Carlos Allen,Third White House Party Crasher’s Body Language on GMA Shows Signals of Lying Through His Teeth as HE leaks Out the Truth That He USED A ticket To Get in

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After watching the interview with White House Party Crasher Number 3, Carlos Allen, I was livid watching what I thought was an obvious hustling scammer. Without a security clearance, he could have harmed our President. I was also livid because we are wasting time, effort, and taxpayers money as the White House, Secret Service and FBI conduct their investigation of this fool.

So I decided to give the White House, the Secret Service and the FBI some assistance in the form of a Free Body Language Analysis via this blog.


Here is my assessment of him after scrutinizing his body language in the GMA tape . In my opinion this interloper is a

1. is a total scammer.
2 guilty as sin of coming to the White House uninvited.
3. a liar.
4. self admittedly USED an invitation to get into the White House
4. may possibly have in my opinion intercepted this invitation from someone, found it, known someone who worked in the department where the invitations were printed, knew someone who knew someone who had the invitation or worked for someone who initially received the invitation who was not going to attend the event, or perhaps lifted it out of someone’s purse or pocket. It could be one of the above, some of the above, or all of the above. It doesn’t matter how he got it. Just the fact that he got it is enough evidence.


In my view there is only one solution to this situation. Get some handcuffs, arrest this idiot and throw him into a cell. And while you are at it, bring three more pairs of cuffs for the Salahis and a pair for the second crasher.


It is ironic that Robin Roberts sat at the same table as this clown, who by the way, could hardly put two words together during his interview with Carlos Allen.

His attorney accompanied him to GMA and was as lame as he was, based on his final comments. Someone must have told Carlos Allen to use the word ACTUAL to sound intelligent. For the record, in this 10 minute broadcast, he used the word countless times as you will see below. It was actually quite comical.


But GMA interviewer Robin Roberts, who ironically sat at the same table as this scammer was ticked off as she asked him the simple question, “ Did you receive an invitation to the White House? Were you invited to the state dinner at the White House?”

Initially Carlos answers “ Yes I was invited. I got an ACTUAL invite in the mail.” But 10 minutes later at the end of the interview he contradicts himself by leaking out the truth as he says leaked out “ I had an actual invitation that I USED to get into the White House.


But when he initially lies and says he was invited and got an ACTUAL invite in the mail, Robin didn’t believe him, So , she asked him “ Do you have proof of that?”

Carlos looks away and gesture to something to the left which gives the impression that he does have the invitation near at hand. But that is not the case. It is the first of many scamming body language tells we will see.


Robin gets more specific and asks” Do you have the actual invitation?” Carlos is in a hurry to answer her and jumps in to respond, not waiting for her to finish the statement. When People do this they are in a hurry to get something out and it is usually a signal of deception.

Then Robin shows him a copy of his invitation and BUSTS him, She says “ I have to say Carlos, it doesn’t have your name on it. It comes with an envelope with the person’s name.

This is obvious news to Carlos and he immediately interjects the word “OK” said in a sheepish tone indicting that he had been BUSTED by Robin.


Then Robin busts him again and asks him why he didn’t take a photo of the envelope that had his name on it.

Carlos looks away and then looks at her blankly as if to say with his body language” OMG , she’s on to me.” Now he looks to the side which is yet another tell of deception.

He then cocks his head making yet another deception sign.

Then he shrugs his shoulders as he says that “ the only thing I received in the ACTUAL invite,” while he looks to the side again. ( a signal of deception).

Then he says what makes no sense, with too many ACTUAL’s. He retorts “ That’s what I USED as the ACTUAL Information that I took (repeats) That I took (signal of deception) to the ACTUAL to the ACTUAL White House (shoulder shrug) and being an invitee (eyebrow raise- signal of deception) at the actual ACTUAL White House.”

His statement made absolutely no sense which is another signal of deception. For your information, sociopaths have similar ways of speaking that often makes no logical sense. It has to do with the wiring of their brain.


Now our girl Robin busts him yet one more time as she says that according to the Secret Service they relayed “ We can find no record of an official invitation from Carlos Allen and a background check was never conducted on him . Robin pointedly asks how he can explain that.

He looks down and shrugs his shoulders the pitch of his voice raises (all signals of deception) as he says” I cant explain what what (repetitions) (signal of deception) ( looking down) the Secret Service procedures are/

His speech patterns now speeds up as he says “ The only thing I can say is I received an ACTUAL INVITE I the mail.”

(Buy the way, Carlos is starting to sweat from discomfort as you can now see his shiny dome on his hairless head. This is very telling. Before anyone appears on camera they are patted down with powder. so they don’t look shiny. Now if they perspire from nervousness and the shine shows up, it may be inductive of their being uneasy, nervous or even lying. This is yet one more deception tell to add to the mix- Carlos’ shiny head

As he says “ I ACTUALLY went to too ACTUALLY be an ACUTUAL guest at the ACTUAL state dinner, a he shakes his head “ no” when he should be shaking it “yes.” This is a clear signal of deception.

Now he is really sweating as he continues to shake his head “No” indicting that he had no business being there as he says” I ACTUALLY used that invitation to get in.”No one said anything UM ANYTING um (repetition) about t it UM ( deception tells of UM’s and repetitions and looking down as he says
“and they ACTUALLY checked me.

His head thrusts forward like a turtle, which is another deception, tell in terms of head movement.

Now you can really see the sweat start to show up on his cheeks. In essence his autonomic nervous system is really clicking in here


“Detective” Robin brilliantly asks Carlos, “Why did you go to the Willard Hotel? You’re from Washing ton. You’re a businessman . The Indian delegation was there at the Willard. Why didn’t you go directly to the white house ?

Now here is a HUGE SIGNAL OF DECEPTION/ He clenches his teeth together and smiles a nervous smile showing his pearly whites, but his eyes are clearly not smiling. He then shakes his head “no” as he repeats” I did , I did “

Then he COMPLETELY contradicts himself as he said “ I went straight to..” and then he cuts himself off changing his tune, as he says. “ initially when I got to the ACTUAL WHITE HOUSE, I dropped off my car, (shoulder shrug – major sign of deception) at the hotel across the street from the ACTUAL W the Willard Hotel (looks down- signal of deception) uhm (deception tell) I walked over to the ACTUAL White House (eyebrows raised- deception tell) um (deception tell) to the first gate. The first gate said they weren’t letting anyone in and you have to go to the second gate, ( he abruptly points his finger- deception tell). (Shouder shrug – deception tell) I went to the second gate. The second gate said. oh we apologize but you have to go down to the the (repetition- deception tell) first gate Uhm and so uhm ( deception tell) I went down to the suh ( deception )first gate I went back down to the first gate and they said oh yeah we apologize but were not letting anyone in right now.”
By now Carlos’ voice is cracking and his breathing rate is changing. You can clearly see and hear that everything out of his mouth this far is filled with signals of deception!
When someone gives as much information as Carlos gave in the paragraph above and convolutes a story, know that they are bullshitting you. The question Robin asked was simply “ WHY DID YOU GO TO THE WILARD HOTEL? She did NOT as about the gates he went through. When someone gives you that much information, they are usually not telling you the truth

Yet another signal of deception was that Carlos’ mouth obviously got dry, so we heard his voice crack and see him take in a gulp of air ass he tells what time all of this (bullshit) allegedly occurred- 5:45.

Then he bites his lip ( another signal of deception) He says “ From there It was cold. It was raining as I recall ( what do you mean as you recall? He continues, “ It was cold and I had a cold ( waaay tooo much information and going off on a tangent- signal of deception) He also looks from side to said as though he is making up this story as he goes along. He continues with “ I wanted to be inside as far as (unintelligible) .. so I walked over t the W hotel. I walked over to the W hotel to get out of the…to get out of the (repetition) ACTUAL cold um (deception) I went upstai (looks down- signal of deception).


Robin and everyone else watching GMA is really getting aggravated with Carlos. So in a harsh tone, Robin asks “ How did you get to the Wilard? How diis you end up on a bus with the Indian delegation?”


He then says OK in a sheepish tone, as though he is busted once again. Then you see his head jerk back as though he is literally taken aback. He looks down and refuses to immediately answer the question as he rudely said “ I’m getting to that.” When someone bides time and doesn’t answer the question immediately and tries to take control, they are usually lying.

Carlos tries to justify himself by saying, “ but first of all I wanted to make sure that everyone understands how I got here UH Um shoulder shrugging (multiple signals of deception).

He continues his BS by too much detail as he says “ I went to the W Hotel and I went to see if there was anyone I knew ( shakes his head’ no’ which is a huge signal of deception when he should be shaking t ‘yes’). I went upstairs. There was no one there at the W Hotel hardly that I know and it was dark and there was a nothing going on, so I decided to leave there and go to the ACTUAL Wilard Hotel.

He now cocks his head to the side, indicating that he isn’t even sure of what the hell he is saying!

Actually, by now I am laughing his concocted story as to me it is beginning to sound s comical. But then I stop myself as soon as the reality hits me of what this security breech could have done to the President.


Carlos continues, “ By coincidence ( shakes his head’ no’- signal of deception) I want over to the Wilard and when I walked into the Wilard hotel (repetition- deception) I went to (raises eyebrows- deception) I believe I went to the bar to see if anyone I knew was at the bar.” What does this clown lean “I believe I went to the bar”. He either went or he didn’t go to the bar. How could he use the word “believe” if what he is sayingi s true?


Then he says with bravado “ I know a lot of people in DC( shakes his head no and pitch of voice raises as he and chokes off his sound (all signals of deception). This comment is (wayyyy too much information as he goes off on a tangent- tow very clear signals of deception). He continues, repeating what he just said. “ I know a lot of people in DC . So from there I didn’t see anyone at the bar (looks away- signal of deception ) I decided to go I saw a lot of people in the hallway (shakes his head no- signal of deception) “ By the way, since when d bars have hallways?

He goes on with “ Um (deception) as I was looking around everyone was looking good.” He now sounds desperate in tone ). Once again, Carlos give waay too much convoluted tangential information , a clear deception giveaway . “ Um (deception) I was looking good because I was going to the state dinner ( shakes his head’ no’ and raises his eyebrows- clear signals of deception) .

This tangential information about looking good because he was going to a state dinner may reveal more than meets the eye. Perhaps this was the point in time that he actual “found” or “managed to acquire” his invitation.

Could he have picked someone’s pocket or purse? Anything is possible. I am not accusing then. But there are all kinds of scenarios that cross one’s mind her in relation to the underlying motive he had in making this statement. Maybe the initiation was acquired in the hallway of the bar! Perhaps he didn’t know if he was actually going to a state dinner until he somehow managed to secure that invitation. To me it is a red flag!


Robin now ask Carlos “ Was there any point when you had to show ID?” Carlos rudely interrupts her and says “ Let me get to that get,,, me get to that please (repetition- deception) WHATTTTTT???????

Whenever a A PERSON CUTS YOU OFF THEY ARE BSing YOU! If they were telling the truth, they would have an immediate answer for you and not convolute it so that they have more time to manufacture a BS answer.


As Carlos makes the next statement I begin t laugh again. He says “ I went to the ACTUAL bathroom.” This is getting more and more comical by the moment,. But I am quickly back to my anger when I once again think of what could have happened to the President with the security breach.

Carlos repeats “ I went to the bathroom” as his voice cracks and his eyes are now glassy, indicating his body is screaming YOU LIAR!!!!!!I He continues “ came out of the bathroom and then did saw a bunch of folks in the hallway at the Willard hotel and they said (he looks to the side- signal of deception) ugh oh it time to go to the White House.”

WHA?????? Didn’t this fool know what time to go to the White House? Wasn’t it written on his invitation? Now his vocal tone is very defensive as he shakes his head no and says. “ well I’m going to the White House too, because I have an invite to the White House. As he says this his vocal pitch goes up (signal of deception ) and he sounds very defensive/ “ White House ( he repeats- signal of deception). “ At that point I got up and got in line with everybody else , All right?” In asking , ‘all right?” he is looking for approval and reassurance that he was being believed by Robin (which he wasn’t)


“ I basically had my INVITE (that after listening to his cockamamie story, he may have possibly pick pocketed). I went up to the ACTUAL Secret Service individual. I opened my jacket ( he opens his jacket) , I have MY INVITE in my pocket. “ Now his voice gets really defensive as he says the Secret Service guy didn’t ask me for anything else , didn’t ask me for anything else (repeats- signal of deception) He wanded me. He didn’t ask me for anything else. (repeats again indicating that he wanted to drive home his cockamamie story)

Carlos then throws up his hand in a defensive posture as his voice reflects this and continues, “ checked me to make sure I had nothing wrong.”

Now his voice is getting hoarse from talking all his bullshit for so long – another indication of deception. Now he gets really defensive and we see a lot of shoulder shrugging as she says “ And I basically walked in with everyone else and I got out of the ACTUAL van.”


Robin pointedly asks him, “ Why did you initially deny being the e at the state dinner?” There is a HUGE Red flag as he immediately and rudely replies ” I’ll EXLAIN THAT TO YOU, (deception tell as he is biding his time to concoct another story)

He says “ Um (deception) when the Salahi stuff all broke out at that time again I thought that I was an invited guest.” (What do you mean you THOUGHT) Carlos now arranges his cuffs which is another deception signal) “ at the ACTUAL White House OK and then the Salahai stuff broke out there was a frenzy (sounds very angry and animated ) “ Like their faces were everywhere (voice cracks) and fugh I had posted everything on my website which s HUSH SOCIETY magazine dot com” as he plugs his site “ Iam the ACTUAL CEO of the HUSH and …. WE DO GOOD THINGS” ( Well Mr. Allen you certainly didn’t do a good thing by crashing the White House). He then goes on to say “ When I posted the ACTUAL information on the website I got an email from someone saying hay you’re not an invited guest. So when I received this email”

( Wide eyed- indicating fear ) I don’t wanna be no part what was goin on with this frenzy.” ( raises his shoulders to indicate fear) , so I’m like OK let me take this stuff down because I don’t know what the heck is going on.” As he says this, his voice is scratchy and aggressive and we see a frightening side to Carols Allen emerge- angry and defensive).

His immediately taking his stuff down ff of the internet shows me that he was up to no good. A frightened uninvited guest would be afraid f the consequences and take everything down right away whereas an invited guest would keep it up forever.


Now e really see how delusional Carlos Allen is when he bullshits that he didn’t tell anyone he was there because he didn’t what to embarrass his President. WHATTT????? He then continues
“ I didn’t want to embarrass my administration.” WHATTTTT??? ( What administration? Does he fancy himself as the President with an Administration?
And finally he says “ I did not want to embarrass my country if there was some issue that at ACTUAL Secret Service or the White House made a mistake .” WHATTTTT??

Now this is CRAZY TALK !!!!!!!!

Robin now asks him “ Did you have a place card?
as she shows him her place card with the Presidential seal on it. He relies in a staccato like tone often used when people are busted, “ I did not have that.”


“How did you know to sit there at the table?” asks Robin.


His eyes open big as someone caught in a lie. He immediately stammers and repeats himself “ Lets, lets. Lets, lets retrace in reference to how I got once I got … once I got (repeats- signal of deception) to the ACTUAL White House, How I got to the White House U got out the van. Now everyone is spealatin that I turned to figure out of I’m scared.”

When someone speaks like this, he leaks out the truth he was indeed scared that he secured an initiation that no doubt wasn’t his. He made it to the ACTUAL White House.

He looked around because he was SCARED, He had no table so he no doubt asked someone where to sit and complained that they forgot to put his name tag on a table so he was given a seat where they may have had an extra available seat. Hs voice now cracks as he revels this information.

By getting way too defensive about his being scared and instead stating that he was excited, he has really revealed the truth about how he was no doubt feeling at the time.


Robin BUSTS him and point blank refutes Carlos by saying “ it didn’t look like way in the videotape.” He immediately thrusts his head back, indicating that he is indeed literally l taken aback because he is BUSTED!!!

Having to defend himself and make excuses for what is no doubt the truth, he makes up some more bullshit as he says “ I turned around to say it’s time to go party to the other individuals they still in the van. But when I got out the van I turned around and said what are you waiting for it s time to go party.” You can see how he makes up the story about the van and partying on the fly. You can see how his mind works. It isn’t quite connected. That is how sociopaths speak, just for your information.


Carlos Allen’s lawyer Mr. Boldon had the audacity to say to Robin that “ WE BELIEVE HE HAD AN INVITATION AT SOME POINT THAT NIGHT HE BECAUSE AN INVITEE OF THE WHITE HOUSE.” WHATTTTTTTTT????????

His clown client was NEVER an invitee. He scammed his way into the Whiet House!!!!! Then this delusional attorney makes the following egregious statement” The reason I say that is that he participated in the receptions. He was invited to participate n the dinner. He stayed for the concert ad then he left the White House on his own accord.” WHATTTTTTT????

Mr. Laywer, that doesn’t make your client and INVITEEE?? He was NOT INVITED to participate, He scammed his way in and FORCED others to let him participate. That Mr. Boldon that is NOT an invited guest. That is a party crasher !!!!!

Now Mr. Boldon dig his client a deeper grave as he reveals about his client, “ He asked the White House staffer where do I sit? Where is my seat and the staffer told him where to sit. A White House staffer presented him to that seat?”

Of course a White House staffer seated him Mr. Boldon because he didn’t have a legitimate invitation that would have come together with a specific seat. That is why he had to ask where to be seated. Everyone else knew where to be seated because they had a place card and a proper invitation. No one is going to but this stupid excuse.


Allen’s parting words were that he walked into the Secret Service office WTHOUT an ACTUAL ATTORNEY. With the attorney he has speaking on his behalf, in my opinion Carlos is better off defending himself.
Carlo finally Leaks “ I had an actual invitation that I USED to get into the white house.,,,,” His statement clearly indicates that he was NOT INVITED but rather USED AN INVITATION that he perhaps either found stole, lifted, scammed, took, or was given but was NOT sent by the White House!


After Carlos Allen’s bullshit interview, I would have loved it if ACTUAL law enforcement was sitting in the ACTUAL studio. While he was still on the air giving his ACTUAL final phony smile, I would have loved it if they would have come up on either side of him and slapped some ACTUAL handcuffs on him. If he continued to scream and carry on with his protestations, I would have loved to see them put an ACTUAL Hannibal Lector type goalie mask over his ACTUAL mouth to quash any more of his ACTUAL bullshit coming out of his mouth. Now that would make ACTUAL great television!


5 thoughts on “Carlos Allen,Third White House Party Crasher’s Body Language on GMA Shows Signals of Lying Through His Teeth as HE leaks Out the Truth That He USED A ticket To Get in

  1. Now this is scary, that this obvious poser, along with the superficial and bizarre couple from my neck of the woods, Northern VA, were able to get into the WH and close to the President.

    Has there ever been an explanation from anyone representing the secret service as to how they are changing procedures so this kind of thing doesn’t happen again? If there has been, I haven’t heard it.


    1. You are so right! It IS scary. Our President MUST be protected at ALL times! These are very frightening times, unlike times of the past where things may have been more relaxed. There MUST be a stricter security system so that this NEVER happens again.The obnoxious Salahi’s were bad enough, but this 3rd White House Party crasher’s behavior seems very questionable to me. Having done a body language analysis on this 3rd part crasher for this blog, he definately needed a security check before he got anywhere near the White House, let alone the President. Thank you so much for your comenst and for rading my blog.


  2. He acts like since he got away with it (as far as gaining entry) that it validates the invitation no matter WHERE it came from. I guess his lawyer thinks that too. Once that “actual invite” got him in the door, to them they think it is now a legitimate invitation. And he worried about embarrassing the secret security and the president? Good grief. Great article (as usual) Please, oh please whoever is in charge do not let these three get away with this.


  3. Is this the first time the White House has ever been crashed for a party? I don’t ever recall hearing about someone gaining entry to a party at the White House without an invitation.


  4. I have heard of the people getting into a White House party without a legitimate invitation before. It is a dangerous thing to happen, especially these days.

    I looked up this interview, and he struck me as a total scammer and liar. All of these people who have pulled this may be sorry before it is over. The government may make an example out of them.


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