Balloon Dad Richard Heene’s Body Language on the Today Show Indicates HE IS A LIAR! IT WAS A HOAX!

Until I saw Richard Heene’s recent Today Show interview, I had absolutely no intention of blogging about him. But when he called Sherriff Aldernan and Investigator Robert Heffernan liars on the show, I had to take a closer look. Here is what I discovered.
It was clear to me that I was witnessing was a Sociopath in action- an angry loud mouthed unlikeable blamer who refuses to take responsibility for his egregious behavior. His plea at the end was so obvious. He wanted a free lawyer to no doubt try to make some more money off of his scam as he in essence, gave a shout out to the ACLU in an attempt to enroll them in his cause. His final disparaging remarks about Sherrif Adernan and investigator Heffernan was lying was yet another dumb move on Heene’s part.
As he spouted off an called the Sherrif a liar, body language wise, it turns out that it was Heene who was a liar. As the saying goes,” when you point the finger at someone else there are always three fingers pointing back at you, This was clearly the case here.

His uh uh’s hesitations, lip licking, repetitions of words (“I, I do want the audience to know”), his index finger pointing (remember Clinton’s finger pointing at the camera when he said he said”I did not have sexual relations with that woman”) , and his looking down and away. The main tell was when Heene said, “He lied about me going down to the Sherriff’s station” and he shook his head “no” when she should have been shaking it “yes”,
Another huge tell is when he stares into the camera and says “. I need everyone to know that this was not a hoax.” He gives it away by giving a lip lick, thereby indicating that’s it was indeed a hoax.


His saying he did nothing wrong to deserve this and that he is being persecuted made my skin crawl as I contused to see his Sociopathic behavior in full form. If he takes his victim like attitude and his anger and belligerence into the jai, l he can be sure that he may end up not only in trouble with his jail keepers but with his fellow inmates.

I am also sure that his latest diatribe will not endear him to the Sherriff and those who work under the Sherriff. I am sure that the 90 days (30 full jail time and 60 days work release) he will have to spend in jail will not be a picnic. There is no doubt that this hothead won’t obey the rules and that there will be some type of problem. Thus, don’t be surprised if you her that he may get extended time in the jail.

This TOXIC Sociopathic control freak really thinks he is a huge star as he says that after his jail sentence he will say a few more things. I think there needs to be a gag order on him for the next four years to go along with his not profiting from this balloon hoax. Who wants to her anything more from this TOXIC MAN!

In the meantime, I believe he needs to be shunned and ignored by the press because no one is interested in what he has to say. I just feel bad for his kids. Who knows what he did to Falcon behind closed doors, to the other boys, or to Mayumi for that matter.


One thought on “Balloon Dad Richard Heene’s Body Language on the Today Show Indicates HE IS A LIAR! IT WAS A HOAX!

  1. Dr. Glass, thank you for your analysis on R. Heene. I saw his interview this morning on the Today Show. Frankly, I thought the same thing you indicated: if he’s causing waves for the sheriff – by accusing him of lying – before he goes behind bars he’s only going to make it worse on himself.


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