Body Language Which Will Not Endear Casey Anthony to A Jury in Her Upcoming Check Fraud Trial Or In her Murder Trial

Casey Anthony’s criminal trial for 13 check fraud counts will be on Jan. 25 where she will be having to defend against felony from allegations she ripped off hundreds of dollars from her former friend Amy Huizenga, going on several shopping sprees while daughter, Caylee, went missing. There are body language behaviors that Casey has exhibited thus far in the courtroom that have turned people off.

If she continues to exhibit them during her trials, no matter what her team of lawyers say to defend her, their words will fall on deaf ears. Here are some of Casey’s body language turn off’s which we have seen during her various courtroom appearances. They speak volumes about her.


Whenever Casey smiles in the courtroom,to me it is an insult to Caylee’s memory. A mother who’s deceased child was found in the form of a bag of bones would not be smiling, especially in a courtroom. It gives the impression that Casey just doesn’t really care and that Caylee’s deth doesn’t much affect her. This is what jurors will be tnking whenever they see her smile, for whatever reason. It send the wrong message.


No one ever bought the “intellectual” looking Casey, complete with glasses and a crisp white professional looking shirt. no doubt Jose Baez and his advisers did this in order to try and squash the image of her bimbo looking low cut top and short skirt wearing party girl image that ws plastered througout the media.

And absolutely no one ever bought the Casey as a conservative school marm image, complete with business suit and hair in an ill positioned bun in the back of her head. No doubt when her parents George and Cindy saw her in this get u,p they were equally as shocked at how she looked, as they were with the fact that that she was sitting in a courtroom, facing trial for killing their beloved grand daughter.

And finally, the poofy sleeve which gives the ” innocent young school girl” appearance working either. In fact it is annoying if not downright disturbing. The top gives contradictory messages in the fact that it is is in institutional green.The color looks like prison wear but the style says something completely different. In any event, it looks like yet another attempt to modify Casey’s party girl image nd it isn’t working.


Anyone who has two properly working eyes can see through Casey’s phony tears. Her crying routine is predictble. She covers her face, then dabs her non tears with her hand or with a kleenex, examines the kleenex or her hand and then keeps rubbing non tears away from under her eyes.

Once again, this off putting behavior is an insult to Caylee’s memory. The body doesn’t like when it comes to emotion and if Casey isn’t really feeling the emotion, neither is anyone else.


It must seem like an eternity to Casey since she has been with a man now that she is incarcerated. Based on the multiple boyfriends and hookups with whom she was photographed while she was roaming around free, Casey definitely knew how to flirt, be charming, gain their attention and get whatever she wanted from them. But her flirting modus operandi is definitely not working in the courtroom. Being flirty with Jose Baez is a huge turn off. Even though she has tried to hide it lately, it still leaks out. Jurors will definately pick up on that.


No matter what Casey or her lawyers try to do in order to control her image or her body language , it won’t work becuase the body does not lie. Casy will no doubt leak out some valuable infrmation to jurors, even if she never says a word. They will read the truth from how she moves and comports herself.

A jury will read the truth in the leaking of an emotion, like there was when Casey leaked out as flash of anger during her last court appearance. You can see the angry look on her ususal mask like facial expression when the prosecutor was giving a brutal and graphic blow by blow account of what must have happened to her daughter Caylee. No doubt Casey was angry that she had to sit through listening to someone bust her and reveal what she no doubt did to Caylee.

The bottom line is that no Witness Preparation in the world and no Image Makeover is going to hide the truth from the jurors, unless of course Casey shows up in court wearing burka.


21 thoughts on “Body Language Which Will Not Endear Casey Anthony to A Jury in Her Upcoming Check Fraud Trial Or In her Murder Trial

  1. Thanks Dr. Lillian Glass! I Absolutely agree that you can coach a person to cry but if it doesn’t come from within then it certainly looks fake. I saw Casey’s anger at the last trial. Lyon’s efforts to humanize is not helping… and the clothing?? Mamma mia, it is distasteful!!! Lyon wants their outfits to match I guess and it doesn’t look right. Maybe defense should hire an acting coach like Meryl Streep maybe which I don’t believe she will accept.
    Truth is, defense is deep trouble and this is my opinion. If they were acting in Casey’s best interest they would have make a deal and she would be out of jail in no time. This media circus is just helping these lawyers to make more money and nothing else. I don’t believe the jurors will buy all the smoke and screens they will blow at the trial. IMHO


    1. Now , Mrs.Glass , you know that’s not nice.

      That girl has bad breath like her Momma.

      And she itches and scratches her self down there like her pig pen brother lee.

      And then she frowns that fake pig with red lip stick smile like her Daddy.

      That burka would be a waste of material.


  2. Dr. Glass, the thing that turns me off the most about Casey that you did not mention is her primping, she plays with her hair constantly, and I mean constantly, and adjusts her shirt every time she moves, if I was on the jury the way that would come across to me is……..her main concern at this point is “how do I look, is my hair okay, is my shirt collar okay” this is very disgusting to me, I almost want to puke when I watch her play with her hair so much, she is not concerned at all about what is going on in court, or that she could be convicted and put to death, she is concerned about the cameras, and what guy out there in TV land may be looking at her, she wants to look good, and I think she thinks that is what is going to get her off, please someone tell her to quit playing with her hair!!!


  3. Casey TOTALLY sickens me. What really is disgusting, to me anyway, is how she always looks at her tissue after she wipes her face, nose or eyes. When she uses her fingers to wipe at her eyes, she always looks at her fingers. What the heck!! Who would want to look at a soiled tissue or at any residue that may be on the tissue or on ones fingers? It makes me sick. So crude and gross.


  4. Thank GOD for the Sunshine Law. WE have ALL seen Casey now, in all her “glory”. Hopefully the future Jury Pool has seen her – too.

    Obsessive – Compulsive seems to another one of Casey’s problems. She is checking her kleenex or fingers, for mascara, right? She is one … sick … “mother”.


  5. Thank you for the frequent updates on member of the Caylee Anthony Tragedy.

    I just read your recent comments on CMA for the check fraud case. In picture one where CMA is Swearing to tell the truth while in shackles the fact that her Fingers are Spread apart has Always Bothered me. When I make a Pledge or Swear an Oath, my fingers are closed and my hand is fairly Rigid with Intent and Seriousness. CMA’s fingers spread apart make me think of the old saying ‘wouldn’t hold water’.
    You did not comment on her hand language. What do you think about her hand so loose and fingers spread while swearing to tell the truth. Thank you for considering my question and for your very informative site!
    And thank you FRG for bringing it to our attention on Hal Boedekers Orlando Sentinel Blog.


  6. Body language fascinates me. The physical reactions to situations that our bodies inadvertently display are no different then when our heart races when we are frightened. The whole fight or flight reaction that is inbred in all of us is intriguing to say the least.

    My question to you is what did you think of the time that Casey was wiping her fake tears (during the hearing when George was testifying) and she appeared to be giving George the finger. I thought it was deliberate. Tons of pictures went around the blogs. Did you see any of them?

    It reminded many us of when George accused attorney Morgan from the civil case of giving him the finger when he was pushing his glasses up. Paranoid much?

    Then again, maybe it was normal behavior to sit around the kitchen table making these obviously disrespectful and rude gestures to their parents that could then be denied and insisted were innocent. Who knows.

    I felt that was a personal message from Casey to George and one that he recognized. Or could it have been a subconscious action on Casey’s part?


  7. As a poker player who understands human tells. I agree with “Dr.” Glass’s assessments on Casey Anthony’s body language. However, Ms. Glass seems to have a very negative attitude towards Ms. Anthony. As the father of a daughter who is around Ms. Anthony;s age, I certainly don’t like Casey’s excessive party habits.

    However, one has to remember that Casey wanted to give Caylee up for adoption. Casey knew that at the time of Caylee’s birth, Casey was not ready to be a good parent.

    Cindy Anthony’s pressure on Casey to keep Caylee was a significant factor that led to the child’s death. Cindy Anthony should also be on trial for child endangerment.


  8. Dear Dr. Lillian Glass,
    On Today Show aired today, Lyon was promoting the release of her new book, of course and she also stated that Casey is innocent for sure due to the evidence… shall I say delusional lawyer? Well, it would be very interesting if you could analyze Lyon’s body language if she really believes Casey didn’t kill her daughter.
    Thank you so very much for you analysis. Great job!!!
    Justice for little Caylee!!!
    Here is the link to her interview:


  9. I would love to hear your analysis on the body language of Jose Baez and Andrea Lyons when they are saying their client is innocent. They are not believable to me but would like an expert’s point of view.


  10. Dr. Lillian Glass,
    I am really curious about George Anthony’s interview given to Fox 35 Orlando, released today. Well, you see it’s funny because the Anthony’s were the ones lying in front of TV and now they complain they are scrutinized by the Media. All he does is whining… you see it’s always about them… just like their daughter. It’s always me me me!!!
    It’s creepy in my mind he pierced his ears for Casey and tattooed his body with Caylee’s image. Well, that’s the way I see it. I never, ever have seen the Anthony’s claiming justice for Caylee. It’s always poor Casey, poor me, poor Cindy!!! That’s one selfish family. That would be nice if you one day could analyze his body language.
    Caylee is the only VICTIM here!!! In my opinion, of course.
    Here is the link for his interview:
    Thank you so very much for all of your anlysis.


  11. You really hit Speaker Pelosi’s body language right on the head. I think there is quite alot of tension between our leaders right now. President Obama looks like he has aged 10 yrs. instead of 1 since he came in office. He looks so tense, as you said, and he is supposed to be on vacation.


  12. Dr. Glass,

    Have you seen any evidence of, or know through your many professional contacts, whether Casey Anthony’s team has a body lauguage consultant working with her? You point out so much telling information and I’m just wondering if her side has employed anyone to work with her to try to inhibit her natural body responses.



  13. I have seen genuine tears from mothers who murdered their children – when they realized they were not going to get away with it.


  14. This webpage is troubling. Casey Anthony “might” be more flirtatious than less attractive women are, but we can’t fault her for that. She might be wearing some outfits meant to paint a certain impression of her which were selected by her attorney, and she might even be mentally ill (about 10% of the population is!), but that does not make her any more guilty (or innocent) of the crime committed.

    It is wrong to judge people this way! Plenty of conservative, shy, depressed personality type individuals turn out to be murders too. Ever heard that ago old description “he was my neighbor, a pleasant enough fellow who pretty much kept to himself” about murderers?

    I haven’t kept up on the details in this case, for all I know she “might” be guilty and I hope they are prosecuting the right person as it would be a terrible ordeal if she didn’t do it, but this blog is written up as if the body language suggests she is guilty of murder when it could mean a lot of different things.

    It could mean (instead of, OR in addition to that of being the murderer) she feels guilt that she didn’t keep the child safe and that’s why the girl is dead. Smiling could mean little more than that she is repeating learned behavior, people are often taught to smiie as a way to convey friendliness throughout life. Is she being devious in faking tears? Maybe, or maybe her lawyer instructed her to do this.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it is disturbing to me when someone tries to apply a *science* to a non-scientific method of assumption, to make a leap that because we observe something it “must” mean this, that or the other… which is why we have trials instead of just observing people for a little while then assuming their guilt, because even if someone acted perfectly appropriately (a subjective opinion) there would still be someone else that thought “to act so normally…” (while the observer is assuming the guilt of the suspect) “… s/he must be a sociopath”.

    Let me backtrack and make something clear. I am not suggesting the blog author has done any of the above things mentioned. I am suggesting it is disturbing, and too often true, that people in general which translates into prospective jurors also, tend to make these leaps in assumption instead of relying on real evidence pertinent to the charges.


  15. Yep, you all sound like an angry mob. Reminds me of the old days where people were hanged and stoned because there was no system in place to protect the innocent, no court of law deciphering evidence. Just angry emotional mobs.
    Silly me, I thought our country was civilized. I thought we left the decision to the courts.


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