Casey Anthony’s Body Language in Court Reflects Phony Non- Tears, Fake Sniffles, and An Empty Apology


Casey Anthony  entered the courtroom with a nauseating smirk. The smirk and smile did not leave this  sociopath’s face as she looked “excited” to have all the attention focus on her. She was wide-eyed and consistently maintained her smile, as she finally said to Andrea Lyons “I’m excited.”

Even though the sound wasn’t up for anyone to hear, my Utley lip-reading skills that I learned about as an undergraduate speech pathology major, back in the day,  stood me well.

I was able to read Casey’s lips as she mouthed those words, as she smiled all the while. At first, I didn’t believe that I actually read those words on her lips, so I rewound the video. Low and behold, my eyes were not playing tricks on me after all.  She definitely spoke those words. I was even more nauseated and disgusted by Casey Anthony then ever before.


Was Casey EXCITED by the fact :

  1. that she stole money from her  best friend and ran  up her bills and was now on trial for doing that ?

that  she is now a full  fledged felon????

that she is the center of attention?

that she had some lines to memorize, courtesy of “screenwriters” Andrea Lyon and Jose Baez and didn’t want to flub those well rehearsed lines during her verbal  acting debut in court.

that she had her lines down pat and was excited to recite them in court???

All of the above ???


When anyone is not being forthright or sincere, you can hear it in their voice.

One of the main “tells” is that pitch of their voice raised, It goes up an octave or two like you just heard in this video when Casey spoke.

Her high-pitched voice was a far “cry” (we’ll get to the crying bit in a moment)) from the lower tones we all heard while she was sending officers on that infamous wild goose chase and when she was telling them about the fictious” Zanny the Nanny.”

Next, when someone is not being sincere or forthright, you hear the voice closing off and cracking. It is the vocal muscles way of shutting itself off from the obvious lie.


In Casey’s case, you even see this visually. As she speaks a few words, out of the blue, her head jerks itself  back.

In essence it is her body’s visceral reaction to her lies and rehearsed lines and insincerity. You even see her gulp. Her vocal muscles are betraying her and staring to close off as she recites her ”bullshit”  (sorry, if I offended anyone by saying “bullshit” but that is the only word that best describes what was going on here.)

When she says “I take full and complete responsibility”  with her raised eyebrows it is a clear signal of deception and a clear indication that she is saying something she does not believe at all.

When Casey says “I’d like to sincerely apologize to Amy , and wipes away a non tear on her cheek you can see right then and there it is a fake apology.  There was no tear so why was she flicking away a tear before one emerge?

It was because of what came next. Her following rehearsed line was “I wish I would have been a better friend.” Puhleeeeeeez.  Then we see more fake non tears and the book hooing it. The cracking of the voice when she says this shows how the body is closing off as it doesn’t want to speak those lying words.

Casey was only a friend to Casey. Casey only thought about Casey. The only friend Casey could have is a friend she could use, manipulate  and of whom she could take complete advantage.

One more thing, you see a lot of upper chest breathing in this non apology Casey made This is the body working overtime and trying to oxygenate itself. She is” excited” at having to perform and this is her body’s way of trying to maintain a homeostatic balance in the body. It is also an indication that she was clearly not being sincere in what she was saying.


There was no sincerity to her apology as indicated by her voice tone. It sounded like she was asking a question with her upward inflection. Her raised eyebrows indicated that it was new information that her body was processing.

It was foreign to her system and as a result her body language reacted in a questioning manner, complete with raised eyebrows and upward inflection. Her body and her system was not used to this foreign experience  of apologizing or taking  responsibility for anything. This was no doubt the first time she ever did anything like that and it clearly showed in her body language.


As Casey was reciting her lines of bullshit, Jose Baez’s eyes did not leave Casey’s face. He looked like a proud papa at a grade school play, making sure that his kid didn’t flub her lines. Casey may have memorized her lines and not flubbed them verbally, but she sure flubbed them vocally and body language wise.


Whenever you see someone purse their lips after they tell you something, they are usually lying. It’s the body’s way of closing off.  That is what Casey did. She pursed her lips after her rehearsed lines.


If listening to Casey’s fake apology wasn’t bad enough, it was even worse having to endure looking  at her obsessive ritualistic behavior in the courtroom with regard to her boo hooing it. Here is what she does:

1 She wipes away non tears either with her finger or with a kleenex

2. There is no facial distress often associated with tears.

3. Then she looks at her finger or her kleenex for non- liquid that comes out of her non- tears.

4. Then she sniffles audibly so that everyone can hear her.

5. Then she dabs the non- mucous and non- liquid from her nose where she makes her fake sniffle noises

6. Then she touches her hair, pats it or flips it.

She  repeats this ritual ad nauseum.


As soon as  Casey sat down after her rehearsed bullshit  apology, Andrea Lyons  acted like the mother hen as she put her arm around Casey. Casey ignored Andrea’s  nurturing and maternal attempts as Casey began her Six Step Boo Hoo Ritual  complete with non tear wiping and tissue examining.

My Utley Lip Reading Skills were used once again as Andrea mouths the words to Casey asking her is she was OK? Casey ignores Andrea and continues her ritual, Andrea asks her again and Casey is way too busy with her ritual to answer. She finally nods her head as if to indicate she is OK after her rehearsed “apology” debut.

Casey’s non- answer speaks volumes. It shows how very much into herself she is and how self- absorbed she is.

Meanwhile Jose could care less. He’s seen it all before. He’s heard it all before. He’s hip to the fake tears  and fake sniffles. He doesn’t even look at her.

At first he used to be very attentive to Casey—maybe too attentive! Now he would never think of comforting her let alone touching her. That’s the last think he needs to deal with in regard to this Casey Case.

There was a point where Jose has his hand on his forehead as if to nonverbally say” how did I get myself into this mess representing this sociopath next to me with her fake tears. I wish she’d stop already. I told her to show some emotion but this is ridiculous already!”

Then Jose’s hand leaves his forehead and his hands now appear on his desk in a lawyerly stance. He back to the reality of defending this miscreant and probably thinking “ What the heck, it’s been good PR for my career. I’ve got to do everything possible to defend her because everyone in the world is watching  me”


Halfway through the tape around 13.00 you see the real Casey Anthony up close and personal. You see what I call her ICE FACE. There  is no reaction. It is scary to look at. It is devoid of emotion. It is for lack of a better word”creepy.” Her ice face reflects what is really going on inside of her- nothing!

There is no reaction except for some grooming behaviors where she pats her hair or straightens her collar.These grooming behaviors reflect her narcissism and  wanting to look good to others- something sociopaths often do.


The apple does not fall from the tree. Cindy Anthony does the same thing Casey does, except her tears are probably  a bit more real than Casey’s. They may be tears of guilt for letting her sociopathic daughter run her all these years and  stear from her and her own mother (Casey’s grandmother) not putting a stop to Casey’s aberrant  behaviors.

They may be tears of reality that her daughter is now a convicted felon and that this little court date will be a piece of cake compared with what is in store in the murder trial.

The bottom line is that no matter what kind of tears Cindy had, she too examined them just like Casey does.


George looked like a miserable mess with puffy eyes so you know his tears were for real.

My Ultey Lipreading Skills came into use once again as Cindy as she mouthed the words to her husband George- “I love you.” He didn’t respond.  He didn’t say I love you too or I love you back, He said nothing and looked ahead.



Watching and hearing Casey speak and watching her fake boo hoos in the courtroom and her  ritualistic behavior were both sickening and maddening.

It was maddening to see the obvious manipulation by the attorneys in making her apologize to Amy for not being a better friend. Puhleeze!

What was even more maddening was when Jose Baez (whom I must admit does look rather dapper and handsome and does try to maintain his professional composure  through his  well spoken sonorous voice)  spoke to reporters outside the courtroom. He  continued his manipulation as the cameras were pointed at him. But no matter how clever or convincing he thought he was being, he clearly leaked out his true thoughts and feelings  the end.

As his final words said that Casey’s apology showed that she was taking responsibility for her actions, his head shook ‘NO” when it should have been nodding “YES ” in the affirmative. So Jose’s body language betrayed him. It revealed that he knows very well  that sociopaths NEVER take responsibility for their actions.

He knows very well that he put those  words of apology  in her mouth for her to regurgitate.

While Casey  may have regurgitated  his words, no matter how many times she rehearsed them, her body language and voice spoke the truth! Her apology was insincere and contrived!


55 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Body Language in Court Reflects Phony Non- Tears, Fake Sniffles, and An Empty Apology

  1. Thank you for posting. I love to hear your intake on things. Casey never once cried before. It’s Lyons and Baez who have instructed her to. Baez was always asked why Casey didn’t show emotion. Now she does it everytime. FAKE, and we all know it.
    She’s practicing for the murder trial. Can’t go in there and show no emotion, she might be convicted.
    I don’t think it matters how much she boo hoos at the murder trial, I believe she will still be convicted.
    Casey’s ice face- love the name. It fits perfectly.


  2. Thank you so very much Dr. Lillian Glass!!!!
    I love your analysis because we see Casey’s fake tears and emotions and we can’t point out what’s missing… we know it’s not genuine but we can’t say what it is and your article just clarifies what we can’t see. I also thought she was too happy about her conviction… 6 times convicted felon, what’s to smile about??? Go figure!!!


  3. Thank you so much Dr. Lillian,

    Funny (but not really) how she cries at the drop of a hat NOW, but when her daughter was kidnapped, she had to stay composed and couldn’t be crying every second (her words).

    She is so obvious it’s nauseating.


  4. thank you for letting us in on your body language this is very interesting but also i had a sister who is socia-path that stole from our family robbed a store and even took my father to the bank while he was in a total stupor from dying from cancer and alzhiemiers to cash stolen checks, so caseys actions are very familar to how my sister would act too, she had no emotions except to her apperance and finally she ended up having a judge see thru her after much bs blowing too! i enjoyed your story and hope to hear more from you during her trial ! thanks for the laughs too !


  5. Dr.Lillian~~ I agree with Your Observasion 100 %.
    I thought maybe I was too negative when I watched Casey A. at the last Hearing because I felt like You, it was all about Casey, again!
    I guess my Instincts were right and Casey put on a well
    rehearsed Show yet again. Any one who pays close Attention to what she says and to her Demeanor can tell it is always about Casey and no one else.
    I also noticed Cindy wiping her Tears in the same manner as Casey does, examining her Kleenex after wiping her Tears.
    I agree her Tears most likely were real for the same Reasons You mentioned above. JMO
    I guess Casey’s silly smirk meant she knew she would get away with a slap on her wrist for the 13 Felonies she committed, all she had to do is go by the script her Defense
    gave her. I must say it worked.
    Maybe she does need to remember she is a Felon now and will go into her Murder Trial with a Record of being a Felon, so I guess it isn’t all Roses after all for her.
    Let’s see if she is still smirking when the Murder Trial begins.


  6. The photographic images of Casey’s ‘ice face’ that speak best to the empty shell inside her were the surveillance images taken at the bank when she cashed Amy’s check. Her face was devoid of expression, her eyes hollow. All business and she certainly didn’t look like she felt bad about emptying her friends account. Didn’t appear nervous that she’d get caught.

    Just straight businesslike confidence and entitlement.


  7. Great article and wonderful that your professional opinion confirms the visceral reaction I had to Casey’s big apology. Dr Glass, what is your opinion on true demonstrations of remorse?
    I’m asking because of all the people Casey has stolen from over the years, Amy is the only one who pressed charges. So we are to believe that Casey is truly remorseful and wanted to take responsibility all along for the crimes she committed against Amy. Presumably pleading not guilty and attempting to delay the trial until after the murder case has been tried illustrates this true remorse.
    Shouldn’t this remorseful woman, who admits in open court she should have been a better friend, be just beside herself with guilt over the theft from her Grandfathers Nursing home account or whatever theft of money, `lots of money` Cindy referred to on her myspace page?


  8. Absolutely spot on with your analysis of the sickening display of fake emotion and even more fake responsibility-taking with KC. I, too, noticed the “I’m excited” and simply could not believe my eyes. I’m sure KC was excited. She’d been waiting quite a while to be again the center of attention and just could not help herself, literally. The grooming, the smiling, the fake wiping of tears, we’ve seen it before. It must’ve taken the lawyers quite some time to write her “apology” to Amy and Lyons, although I know why she does the mother hen routine, needs to understand that nobody is buying her client’s act. It is insulting to think that we, the public, including the potential jury pool, would buy it. They need to find another way to go with this — perhaps a plea bargain. As much as I want to see KC on trial for her life, don’t you agree that she will not be able to carry off the grieving mother bit for that long and will revert to the smiling, preening creep that she is for all to see?


  9. Thank you Dr. Glass, your assessments are always right on.

    I too didn’t feel sincerity in Casey’s words. I feel like it’s the attorney’s who had to groom this young lady on how to behave. Always, if she thinks she’s being spoken about improperly, there goes the clenced fists, the pursing of her lips, the scrunching of her nose and her face becomes apple red. You see the rage emerge. Baez feeds into her by his constant whining of how unpopular his client is, how unfairly she’s being treated. She’s just another prisoner, she does’t get special treatment. There is no conspiracy surrounding Casey Anthony.
    I too caught Cindy Anthony mouthing, I love you, to George, empty, no response.
    I’m not in the courtroom but seems to me, Casey doesn’t acknowledge her parents, she could care less if they are there, IMO. Cindy’s tears are due to her never holding Casey reponsible or accountable for her actions, well the State of Florida did. I think this is a rude awakening for all of them. I truly feel Casey should think long and hard about not taking her murder case to trial and to stop implicating an innocent man and woman.
    She will never take the stand in her own defense, her rage will shine through. She cannot explain as she’s spending her friends money, where was Caylee? Why didn’t you buy any items for Caylee? The prosecutors will tear her to shreds. Everything that comes out of her mouth are lies and the jury (if the defense takes this all the way) will see right through her..I do want to hear how they connect RK to Caylee. How did Caylee get into the custody of RK if the imaginanny, ZFG is the one who abducted her or failed to return her, whichever story you believe. I await the trial date, I await the discovery from the defense, I await the day I hear “guilty” for a second time. Casey made her own destiny. All that I’ve seen in the states discovery, leads me to believe, the right person sits accused.

    Thank you again, for a wonderful assessment and allowing our comments..

    A concerned grandparent.

    Justice for Caylee is next and Caylee will get the justice she deserves.

    Justice for Caylee!


  10. Ms. Glass, I noticed when she was sworn in that her right hand was bent forward. What does this say or mean? I heard before but can not remember now. Thank you for your response.


  11. Her high-pitched voice was a far “cry” (we’ll get to the crying bit in a moment)) from the lower tones we all heard while she was sending officers on that infamous wild goose chase and when she was telling them about the fictious” Zanny the Nanny.”

    So, when she was talking about Zanny, it was the truth? I am not following this.


  12. Happy Tuesday, Doctor!
    I enjoyed this piece, as I do pretty much all your stuff. As someone who has had a bit of experience on the other side of the gavel and as a 12 step sponsor, I can recognize BS when I see it. With absolutely NO disrespect, it will not require a Ph.D for Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Public to see that travesty for what it was. I just wish more of them would read this particular piece to see how deep it goes and the other ‘actors’ (pun intended) part in this. Please keep it up! The ‘talking heads’ know your points are hard to dispute.
    PS Any book signings, etc. coming up? I have been looking through your blog.


  13. Casey learned to lie with the raised eye brows from her father. Watch any video with George Anthony speaking and you will see him raise his eyebrows when he is reciting the bullshit Cindy feeds to him.

    That ice face look is truly Casey. I think the best ice face she gave was when she was being led out of her house after she was arrested on the check fraud charges. She walks out and looks to her right. There is a look of pure evil on her face. She also shows a more milder version of it in court often.

    This whole family is a bunch of phonies. They have lived off lies their entire lives.


  14. Thank you Dr. Glass. Watching her coming into court smiling and all happy is just sickening. It just goes against all common sense to act like that. It grates against normal brain reactions to watch. In the three sentences she uttered, she mentions or refers to herself eight times. What does that tell us? You are very wise and interesting.


  15. Thanks Dr. Glass,
    You are bang right on. I was saying everything you said as it was happening. She said and did what she was told to by her team. I don’t think that there is one ounce of sincerity in that girl. I continue to enjoy your posts.


  16. Dr.Glass… thanks for another excellent article about Casey…. You have described her to a “t”…also thanks for verifying what I saw yesterday in court… I saw Cindy word ” I love you” to
    George when he handed her a kleenex & he just ignored it while Cindy kept looking at him waiting for a response in turn which she never got from him…..


  17. Baez knows he is in a no win situation. I do wonder how many times he wishes he had never picked up the phone where Casey was on the other end. He knows he is dealing with a total psychopath and there is nothing he can do to make her the least bit likable. You can’t put emotion and empathy into a person who has no soul.


  18.,you are so right,i was not really surprised ,when casey walked in the courtroom and was all smiley!i am getting tired of her fake tears,its a farce!


  19. I watched carefully the entire courtroom drama that played out yesterday. I too did the lip reading and upon her entrance she smiled as if she was expecting applauds from the audience. She was totally in her glory. She was so ‘excited’ she could hardly control herself and she was once again the ‘center of attention’.
    As she gave her scriped speech I watched her breathing and chest movements rise and hold it for a sec. then fall.
    Her apology to Amy was lame because it meant nothing to her. Just words she was told to say because she had never apologized for anything through out her lifetime.
    Her pursed lips also told me …..oops …lies have been told, which she was forced to say.
    I have always called her the Ice Princess because of her cold empty stare, her separation from what she should be dealing with…..her missing, and now dead daughter Caylee.
    Her main concern was how she looked, hair, blouse and when it was time for the tears, she tried to make it look as real as she possibly could. It didn’t wash. I was thinking she was studying the tissue to see if Zanny was hiding in it.
    Next came Cindy’s I Love You to George…..he turned away without comment…..did I chuckle at that one.
    Cindy’s faux tears were mirrored to Casey’s. What a pair !!
    Lyon consoling Casey was another big issue with me. Mother bear to the rescue….Baez ignoring both.
    He too was flustered because he stumbled and stuttered in his speech to Judge Strickland, to the point where he dropped his papers…. I think he has had it with Casey but he’s now in too deep do anything but defend her, knowing that she is as guilty as sin.
    Though the Anthony’s told us of their love for Caylee, (and no doubt in their own way they did love her) however, their love for Casey is stronger now. IMO Caylee is gone and
    forgotten until it becomes time for them to benefit from her name.
    Thank you for your wise assessment of Casey in Action.
    It was right on spot 100%.


  20. Marsha
    There is no Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez or Zanny the nanny as Casey sworn stated to LE. There are no photos, no phone records, no nothing she ever existed.


  21. Great article Dr. Glass. It appeared that Casey’s hand was bend forward and the fingers slightly bent when she was sworn in. Any thoughts on this?


  22. Right on. Jose was, actually, smirking at one point, but he was getting awfully uncomfortable before the little drama was over. Jose and Andrea better get ready to pull a rabbit out of a hat, here.

    What an act!


  23. Ms.Glass, great write up on Casey and so on target. Also so right on with your assessment of Baez and of Lyon playing mama bear. Baez i expect to be a blundering bafoon but i thought at least Lyon would have some sense but alas i was wrong. Her babying Casey like she is a five year old verses a 23 year old in a court of Law is absolutely the most unprofessional BS i have ever seen done by an actual Lawyer. It gathers no sympathy for Casey as a five year old could actually figure out why Lyons is playing this ridiculous non-professional part. When are Baez and Lyon’s ever going to get it together? They coached casey to read her BS script but they forgot to coach her on looking somber when entering the court room and continue until she is out of the courtroom and away from cameras. Did you or anyone else catch Baez little farce to the Judge when he said we can fix the probation part here right now if you will give us a reasonable bond. Then he looks over at Casey and they both laugh. No wonder he is known by so many, as well as myself, on the blogs as ”Bozo The Clown.”


  24. The ice face did it for me as it has so many times before. Casey is SCARY. It is frightening to look into those eyes and see nothing. Utter darkness. Evil. She exudes it. She has been able to mask it in the past with charm, superficial interest and overt sexuality but what lies beneath…?! That is what everyone should be afraid of like I am CERTAIN Caylee was. I believe that Caylee had her mom’s number and was afraid of her. I think Cindy and George were/are afraid of her. This is someone you don’t want back on the streets EVER. Whether she gets the DP or LWOP. She is sick and needs to stay out of society.


  25. Hello Dr. Lillian,
    I must take after my dad being able to sorta size up people as well as I do. I noticed everything you mentioned about Casey. Although it isn’t much of a test sizing Casey and her family up. lol
    I also noticed Casey didn’t look into the Judge’s eyes. She looked down mostly as if she was mentally picturing the script in her head. When you pause the video of her non-apology, the still picture is of a face that looks like someone who’s studying. Casey laughed and smiled through the whole audition except during her speech. She even chuckled during sentencing! Her smiling as she walked into court, knowing why she was there, shows her absence of concern, guilt, emotion, and sincerity.
    Baez’s “Casey’s Un-Popular” speech in my opinion showed lack of experience and respect for a future jury. The jury will be instructed to follow the law and base their outcome on the evidence. I’m sure they will. Baez suggesting constantly it’s going to be an unfair trial is in my opinion a degrading comment towards a future jury. And also the Judge actually as well.
    Casey and her “Tissue Jab”! lol I call it the “Tissue Jab”, where she tries to get as close to her eye as possible trying to create her own tears. But she just can’t quite bring herself to actually touch the eye. lmao Notice she never needs a new tissue, nor is there a box on the table.
    They must be Bounty Tissues! lol

    Take care


  26. Thanks for the analysis and insightful observations.
    Bozo is in way over his head, but he’s too arrogant to admit it.
    What do you make of the constant smirk on his face?
    Andrea the Lionhearted and her mother hen routine..Huge FAIL.
    George A seemed to be the only one with a clue that 6 felony convictions on his daughter’s record was a serious matter.
    He just didn’t feel like following Cindy’s script yesterday. Good for him.


  27. Dr. Glass, I’m curious. Is this a State with the death penalty (forgive my question, I’m Canadian and unsure which States have the death penalty). If that State does it makes me really wonder why Casey Anthony would enter court with a large smile like that. Wouldn’t she realize she could be put to death for her actions? That sure as heck wouldn’t make me smile.


  28. Dr. Glass, you are spot-on about Casey. As someone else has said – what is going to be priceless is when this is all over the members of the defense team will not even communicate with Casey – she will be forgotten!! Then the curtain will close for Casey!


  29. For a woman who is so concerned with her looks, she certainly looks like hell – dark circles, blotchy complexion, frumpy looking hair. Guess that’s what the slammer does to you.


  30. I usually don’t comment about Casey Anthony but these photos are so “nauseating” that I just had to speak up.

    I remember the first time I saw Casey Anthony on T.V. after she was arrested. She was being escorted by a deputy sheriff to another section in the jail and the press was waiting for her. I remember Casey had a smirk and a swagger in the way she walked. It was like the princess was on parade. I thought that was just so strange. Her daughter had disappeared and Casey was acting like she was the star of the show. I’ve looked at the other pictures for this post and Casey is just a frightening individual.


  31. One of my favorite thoughts is, how does Casey who is crying make a single “KLEENEX” last two hours? With all those fake tears? It is a great ad for “Brawny” paper towels, but not for Kleenex! Her fake cry tears just drives me crazy, does she really think we are not watching her every move?


  32. Dr.Glass,
    I saw Cindy Anthony mouth I love you to George and I too, noticed his non-reaction. I think he stuck between to very strong and strange (for lack of a better word) women. I would not be suprisedb if he left Cindy after this is all over. The man is being smothered and he just wishes he this was over and he could start healing. I hope he gets good clinical help soon. He looks worn and tired. I do not know what the future holds for him. Where is Lee? The guy who kept repeating CMA. at the funeral.
    This familly is breaking…..and soon Casey will be alone


  33. I’ve heard that someone stated that Casey was Jealous of Baez wife being pregnant. Is this something that has been talked about by someone who knows or just a comment. I also heard He was hugging her in her cell on his visits and had to be told to not touch her. I bet his wife dont have a clue if these comments are true.I would like to read more on these issues but dont know where to look. Thank You for this wonderful Body Language section. I loved it. Susan


  34. Thank You Dr. Glass for the interesting Body Language Info.

    Is there a link where I can see todays PJ’s talking to the Honerable JP during his questioning on the DP. After one gave a somewhat speach, I read Casey’s lips say “Amen” I’d like to see this again and be sure of what I saw.


  35. What is the Ear Twitching say on Casey. I see it often. I use that twitch when I’m intense. It’s involuntary on me. But I feel the tightness in my skull. It’s like a dogs ears going back when they dont know for sure to be angry or not. I have noticed also her eyes go down at times and other times she can stare a hole in a person. She is an interesting study.


  36. I didn’t notice it at first, but Casey DOES answer Andrea Lyons the 1st time by slightly nodding her head when asked if she’s ok…As to her comment “I would like to apologise to Amy, I wish I would’ve been a better friend” A better FRIEND? How about, wish you would’ve been a better MOTHER?!


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