Tammi and Jack Smith (Persons of Interest) Body Language Show They Appear to Know More About Baby Gabriel and Show Major Signals of Deception

To me, the body language of the Smith Couple- Jack  and  Tammi, whom Elizabeth Johnson told they could adopt  Baby Gabriel  is suspicious. My feeling is that it   indicates that police should change their status from “People of Interest” to “People Who Should Be In the Next Cell Next to Elizabeth Johnson” While the recently released photos of the baby show him alive on the 26th of December, albeit abused and upset, what is equally disturbing to me was Tammi Smith’s sound bite on camera. Her communication skills and body language speak volumes to me.

It is DEFINITELY odd that Tammi was:

 a. in contact with Elizabeth during the time period the baby went missing and

 b. that she was the only one allowed in the jail to visit Gabriel’s mother (whom she is attempting to throw under the bus by saying that she believed Elizabeth duped her and gave the baby to another couple. But now the more we learn, it appears more and more  that TAMMI SMITH MAY BE THE MASTERMIND behind this whole ordeal .

c. that she is still in contact with Elizabeth 

d. that Tammi said    told her  she must be “worried sick”  when she had not heard from Elizabeth

e. has a way too confident swagger and loud tone as part of her demeanor

e. that she first   met Elizabeth at a  Boston airport.


 When was Elizabeth in Boston?    

 Why was she in Boston when she was living with her grandfather or living on and off  with the baby’s father ?

 How did she get the money to get to Boston when she was working at CVS part time?                                                               

Who was caring for the baby?                                                                                                                                                   

 Did Elizabeth want to get rid of the baby during one of her fights with the baby daddy?                                            

   Did she go online tolling for people who were interested in adopting a child?                                                      

 Was Tammi one of those people wanting to adopt a child online?                                                                                       

  Did Tammi give her money to fly to Boston?                                                                                                                                      

  Is that why Elizabeth and Tammi met in Boston?                                                                                                         

  Why was Tammi in Boston when she lived in Arizona?                                                                                                                          

 Is the baby in Boston?                                                                                                                                                                         

  Is the baby with a relative of Tammi’s?                                                                                                                             

  Why did Tammi want a paternity test done on the baby’s father?                                                                                                                                

  Why did Tammi  bring out the name of someone else who could be Baby Gabriel’s father?                                                                      

 Why was it revealed that the  possible alleged father said he never met Elizabeth and that Tammi was his first cousin?                                                                                                                                                           

 Was Tammi trying to figure out a scam to manipulate her cousin so she could get adoption rights to Baby Gabriel?                                                                                                                                                                                   

Did Tammi try to involve yet another relative in her scheme to adopt baby Gabriel?

Was this alleged unidentified stranger couple from an Antonio Texas a relative of Tammi’s?

Why did Tammi lose custody of her own three daughters?                                                                                                                                                      

  Is Tammi the master manipulator behind this ordeal?                                                                                                                                                      

 Why is Tammi still in contact with Elizabeth to date ?


When you read a person’s body language, the FIRST thing you need to do is TRUST YOUR GUTS. If you feel sick to your stomach, queasy, strange, have an odd feeling, have a disgusted or annoyed expression as you watch someone’s movements and listen to what they say. pay close attention to your instincts.

As soon as I first watched the interview of Tammi and Jack Smith – the adoptive couple, whom Elizabeth allegedly met at an airport and to whom she  wanted to give her baby, I felt nauseated watching them. Well before they were declared “persons of interest” my initial reaction was that these two MUST have something to do with the child’s disappearance.

Besides their age (Jack must be in this mid to late 60’s)   which I thought was a bit old to want to raise a toddler, their body language gave it all away.


Their Lie Detector tests came back inconclusive what that means is that they were telling the truth and   lying as well.I  definitely  don’t need a lie detector test to tell you these two are lying and know a lot more than they are revealing!

  As A Human Lie Detector and someone who can read their body language  tells, one of them (Jack) is starting to feel the pressure while his possibly sociopathic wife still thinks she can run the show and manipulate everyone like she has no doubt done in her past.

But now things are really different. She has the eagle eye of the public watching her every move. She has me deciphering her body language cues, and she has Nancy Grace grabbing a hold of her like a pit bull with a bone. Nancy won’t let go until she finds out the truth about what she knows about Baby Gabriel and  neither will I .


Jack consistently appears nervous EVERY  show on which he has appeared since day one.  From Geraldo Live to the News to the morning shows, to Nancy Grace , the signals of deception  and discomfort are getting worse and worse and more and more  evident. 

The following body signals of DECEPTION and INNER UNEASINESS, which are even more consistent to date are: 

 lip licking,

 hand wringing,

excessive  eye blinking

thumb twirling around one another as his hands are clasped

shoulder shrugging

uncomfortable body movement


head tilting to the side  and most of all

constantly looking over at his wife for reassurance.


 Jack  is nervous, uncomfortable and  clearly felt  like jumping out of his  skin when Nancy Grace interviewed the couple on her show before their lie detector test was found to be inconclusive.

 When Nancy said she was interpreting that they were  both people of interest not because they harmed little Baby Gabriel, but  because they knew the whereabouts of baby Gabriel, all of Jack’s body language tells of discomfort became more evident and more frequent.


When Nancy bulldozed past all the BS and gets to the point and confronts Tammi directly by saying “ “What about it Tammi Smith?’ We see Tammi Smith purse her lips, fidget  with her hands- roll her thumbs, look up , and  purse her lips  before responding to Nancy’s  question.

Tammi  begins,   “UM “   WELL I’M , (signal of deception)  I HAVE TRIED TO CALL ( closes her eyes and looks down- signal of deception)  CALL (- signal of deception) THE DETECTIVE RAMIREZ (said slowly and laboriously as  she looks away to the side- a clear signal of deception) Then she says” IT’S NOT  THAT I KNOW WHERE HE iS , I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO BRAINSTORM (said loudly for emphasis- another signal of deception) WHERE HE IS!  


Here is a NEWSFLASH!!!!! When ANYONE BEGINS A SENTENCE WITH UM “   WELL I’M , I HAVE TRIED TO CALL”it usually means that they are lying through their teeth!

 Tammi was  definitely NOT expecting Nancy’s blunt and direct question out of the start gate . It caught her off guard so she is looking down and pursing her lips to get back her footing and try to manufacture some type of answer.

 When she looks to the side after she says she tried to call Detective Ramirez many times today, it says she is lying through her teeth again. She may have returned his calls but she did not initiate them. That is for sure!

 Her constant lip pursing and finger rolling and body fidgeting  are ALLLLLL clues that she is not telling us the truth and KNOWS where Baby Gabriel may be located.


“I looked in her eyes and I can tell you that baby is alive.” This is what Tammi  the press in her interviews after visiting  Elizabeth in prison.  First of all when did Tammi smith became a bona fide body language expert to tell if a baby is alive by looking in someone’s eyes? 


She spoke with devoid of emotion and in a loud obnoxious tone. That is a HUGE red flag to me. If a person was convinced the baby was alive they would show a tone of relief in their vocal tone. This was clearly NOT the case here.   If the person was  convinced that Elizabeth was hiding the baby or that the baby was harmed or that another couple was given the baby and not them (as Elizabeth promised) the person would show signs of anger, upset, and/or frustration. This was clearly not the case with Tammi. She showed NO affect whatsoever.

Instead, she showed monotone combined with a smugness and a n inappropriate  and disturbing smile often seen with sociopaths.   


When we see Tammi walk into the prison we see her with a confident bounce  it really put me off. There was way too much confidence. It seemed  to me as though she was masterminding the whole ordeal and knew exactly what was going on.  

Her voice also showed that smug confidence. Besides the telltale monotone, the other thing which stuck me was the volume of her voice. It was way too loud for the situation at hand. It indicated that she was showcasing  during her interviews with the media following her prison visit with Elizabeth. This overly confident vocalization is cause for concern as she has done this in all of her interviews prior to the prison visit as well.  This tone is a giveaway that she no doubt  knows what is going on.  


It is also clear that Tammi fancies herself as an important person- a guru of sorts who is called upon to “brainstorm” with the detective— Yeah Right! This type of thinking,  where you hear delusions of grandeur is very common with sociopaths. I’m not accusing Tammi of being a sociopath, but  I am just reporting that there may be a red flag here.

 When the text message was read by Nancy that Elizabeth Johnson wrote to the couple the fact that she said that they must be “worried sick” is another red flag. It speaks to the control and the hold  that Tammi no doubt has on her . Otherwise, why would she care that Tammi was “worried sick?” Maybe she was telling Tammi that she was afraid she was “worried sick”  because they both planned where to hide the baby and when  Elizabeth wasn’t in constant contact with Tammi the  Masterminder, Tammi  may have been “worried sick” that Elizabeth somehow botched their plan.


 Another body language tell on Nancy’s show that struck me as being odd was how Tammi controlled the interview in terms of what Jack said on camera. You could see her tapping him on the leg as a signal to shut up.  When a person monitors what another person says, they are trying to control what comes out of that person’s mouth so that it does not damage them or their plans.


The  inappropriate smiling, the smug expression, the chuckling, the deliberate  walk and stance, the running the show in terms of monitoring what he husband says shows a person who thinks she knows what she is doing and thinks he is running the show.  Her monotone voice is the giveaway and the loudness factor during her interviews . Her show of  intense confidence in light of this situation shows extreme arrogance to me.

The huge giveaway as far as I am concerned  as  mentioned earlier, is in the monotone of her voice. When people have emotionally invested in trying to adopt a child thinking that child would be a part of their life, they don’t sound like Tammi sounded in ALL of her interviews, They have a little sadness, frustration, or even anger in their tone, They are NOT monotone ad flat in their vocal affect. So this is what disturbs me greatly.

Tammi may think she is smart but as this case continues she will soon find out that law enforcement is a lot smarter.


Tammi will never break  and will stick to her orchestrated stories because of the nature of her personality and possible sociopathy, But Elizabeth WILL break, It is obvious that she responds to strong women as indicated by her statement to Tammi that she thought Tammi would be “worried sick” since she hadn’t  heard from Elizabeth when she was on the run with the baby during Christmas.  

That is why I believe that Law Enforcement needs to use a strong female detective with a maternal type of  personality  to try and pry out the details out of Elizabeth.

 Also a jail mate informant  in her cell could help as well. If they put an older woman whom Elizabeth would perceive as maternal, this would be another yet avenue to gather  information about Gabriel’s whereabouts  or if he is alive.


I hope that what she says is true, that the baby by the grace of God, was given to a loving couple.

 But what reputable person would take a baby without informing authorities about what happened? 

Why would she have to give the baby medication to make him groggy?

Why was she in Texas?

Why was she in San Antonio Texas?

Was it because San Antonio is right near Juarez, Mexico?

Was she trying to have someone smuggle a silent (medicated and groggy) baby across the border to Mexico?

Was the baby going to be used in some type of Satanic ritual?

Who was this “couple”?

Was the baby going to sold in  an illegal adoption ring?

Was there a lot of money on Elizabeth when they arrested her in Miami?

What was she dong I Miami?

Was there a Miami connection between the “couple” in San Antonio?

 These are questions that law enforcement needs to find out.  


The fact that Tammi said that Elizabeth told her that “no one would recognize the baby as he got older,” may be a huge clue that shouldn’t be overlooked.

 That is way too much thinking and plotting about the future of this child. I wonder if Elizabeth really said this to Tammi or that  Tammi  manufactured this statement. If she did, it is evident to me that she  knows what was going on. This statement alone raises a HUGE red flag! No one thinks that far in advance as to what a child would look like, if they were going to give a child away to a strange couple.

 Their intention is to get the child out of their life, not imagine what the child would look like in the future an how that child would change and how no one would recognize the child. That is wayyyyyy too much information!

What Tammi is not aware of is that now there are computer imaging programs where you can input a  baby;s photo of how they look now and how they would look in the future. So no matter how anyone tries to disguise the child, there would be a representation of how he would look at different stages of his development. This is  based on the soft tissue data and facial measurements and future bone growth data applied to the computer analysis.

We have all seen fliers of missing children  we often receive through the mail which show a photo of how the child looked when they went missing and a representation of how they would look now.


What in the world were Tammi and Elizabeth talking about for 45 minutes in the jail? Wasn’t it videotaped and they are just not releasing that information to the public?  I certainly hope that is the case. To allow this meeting to take pace without taping it is unacceptable.

 I am hoping that it was taped and that law enforcement is using the information to help locate the baby. But if it wasn’t taped, I question law enforcement’s competency. Even though it is a different state, all interviews with Casey Anthony are videotaped in the jail. So why wasn’t the interview with Tammi and Elizabeth taped?


The fact that Elizabeth  hired a baby sitter look after the baby while  she was out of the hotel room instead of leaving him alone  says that she had some type of concern for the baby deep down  and definitely wanted him alive. Maybe she was trying to sell the baby to this” couple” which makes me wonder how much money law enforcement found on Elizabeth when she was arrested.

Since there is a previous history of Tammi Smith trying to involve a relative into her scheme- her first cousin, there may possibly be yet another relative that Tammi Smith may have tried to enroll in her attempt to make sure that the baby boy would somehow eventually be hers. Usually people follow patterns and one pattern to look at would be Tammi’s manipulation of involving her relatives in her schemes.

Anothe huge telll for me is seen in the above photo of Tammi followimg her jailhouse meetig with Elizabeth. When asked pougnant questions, she uncharactriscially looked away as you see, This is a HUGE tell that he knows what has happened.

As I said earlier, if someone though they were going to have rights to adopt a child and was promised the child by the mother and now thought that mother harmed their future adoptive child, they would be enraged or sad. They would NOT be smiling and “brainstorming” or sounding or acting like Tammi Smith! www.drlilliangass.com


13 thoughts on “Tammi and Jack Smith (Persons of Interest) Body Language Show They Appear to Know More About Baby Gabriel and Show Major Signals of Deception

  1. Thank you for your insights into this tragedy. My feeling has always been that mommy sold the baby and that these two creeps facilitated the sale or in some way acted as go-between. They certainly come off as liars and her grandiosity is very telling.

    But also, mommy reminds me very much of Casey Anthony, as you said, almost preening in the limelight of the courtroom, knowing she was being photographed, and only showing that flash of anger when off guard.

    I wonder why the babysitter who obviously saw the distress of the baby and the conditions he was in didn’t notify the local police or someone in authority. She sensed that the baby was dehydrated, drugged and malnourished and that the mother didn’t care.


  2. You are right about Tami Smith being way too confident that the baby is alive. I have thought from the start that the Smith’s were lying. Why do they keep appearing on Nancy Grace? Is Tami enjoying the attention? It is obvious that she is the one taking the lead and trying to control everything he says. She keeps butting in and correcting him.

    If they keep talking, they will trip up and come out with something that they can’t take back, but, maybe, it will lead to finding baby Gabriel.


  3. Wow, you have hit it right on. I just hope that you forward all this to the detectives. I am hoping that they know more than what they are releasing. I am wondering if the police have checked the smith’s bank accounts. Maybe they are the ones that got paid, not elizabeth!!!!!!


  4. I saw on Nancy Grace the pictures of what looked to be a very drugged baby Gabriel with what appeared to be a bottle of pills in his hand. The sitter said that although make-up was strewn around the room for mommy, there was one bottle of enfamil and not much else for Gabriel, including sippy cup for water and only a few jars of baby food. She, the babysitter, said that mommy told her that Gabriel had been drugged and that if he woke up and made a fuss all she had to do was drug him again. The sitter’s impression was that mommy couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the baby.

    Why the sitter’s parents allowed her to take a babysitting job in a motel is neither here nor there in my opinion. When I saw the girl on NG, she appeared to be telling the truth.


  5. I have felt this way about Tammi since day one. I was actually sitting here before I read this article thinking to myself, “If i had been involved in a babies life for 7 months, there is no way I would be acting the way that Tammi Smith does. I would be freaking out and in tears!” I think I have cried more over this story than she has. The only thing I can think of and that makes sense, is Tammi knows where Gabriel is, Elizabeth knows where he his, and they both know that he is safe. This is why neither of them are showing emotions of sadness.


  6. Where is Tammi Smith own three children? With their father. Tammi gave up her rights to her own three children and has no contact with them. Her exhusband will confirm this.


  7. TS showing no emotion: could be she knows where Gabriel is cuz she setup his sale… or she could just be a sociopath (according to this blog) and have no care for anyone else, including innocent 8 month old vulnerable babies, except for herself. Neither choices are good.


  8. Btw, Dr Lillian, I was very impressed by this and found it insightful and helpful (not just the body language but all the questions you raised…)


  9. Dear Friend,

    Thank you for helping to bring awareness in the case of Gabriel Scott Johnson. Your help and support is greatly appreciated.
    If you are new to what has happened to Gabriel, here is a brief synopsis:

    Gabriel Scott Johnson was kidnapped by his mother Elizabeth on December 18, 2009. She took Gabriel to San Antonio, TX where she stayed at a hotel for several days. Gabriel was last seen in San Antonio on December 26, 2009. On December 27, 2009, Elizabeth sent a chilling text message to Gabriel’s father, Logan McQueary. In the text message, she claimed she killed Gabriel. On December 30,2009 Elizabeth was arrested in Miami Beach, FL on a warrant for custodial interference. Gabriel was not with her at that time. Elizabeth then claimed she gave Gabriel to an unknown couple at a park in San Antonio.

    In order to bring awareness to Gabriel’s case, it is imperative that we reach as many people as possible. The Online Awareness Campaign for Gabriel Johnson will start on Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at 9:00 AM Mountain Standard Time (11:00 AM Eastern) and last until Sunday, February 7, 2010 at 9:00 AM. Anyone willing to help is asked to email findbabygabriel@gmail.com with the subject line “I want to help”
    You will then be given the full email to be forwarded to your contacts.

    There are several ways that you can help bring awareness and help support Gabriel’s family:

    *Forward this email to at least five (5) of your contacts and ask them to please do the same. If you want to forward it to more, that would be great! Please make sure Gabriel’s name is in the subject of your email.

    *Invite your friends to join the Bring Home Gabriel Johnson Facebook Group.

    *If you have a twitter account, please follow FindGabrielJohnson http://twitter.com/findbabygabriel. Please encourage as many people as you can to follow and retweet our tweets.
    *Please join and share the video on YouTube Channel for Gabriel http://www.youtube.com/user/FindGabrielJohnson.

    *Please take a look at the missing posters below. One is in English, one is in Spanish. Please share them and/or make copies and post them wherever you can.

    *A special avatar has been created for display on your Facebook or wherever you can use it. We would ask supporters to keep the avatar on display during the campaign. The avatar will be available on the Bring Home Gabriel Johnson Facebook Group.

    Other things you can do to help:

    Light a candle for Baby Gabriel

    If you are a blog owner, please post a short blog to remind everyone about Gabriel. Please use any of the links provided in this email in your blog.

    Please keep Gabriel’s family and friends in your prayers. We must keep our hope and faith burning bright for them.

    Please keep in mind that this is a campaign to spread awareness about Gabriel. Getting as many eyes to look at his picture is what we are trying to accomplish.

    If you have any information that could help locate Gabriel Johnson, we ask that you call the proper authorities:

    Tempe Police Department: 480-350-8311
    Silent Witness: 480-948-6377
    National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: 1-800-THE-LOST
    San Antonio CrimeStoppers: 210-224-STOP

    Thank you all for your help!!

    Help Find Gabriel Johnson




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