and then confirmed by Lillian Glass, who uses her educated interpretation of Casey’s high voice to say:

    “What this means was that Casey was not being sincere and definite in her apology. Instead, it was tentative, phony, and insincere . It was tentative because Casey is no doubt, not used to asking for forgiveness or admitting fault for anything.

    In my opinion I would go with the expert’s findings. Respectfully.


  4. Dr. Glass,
    thank you for your assessment of Casey and George’s body language which was right on spot.

    Is there any chance that you could also include your views
    on Cindy and Lee also?


  5. Thanks Dr. Lillian for your analysis!!!
    As Christine, I also would like if you could analyze Cindy & Lee’s relationship… Lee seems to always be looking for his mother’s acceptance and love, in my opinion of course. Lee Anthony had returned to live with his parents to help them with the bills. It would be nice to hear your analysis for sure. Thanks a lot!!!


  6. Dr Glass, I love your opinion. You are such a bright woman, and so accurate.

    I do have a question for you. I really never lie, but I always give out to much information. I share me way to much. It is my biggest fault. I want to know if there is an exception to those that give to much info? I know that I am very loney and have only my two dogs to communicate with, most of the time, and they rarely speak:) Why do I have to give so much info out?


  7. Dr. Glass, could you do a voice read on Tammi Smith in the Gabriel Johnson case?

    I also agree with your interpretation of Casey Anthony. I to felt the apology was fake. And for the crying, she has a way of poking the eyes to look like she is crying. The only time she really cries is for herself.
    Thanks for all you do.


  8. Dear Dr Glass , I love your assessment of casey anthony and her family I have read each one you have written , you are spot on and it gives me a lot of insight into these people , I also give you a standing ovation for telling as it is , you use your great knowledge and break it down into the easiest most interesting way to understand all of this , I think you should have your own T.V. show , I only watch some of the shows when you are on ,I too would love an assessment on cindy and lee . Also off topic Debi , Hello , I used to do this to , so do not feel bad I think it is an attempt to people please , I practiced not to do it so much and it is working for me , I am glad you have your dogs for company , and that you have found Dr Glass , she is great !so have a good day Debi, best wishes Bunny Swayzee.


  9. This information is absolutely fascinating. I played the melich interrogation tapes while reading Dr Glass comments. I can’t believe this Casey Anthony. How can a mother do something like this? She lies in mid sentence and bogus details come to mind on the fly. Incredible stuff


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