Tila Tequila’s Body Language Shows She’s Milking 15 More Minutes of Fame Off “Fiance” Casey Johnson’s Death

When I initially saw Tila Tequila’s video with her and Casey Johnson lying around in their bras as Tila announced their “engagement,” I felt nauseated by how clearly Tila seemed to be taking advantage of this young woman who barely spoke a word.
As Tila flaunted her alleged 17 carat diamond ring throughout the video and kept repeating umpteen times that “Casey Johnson was the Johnson and Johnson heiress,” it was obvious to me what was going on. As the tape progressed, Tila hit her “fiancé” up for a donation to Tila’s charity. Then at the end of the tape, Tila’s parting words about her “fiance” were she can pretty much “buy your ass because she a bajllionaire.”

A short while later Tila turned up at a Snoop Dogg event with Casey in tow, kissing and mugging for camera as they publically announced their engagement . Tila was clearly in charge. She pawed Casey and directed her as she would a rag doll.
In looking at these two , I couldn’t help but notice that something was very wrong. Casey looked out of it- a complete mess, with ratted hair that looked like it had not been combed in weeks. Her eyes looked half open and her movements were sloppy and slow as though she was skipping a beat.


So when I heard  Casey Jonson died, I wasn’t surprised. But when I heard that she and was left for dead for days until her ice cold body which was turning blue was discovered by her landlord, I was very surprised by this tragedy. My first thought was what happened to her “fiancé”? Where was she in all of this tragic mess ? How could someone be “engaged “ to someone no matter what sex they were and ignore the fact that their partner was not around for days!


So when her “fiancé” appeared thorough the media lamenting Case Johnson’s death, I thought it was hypocritical, opportunistic ,and repulsive.
Equally as tragic as Casey Johnson’s death were the on camera antics of “fiancé Tila. She has not shown one ounce of sadness or grief body language wise.
There was obviously a rift between the two or a lack of a photo op as Tila obviously hadn’t spoken to her fiancé in days and had no clue she was lying dead. Although Tila has been telling everyone who will listen that she is the poor grieving mate , she has yet to display once ounce of grief, at least publically.

Instead, she is relishing in all of the attention. She is like a pig in a mud pen. She loves her new role as it is a wonderful vehicle to get out there in the media and share her new projects which she did on RadarOnline. It was being nauseating to me. To seize the opportunity of someone’s tragic demise to enhance your own career is beyond egregious.


While everyone grieves and mourns differently, I have never heard of anyone doing it while cheekily posing in front of camera in a sexy provocative poses. Showing their low cut cleavage, mugging for the camera, showing off your stomach, wearing short pants that show your butt cheeks and tilting your head down in a coquettish gesture, says that it is all about YOU, not about your respect for the deceased.


When she gave a videotaped message directly to Casey, Tila’s body language and her vocal tone spoke volumes. Her tone was absolutely DEVOID of any inflection indicating emotion. It was flat and monotone, indicating that she really didn’t care about Casey. Instead, she cared that a camera was pointed in her direction.
One could argue and say, well perhaps that is just the way Tila sounds. Perhaps she is just a one tone note girl. But she is not. She is loud and bubbly and animated and very watchable. You never know what she is going to do next. She is so exciting to watch and so full of life, animation and movement through the varied symphony of her voice and her movements that she was even given her own television show by MTV – A Shot of Love With Tila Tequila where she had to choose a mate among both male and female contestants.
On the video Tila says “ Casey I just wanna say that love you so much and I miss you so much.” As Tila speaks those words what is very telling is that she shakes her head” no.”

Then she says she wishes Casey was there— not because she misses her and loves her. (Are you ready or this? It is because there is so much chaos.” CHAOS???? She wishes she was there because of the CHAOS? As Tila speaks these words, she looks to the right and then to the left and bites her lip Then she says, “ of that really matters to me.” (OBVIOUSLY IT DOES MATTER THE fact that she mentioned it in the first place. The lip biting indicates that she is holding back on the truth. Of course the CHAOS matters to her She is loving it because Casey’s untimely death and the CHAOS it created, brought Tila what is now 30 minutes of fame .

Then she places her hand on her chest in dramatic fashion in a face and a voice devoid of emotion says. “all that matters to me is that I love you and I know you loved me and you will always be in my heart.” Then in a moment of what could consider to be bad acting, dramatically clutches her heart.”
All of this could have been stomached if there was at least  one ounce of emotion present, but there was not. Her body language an d vocal tone indicted that there was very little feeling for Casey, if any feeling at all.

Instead, she is relishing in all of the attention. She is like a pig in a mud pen. She loves her new role as it is a wonderful vehicle to get out there in the media and share her new projects which she did on RadarOnline. It was being nauseating to me. To seize the opportunity of someone’s tragic demise to enhance your own career is beyond egregious behavior.
Obviously, I am not the only one who saw through Tila’s egregious behavior. The Johnson family saw it as well and did not allow her to come to the funeral. Perhaps they felt that Tila may have enabled their daughter one way or the other. Who knows for certain.

But whatever the case, Tila is now hitting the airwaves getting what is now up to 45 minutes of fame decrying the fact that the Johnson family didn’t let her say her last goodbyes to Casey.

As Casey was buried on Sunday, Tila exclusively told RadarOnline.com “Yes her funeral is today and I can’t even see my “wife” for the last time to say goodbye to her and see her. It’s breaking my heart… I’m crying so bad, they are horrible, mean people. Sure, one day I can visit her grave but I will never ever get to see her face again to say goodbye and kiss her before they bury her.


There are conflicting reports as to whether Tila will or will not appear on Larry King Live. If she does appear on the show , rest assured I will provide you with my take on her body language and what she is really saying between the lines.

But as I see it now, what more can she say. She was obviously enamored by Casey Johnson’s status as a member of the Johnson and Johnson empire. She let that be known in her video. She was not there when Casey was in bad physical shape from possibly who knows what ( not being monitored for her diabetes, not eating well, not taking her medicines, combining medicines, taking too much medicines, not taking enough medicines, a drug overdose, or who know what else.)I won’t speculate on what ended this beautiful young woman’s life. All I can say is that the person who claimed to lover her- her “fiancé” was not in contact with her for days. The thought of having someone die alone in an empty apartment with one one finding them until days later is a horrific thought.

The last person I want to see on Larry King live is Tila Tequila. That would give her yet another 15 minutes of fame, which now adds up to 60 minutes. I think that is enough attention and enough of using a troubled woman’s tragedy as a way of getting more attention! www.drlillianglass.com


3 thoughts on “Tila Tequila’s Body Language Shows She’s Milking 15 More Minutes of Fame Off “Fiance” Casey Johnson’s Death

  1. Thank you for posting this! This girl is one repulsive train wreck! She’s definately selfish and narcissistic if not a drug addict with mental problems besides.


  2. cont. of 7- in her one of her videos on youtube, she also states how she stays home and makes videos because of social anxiety. Perhaps this smiling and strange behavior is due to that anxiety.

    The only thing I can’t defend is how in their engagement video she went on and on about Casey’s money and her ring, but the rest, there are other things to take into account.


  3. Oh, and one more thing about posing for the papps- She was a model, and in that instance, who uses their rational mind when bombarded? She was giving them what they wanted TO BE NICE. It’s the passive aggressive part of her personality. She doesn’t like being hated.

    And as for getting the papps numbers, she was going to start her own Gossip Blog and she needs their connections in order to make that work. It has less to do with her than it does with her projects that they will help her out with, though I do not know if this has been abandoned or not. – Jayda


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