George Anthony’s Body Language, Voice, and Speech During His FOX Interview Says He’s Mr. Nice Guy Who’s a Blamer in Denial


After George Anthony’s 25 minute video where he reached out to Fox 35 in Orlando to describe what his life was like over the past year living under a microscope, I came away with a lot of observations based on his body language, his voice tone and the content of what he actually said.

My first thought was, Why is George coming out now? Why is he doing this interview now, instead of doing it earlier or later? It is in my belief he did this now, in order to garner some public sympathy and to put a more human spin on his daughter Casey, as she goes through her first criminal trial in a few weeks. Perhaps his presence would sway some potential juror to not look at Casey as a Monster, but rather as a loving father’s daughter, which would make Casey seem like a more sympathetic character.


As he proceeds to read his letter, his body language shows that he is embarrassed. He shrugs his shoulders like a school boy would do when he had to read his book report in front of the classroom. He makes the same facial expression which he does throughout the 25 minute tape, especially whenever he feels like he is a victim.

Vocally, whenever he plays the victim role, his tone sounds breathier and softer. It also occurs when he purses his lips together raises his eyebrows, protrudes his chin, and shrugs his shoulders. He waves his hands as a gesture of embarrassment as he says “Its called Living Under a Microscope by me, George Anthony.”

During the first half of the tape George appeared angry and portrayed himself as the VICTIM to the hilt. He is of course a victim of Casey’s egregious behavior and the fallout that resulted because of it. As he reads his letter we hear a lot of depersonalization. That appears to be an effort to detach emotionally, by referring to himself in the third person “you” even though it is about “him” and his feelings about living under a microscope.


Then his VICTIM stance immediately shows as he smacks his lips and we see his shoulders raise as he asks”is this is fair!” He uses phrases designed to elicit guilt in many places throughout his diatribe as he asks “Does it hurt?” and then answers his own question with “ More than you can realize.”

He continues with his guilt producing language as he says “Your family is talked about in hurtful ways” and “ People stand in front of your house as a modern day lynch mob, I ask what would you do? Then in “guilt eliciting form,” he says “I ask people would you like to change places with me, walk in my shoes only for a minute.”


In his tape, we can now see where his daughter Casey must have learned how to blame everyone else but herself as her father plays the BLAME GAME here. Here is who blames:

THE MEDIA (whom he mentions numerous times throughout the tape)
BLOGGERS “who sit on the sidelines to get their 15 minutes of fame” EMAILERS


These people George blames for saying negative things about him are letting him know that they disapprove of how he has allowed Casey to run roughshod over his life with no boundaries. Perhaps if he would not have allowed her to get away with all the crap she pulled in her life, she would not be in the situation she is in now.

The fact that he and Cindy had no idea she dropped out of high school, didn’t have a job when she said she did, stole money, and got pregnant speaks volumes. The fact that Casey said to him “Stop acting like a cop and act like a father for once,” after she came home from being arrested early on, speaks volumes.

It speaks to George being unfit, which he said really bothers him. He is a huge part of the equation as to why Casey is so messed, He needs to face up to that fact. Perhaps he needs to listen to what these people say, instead of being so defensive, being in denial and playing Mr. VICTIM.


He then goes on to BLAME people who don”t know the facts of the case who make assumptions. Well here are some facts we ALL know.
1.Casey lied to police and sent them on a wild goose chase.

2. Casey went out partying when her daughter was missing and didn’t look too disturbed about it.

3.Casey lied about Zanny the Nanny when she had no money to pay for a nanny.

4.George said to police that it smelled like a “dead body” in the car.

5. Caylee’s skull had duct tape over her mouth.

6. Caylee was murdered.

7. Caylee’s remains were found in a plastic garbage bag.

Just these facts alone, do not make Casey a very likable and sympathetic character, no matter how you spin it!


George says “ The Media as it is today would rather report the wrong in the world then collectively reporting something good.”

Well George, the media is reporting something bad about your daughter because something bad happened. That is what makes it news. If Caylee would have been found and not murdered, that would have been news as well- good news!
Everyone would have rejoiced!


When George said that he got his ears pierced for Casey, because she told him that his earlobes would look good pierced two years ago, I could see how much control Casey had over him.

What does a late conservative looking,50’s something man need with pierced ears? If he really wanted to do something for Casey and truly believed in her innocence, he would have done something for her like show up at the jail and tell her he loved her and leave.

He could kiss the glass partition or the TV Screen to show his love and leave. But he has been absent way too long.

So what if he is scrutinized! He needs to go there and show her his pierced ears and tell her that he supports her. He needs to show her the Caylee tattoo, which he spoke about so lovingly.

He says in the tape that he wants to go there more than anything. My response is GO! Show up! That would be doing something for her.

But what George really could have done for Casey was to give her a dose of Tough Love when she was out of control. Then she wouldn’t be behind bars today for possibly murdering his granddaughter.


When George tells of doing something for Casey- piercing his ears, it was to no doubt, let people know that he was a nice guy, doings something nice for his daughter- things which she would appreciate.

Then he tells the story of a woman who put her hand on his shoulder and said that her husband would have done the same thing and attacked the people outside of his house. George then seems appalled that the woman could even think he was attacking those in front of his house.

He makes himself sound like Mr. Nice Guy, denying that he attacked anyone, couching it in a delicate breathy, whispery sounding voice, said in victim- like tone, “All I wanted was for them was to go away.” Then to justify his actions, he says with macho bravado, “ I know what I am capable of.”

Also to appear as Mr. Nice Guy, he says that he feels sorry for the people who have done mean things in this year and a half.


There were way too many times that George brings up the concept of celebrity and being famous. If it wasn’t on his mind, he wouldn’t speak about it. He is trying be humble, but body language and vocally, he gives it away .

He says” I don’t want to say I’m some kind of celebrity or personality cuz I’m not.” Well George, here is a reality check, you are a celebrity based on the fact that your daughter is infamous. She made you famous, like it or not. Her egregious actions put you on the map.

He knows deep down he is a celebrity of sorts and even brings up Shaquille ONeil’s celebrity status and how he would never want to invade Shaquille’s space, to show once again he’s Mr. Nice Guy. George then has the guts to say “ would I say anything negative to him or to hurt him? , absolutely not!”

In essence George’s comparing himself with Shaquille and saying how people treat Shaquille nice as a celebrity, so they should treat George the same way.

Well here is a reality check George, “ Of course no one would say anything negative to Shaquille, not just because he is bigger than them, but because Shaquille doesn’t elicit animosity and bring out ill feelings. His daughter is not in jail awaiting trial. His daughter will not possibly be receiving a lethal injection if she is found guilty.

On the other hand, your daughter will and that is why people are not treating you like they treat Shaquille O‘Neil. He is known for doing something great and giving people pleasure. You unfortunately are known for being the father of a daughter who allegedly brought another human being pain and displeasure.


If as George says, 9 out of 10 people are gracious, and only one will shout and say mean things, I don’t see what the problem is, other than to once again, sound like a “poor me victim.” George needs to focus on the 9 people who are positive and ignore the negative one.

And of course they are going to say hateful things about “your daughter.” She is a liar and a thief and possibly a killer.

Then in Mr, Nice guy form he asks “ Do I wanna lash out? He shrugs his shoulder and says “ I’m not that kind of guy.”


Here where we really see George in denial. He says, ‘ If things come about” for his daughter” people won’t think of” him.

Something tells me that the only thing that can come about for his daughter is life in prison or being sentenced to death.

George was clearly in denial when he heard the attorney speak graphically about what could have happened to Caylee at the hands of Casey. He said that he felt like asking him to stop because he “ DIDN’T THINK IT WAS THE PROPER TIME OR PLACE.” Of course it was the proper time and proper place. It was in the courtroom for goodness sakes, not in someone’s living room.


 Now the tone of the interview changes in the middle of the tape when George describes his tattoo, which he made in Caylee’s honor. He describes it as a heart and her looking up at the sky with rays of sunshine,as she was his sunshine.

That was so touching, you could feel the genuine love that George had for Caylee and how hard this all must be for him. His tone was loving, tender, and genuine. It seemed to give him comfort when he spoke of her.

It make you understand why this poor man is in denial about Casey. Who could even fathom someone harming someone you loved with all your heart and soul? Who could even imagine that someone could be your own daughter? I think that George knows deep in his heart what happened, but he is conflicted, and my heart goes out to him in that regard.

You could hear the leakage of reality when he talks of his suicide attempt and how he is here to stay to see this all through as it wouldn’t be fair to:





Look at how far down the list Casey is as opposed to Cindy and Lee and the future daughter in law.

He is able to quickly spout off the dates that Casey was arrested, but can’t bring himself to say the word JAIL as he says “ where Casey is now.”


You can really her the sadness in George’s vocal tones as he talks about the holidays not meaning anything to him anymore and how he misses the three strong women – Cindy, Casey and Caylee in the home together. You can feel his pain and sadness as he says this.

Then in a louder voice and with a smile and self confidence he says” I HAVE LOT TO DO WITH MY LIFE YET,” as he describes his purpose and mission in life in helping abducted children. He is radiant in tone and body language.

It appears from all this bad there was a silver lining. George has a purpose in life which is to help others who lost a child as he did.. Another good thing that came out of this horrific situation for George is that he “ found out what family really is from his “parents to sisters and brother, and what they are doing things because of this.”


George is no doubt talking about Cindy’s brother not helping, as he discusses family loyalty and says that family should always be there no matter what.

He makes it a point to say to those who asks why he doesn’t abandon Casey or turn his back on her “ THAT’S MY DAUGHTER I LOVE HER AND ALWAYS WILL.” I wonder if he will feel the same way as the trial progresses and he discovers that the daughter he loves forever may have smothered his granddaughter with duct tape.

It is clear that he is in denial at this point. I am not faulting him for it as he needs to do whatever he can do to get by. So if he is in denial at this point in time and it make his life easier, I say that’s fine.

But something just doesn’t sit right with me. I think that George is conflicted. On one hand, he does love the daughter he lived with before Caylee was killed. But I am not so sure he loves the daughter after Cayleee was killed.

The fact that he writes Casey and she doesn’t respond, speaks volumes to me. Forget about scrutiny. She can write about more superficial things like what she ate and how she is, and how she loves her parents. He can do the same. He doesn’t have to go into detail about the case.

So what if there are people scrutinizing and analyzing. His love for his daughter and expressing it should come before all of that. That is, unless he is really not feeling it for Casey, which I believe may be the case.

Actions speak louder than words as we all know. There is no action here! To me, that speaks a lot of words.

George is not a dumb man. He has been in law enforcement early in his life and you can’t be dumb being in law enforcement.Therefore, he knows exactly what is going on, but he is conflicted.

I think that not visiting Casey in jail it an excuse. Deep down he probably doesn’t want to even look at her knowing what she probably did to the love of his life- Caylee Marie Anthony.


24 thoughts on “George Anthony’s Body Language, Voice, and Speech During His FOX Interview Says He’s Mr. Nice Guy Who’s a Blamer in Denial

  1. thanks for the article dr glass, it pretty well sums up george anthony. I think he has a big ego and alot of pride ( or did have) and is really having a hard time not exploding on some of the people he blames. thanks again for all of your illuminating articles.


    1. I don’t know where all this “I’m a grieving, victimized grandparent,” horse manure by George Anthony came from …seemingly out of nowhere, but IN ADDITION to the many crimes (& lies) of Casey Anthony. Here’s a few more BIG REASONS, why her family, especially her wonderful ‘grieving grandmother’ are also so, shall I say, “Not liked too much” (Listen to Cindy’s Arrogance, THE GREAT ENABLER (ALONG WITH GEORGE) & PROTECTOR OF CAYLEE MARIE’S MURDERESS; Monster Mom – Casey Anthony) :

      George & Cindy Anthony BOTH know what human decomposition smells like and BOTH were in contact with Casey, during the 31 days of her partying binge. NEVER ONCE DID THEY (Especially Cindy) get to speak with Caylee Marie, during that time. BOTH also obviously knew that Casey was ‘found ALIVE’ by Cindy on 7/15/2008, WITHOUT CAYLEE.
      Right before that, when they went to pick up Casey’s car from Johnson’s Wrecker Service, Ex-Cop/Homicide Detective, George Anthony, opened Casey’s car trunk. He saw the trash bags (planted by Casey as a potential excuse for the horrible smell coming from the trunk, until she couldn’t stand the smell any longer and ditched the car at that Amscot), along with a Coffin Fly colony flying around & coming out of the trunk, an EMPTY pizza box (Check the FBI Forensics Report, no ‘rotting’ pizza in that box), then when that worker at Johnson’s Towing threw out the bags into the nearby dumpster, GEORGE ANTHONY SAW THE SILHOUETTED IMAGE OF A CHILD’S BODY IN THE FETAL POSITION in Casey’s trunk (In one of his First Police or FBI interviews, he clearly spoke of what he noticed was a ‘basketball-sized, BUT NOT SHAPED stain’ in Casey’s trunk, with a grim look on his face), AND saw what HE KNEW to be ‘Grave Wax’ on the bottom of Casey’s trunk. Then he immediately vomited on the side of Casey’s car, right there at the tow yard!
      George Anthony KNEW AT THAT POINT, that Caylee was dead. I GUARANTEE IT!!
      Cindy knew shortly thereafter, when he arrived home with Casey’s car, in which George himself stated, the first words out of Cindy’s mouth were “Jesus Christ what died??!!”
      Now, instead of calling the Police IMMEDIATELY from the tow yard, these two wonderful ‘victimized, grieving grandparents’ took the car home, George went to work, & Cindy proceeded to destroy evidence from (AS A REGISTERED NURSE FOR GOODNESS SAKES!) what she HAD TO KNOW, was a CRIME SCENE of her precious granddaughter’s murder!
      She took out Casey’s pants from Casey’s back seat & laundered them, then she cleaned out Casey’s trunk with Febreze & other cleaning agents/solvents (while surely also noticing the same SILHOUETTED STAIN IMAGE OF A CHILD’S BODY IN THE FETAL POSITION as she ‘worked the scene’ for Casey), and BOTH OF THESE ‘VICTIMIZED, GRIEVING GRANDPARENTS’ waited TO SPEAK WITH THEIR KNOWN PATHOLOGICAL LYING, THIEVING, UN-EMPLOYED, UN-FIT MOTHER OF A DAUGHTER, Casey, before they decided to call the police about what they already knew, Caylee was missing, BUT OF COURSE THEY DIDN’T MENTION (OTHER THAN THE SMELL) what they already knew…that Caylee was really dead!
      Then to top that off, they closed ranks, & probably decided “well Caylee’s dead, so we can’t help her anymore, but we still have her murderess alive, so we can still at least HELP HER!!” (‘Nevermind that whole justice for our beloved granddaughter, Caylee Marie thing’)
      And BOTH, BUT ESPECIALLY CINDY ANTHONY (Again, while already knowing Caylee was dead, by Casey’s hands alone), proceeded to cause law enforcement/The Media to waste resources, man-power, time, etc. looking for a ‘missing Caylee’ all the while accusing SEVERAL INNOCENT PEOPLE of Caylee’s abduction/demise!! i.e. First Zenaida Gonzalez, then Jesse Grund, then possibly Amy Huizenga, then they moved on to Anthony ‘Tony’ Lazzaro, & lately it’s Roy Kronk.
      They also managed to make NUMEROUS enemies of people who AT FIRST, actually tried to ASSIST THE ANTHONY FAMILY WITH THEIR TIME/MONEY/PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, but who REFUSED TO BELIEVE or figured out Casey’s lie about Caylee being kidnapped & still alive, i.e. Attorney Mark Nejame, Attorney Terence Lenamon, Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla & his Bail Bondsman Nephew Tony, Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch, The OCSO/FDLE/FBI, Nancy Grace, Family Spokespeople Larry Garrison & Todd Black (really Gil Cabot), etc. etc. etc.
      Cindy & George are not innocent victims here! Oh, they are victims no doubt, but victims of their own accord & doing. How do you let your daughter steal TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS from you, steal from her brother/their son Lee, from BOTH her 80+ year-old Grandparents, & other friends without EVER HAVING HER PROSECUTED FOR THESE OBVIOUS CRIMES AND HAVING TO PAY BACK RESTITUTION AT THE THREAT OF GOING TO JAIL, IF SHE DIDN’T??!! I betcha Casey would’ve gotten a real job THEN, to avoid jail & maybe Caylee would not have been murdered!!
      And they would be fine with Zenaida Gonzalez, Amy H., Tony L., Jesse G., Roy Kronk going to prison for life, if not executed, for a murder they had nothing to do with, if it meant freeing their psychopathic daughter, Casey?!
      We can almost hear little Caylee Marie asking George and ESPECIALLY CINDY:
      “CiCi, JoJo why aren’t you interested in justice for me??”
      “Wasn’t my life worth anything to you??” & “Wasn’t I your blood relative too??”


  2. Dr. Glass, I agree with all you have written.
    I wonder why the Anthony’s can’t figure out the negativity brought on in this case is due to them.! When Cindy Anthony became hostile, when she became contrary, when she mislead police, gave misinformation or half-truths, handing incorrect evidence to FBI, by making up excuses, by throwing innocent people as the alleged killer, the false Caylee sightings, the smell of death in the pontiac, they brought this on themselves, IMO.

    How can they expect to be true crime victims advocates when they haven’t begged for justice for precious Caylee. I feel as if they have turned their backs on Caylee in an effort to free the one allegedly responsible for her demise. How can they rationalize the way Caylee was found deceased in that watery tomb. Being triple bagged and thown away like garbage, duct tape found wrapped around their granddaughters mouth/head three strips of duct tape, chloroform, syringe, all items found with Caylee can be linked back to the Anthony house. Why arent’ they appalled at their own for doing the unspeakable..

    I would expect them to continue to love and support Casey but they must not make up lies, untruths, half truths, mislead the fine officers who worked tiredlessly trying to find out what happened to precious Caylee. They should be begging Casey to tell what happened for it’s Casey who can save her own life. She must not drag this out in a trial, if she pleads guilty, she can save the gory details of Caylee’s last moments alive and how she was callously murdered and not meet the same fate as Caylee, which would be kinder to Casey then Casey was to Caylee.
    I pray the Anthony family will finally stand up and be Caylee’s voice.
    Since they won’t, those fine prosecutors, the fine officers of OSCO/FDLE/FBI, etc..will be Caylee’s voice and get justice for this precious child. I pray Casey will not drag this out, take a guilty plea and spend the rest of her life behind bars, instead of being put to death. Although, I’m inclined to believe the jury will not send this young woman of 23 to death. Her time would be better spent doing life, so she can have those nightmares about Caylee, have her “Bella Vita” en la casa grande and see that the ends did not justify the means. Caylee deserved to start school, Caylee deserved to grow up have a family of her own but sadly never made it past 2 years 10 months.
    Great grandmother said it best, she believed Casey hated Cindy more than she loved Caylee…that is how the prosecution should end their case…

    Rest peacefully, Precious Caylee…
    Justice is coming sweetheart…

    A concerned parent/grandparent
    I have three precious granddaughters and if one of my own was responsible for the childs death, I would support them, love them but demand the truth…I wouldn’t be looking through those “rose colored” glasses..

    Linda Rose


  3. I disagree with the concept of George being a ‘celebrity’. Infamous is the word I would attach to him, and while they both convey the idea that a person is well known, one is positive and one is negative.

    I’d call Jon Gosselin infamous too.

    I think ‘celebrity’ which certainly has it’s roots in the word celebrate implies someone who’s risen to a status that’s glorified in our society, a person who others WANT to be associated with and emulate.

    Infamous, well…you are famous for something very negative.


  4. Oh…and let’s face it: George got his ears pierced because he THINKS he’s a celebrity and hot stuff. Plus there’s obviously a little mid-life crisis going on there.

    The idea that once the microscope was hovering over his life, he followed Casey’s suggestion to pierce his ears as ‘support’ for his daughter is the most laughable thing I’ve heard this year.


    1. I think that George looks like a monkey’s arse with those earrings. He needs to grow up!! He did that for his daughter? Give me a break. With gifts like that, no wonder Casey is a screwed up poor excuse of a human being. My advise to you is this, George. Get a grip. Get a reality check. Take those silly studs out of your ears and put a “BRAIN” in between them.


  5. Thank you so much for your professional opinion. You are great!!!
    You see, Dr. Lillian I just can’t feel sympathetic towards George and it’s his own fault. He never stood up for Cindy and now it’s too late and I don’t believe he has changed. One thing is for certain is his love for Caylee. In my opinion if he really loved his granddaughter he would stand up for her, no matter what and who his murderer is… after all Caylee wasn’t even 3 years old and had her entire life in front of her. Of course this is my layperson opinion.
    As far as Casey goes, now I do understand why he isn’t visiting Casey… it’s not because of the media… it’s really because he might not want to see Casey. This makes a lot of sense to me.
    Still think it’s creep piercing his ears because of creepy Casey. LOL
    I have a question… why did Cindy send George to this interview? We all know she is the boss. Something is wrong here. In my humble opinion.


  6. Very interesting and thanks for the observation. What erks me is how Cindy can go around attacking everybody and cant see that she is the one who raised Casey. I think the apple falls close to the tree. I have seen Cindy lie and lie and lie and she wonders why Casey lies?

    Cindy and Casey are two peas in a pod. Casey just went the extra mile by killing her kid. I would not put this behaviour past Cindy if it suited her and she would do a much better job at hiding it too. She even has tried to help Casey hide her crime. e.g. her questions in front of the cops about Casey’s car was one good example.

    Woe unto both of them………..


  7. I was hoping you would analyze his most recent appearance. Thank you for taking the time. I do hope you’ll continue to give us body language insight during the trial/trials!


  8. Dr. Glass, I agree with most of your assessment of George. But I do respectfully disagree with your impression that George is in denial of Casey’s involvement in Caylee’s murder. It’s my opinion that neither George nor Cindy has ever been in denial. They’ve only pretended to be in denial in order to influence potential jurors in Casey’s trial. They’ve both known from the beginning that Casey murdered Caylee. They never wanted Caylee’s body found (and I believe did all they could to prevent it from being found) in order to provide “reasonable doubt” to potential jurors.


  9. I agree with seeing_eye..
    I can’t imagine a former homicide detective who can’t put two and two together.
    When the FBI were speaking with George, they brought this same subject up, being a former homicide officer George …his reply was, Cindy won’t let me…LOL..Cindy prevents this family from doing and saying what they please. If it doesn’t meet the Queens’ standard, it’s erased out of the mind..
    The decomp smell from the pontiac was so strong, they had to know, especially after hunting down Casey, with no Caylee in her presence. Also, George has also stated, he doesn’t want to loose another child, he also vomited when recalling that decomp smell to those fine FBI officers…he knows Casey will never come home.
    I always thought it would be George who would do what’s right for Caylee, she was his sunshine..I always believed if anyone, it would be George to get justice in Caylee’s name, even though it’s his own child who is alleged to be Caylee’s murderer…I am very disappointed the Anthony’s have chosen not to be Caylee’s voice. That saddens me very much.
    I also can’t believe, the time Casey was out on bond, living in the same home, the Anthony’s never discussed Caylee and what happened. Then when the prosecutors motioned for a gag order, Baez was so against it, not wanting anything to be supressed so the Anthony family could create reasonable doubt with all those false Caylee sightings.
    Cindy has said, after Caylee’s remains were found, she doesn’t know what happened and wants answers. When State Attorney, Jeff Ashton gave a scenario on the condition Caylee’s remains were found, Casey turned to Andrea Lyons, make him stop…and with that, Cindy ran out of the courtroom…well Miss Casey, that was just a little bit of what’s in store for you, if you continue on this road. If you want Caylee’s memory to be of that before that fateful June 15th, day…then I would suggest, no beg for you to admit to what you’ve done. Allow Caylee’s memory to remain as it was, allow Caylee to rest in peace…plead guilty and save the gory details of Caylee’s last moments alive. It is only Casey who can save herself from the death penalty.
    When this alleged abduction first unfolded, I am so glad those 911 calls were recorded and logged into evidence. That is when Cindy was being Caylee’s voice, she was true to her emotions, you could hear the terror and fear in her voice. She knew then and she knows today, who is responsible for Caylee’s demise. She wants everyone to believe there was no dysfuction in that family, Casey was the mother of the year, she loved Caylee and couldn’t do this…this will be her rude awakening. At this trial, all dirty laundry will be aired..if they don’t want that to happen, they should beg Casey to plead guilty and take life in prison instead of death…
    Caylee became America’s child and America wants justice for Caylee..

    Caylee’s justice is coming.

    The wheels of justice turn slow but turn just the same. Rest Peacefully, Caylee..
    From Heaven you can see the stars, the moon and the sky, sweetheart!



  10. cindy made you do it wont work much too late for any symathy for any of your criminal family and and cindy blame others for your murdering daughters scummy behavior.bloggers see the truth and are to smart for all of your smoke screens and coverups.NOW DO THE RIGHT THING AND EXCEPT THAT CASEY IS A THIEF AND A MURDERER.YOU WILL LIVE A PEASEFUL LIFE WHEN YOU GET HONEST GEORGE.


  11. Dr. Glass…Plase explain the difference between denial and deLie’ll (knowingly lieing that you’re looking for a live Caylee to make sympathy money and distract LE and searchers from finding what you already know-that your granddaughter is dead.) Seeing_eye and I see eye to eye.


  12. Mrs Glass,I agree with your findings on George.I also think he knows his daughter will be convicted for what she did to Caylee.I think this letter also is to gain sympathy because after all the things that happened comes out at trial.He is going to need people.Its a mid life crises thing with the earings.Casey cant even see them.Because he hasnt been to see her.I did go through a child in our family being murdered at 2 yrs old.Beat to death.We as a a united,an some un-uninted family,did not go before media.We avoided all,speaking to them,they were all over us an the 3 trial we went through.No L fees did we take to sell his little Memories.we let the courts handle finding out,an convicting the murder.2 were acussed.One was the killer.So its what in peoples hearts ,that brings out the worst,in them in a time when they should be quietly grieving,an going to counseling-For tragic deaths.When you have a loved one acussed of a crime,an know they could have comitted the crime,or took part in a cover.You may still love them,but lieing for them.Is truly disgusting.Its been long enough that denial should not be at play in the Anthonys hearts.They knew when that car was picked up,from the tow lot.Its a painful thing to lose a loved on to murder,an even more painful to know some one you loved did it.But Morals an decency stands to play in how you handle it.


  13. while i agree with you that George needs to go see casey, i do not believe that case wants to see either George or Cindy. i also agree that deep down, George can not stand to look at Casey, knowing what she did to his precious granddaughter. He just does not have what it takes to confront Casey with the truth. He has low self esteem and lacks the confidience needed to assert his true feelings, due to being “the low man on the totem pole” in that household for years, which resulted in george becoming a people pleaser, or more accurately, a brown noser. he also likes to “pull his own chain” in order to receive positive strokes from people, as he did in the interview with LE , “I am not stupid”, and in the deposition, “I was one of the main detectives who solved that case”. by being a people pleaser, he has created contraditions, which really means he lies, and does not seem to realize that he has lied. I do believed he loved precious caylee, but he is powerless to stand up for her. sad situation


  14. Man, this is an awsome post.. by a Denice over on Cayleedaily.. spread it around.. mail it to

    The Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation.

    Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 721300

    ORLANDO, FL. 32872-1300



    January 8, 2010 at 10:54 AM

    Caylee’s Answer to JoJo’s “Living under a microscope”

    First of all JoJo, you and CiCi have choices I had none!

    I was 7 months into my growth inside my mother before I was even recognized as a child, prior to that I was a “tumor” remember that JoJo?

    The tension and dysfunction began right from my birth as I was handed to CiCi before my own mother. I heard the fights over this….I lived the tension!

    Do you know JoJo what it feels like to know you were never wanted by your own mother? She did not want me you and CiCi did……to a point!

    As a baby I was cute, used to show off and was more like a baby doll to my mother!

    As I grew …. I heard and saw the dysfunction in our family……the screaming fights,,,,,,the awful words and insults that were slung at each other! I slept in beds with my mother and men she barely knew! I was drug around to parties and places where no child should be!

    CiCi got tired of being “stuck” with me…..yes she wanted me but on her terms at her convenience…not 24-7.

    As time passed the fighting among you all was unbearable and I heard it all! My name was always somehow involved in the fights………WHY was I here? WHO wanted me?

    The end of my short life was the worse, I was passed around from place to place….left alone so my mom could party and have fun! I was an obstacle in her path to happiness and she made darn sure I knew it! You all knew that I was in danger…..that I was not receiving the proper care….but oh well the Anthony motto is ME ME ME and ME that is what is important….self!

    Under A Microscope? What about in a dark HOT trunk? Or under a bunch of vines and branches soaking wet being torn to shreds by animals and having bugs crawl in every opening in my body? What about watching my own mother take from me the air that I needed to breath? Duct taping my nose and mouth? All the while screaming at me how worthless I was and how she would show you and CiCi? Listening to her tell me how I was responsible for ruining her life?

    Funny thing JoJo, In the end that is exactly where I ended up UNDER A MICROSCOPE…..LITERALLY in the Coroner’s office……..UNDER A MICROSCOPE!

    I feel no sympathy for you or CiCi… let me down………..keeping my mother happy
    was your only concern…… saw this coming both of you…. yet you did nothing to protect me! I was innocent, a child! All I required of you was love and protection and you ALL FAILED ME!

    Now I am gone, in a loving carefree place! I rest in the arms of Jesus………….

    You are left to do what you do best…..lie, scheme and use me against each other…..profit financially from my tragic death!



  15. Denise drives the point home. The sense of entitlement in the Anthony household is giganticly enormous…Kudos to Denise for telling it like it is…

    I think this goes to show how even Caylee’s death, it’s all about THEM! What they feel, what Casey feels but they surely act as if they have forgotten about Precious Caylee…who, once again has taken a back seat in this family. It should be all about Caylee and the justice she should receive and is entitled to receive and deserves to receive…
    God Bless Caylee’s soul..
    An innocent child taken way before her time.
    In the end, it will be Caylee’s justice front and center, Caylee will never be forgotten but the Anthony family will. Once this is said and done, the A’s can go on their merry way, continue what they haven’t stopped, gain more monetarily, on Caylee’s name..and run off into the sunset.
    God Bless you Caylee…justice is coming sweetheart it’s one trial away…



  16. When this alleged “abduction” began to unfold, that is when CiCi was true to her emotions. If not for CiCi, no one would have known about Caylee. All those initial 911 calls were raw, honest and real. You can hear the fear in her voice as she pleads with the dispatcher to send a police officer to her home. After Casey was arrested and this family claims she was arrested too soon, is when CiCi became combative and contrary. Do they not know, telling lies to an officer of the law, is against the law? Do they not see that nothing Casey told the authorities were true, no credible information from a mother who’s child is allegedly kidnapped! Casey did nothing to help locate Caylee, IMO because she knew where she was the entire time. Putting all of law enforcement on a wild goose chase for a child who was already deceased…they should all be ashamed of themselves…
    She changed her smell of death in that vehicle to rotting pizza. After telling everyone who would listen, Casey was a sociopath and a pathological liar, are we to believe now that Casey was the mother of the year?? She didn’t want to be a mother…that is evident by the actions of Casey. I’ve read all the discovery that the prosecutors investigated and IMO, no one else is responsible for Caylee’s demise but the one who was last with her, Casey Marie Anthony…the one who failed to report an alleged abduction, Casey Marie Anthony. The one who never went out on a search, Casey Marie Anthony. The only one who partied hearty during the critical 31 days of Caylee’s allegedly “abduction”, Casey Marie Anthony…
    Casey Marie Anthony will now reap what she sowed. Caylee will get her justice.. The wheels of justice may turn slow but turn just the same.
    Caylee Marie Anthony was never a missing child, IMO, she was always a deceased child…



  17. I felt sorry for George and Cindy at first, because they were in such an awful situation, but my sympathy is wearing thin. I believe George is selling his sould to get along with Cindy. I believe it will finally be emotionally crushing to him. He is deep down a better person than this, and it is really hurting him. They are obviously making money off of this ordeal, and I have lost all respect for their lies and manipulations.

    They know she is guilty, but when they see her break down in court, it hurts them. I can understand that. There is a certain point, however, where they will have to tell the truth at her trial or face perjury charges. That is going to be very revealing.


  18. Dr. Glass, I agree on everything you said about George accept one thing, you said he is not dumb because he was a homicide cop and you can’t be dumb to be a cop. There are lot’s of dumb cops in every city as much as there are lot’s of good ones. Plus, George can’t be too smart or he would never have asked the media to allow him to read this ridiculous joke he calls ”Living Under A Microscope.” This was right along the same dumbness he pulled at Caylee’s memorial speech when he asked for all of us to write letter’s to Casey. Yes, we should all want to write to a baby killer. That is our smart George alright.


  19. This is a dissgisti.g display of our judicial system at work. We have a leadership in place with a anti-christ attitude who is doing everything wrong including this. From gay marriages to letting murderous people off when their obviously guilty, our horrible judges are slowly helping us toward the end times. One of these days, at this rate fairly soon, they will finally stand before the One True Judge our lord Jesus Christ just as we all will and I guarantee justice will be done and no guilty will be found innocent. All we can do is pray that she gets something and know that her daughter is safe finally in heaven and she or no one else can ever hurt her again.


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