Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s Body Language Says These True Lovers Are In Synch

Eye to eye, nose to nose, lips to lips, chin to chin  and a mutually tender touch spell true love!

It was so refreshing to see the body language of Katy Perry and her man Russell Brand. They are completely connected and totally in love. You can even feel it when looking at this beautiful photo of them. They have eyes for no one else. They only see one another and it is refreshingly wonderful.

After reporting on all of the body language tells that reveal negativity, it is an absolute delight when I see  tender and loving positive and heartwarming body language. The most telling thing besides their obvious facial connection which indicates that they are completely in synch with one another is their hands.

You can tell a lot about a couple by how they touch one another and how their hands move. Look at how Katy embraces and cups her hand on his shoulder and upper arm. The location of her hand on his shoulder arm indicates that their relationship is not only about lust and sexual attraction, it is also about friendship. She not only  lusts after him, she likes him as well.

The feeling is mutual based on Russell’s hand position.  Look at how relaxed his hand is as his cupped fingers  tenderly and delicately rub against Katy’s wrist. This indicates a sensuality between them.
So between friendship, lust, being in synch with one another, and sensuality, it looks like they are headed towards developing a very solid relationship that has the potential of  being very long lasting.

As long as they continue along this path and maintain open lines of communication if they hit any rough patches, they can only succeed and inspire others with their love. www.drlillianglass.com


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