Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Breaking Up? Body Language Shows Lots of Tension In Their Relationship For Quite A While


Right now , there are reports that  Brad and Angelina are headed towards splitting up while others in the media  they their relationship is strong an intact.

Some news outlets even reported they went to see a divorce attorney while others reported that reps for Brand and Angelina said this was not true.

Being the optimist I am and believing that this is such a wonderfully like-minded couple who are so committed to various social issues,  I certainly hope that it is not true.


But one thing I know for sure is that they have definitely been having issues in their relationship based on their body language.

.I have been asked to do a lot of body language analyses for a lot of magazines around the world over the past several months concerning Brad and Angelina’s body language at different events and I hate to report that it does not look good. After looking at so many photos of them I can assure you that their bodies are not lying. There IS trouble.


Let’s go back to Cannes Film Festival  which was in May, Brad and Angelina appeared on the red carpet and you could cut the air with the  tension between them.

Their facial tension and looking in opposite directions is NOT a good signal body language wise.

They clearly had words with one another in Cannes. Brad is mad as determined by his hand position with thumb extended and hands pointed towards Angie. Angie;s hands are in a  defensive position, pulled back along  with her rounded shoulders, This indicates that Brad is upset with Angie and she is feeling defensive.

While they tried to make nice for the camera they are looking in different directions. This is not a good sign. There is a lot of tension on Angelina’s face and Brad’s head is pulled away with a lot of tension in his forehead. There is also a clenched tight jaw and no smiling from either of them.

Here is the couple on the red carpet. They are both looking glum and not very radiant together. Angie looks upset with rounded shoulders and there is way too much distance between them, Bras has his hand in his pocket, a clenched  jaw as he is attempting to hide his obvious negative feelings. They are also  looking in the opposite direction, which is a very bad sign in a relationship. Angie’s face looks  sad with her head bowed down.


Angie is pulling Brad along and he clearly does not like it as you can see in his hand position, It is awkward with his fingers spread apart.The tension and furrow in his forehead and open mouth are further indication that Brad is not too happy about something, ALso his stiff arm is a giveaway that he doesn’t like  being dragged.

Here it looks like Brad is holding on to the car for dear life.  Both is arms are stiff and outstretched, This means that he is angry. Angie wears facial tension and her rounded posture shows that she isn’t as secure around Brad as she once was.


Now months Later, the couple  is an an event with  George Clooney, Look at how Angie is pulled away from Brad and her head leans coquettishly to the side as she gazes at George Clooney. George’s head leaning in her direction says that he is returning and acknowledging Angie’s flirt even though his eyes are focused on his best buddy Brad. Brad looks stiff  next to Angie and doesn’t lean into her which is also a distancing signal. It does not look like a good sign between them.

Now look at Angie’s radiance around Muhammed Ali, Granted it is Muhammed Ali, but this is an example of Angie at her best. Eyes are smiling, mouth is smiling, You see her teeth and her radiance .


There is no doubt that this couple has more pressure than most. Their working schedules, movie making, film commitments, PR commitments, philanthropic commitments, world travel,  raising little babies (the twins), rasing th rest of th children and tending to their physical and emotional needs.

They clearly are BOTH loving and caring parents as you can see their love towards every one of their children in every photo they take.

Recently Brad took little Maddox on an outing where Maddox wore a hat similar to his daddy’s. It was touching to see.There is no doubt that Maddox identifies with his dad and loves him as he loves his mom as well.

They may very well be going through a rough patch. Their stresses and challenges  are huge compared to most. I do hope they can work it out between them as they have so many beautiful things together. They are like-minded and caring .

They not only care about their own kids but they unselfishly care about what happens to others in the world.In my view, these are truly beautiful people not only on the outside but on the inside as well. They reflect the old adage of “pretty is as pretty does.”

I hope the best for them and are able to weather the storm of what seems to be a little rough patch. If they do, it will be well worth it and beneficial to everyone. I prey they hang in there and make it work.

Muhammed Ali and with George

More Recent Event

Once again you can see the tension in their faces. Brad has a half smile as there are no teeth showing a s slight pulling of his lips. Angie;s head is uncharacteristically down indicating that something is amiss between them. She also has a half smile indicating that she is trying to make nice for the camers but something isn’t right.

Angie is uncharactersitically holding on to her arm as though she is bracing herself and pulling Brad towards her. In essence she s manipulating his body positon in this photo op.Brad’s head is turned away and he has a half smile indicating he isn;t too happy.


9 thoughts on “Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Breaking Up? Body Language Shows Lots of Tension In Their Relationship For Quite A While

  1. Thank you for the analysis. I enjoy reading your blog as I’ve always found body language fascinating and you provide good insight. I agree that the body language of this couple has been off for some time, especially when you compare it during those first few years where Brad & Angelina were hanging on each other, very affectionate, smiling HUGE smiles and seemingly in sync.


  2. Hello Dr. Lillian Glass!!!
    I am just curious to see what you thought of Casey Anthony’s apology today at her check fraud hearing where she plead guilty. I didn’t buy it, and it seemed to me she was coached by her attorneys… she was not genuine but it’s good to hear from a professional, of course… I might be wrong… well, I don’t think so. I believe Baez is trying to gain some sympathy from potential jurors. Also his behavior today was one of a defeated person, he was not believing what he was saying. Well, looking forward for you analysis. Thanks!!!


  3. I have seen him look at her with complete adoration. The feeling on her part has seemed ice cold for a long while. She has appeared cold and stiff at alot of the award shows, and I wondered why. Maybe, the coldness was directed toward Brad. They haven’t looked happy for awhile. I hope they haven’t over-extended themselves with too many babies and too many projects. I hope they can pull it together for their children’s sake.


  4. …also I saw some pictures of them like 3 weeks or maybe a month ago,going to take dinner at a restaurant..I think in NY and Angi was wearing a dark blue ,simple dress and her Feragamo boots…the expression on her face was very unhappy and Brad’s expression was like he felt sorry for something he did and didn’t know what to say to her.
    I hope they manage to rekindle their love and interest to one another..HW is a rough place and so many people are gossiping around about them,it’s very sad.


  5. Thank you for your insight. I hope you are right and they are only weathering a rough patch in their relationship. I know someone who knows them and they report that neither Brad nor Angie are going anywhere. They are still deeply commited to their relationship and children. I hope they’re right.


  6. A building built on a weak foundation will ultimately fall. The foundation of their relationship was never strong from the beginning. Bring in 6 kids. The building can’t hold it. It was only a matter of time, the children are the sacrifices on the alter of their lust and greed.


  7. I don’t feel sorry for Jennifer Anniston I am happy for her. I hope that she is happy that she was spared. Thank G-d they didn’t have children together and then he did the movie with Angelina. There would be two families destroyed! Jennifer has clean hands but Ange’s fans can’t take it.


  8. I enjoyed reading your analysis of this couple. One thing that troubles me though is that you only write about the photos that the press allows the public to see. If the topic of them breaking up is what sells a magazine or gets people to click on a link, the media will certainly publish photos that have mostly negative body language indicators. If there are photos that can be positively analyzed to show they are in love and staying together, you’ll never see them. Photos of these two, which may show genuine love, just don’t create controversy and therefore don’t sell. We don’t get to see the whole picture. We only see what is selected for our consumption.

    Personally, I am not a big fan of this couple but I too hope they can make it work for the sake of the 6 young children involved. Those children are like any other and want mommy and daddy together. They do not understand the machinations of the Hollywood publicity machine or the illusion that is our entertainment world and the celebrities that comprise it.

    If one or both members of a celebrity couple such as Brad and Angie, are under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances, does that affect their body language and cast some doubt on their physical presentation as individuals and as a couple? I am not accusing anyone in particular of drug or alcohol abuse, but I am curious how it affects body language because it is well understood that many of our entertainers are/were suffering from some form of substance abuse. People who are artistically talented, be it in the visual arts, drama, music, etc., seem to be more susceptible to depression and addiction. Health care workers are also a population that has a high percentage of substance abusers. How would being high or drunk affect body language? Do you read it the same as you would for sober folks?

    Being that they are actors, could they be manipulating their body language to suit whatever publicity they are persuing at the moment? It seems hard to believe that they would want rumors of a breakup to swirl and actually act in such a way as to feed those rumors but there is no such thing as bad PR and if that is what gets people to notice them and ultimately see their movies, so be it.

    Lastly, have you looked at their recent “unstaged” PDA photos from the Super Bowl and if so, what are your views on them?

    I hope I haven’t asked too many questions and hope you have the time and interest to answer some or all of my questions. I am fascinated by people and the way they act. I’ve always had an intuitive feel for body language and it has helped me relate to people all thoughout my life. Thanks!!


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