Kate Gosselin’s Shockingly Abusive and Degrading Body Language Behavior Towards Colin

When one of my dear readers sent me the above photo of  Kate Gosselin  picking up her kids from school last Friday and asked me to analyze Kate’s and Colin’s body language, I was appalled by what I saw. Seeing Kate’s angry and aggressively shouting at Colin as his facial expression shows him wincing  in discomfort. This is especially evident when you see the next photo below.

Since there are a series of these  photos depicting Kate’a abusive behavior towards Colin,  taken in progression of occurrence, the above photo was when she  placed her hand over the child’s mouth, not allowing him to speak, let alone breathe out of his mouth.

If you look at the muscle tension  in her hand and fingers, you can see the hostile force she used to silence Colin. You can also see her anger in her face and mouth and jaw  as well as the resulting  distress  in little Colin’s forehead. This is evidenced by the  the furrowed  muscle tension above his brows.

Little Colin is obviously uncomfortable as he leans away with his body and tries to turn his head away  from Kate and casts his eyes down and away from her as he  attempts to get away from her and her  strong grip over his mouth. You can see the tension in her fingers and the indentation of the pressure of her fingers on Colin’s distorted cheek. This shows the force at which she used on him.


In my view as a Communication Expert, I strongly believe that NO CHILD should EVER be stopped from talking or expressing him or herself. No one should EVER put their hand over a child’s mouth to stifle them or to cut off one of their two breathing channels.

What if little Colin had a stuffed up nose and couldn’t breathe through his nostrils. She would have been cutting off  the air he needed to sustain his life. Even if she did it for a millisecond, it still woud be too much as far as I am concerned. Her behavior can  have serious emotional and developmental implications  on the child’s communication. I have spent over two decades working with people who’s communication was stifled one way or another and they suffered greatly.

It doesn’t matter if Colin was screaming at the top of his lungs,  (which there was no indication that he was doing this based on the photos which preceded the event) you don’t do this to a child! It is abusive and humiliating to the child. This action  does  NOT build a child’s confidence not his self- esteem.


If a  child is  overly chatty or  yelling at the top of his lungs, or even hurling out obscenities , you don’t ever do what Kate did to Colin.  Instead, you do like Nanny 911 or Super Nanny Jo  taught us to do.  You bend down to the child’s physical level so that they can see you eye to eye. The, you  look directly  into  their eyes so they can see your face.

You can even hold their little hands as you  look into their eyes and say” No this is not acceptable.” Maybe while you are down there, you may even want to ask them what is bothering or what they are so upset about. What you say is up to you. But NEVER  do what Kate did!


The answer to this question is NOTHING! In carefully examing all of the photos in the sequence in which they were taken, there is nothing that Colin coud have done to merit Kate’s abusing him as we she she did. See for yourself.

Colin steps off the bus and drags his coat on the floor, something most kids that age do based on their size in relation to the ground, the size of their coats which ate almost as big as they are, and their awkward coordination at that age. Kate is no doubt upset at Colin for this as you can see by her open mouth in the shape of an O. This facial expression  indicates anger as also visually  evidenced by her jaw tension. Her hands with toward turned palms also reflect anger and non- open and non- accepting  behavior  to what she has just witnessed with Colin and his jacket.

Kate no doubt told Colin to stop dragging hs coat on the ground and to put it on, he is trying to do it but the poor little guy has it all upside down with his hand in the wrong sleeve. Kate s pissed as her mouth is still open, no doubt telling him what he is doing wrong, and maintaining her angry body language compete with palms facing downward.

As his brothers and sisters files into the bus, Colin lags behind, He leans his little body into Kate, no doubt wanting some affection and a little loving reassurance after being yelled at by her as he descended from the school bus moments earlier. You can see his head nuzzling into her forearm.

His brothers and sisters are boarding the van but he wants some of mommy’s attention and grabs on to the bottom of her coat. She ignore him and by the angry expression on her face she is yelling at some of the other kids. He looks away trying to ignore her anger  as he is waiting to get a moment of  alone time with mommy to regain some self esteem after being yelled at in front fo everyone about his coat being on the ground a little while earlier.

Next we see Kate’s anger escalating as she is super pissed at Colin as evidenced by the look of rage in her facial expression for grabbing her coat and pulling it. You can see how the coat is pulled  away from Kate. He was innocently  doing this to get Kate’s attention, but it obviously  did not sit well with her that he grabbed her coat, so she let hm have it as you see in the first three photos posted at the top of the blog.


After looking at these series of  photos, there was no doubt that little Colin felt bad at being yelled at earlier, and waned some of mommy’s loving attention. Instead he got emotionally slapped.

Colin clearly did nothing to merit Kate’s abuse in my opinion. All the boy did was ask for a little attention and wanted to make nice after she yelled at him about his coat. It was his 5 year old way of offering an apology for upsetting mommy. Instead, th poor little guy got abused even more.

If a  child is  overly chatty or  yelling at the top of his lungs, or even hurling out obscenities , which Colin was not doing according to these photos, you don’t ever do what Kate did to Colin.  Instead, you do like Nanny 911 or Super Nanny Jo  taught us to do.  You bend down to the child’s physical level so that they can see you eye to eye. Then, you  look directly  into  their eyes so they can see your face.

You can even hold their little hands as you  look into their eyes and say” No this is not acceptable.” Maybe while you are down there, you may even want to ask them what is bothering or what they are so upset about. What you say is up to you. But NEVER  do what Kate did! That is egregious behavior in my opinion.


If Kate treats her children as abusively as she treated Colin in these photos , no man will be attracted to her no matter how many hair extensions TLC makes sure are in her head. If TLC wants to do a new show with Kate and that focus of the show is a dating type of show (getting her a new man), it will be a failure unless they do what I said in an earlier blog. They need work on Kate’s inside and not just focus on her outside in order to make her more appealing  to the opposite sex. Pretty IS as pretty DOES- and Kate’s abusive behavior towards Colin IS NOT PRETTY!

Seeing Kate in action where she is sarcastic, self-centered,  hostile, and  or abusive as she was with Colin makes me stand by my belief that this woman is clearly not ready for prime time or ready to have any television show whatsoever until she gets herself sorted out internally.

Who would want to watch this woman when you know that she is so abusive! She was like that with Jon which I am convinced has a lot to do with his  aberrant behavior.   On her last show of Kate Pus 8 she was verbally abusive to Aden, telling  this 5 year old to be a “man,” and now she has clearly abused and humiliated little Colin. The way      she treated him in these photos now makes me understand why  little Colin was so abusive to his brothers and sisters in the past- something we all witnessed on the show.


Now for all of you Kate lovers out there who will no doubt write me to tell me I hate Kate, like you have in the past,  here is my response to you directly from my mouth. I DO NOT  HATE Kate.

I  DO HATE Hitler, Stalin, Ahmadinejad (the horrific Iranian hate monger we all saw during his ugly speech at the UN), Osama Bin Laden, terrorists who try to kill innocent people by blowing themselves up and blowing up buildings and planes,   the Austrian monster Fritzl who impregnated his daughter and held her prisoner for a lifetime, any child murderer, murderers in general, any child or animal torturer, socio/psychopaths, and people who do verbatim copying of my intellectual property and  violate my copyright and trademark, and those who give their book the identical name as my  best -selling book, written over a decade earlier.

Since you do not see Kate Gosselin’s name on my list, you can rest assured that I do not HATE her.   Instead, I  disapprove of her abusive, snarky, and self- centered entitlement   behavior. And if after looking at the photos and  you do not think she was not being abusive to little Colin, I say ”TAKE OFF YOUR BLINDERS AND GET  YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND!


In my opinion Kate needs to work on what is underneath her $7,000 hair extensions and stop abusing her children like we saw he do with Aden and now with Colin. She needs to get on her knees every day and say a huge thank you to good Lord above for giving her physically healthy, bright, and beautiful children.

What does along with that prayer of  gratitude  must be her actions towards those wonderful innocent children. She needs to treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve. Abusing them by stifling their airflow and their communication, just because they want a little love and affection,  is definitely NOT giving a child respect or dignity in my opinion. www.drlillianglass.com


18 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s Shockingly Abusive and Degrading Body Language Behavior Towards Colin

  1. Thank you Dr. Glass for reviewing this.
    I expected you would say what you did.

    I think it’s interesting, but certainly not surprising, that RadarOnline chose to make much ado about Kate’s appearance in these pics rather than commenting about her behavior towards Colin and the other kids.

    It’s too bad that the only place this will probably be discussed is on the blogs as TLC, sponsors, media should hear about this although I’m sure Kate will defend this as she did last summer when she spanked one of the girls. I do hope the children are indeed receiving counseling and that Kate’s mention of it in the recent People article wasn’t just for PR.


  2. Hi Dr. Glass, Although i love reading all your body language i feel Kate deserves the benefit of the doubt here. I, am not a body language expert but it looks to me that Kate is only placing her hand over Colin’s mouth with her lips saying more like Shush. I don’t believe Kate would ever slap one of her children across the face. She is not perfect as none of us are, and she does have eight kids which is a lot to deal with day in and day out. I believe she is a good Mom myself from what i have observed from her reality shows and i have watched them all. Plus i doubt she kept her hand over Colin’s mouth long enough to restrict any air flow should he have a stuffy nose. Sorry, i just don’t see it.


  3. First of all, I wish to thank you for your feedback and for takingt he time to read my blog.

    I have to disagree with you thoug. No one should ever put their hand across their child’s mouth to restrict them from speaking or to Shush them. It is unacceptable and as someone who has sent over 2 decades helping people communicate, I cannot stand to see anyone’s communiction stifled- especially a child’s communication.

    I find this appalling. The fact that Colin is squinting and recoiling facially is not a good sign. I don’t like it. It is abusive behavior to me.

    I am not expecting Kate to be perfect.No one is perfect in their behavior , nor should they be. But I am expecting Kate to treat herperfect little gifts with respect and there was no respect as far as Colin was concerned.

    Considering Kate has been abusive to her daughter, spanking her publicaly,verbally abusive to Aden (look at the last episode), emotionally abusive to Mady (look all the shows) and physcially and emotionally abusive to Jon (look at the shows) there is no benefit of the doubt here as far asd I am cncerned. This is apparently Kate’s pattern.

    Agreed she has 8 children to deal with and Jon has added to her stress, but it does NOT excuse this egregious behavior. I would have agreed with your shush comment had I not seen the hostile hand gestures and hostile facial expression and Colins’s reaction on his face.

    Any one who places their hand oevr any person’s mouth restricts their airflow even if it is for a millisecond is completely out of line! No one has the right to do such a thing to anyone. It is unconscionable. Her hand was obviously there long enough for photograaphers to document three photos of the horrific situation.

    I don’t know if Kate is a good other or a bad mother as only time will tell. Ony the kids wil be able to tell that as well since she is their mother and they can only make that call. But from what we have observed she is an angry mother who has been a verbally and physcially abusive mother.While every mother gets uset from time to time and oses her cool with her kids, Kate seems to do it more often than not as we have as en on the shows.

    As I said earlier, I hope she works on her inside as well as her outside so that she can move forward without the anger and hositlity she seems to exhibt so frequently. Thank you again for your comment. Dr. Lillian Glass


  4. I watched J&K+8 up until the divorce mess started. My husand always said if I treated him like she treated Jon he’d be out the door and not looking back. The woman is abusive both physically and emotionally to her children as she was to Jon. Now that he isn’t on the scene I have a sad feeling those little children are going to bear the brunt of her frustrations and anger. Jon was her doormat for so long and now the children will be taking his place.


  5. I also found the other boy tup, maybe Aaden to be quite interesting in the photos. As soon as Kate’s anger becomes evident, he is leaning way away from her, like he knows what is coming and wants to be out of the line of fire.


  6. It so heart breaking to look at these pictures..How in the heck does she get by treating the kids like that??Pictures are woth a 1000 words why don’t the child service do something about demoniac kate??


  7. Have you ever been to Jibberjabbers blog?

    I think once you see it you would want to disassociate yourself from her.

    When I read that one of my readers sent this to me, the first thing that popped into my mind was JJ.

    I do respect your opinion. I watch Nancy Grace on a regular basis.

    I have been wanting to ask you about JJ for a long time, since she started using your name on her blog.

    I watch Supernanny and have used many of her techniques with my grandchildren and they do work.

    I wish that Kate would try to use some of JoJo’s techniques with her children.

    Since you are an expert in your field, I am concerned about JJ possibly tarnishing your reputation.

    I am not a Kate fan but I am a fan of yours.


  8. Dr. Glass, have you ever seen such a group of unhappy looking, downtrodden, demoralized children in your life? Despite all the Kate fans protests to the contrary, I can say that I’ve seen several of these photo-ops now…when their mother picks them up, takes them to the park, etc., they always seem to look like this – little shells of children…no spark…no life. But when their Dad picks them up, I see that they run to him, smile, he seems to engage them in conversation, etc. I feel so badly for these little ones – you haven’t posted all the pictures from this particular school pick-up…in the others, you will see every single face devoid of emotion, happiness, or anything positive whatsoever. They look stressed, distressed, depressed…poor little things. Would love to have your analysis of the other pictures, aside from this evidence of abuse – every child seems so sad.


    1. To concerned for the kids, I agree. There is a big difference in the kids attitude and actions when Jon picks them up. They run to him smiling and laughing and hugging him. Even before the split this happened. Jon has done some pretty stupid things with his life now, but the kids show much more life and love with him. I just wish he would smarten up and grow up, the kids really need him.


  9. This does not look like Kate simply put her hand over his mouth, the way the child flinched, it looks like a slap to me. After the slap she remembered the paps were there, kept her hand there to try to make it look like something else. She is good about making up things. My heart aches for these kids. They are now in a self imposed prison because of the poor choices of the bimbo parents. Ok so Colin got his coat messed up. how many times have we seen kids do that? The thing I noticed too, she is not only holding up the rest of her kids from getting off the bus by making him fix his coat, right then and there, but holding up the driver and any other child on the bus. This is not the first time I have seen her do her thing and hold up the bus and kids. The bad part about NOT filming, there are no witnesses as to how she treats the kids now. I sincerely hope she is getting these kids therapy, SHE needs it even more so to fix her problems, but from all she has said lately, she is “perfect” and this is all Jon’s fault. Sickening.


  10. I think you’re correct with the comments about Kate. Something is wrong. Everytime she picks them up it’s sad or emotionless faces. Its like they’re nervous around her. And when she put her hand over Collin’s mouth…just sad. He just looks to the ground and takes it. You’d think most kids would touch their mother’s hand and push it away. Collin probably knows better. He just stands there and takes it. 😦

    However when Jon is there you see smiles, hugs and them wanting to kiss him. It’s like Jon is more relaxed around them and so the kids too are relaxed and HAPPY and normal!


  11. Kate, you will be so sorry one day if not already. You and Jon were going to church with the children. Jon seemed to try so very hard to keep you like a Princess. It was unreal to watch how you treated him. HOW many men in this world would do all of the things that you asked of him? He had to be flabbergasted to be talked to like a dog…..in public or at home………..
    NO matter how much surgery that you have, your spirit will be screaming at how unhappy you truly are.
    I am from a divorced family. There were 6 of us. My Mother raised us to have faith. My brothers are all very sucessful. The first daughter was killed at age 4. Mom and Daddy could not remain together for the blame at each other. They are now in their 80’s; both remarried, but still ask about each other and still say that they love each other. HOW sad not only for them, but their remaining 5 children. Children suffer in ways that only those that go thru this ‘hell’ on earth can realize. Kate, pls be patient.
    get your mind off of your beauty (and you are beautiful) and think of those little spirits that are now forming for their lifetime……….YOU cannot bring them back. All of the money in the world will not heal them. You are so blessed to have such gorgeous children. Each hurt in a different way. I will be praying that God will show you how much they truly need to be taught about Jesus and HIS love and forgiveness. HE also loves you dearly. Don’t break HIS heart. Speak to the children about Jon in a positive way. HIS blood is flowing in their veins……being torn apart by parents makes one feel as if nothing is ever quite right. They feel that they must be loyal to each of you.
    God bless and keep you all. It has been so rewarding watching these gorgeous babies grow. You’ll be in my prayers as Jon and the children will be.


  12. as a mom, I found these pictures (and the others at radaronline.com) really painful to look at.

    All she would have had to do was take a moment to slow down and breathe… take collin off to the side while the other kids are getting off the bus and either take his backpack for him while he puts his coat back on, let him put down his backpack (GASP… ON THE GROUND) so he can put his coat on, or take/let him put down the backpack and HELP him put his coat on…

    or… just offer to carry the coat for him… it won’t touch the ground and you don’t have to be mean to the child.

    I also find it horrifying that she can’t take two seconds to reach down and give him a little pat on the back or a squeeze when he so obviously wanted his mother’s attention and love.

    Just YESTERDAY while taking my kids to Burger King as a special treat (they hadn’t been to a fast food place since the summer) because my oldest had his birthday this week, my 5.5yr old (only 2 months separate her and the Gosselin sextuplets) was tugging on my pants… I finished ordering and she almost pulled them down enough to expose some of my underwear. Instead of getting mad, I put my hand on my waistband to keep them up, and giggled at her… and said… “Are you trying to get my attention?”… she giggled and said… “YES”… I said… what do you want?… and she smiled up at me with her big doe-eyes, her brows up in that “butter-wouldn’t melt in my mouth” look and declared that she wanted me to hug her… she wanted to love me… which was about the sweetest thing she could have said…

    I reached down, plucked my child off the ground and snuggled her… and told her I loved her, too. She giggled, hugged me back, and then said… “Okay, Mommy, I’m going to go play now.” I set her down and she skipped off to the playarea while I waited for our food.

    Really, it takes 5 seconds at most to just give a child that small amount of touch and contact that makes them feel happy and loved.

    And I’m not saying I’m perfect… not at all.

    But when I do something wrong… when I lose my cool and get loud or am losing my patience… I try my best to first give MYSELF a timeout… I step away… even if I’m putting the kids in the car… I let them finish getting in, I shut the door… and I stand there, close my eyes, and I breathe… for a minute or two…

    and then I do the same thing I expect of my kids after a timeout… I APOLOGIZE to them. They need to know that I am all too aware I’m not perfect.. and that they aren’t the only ones who make mistakes and need to apologize… and it also sets the example of apologizing for wrongdoings.

    I have never seen anything that indicates Kate does this.

    Anyway, I’m just saying all she would have had to do was put her arm down against his back… stroke it and say… “I know, we’ve both had a rough day, huh? I’m sorry I got so grumpy/loud with you. Can you get in the van, please?”… and all would have been forgiven, as kids are that way… they let it go so easily once you apologize.

    But, instead, she pulls away from him and, in a picture you didn’t show, instead of wrapping an arm around his waist to assist him, grabs him by ONE WRIST to “help” him into the van… which only offsets his balance and could harm his arm… not helping at all.


  13. Thank you so much for this anaylsis, Dr. Glass, and just seeing the flinching face on Collin is enough to turn my stomach also. Kate is a bully. She bullies anyone who comes into her sphere. Since the kids have no choice, they are bulled by her emotionally and physically, I believe, on a daily basis. You can see it in their emotions. They react like prisoners, afraid to take a step out of line, showing no emotion with her because they know what will happen if they displease their “keeper”.

    It is as if Kate thinks she owns these little people and can do to them whatever she wants to. Putting her hand over Collin’s mouth or slapping his face doesn’t surprise me in the least because I know that Kate has admitted to spanking the children. The way she yanks them by the arms, steers them by their heads, speaks to them so roughly and in such a sarcastic manner that it almost appears she despises them, all of that we have seen on her show and in photos like these. Very telling. AND she knows she is being photographed.

    I find Kate to be an extremely butch woman with no material instincts whatsoever. She believes the world revolves around her. Therapy? I don’t think she has enough insight for therapy to do her a lick of good.


  14. Hi Dr.Glass,

    Thank you for the material on your blog. Human psychology/behavior is fascinating to me and so are celebrities, so naturally I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read.

    I thought Kate Gosselin’s reaction to her son Collin was completely understandable. His tugging on her coat threatened to knock her off of her hooker heels! What is NOT understandable to me is why she would wear hooker heels to meet 6 young children at the school bus, to get them into a van and get them home. Even if she had an appointment beforehand, how difficult is it to toss a pair of flats or sneakers into the van…?!

    Well, I could go on for days about Kate’s foibles (who couldn’t?), but I’ll stick to what I see as the fundamental problem. While I don’t necessarily disagree that Kate is narcissistic, I think that her negative behavior mainly stems from the fact that she is somewhere in the bipolar spectrum. There is a clear, long-term pattern or configuration of aggression, hostility, irritability, intolerance, jealousy, grandiosity, hedonism, short attention span, and manipulation — all symptoms associated with bipolar disorder.

    People who have bipolar disorder are typically very extroverted, much more emotional than intellectual, and have a high desire for sensory stimulation. They respect almost no one or nothing. They are hedonistic, and manipulative of the emotions of others which serves to increase their sensory experiences. They live for the highs and lows. One might say they are always on a roller coaster — one they have no intention of riding alone. But of course, it is a good deal more complex than that, too much to cover in a post. I will just say that, when Kate used to ask Jon what planet he was on, it was a more serious question than it seemed. To HER, it was a perfectly legitimate question — because she truly is on another planet.

    Speaking of John: In my opinion, Jon is not by nature a manipulative person. He merely had an excellent teacher. I, too, am not making excuses for him. He has done some stupid things. I believe that his biggest mistake was not changing the locks on the house when Kate was away on one of her book-signing tours and having her served with divorce papers, with a 50/50 custody arrangement. It would have brought Kate’s roller coaster to an abrupt halt and forced her to deal with a few issues, and it would have ensured that Jon would remain in the lives of his children. But instead, he is the odd man out and I don’t anticipate Kate’s roller coaster even slowing down anytime soon.


  15. Thanks, Dr. Glass, for pointing out how abusive Kate continues to be. How can anyone defend her nasty, selfish, disgusting behavior? She’s so busy with all her self-pimping and primping that she has no time nor patience for those children she brought into the world, merely to make her fortune. If I hear her say, “it’s all for the kids” one more time, I’ll scream. I don’t have much time for Jon either, but Kate is the sort of person who shouldn’t be permitted anywhere near children. She’s far too deranged and self-absorbed to be a parent. There are no explanations for these photographs other than abuse. Not only is this despicable creature a control freak, but she is also a bullying monster who punishes anyone who interferes with her self-referential lovefest. The authorities should remove those children from that home immediately.


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