Casey Anthony’s Voice and Speech Tells In and Out of the Courtroom- Vocal Frying and Lying


As someone who is engaged in doing vocal forensics for legal cases, I am always amazed at how much we can learn about a person based on the sound and tone of their voice, not to mention their speech patterns and its content.

When a person lies, the voice can give a lot away. Vocal tells are not always consistent in lying.  Sometimes the pitch of a person’s voice may rise as it did last week, when Casey Anthony gave her lame apology in front of the courtroom.

Other times, the voice may sound lower because the vocal cords tend to close off and emit what is known as a “vocal fry” or a “glottal fry” which sounds like a creaking tone.

Since respiration is affected when someone lies, it is often difficult for liars to adequately coordinate their respiration with their phonation.  The fry  is also nature’s  way of wanting to close off  the vocal cords so the person won’t engage in lying. There is a lot of strain on the vocal muscles when the voice closes off, so you often hear Casey  clear her throat. That is another tell to let you know what is taking place.


If you go back and listen to Casey Anthony’s interrogation   audiotapes, with Detective Uri Melich,  you will hear Casey’s  lower pitch and a lot of vocal frying and  creaking tones. This was very evident when Detective Melich  talks to Casey Anthony about when Caylee went missing, how she met Zenaida Gonzalez,what happened the day Caylee disappeared, who she talked to about Caylee missing, how she tried to find Zenaida. and why she did not alert them earlier.

All of that frying clearly means she is lying!


In listening to these interrogation  tapes you will hear that Casey gives WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION, and provides convoluted stories  like she did about Zanida’s mother  and how Zenaida changed her number so much. That is a HUGE tell that someone lies.

TOO MUCH PAUSE TIME TO ANSWER QUESTION Like when Melich asked her about Zanaida’s mother  or asked her about the phone numbers of various people. The extended pause time was used  for Casey to no doubt concoct her false stories.

MONOTONE and lack of inflection pattern in the voice is often a key to deception as is rapid fire answers to questions.



When someone uses upward inflection at the end of sentences, it sounds as though they are asking a question as opposed to making a statement. This upward inflection that Casey used in the courtroom last week, was in stark contrast to the downward frying inflection she used when she was interrogated.  

What this means was that Casey was not being  sincere and definite in her apology. Instead, it was tentative,  phony, and insincere .  It was tentative because Casey is no doubt,  not used to asking for forgiveness or admitting fault for anything.

This is a young lady who has gotten away with everything her entire life. She was enabled as he family always seemed to look the other way and have their heads buried in the sand when it came to Casey.  It sounded like she was asking a question with her upward inflection. Her raised eyebrows that went along with her tentative upward  inflection  reflected that  what she was doing and saying in terms of apologizing it was new and foreign  information that her body was processing.


In the case of Casey Anthony, her higher pitched of her voice indicated a lot of tension in her vocal apparatus.  When people are not being truthful or are insincere or nervous, we  may oftentimes hear a sudden rise in pitch as we did with Casey. She knew deep down she didn’t believe those words one bit.


There were many vocal frys and cracking  of the voice as Casey spoke, indicating deception and  insincerity. This was especially evident when she said how she wished she would have been a better friend to Amy.

If and when  Casey does take the stand during her murder trial, it will be  very interesting to read her vocal and speech tells. No doubt we will her more of the same patterns of deception that she exhibited when she a interrogated and when she was insincerely apologizing.


Jay Leno’s Body Language on Oprah Showed Honesty and Humility But His Uneasiness With Hard Hitting Questions and Lack of Vocal Passion Put Viewers Off


Even though Jay Leno went on the Oprah Show to try to set the record straight and reveal that it was not his decision, but rather the network executives decision to give him his old job back, based on Oprah’s post show poll  results, viewers people still weren’t convinced.  According to her poll, they still  appeared to  view Jay as the bad guy who took away Conan’s show. In fact an overwhelming 94 percent felt he should have walked away as Conan did.

I believe that a lot of the public’s perception had a great deal to do with what was and what was NOT revealed through Jay’s body language.

Body language wise, the good news is that Jay appeared to be  honest,  genuine, and showed humility  in his responses .

But the bad news is that his lack of verbal and vocal passion about what took place, his lack of eye contact, his looking away and not looking on Oprah’s direction when he was asked hard hitting questions,  his facial expression, tone of voice  alienated the audience  Most of all,  his lack of tone and emotion in answering  pertinent questions  spoke volumes.


Perhaps the most damaging aspect of his television presentation was Jay’s lack of displaying of genuine heartfelt emotion. Oftentimes he tried to disguise and filter his true emotions through humor.  Even when he talks about how executives came into his dressing room in 2004  to tell him that they were going to replace him with Conan, he chuckles as he tells Oprah it was “pretty shocking”. His chuckle dilutes the impact of this “pretty shocking” event so the viewer doesn’t feel the full impact he is trying to relay.

There was only one millisecond when Jay showed genuine heartfelt emotion during the interview. It was when he responds to Oprah’s query as to how he felt after he was told this by executives. He said “ It broke my heart. It was only then that  we her the crack of Jay’s voice reflecting his  sadness and emotion. But that was the end of showing any kind of emotion. After that glimpse of real emotion, all we heard for the rest of the interview was a detached monotone.


Unfortunately, I don’t think that the interview Jay did  endeared him to viewers. In fact, it  may have even hurt him in the long run. When Jay said during the interview, “I’m not a person who carries my emotions on my sleeve “he was not kidding.

That statement said it all! He certainly did not wear any of his emotion on his sleeve during the interview- something he should have definitely done for Oprah viewers.

That would have made people relate to him much more. Instead, his detached monotone which was in stark contrast to the animated tone we are used to seeing when Jay does his monologue or interviews with guests . His detachment and lack of emotion, especially during crucial topics like whether he reached out to Conan was off-putting to many.

Had he sounded more emotional, more inflected and less distant, perhaps he could have persuaded more of those viewers who were on Team Conan and received a more positive reaction.


Jay’s interview with Oprah was perhaps the most difficult  thing he ever had to do in his entire career  and it clearly showed.

Having the tables turned where he was in the hot seat was clearly uncomfortable for him.  You could see it throughout  the interview. Unlike his interviews with his own guests,  which are peppered with humor and lightheartedness, the tone of this serious  interview was the complete opposite.

There was no pussyfooting around as Oprah got right to the  guts of the matter. She  went straight for the jugular with her hard hitting blunt questioning.  Jay was clearly uncomfortable. His body language confirmed it.


The lengthy pause time that he used to think up an answer, his lack of eye contact with Oprah, his looking down, raised eyebrows, shoulder shrugs, hand on chin, hand over mouth often saying “you know” as a signal for Oprah’s approval, eye squints, nose wrinkling, and use of analogy to deflect the true heart felt emotion of what happened, were all signals that Jay was out of his element and comfort  zone.

His constant looking away and looking down often reflected his embarrassment and discomfort.

The main tells of Jays hand over his mouth or on his chin indicated that he was holding back and didn’t want to be there or talk about what had happened. Jay also held on to his legs throughout the interview which indicated that he was bracing himself for the upcoming difficult questioning that laid ahead of him.


Oprah asked Jay, “Were you and Conan friends?” Jay replied “Yes,”  “We talked many times” after those transition talks in 2004.

Oprah also asked Jay if he reached out to Conan.

Jay was clearly taken aback by this question as  you see him squint his eyes and crinkle of up nose, indicating he knows he probably should have reached out right away, but was embarrassed by having to admit that he  did not do it.

There is an uncomfortable pause by Jay  and when Oprah in a surprised tone asks “why?  He is clearly not prepared to answer “why” he didn’t reach out. That is why you see his  face  squint and his eyes close, indicating that he really didn’t want to answer that question.  He goes ahead and answers the question in fragmented sentences which further  indicates that he was unprepared with his answer.

Subsequently, Jay  answered  that he wanted to “ let things cool down.” He puts his hand out as he says this, which is a distancing gesture.  His shoulder shrug also shows that he is uncomfortable with what he said as he immediately adds “ maybe we’ll talk.”

This was NOT the right answer to endear him to viewers. As savvy as Jay is,  he clearly knew it was not the right thing to say.  But he was being honest about his not wanting to directly confront  a heated, emotional,  and difficult  situation and no doubt have his emissaries handle it on his behalf.

He then looked sheepish with his raised eyebrows and the lowered volume of his now meeker sounding voice  as he continued to speak.  His interjection of the phrase “you know” said twice  (once at the end with head nod) indicated he wanted Oprah’s approval as he speaks . Usually when people say “ you know” they want your approval that you are with them in knowing and identifying with  what they are saying.

Oprah was clearly not giving Jay any signals of approval. Instead, her questions indicated that she was probing deeper and deeper.  Viewers were definitely  not approving  of the fact that Jay did not personally reach out to his “friend” as he did in 2004.

It was disturbing to viewers  that Jay reached out when he was on the losing end of the equation back in 2004, but no longer saw the need to reach out when he was no on the winning end of the equation in 2010.


Oprah asked Jay” Was anything Conan said about you hurtful?”  He paused and looked away, trying to come up with the right answer for the audience. But his body language betrays him.

The fact that he paused for so long, indicated that of course it hurt him in terms of what Conan said about him. That pause time indicates that he is trying to come up with an answer. Then he looks up  and with a flat affect tries to  minimize  the hurt that it obviously caused him.

He didn’t say “yes it hurt” or “no it didn’t hurt.” Instead, in a monotone expression says” they were jokes.“

Oprah, being the expert interviewer that she is probed even deeper by asking” So the jokes don’t hurt you?”

He looked up  to show his clear discomfort with the probe. As he answers Oprah his eyes are closed at times and  he looks away as a means of distancing himself .  Instead of admitting that the jokes do indeed hurt,  he depersonalizes  it by taking in the third person by saying “That’s what we do.”

He then uses  the analogy of being a fighter, not look in Oprah’s direction as he speaks. He said “You get punched in the head. Did it hurt? Yeah, it hurt but you’re a fighter.”

So in a roundabout way, Jay admitted that Conan’s jokes did hurt like a punch hurts a fighter. Another comedian’s verbal punches can hurt just as badly as fists.

Perhaps it was Jay’s attempt to seem like he was in control and not let anyone see his vulnerability. But showing his vulnerability would have made him sound a lot less defensive  and more endearing.


When Oprah said America has taken sides “And a lot of people are not on your side. And they’re not on your side because they think that you have been selfish in this. Do you see in any way how you’ve been selfish? They think that you took the job away from Conan.”

Instead of Jay saying in a very animated  and passionate vocal tone NO I AM NOT SELFISH.  It was not my call. It was the network’s call and their decision to do what they did and I am just an employee, so to call me selfish and blaming Conan losing has job because of me is unfair! Just like the network did with me years ago, they did the same with Conan.! So it wasn’t me who is responsible for Conan not having a show not ME ! “ Jay was too low key and matter of fact in his delivery.

Jay also talked way too much and became way too defensive. He replied, “”It all comes down to numbers in show business. This is almost the perfect storm of bad things happening. You have two hit shows — ‘Tonight Show’ No. 1 and Conan No. 1. You move them both to another situation. And what are the odds that both would do extremely poorly? If Conan’s numbers had been a little bit higher, it wouldn’t even be an issue. But in show business, there’s always somebody waiting in the wings. Being me.”

“I never expected this to happen. People think you’re behind the scenes, pulling strings. “”There’s no strings to pull. I have a show that’s been canceled. So why would I have any power to go, ‘Oh, I want that.'”


Perhaps Oprah’s polls would have then yielded a different result if Jay:

  1. Had displayed more verbal and vocal passion.
  2. Had more direct eye contact with Oprah throughout the interview
  3. Was not afraid to shed a tear or a vocal crack as he did for a millisecond at the beginning of the interview
  4. Had called Conan  or  even said he had a call into Conan
  5. Had he shown more facial emotion to express how sad he was for Conan’s situation
  6. Had he spoken directly to the audience and explained how badly he felt about this whole ordeal
  7. Had he taken the audiences point of view and stated how he could understand how they might feel the way they do about him.
  8. Had he not sounded so defensive and victim-like at times during the interview.
  9. Had he promised that he would do his best when his new show debuts and with confidence assured  people  that they would have a new experience to look forward to
  10. Had he made the offer to have Conan on his new show and not have Oprah ask the question.

The bottom line is as Jay said at the end of the interview, he is only a highly paid employee and not an owner. Therefore, unlike Oprah who is an owner of a show, Jay had no say in the decision. He was simply offered his old job back and he took it. As an employee he knows that if his ratings fail, he is out the door. Unfortunately this message did not get a across to those who took Oprah’s post show poll because of Jay’s  facial language, body language, and lack of vocal passion and animation.

Casey Anthony’s Body Language in Court Reflects Phony Non- Tears, Fake Sniffles, and An Empty Apology


Casey Anthony  entered the courtroom with a nauseating smirk. The smirk and smile did not leave this  sociopath’s face as she looked “excited” to have all the attention focus on her. She was wide-eyed and consistently maintained her smile, as she finally said to Andrea Lyons “I’m excited.”

Even though the sound wasn’t up for anyone to hear, my Utley lip-reading skills that I learned about as an undergraduate speech pathology major, back in the day,  stood me well.

I was able to read Casey’s lips as she mouthed those words, as she smiled all the while. At first, I didn’t believe that I actually read those words on her lips, so I rewound the video. Low and behold, my eyes were not playing tricks on me after all.  She definitely spoke those words. I was even more nauseated and disgusted by Casey Anthony then ever before.


Was Casey EXCITED by the fact :

  1. that she stole money from her  best friend and ran  up her bills and was now on trial for doing that ?

that  she is now a full  fledged felon????

that she is the center of attention?

that she had some lines to memorize, courtesy of “screenwriters” Andrea Lyon and Jose Baez and didn’t want to flub those well rehearsed lines during her verbal  acting debut in court.

that she had her lines down pat and was excited to recite them in court???

All of the above ???


When anyone is not being forthright or sincere, you can hear it in their voice.

One of the main “tells” is that pitch of their voice raised, It goes up an octave or two like you just heard in this video when Casey spoke.

Her high-pitched voice was a far “cry” (we’ll get to the crying bit in a moment)) from the lower tones we all heard while she was sending officers on that infamous wild goose chase and when she was telling them about the fictious” Zanny the Nanny.”

Next, when someone is not being sincere or forthright, you hear the voice closing off and cracking. It is the vocal muscles way of shutting itself off from the obvious lie.


In Casey’s case, you even see this visually. As she speaks a few words, out of the blue, her head jerks itself  back.

In essence it is her body’s visceral reaction to her lies and rehearsed lines and insincerity. You even see her gulp. Her vocal muscles are betraying her and staring to close off as she recites her ”bullshit”  (sorry, if I offended anyone by saying “bullshit” but that is the only word that best describes what was going on here.)

When she says “I take full and complete responsibility”  with her raised eyebrows it is a clear signal of deception and a clear indication that she is saying something she does not believe at all.

When Casey says “I’d like to sincerely apologize to Amy , and wipes away a non tear on her cheek you can see right then and there it is a fake apology.  There was no tear so why was she flicking away a tear before one emerge?

It was because of what came next. Her following rehearsed line was “I wish I would have been a better friend.” Puhleeeeeeez.  Then we see more fake non tears and the book hooing it. The cracking of the voice when she says this shows how the body is closing off as it doesn’t want to speak those lying words.

Casey was only a friend to Casey. Casey only thought about Casey. The only friend Casey could have is a friend she could use, manipulate  and of whom she could take complete advantage.

One more thing, you see a lot of upper chest breathing in this non apology Casey made This is the body working overtime and trying to oxygenate itself. She is” excited” at having to perform and this is her body’s way of trying to maintain a homeostatic balance in the body. It is also an indication that she was clearly not being sincere in what she was saying.


There was no sincerity to her apology as indicated by her voice tone. It sounded like she was asking a question with her upward inflection. Her raised eyebrows indicated that it was new information that her body was processing.

It was foreign to her system and as a result her body language reacted in a questioning manner, complete with raised eyebrows and upward inflection. Her body and her system was not used to this foreign experience  of apologizing or taking  responsibility for anything. This was no doubt the first time she ever did anything like that and it clearly showed in her body language.


As Casey was reciting her lines of bullshit, Jose Baez’s eyes did not leave Casey’s face. He looked like a proud papa at a grade school play, making sure that his kid didn’t flub her lines. Casey may have memorized her lines and not flubbed them verbally, but she sure flubbed them vocally and body language wise.


Whenever you see someone purse their lips after they tell you something, they are usually lying. It’s the body’s way of closing off.  That is what Casey did. She pursed her lips after her rehearsed lines.


If listening to Casey’s fake apology wasn’t bad enough, it was even worse having to endure looking  at her obsessive ritualistic behavior in the courtroom with regard to her boo hooing it. Here is what she does:

1 She wipes away non tears either with her finger or with a kleenex

2. There is no facial distress often associated with tears.

3. Then she looks at her finger or her kleenex for non- liquid that comes out of her non- tears.

4. Then she sniffles audibly so that everyone can hear her.

5. Then she dabs the non- mucous and non- liquid from her nose where she makes her fake sniffle noises

6. Then she touches her hair, pats it or flips it.

She  repeats this ritual ad nauseum.


As soon as  Casey sat down after her rehearsed bullshit  apology, Andrea Lyons  acted like the mother hen as she put her arm around Casey. Casey ignored Andrea’s  nurturing and maternal attempts as Casey began her Six Step Boo Hoo Ritual  complete with non tear wiping and tissue examining.

My Utley Lip Reading Skills were used once again as Andrea mouths the words to Casey asking her is she was OK? Casey ignores Andrea and continues her ritual, Andrea asks her again and Casey is way too busy with her ritual to answer. She finally nods her head as if to indicate she is OK after her rehearsed “apology” debut.

Casey’s non- answer speaks volumes. It shows how very much into herself she is and how self- absorbed she is.

Meanwhile Jose could care less. He’s seen it all before. He’s heard it all before. He’s hip to the fake tears  and fake sniffles. He doesn’t even look at her.

At first he used to be very attentive to Casey—maybe too attentive! Now he would never think of comforting her let alone touching her. That’s the last think he needs to deal with in regard to this Casey Case.

There was a point where Jose has his hand on his forehead as if to nonverbally say” how did I get myself into this mess representing this sociopath next to me with her fake tears. I wish she’d stop already. I told her to show some emotion but this is ridiculous already!”

Then Jose’s hand leaves his forehead and his hands now appear on his desk in a lawyerly stance. He back to the reality of defending this miscreant and probably thinking “ What the heck, it’s been good PR for my career. I’ve got to do everything possible to defend her because everyone in the world is watching  me”


Halfway through the tape around 13.00 you see the real Casey Anthony up close and personal. You see what I call her ICE FACE. There  is no reaction. It is scary to look at. It is devoid of emotion. It is for lack of a better word”creepy.” Her ice face reflects what is really going on inside of her- nothing!

There is no reaction except for some grooming behaviors where she pats her hair or straightens her collar.These grooming behaviors reflect her narcissism and  wanting to look good to others- something sociopaths often do.


The apple does not fall from the tree. Cindy Anthony does the same thing Casey does, except her tears are probably  a bit more real than Casey’s. They may be tears of guilt for letting her sociopathic daughter run her all these years and  stear from her and her own mother (Casey’s grandmother) not putting a stop to Casey’s aberrant  behaviors.

They may be tears of reality that her daughter is now a convicted felon and that this little court date will be a piece of cake compared with what is in store in the murder trial.

The bottom line is that no matter what kind of tears Cindy had, she too examined them just like Casey does.


George looked like a miserable mess with puffy eyes so you know his tears were for real.

My Ultey Lipreading Skills came into use once again as Cindy as she mouthed the words to her husband George- “I love you.” He didn’t respond.  He didn’t say I love you too or I love you back, He said nothing and looked ahead.



Watching and hearing Casey speak and watching her fake boo hoos in the courtroom and her  ritualistic behavior were both sickening and maddening.

It was maddening to see the obvious manipulation by the attorneys in making her apologize to Amy for not being a better friend. Puhleeze!

What was even more maddening was when Jose Baez (whom I must admit does look rather dapper and handsome and does try to maintain his professional composure  through his  well spoken sonorous voice)  spoke to reporters outside the courtroom. He  continued his manipulation as the cameras were pointed at him. But no matter how clever or convincing he thought he was being, he clearly leaked out his true thoughts and feelings  the end.

As his final words said that Casey’s apology showed that she was taking responsibility for her actions, his head shook ‘NO” when it should have been nodding “YES ” in the affirmative. So Jose’s body language betrayed him. It revealed that he knows very well  that sociopaths NEVER take responsibility for their actions.

He knows very well that he put those  words of apology  in her mouth for her to regurgitate.

While Casey  may have regurgitated  his words, no matter how many times she rehearsed them, her body language and voice spoke the truth! Her apology was insincere and contrived!

Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Breaking Up? Body Language Shows Lots of Tension In Their Relationship For Quite A While


Right now , there are reports that  Brad and Angelina are headed towards splitting up while others in the media  they their relationship is strong an intact.

Some news outlets even reported they went to see a divorce attorney while others reported that reps for Brand and Angelina said this was not true.

Being the optimist I am and believing that this is such a wonderfully like-minded couple who are so committed to various social issues,  I certainly hope that it is not true.


But one thing I know for sure is that they have definitely been having issues in their relationship based on their body language.

.I have been asked to do a lot of body language analyses for a lot of magazines around the world over the past several months concerning Brad and Angelina’s body language at different events and I hate to report that it does not look good. After looking at so many photos of them I can assure you that their bodies are not lying. There IS trouble.


Let’s go back to Cannes Film Festival  which was in May, Brad and Angelina appeared on the red carpet and you could cut the air with the  tension between them.

Their facial tension and looking in opposite directions is NOT a good signal body language wise.

They clearly had words with one another in Cannes. Brad is mad as determined by his hand position with thumb extended and hands pointed towards Angie. Angie;s hands are in a  defensive position, pulled back along  with her rounded shoulders, This indicates that Brad is upset with Angie and she is feeling defensive.

While they tried to make nice for the camera they are looking in different directions. This is not a good sign. There is a lot of tension on Angelina’s face and Brad’s head is pulled away with a lot of tension in his forehead. There is also a clenched tight jaw and no smiling from either of them.

Here is the couple on the red carpet. They are both looking glum and not very radiant together. Angie looks upset with rounded shoulders and there is way too much distance between them, Bras has his hand in his pocket, a clenched  jaw as he is attempting to hide his obvious negative feelings. They are also  looking in the opposite direction, which is a very bad sign in a relationship. Angie’s face looks  sad with her head bowed down.


Angie is pulling Brad along and he clearly does not like it as you can see in his hand position, It is awkward with his fingers spread apart.The tension and furrow in his forehead and open mouth are further indication that Brad is not too happy about something, ALso his stiff arm is a giveaway that he doesn’t like  being dragged.

Here it looks like Brad is holding on to the car for dear life.  Both is arms are stiff and outstretched, This means that he is angry. Angie wears facial tension and her rounded posture shows that she isn’t as secure around Brad as she once was.


Now months Later, the couple  is an an event with  George Clooney, Look at how Angie is pulled away from Brad and her head leans coquettishly to the side as she gazes at George Clooney. George’s head leaning in her direction says that he is returning and acknowledging Angie’s flirt even though his eyes are focused on his best buddy Brad. Brad looks stiff  next to Angie and doesn’t lean into her which is also a distancing signal. It does not look like a good sign between them.

Now look at Angie’s radiance around Muhammed Ali, Granted it is Muhammed Ali, but this is an example of Angie at her best. Eyes are smiling, mouth is smiling, You see her teeth and her radiance .


There is no doubt that this couple has more pressure than most. Their working schedules, movie making, film commitments, PR commitments, philanthropic commitments, world travel,  raising little babies (the twins), rasing th rest of th children and tending to their physical and emotional needs.

They clearly are BOTH loving and caring parents as you can see their love towards every one of their children in every photo they take.

Recently Brad took little Maddox on an outing where Maddox wore a hat similar to his daddy’s. It was touching to see.There is no doubt that Maddox identifies with his dad and loves him as he loves his mom as well.

They may very well be going through a rough patch. Their stresses and challenges  are huge compared to most. I do hope they can work it out between them as they have so many beautiful things together. They are like-minded and caring .

They not only care about their own kids but they unselfishly care about what happens to others in the world.In my view, these are truly beautiful people not only on the outside but on the inside as well. They reflect the old adage of “pretty is as pretty does.”

I hope the best for them and are able to weather the storm of what seems to be a little rough patch. If they do, it will be well worth it and beneficial to everyone. I prey they hang in there and make it work.

Muhammed Ali and with George

More Recent Event

Once again you can see the tension in their faces. Brad has a half smile as there are no teeth showing a s slight pulling of his lips. Angie;s head is uncharacteristically down indicating that something is amiss between them. She also has a half smile indicating that she is trying to make nice for the camers but something isn’t right.

Angie is uncharactersitically holding on to her arm as though she is bracing herself and pulling Brad towards her. In essence she s manipulating his body positon in this photo op.Brad’s head is turned away and he has a half smile indicating he isn;t too happy.

Does Kate Gosselin’s Body Language Say She’s Trying to Make A Positive Change? Kissing and Hugging Her Kids Seems Like A Good Start


From my perspective as a body language and communication expert, I fairly call things as I see them. My comments are based on behaviors in people  I have seen over time, in videos and in photographs. For those who think that you can’t tell anything by looking at one photo or one video, I beg to differ with you.

You certainly CAN tell a lot, A PHOTO especially of you have been properly  trained and  you have been doing it for over two decades as I have. In fact the FBI, uses video and photo analysis to analyze people’s behaviors. Sometime, they only have one photo or one video at their disposal.

I am also proud to say that I have even lectured  to members of the FBI and other members of law enforcement on the topic of body language and communication, so I definitely know what I am speaking about in this regard.


So, for those of you who are fans of Kate Gosselin and say that no one can tell about her from one photo like the one where she rudely, and aggressively and abusively in my opinion placed her hand over her son Colin’s mouth (and where there were a series of such photos), I can assure you that you can tell a lot.

You can tell even more about Kate and her behavior after looking at hundreds of videos and photos of Kate with her kids as I have. You can tell even more about Kate, now that Jon is out of the picture. When Kate has been out publicly with or without the kids, there has consistently appeared to be a lot of anger emanating from Kate’s face. She rarely looks happy, playful, light and joyful and always appears upset about something.

This analysis is made on her facial expression and muscle movements and body language. It is NOT based on her looks or dress or facial features or hairstyle. Body language analysis has NOTHING to do with these elements. It has ALL to do with BEHAVIORS and Kate’s negative behavior is reflected by her body language. That is a FACT.


Kate and Jon’s body language analysis have NOT been made on whether I like them or not.  When I have said anything about Kate’s egregious abusive behaviors at times (slapping and verbal abuse and anger) inevitably a few of Kate’s loyal and staunch fans, who in my view may also be abusers themselves if they so strongly  identify with her abusive behavior, can’t see past it, and think it is OK) have wrongly accused me of “hating Kate”.

I can assure you this is NOT the case.  I have provided my list of those I “hate” for you to see on several occasions.   Kate is NOT on that list.  Unless she becomes a terrorist, child molester, kidnapper, torturer, or rapist, or infringes my copyright or trademark or names her book the same name as one of my previous best- sellers like Toxic People TM, causing confusion in the marketplace, Kate Gosselin  will never make my list.

My list is mainly reserved for monsters like Hitler, Amadinijad (the Iranian hate monger), Fritzl (the Austrian who impregnated his own daughter and kept her in a dungeon-like prison). So NEVER accuse me of hating Kate Gosselin because I do NOT hate Kate Gosselin, Those are  my final words and you have heard it from MY mouth!


One thing you will learn about me as you continue to read my blogs, is that I am fair minded, level headed, have self- respect,  and I do not tolerate BS.  I call it like a see it both positive and negative. I do not have an axe to grind, an agenda,  nor am I am not jealous of anyone, or have anything to prove. Instead, I own and respect every part of me.

I have spent a lot of time  and effort in my life learning about myself throughout the years. As a result, I am rather secure about who I am, my state of mind, background, physical appearance, personality, relationships, emotional makeup and know  EVERYTHING I know about me –  better than anyone else out there.

Kate, it seems may be just beginning to look at herself, which I applaud. This is a VERY GOOD thing. I would like to think that perhaps my blogs may have been a catalyst for her  or her handlers to take a closer look at her behaviors. I certainly hope so, for the sake of those 8 precious kids.


One week to the day where Kate was upset at Colin for dragging up his coat of the ground, not looking pleasant or happy as she picked her kids up from school

and abusively putting her hand over Colin’s mouth. There was a dramatic change in Kate’s behavior, as she dropped them off to school in the wee hours of the morning.

Even though she still has a serious and unpleasant facial expression, devoid of smiles and warmth, she did something that we should have seen her do a lot more of over the past five years- kissing her children and giving them affection.


This is one of the RARE times we have seen Kate KISS and hug  her children (except for the perfunctory Birthday kisses she gave  each one at their 5 year birthday Party ). Perhaps she herself, read my last blog calling her on her abusive behavior. Perhaps someone may have shared my last blog with her where I said the following:

“She needs to get on her knees every day and say a huge thank you to good Lord above for giving her physically healthy, bright, and beautiful children.

What goes along with that prayer of  gratitude  must be her actions towards those wonderful innocent children. She needs to treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve.”

I would like to think that perhaps my words resonated in Kate’s mind, since the timing of her kissing ALMOST ALL of the children as they hopped out of the van, is uncanny.

Of course little Mady, one of the twins  (the one who called Kate “mean” and with  whom Kate has appeared to have the most issues,

and little Aden

and Joel all ran off the bus as quickly as possible sans kisses and hugs.

But later Aden returned and got a kiss from Kate.

The little girls who were dressed alike in pink with brown polka dot pants all got kisses.

Even Colin, the one who’s mouth she put her hand over a week earlier,  got a kiss on the head

and Cara got a hug from Kate

That is HUGE! And in my opinion a GREAT START!  I hope she does this  not just when camera’s are rolling and papps are out in full force. Kate now needs to find inner joy in her kisses to the kids and eliminate that sourpuss expression when she does it.  She needs to smile and show the love, to go along with her kisses and hugs which kids so desperately need for their emotional development.


One of the things the papp yelled out as he was shooting the photos of Kate getting out of the van to let the kids out,  caused my ears to perk up. He asked Kate the following question, “ Are you mad that you’ve gotta take  anger management?“

Now I don’t know if the papp asked that question to provoke Kate, which papps have been known to in order to get a specific reaction shot, or if he was privy to some information that Kate may indeed  be undergoing anger management classes.

If that is the case, I say good for her and that it is about time. She definitely needs it. The throwing things, consistent meltdowns, slapping, and verbal abuse we all saw for the past five seasons show that these anger management classes may very well help her and will definitely help the kids.


Maybe TLC put her into anger management classes . Maybe they are working on remaking her inside as well as her outside as evidenced by the $7,000 hair weave they gave her. Perhaps they are helping her to get rid of all of her inner anger before she starts her new show for them.

TLC announced last week that her new show is scheduled for the spring or summer. Like it or not, Kate will have her own television show.  I really don’t fault Kate with trying to earn money to support her huge family, since she is in essence, the only breadwinner these days, while

Jon runs  around town with his new lady, a little over a decade older than his twins Cara and Mady at the Sundance Film Festival.


If a TV reality show is the easiest way for Kate to make a buck to support those wonderful kids, I say why not? She cannot afford to stay home and be a full time mom, as she has to shoulder the finances, thanks to Jon.

I also believe that as long as she is attentive to the kids and addresses their physical and emotional needs why shouldn’t  she have a career she enjoys.

But if she plans to have a career on television that will last for any length of time and TLC is going to do it, and allow her to be on a show where she has flexibility in her schedule, unlike DWTS which is a rigorous schedule, like I said before TLC  MUST invest in helping get her a makeover on her inside besides her outside.

No one cares about hair extensions or a new look. No one  will ever want to watch a show with a person who exhibited the characteristics she showed during the past five seasons and on her two TLC specials and on all the talk shows on which she appeared,  the fake tears, over the top exaggerated claims, the sarcasm, the snarkiness,  the abusive behaviors, the self absorption, the narcissism, the self-entitlement, and the lack of gratitude, not to mention the embarrassing lack of talent she showed on her skits on Leno. It WON’T fly!


First, there was talk in the media where Kate was getting her extensions to have a sexier look as TLC was going to do a show to help her find a new man. Unless Kate works on her inside, it will be a futile attempt.

Unless she works on her anger (which takes time) and many of the traits described earlier, no man will look at her unless he is equally as self- absorbed and a Toxic opportunist who wants his 15 minutes of fame. I think TLC was wise enough to figure that out as well.

But I don’t believe they were wise enough to do what they are planning to as they announced this past week and give her a show where she will try different professions. It’s a lame idea for her and will not work in my view.

It’s an idea that was done years earlier by E! when they put Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie in different jobs.  It worked then because it was Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie and they had IT- personality and charisma and humor combined with  talent. This same concept with Kate Gosselin at the helm, will fail miserably simply because she does not have IT!


I know a lot about IT! I have seen IT in my two decades of practice when I helped actors become the best they could become in terms of their vocal and speaking skills.

When an actor walked into through the doors of my office and we worked together, I learned to immediately tell who had IT and who would become a big star. As conceited or arrogant  as it may sound,  truth is,  I can honestly say,  I was NEVER wrong about who had IT!

I saw IT,  in now super stars Andy Garcia, Nicholas Cage, Marlee Matlin, Rob Lowe, and Melanie Griffith just to name a few, well before they made it big. I saw how they had IT and told them that one day they would make it to the top.

I saw IT with many of the newscasters and entertainment reporters you see today on popular television morning, evening, entertainment,  and shows today, well before they made it. I saw that they had IT and  told them so.

I even saw it with Nancy Grace when I was a constant guest on her Court TV show back in NYC. Because we spent so much time together on the set, I  told her that one days he would be a HUGE STAR because she had IT! I am proud to say she did make it- HUGE and no one could be more deserving!

Just as I can tell who has IT, I can tell who does NOT have IT. I am sorry to say Kate Gosselin  does NOT have IT.

Kate was lucky to have had a show featuring her children. The appeal was watching the kids grow. The appeal was  not Kate.  She was NOT a breakout star like little Snooki is on MTV’s  the Jersey Shore.

I would think that little Mady is was more the breakout star of  Jon and Kate Plus 8 . She had vim and vigor and charisma. Even though she was upset at Kate a lot and hungered for attention, she seemed to naturally be in her element when they took modeling photos of her.


So now  with all the hoopla that surrounded the Jon and Kate Plus 8  show and Jon pulling the plug on it, TLC wants to make back some lost revenue, so they are  giving her, her own “itless” show minus Jon and the kids since, he pulled the plug.

I can guarantee you that if all of that hoopla between her and  Jon had not gone down, causing her considerable name recognition, no one would ever give this woman a show because they would clearly see that she doesn’t have IT.  Any producer or any suit worth his weight knows she is ONLY getting a show because of name recognition and lost revenues.

TLC has been scrambling with what type of show to give IT’less,  name recognizable, Kate,  who is known only because they put her on every TV show to discuss her divorce woes. They tried to build up her TV cue by having her co-host the View and appear on the Today Show and Leno and the Barbara Walters special not to mention every magazine cover on the newsstand.

They knew the dating show wouldn’t work, so they  resurrected MTV’s concept and put her into a show where she will experience different professions like Paris and Nicole did. That show worked because of Nichole’s wit and humor and Paris’ glamor and hotness, garnering  a lot of male viewers. But to put Kate in  that same type of show is ridiculous in my view.


If TLC is intent on doing a reality show with Kate that will last and that people will want to watch, name recognition certainly  isn’t enough.  I think a show where Kate gets a TOTAL IMAGE MAKEOVER FROM THE INSIDE OUT would be a huge hit!

Everyone seems to like makeover shows, so why not makeover Kate?

The fact that Kate is showing some love and affection towards her kids is a good start in my opinion.  They can show the “before and afters” of how Kate was harsh with the kids and how she is now more loving and affectionate.



The premise of Kate’s new show as I see it would be to watch her transform from this angry, hostile, self- absorbed, snarky, sarcastic  self entitled woman to a kin, loving, and generous, selfless person with a lot of heart.


1.Perhaps we can see how she unselfishly  devises a plan to raise money for the kids in Haiti and even travels over there to help out, donating some of her kids used toys and clothing to the children in Haiti.

2.Perhaps we can see an episode where she resurrects her relationship with her parents so that the kids can  have grandparent contact.

3. Another episode could include her brother and Aunt Jodi kiss and makeup session.

4.Then there can be other episodes where she repair all the damage she created with others she alienated.

5.We can watch how Kate struggles with getting rid of her anger and all her demons. We can even watch her in Anger Management Classes . Now that is compelling Television!

6.We can watch her use her nursing skills and volunteer, giving some love and affection to some elderly people at a nursing home. She could even bring them cookies her kids made for them and watch them smile and make their day.

7.We could see her at a pet shelter volunteering   there and see how she breaks down when she learns about animal abuse and puppy mills. We can evens see her feeling so badly about what she did by giving her two German Shepherds away that she can now retrieve them and let them be a part  of her now happy home. With all the money she will make  from her new show she can even hire a special babysitter for the dogs so they won’t be an added burden to her.

7.We can watch her go into orphanages and love up some of those kids who need affection and give them some of her kids used and outgrown clothing and toys. We can watch her develop more love and tolerance with these parentless kids.

8.We can also watch her in a pediatric ward with AIDS and drug addicted babies where she can hold them and feed them and attend to them so that she can think twice whenever she gets angry enough at one of her own children to stick her hand over their mouth.

9.We can see how Kate takes workshops and seminars on self –development  to help affect a more positive change in her life. That would even be inspiring to others.

10.We can see and episode where we revisit the place where Kate grew up and went to school and how she felt growing up. We can trace back where her anger and “meaness” and self- absorption  and self entitlement  came from. That would, no doubt,  be an emotion filled episode

11.We can watch her in therapy with Dr. Phil. He will tell it like it is. He won’t stick up for her. He will tell her what she has done wrong in the past and what she needs to do now. That would be compelling TV as well.

12.Then we can watch her start to get attention from men and go on a date. We can see her fears and hear what so many others go through when they begin to date after never having dated in years. We can see how she messes up on the date and what she learns from it.

13.We can see her get more spiritual and perhaps even go back to church and see the positive  impact that has on her.

Throughout the show we can watch footage  that allows us to see Kate grow. Since TLC owns all the footage to Jon  and Kate Plus 8 we can see a lot of  before and afters of how she handled things then and how she handles then now.

Now my treatment of Kate’s new possible show takes us through an entire season of 13 weeks. I’ll bet if they followed my treatment it would be a huge it! It would be great  to see a show like this where Kate could inspire others and not upset so many viewers as she has in the past.

Baby Gabriel Babysitter’s Body Language Shows No Signals of Deception and Gives Insight To What Possibly Happened to the Baby


Several people emailed me questioning the babysitter’s role in this awful Baby Gabriel saga. They have even stated that they were appalled that the babysitter’s mother would let her babysit in a hotel.

First of all the babysitter, Analisa Urias is 18, which is legal age in the state of Texas. There is nothing wrong with the babysitter looking on Craigslist to find a babysitting job. There is also nothing wrong with going to a hotel or a motel to babysit, especially if it is in the daytime at 11:45 AM, as the babysitter said. In fact, top hotels often hire outside babysitters to accommodate their guests.

The fact that Elizabeth Johnson even thought to hire a babysitter is a good sign that deep down she wanted the baby alive and she wanted to make sure the baby was OK. She could have very well left the baby alone in the motel room and put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door, but instead, she hired a babysitter.


I watched Analisa’s Body Language on almost every show on which she appeared including Nancy Grace.

On every show, she was cooperative, open, forthright, made direct eye contact, spoke directly in a sonorous tone and most important of all showed NO SIGNALS OF DECEPTION. She showed no signals that she had any other agenda than to babysit the child.

The information which she gave to the press was very important.


1.The fact that Analisa said Elizabeth was dressed like she was going out partying, in the daytime, wearing tight clothing and heels and a belly exposing top, leads me to believe that she may very well have been partying with a guy.

Analisa was told by Elizabeth that she was going to a very important meeting. Maybe that important meeting was for paid sex. The fact that she returned two hours later, happy and smiling, says to me that she was happy and satisfied. Maybe her important meeting even supplied her with drugs that put her in a happy mood.


2. Analisa said Elizabeth was detached from the baby. This means Elizabeth had other things on her mind, like partying in her hot looking outfit or earning some money, or scoring some drugs.

She was obviously preoccupied. Her room was a mess with everything thrown around which also leads me to believe that she didn’t utilize the maid service as she no doubt didn’t want anyone coming into her room.

Maybe she had something to hide like drugs or the fact that she had a kidnapped baby in her possession.


3. The fact that Elizabeth’s room was a mess, the baby seemed not fed and only smiled when he got the bottle which he drank voraciously, obviously meant that Elizabeth was being negligent with the child.

The fact that she was feeding him medication is also cause for concern, especially when the babysitter said he didn’t seem sick. In fact Elizabeth told the babysitter to give him medication if she started to cry.

If he wasn’t ill, maybe Elizabeth gave him medication to make him stop crying and to sleep so she wouldn’t be bothered by him. Maybe she gave him too much medicine and accidently killed him.

Maybe that is when she called the baby daddy to tell him what she did. Maybe she was telling the truth and did indeed kill the baby. Maybe in her warped thinking she thought that the baby wouldn’t have died, if Logan didn’t have custody and she wasn’t in this predicament. So in essence her call to him may have been an admission that the child was dead and that it in her mind it was his fault that all of this happened. She would never take responsibility as to what happened, but rather shift the blame that it happened because of Logan, the baby daddy.


4. The sharp knife sitting in the room may have been used for her protection. Maybe she was paranoid from all the drugs she may have been taking.

Maybe she thought someone would break into her room in the middle of the night. Maybe she thought the baby daddy would find her and that she would use the knife to ward him off.


5. The clue which Analisa revealed that means the most to me is that when she arrived back at the motel two hours later and received a phone call from someone (a woman’s voice) speaking loud enough for Analisa to hear.
Johnson told her it was her grandmother and explained her husband was threatening her family because of a custody battle.

When authorities questioned Elizabeth’s grandmother, she told them that she did not speak to Elizabeth. Sooooooo, I wonder if that screaming and yelling on the other end of the phone was person of interest, Tammi Smith.

Maybe she was yelling at Analisa to not screw up any plans they may have possibly made.


6. The hotel staff said that Johnson booked the room for a week so she was there from the 21st of December and the baby was alive on the 26th making it 5 days. She left behind a car seat and clothes, which make me believe that she left in a hurry.

She no longer had use for the car seat because the baby could no longer use it. Her concocted story that the couple to whom she gave the baby brought the wrong car seat, is an admission of guilt to me. It is way too much information and a huge signal of deception.

There was no couple and no car seat in my view. The only car seat was the one she left behind that Gabriel could no longer use, because he was not alive to use it.


7. After hearing Analisa’s interviews I have a new perspective on the case. I wonder if the baby was given medication to shut him up so Elizabeth didn’t have to deal with him and his crying.

Perhaps she gave him too much medication and Baby Gabriel never woke up.

Perhaps she disposed of his little body in San Antonio. She may have even also put Baby Gabriel’s body in a bag or suitcase and taken it on the bus with her to Miami Beach where she may have gotten rid of him in the vast ocean.


Maybe it wasn’t Elizabeth’s intention to kill Baby Gabriel. Maybe it was her intention to give him to someone for safe keeping until he got older and his looks changed.

The fact that Tammi Smith brought this up after visiting Elizabeth in the jail, concerns me. Since she already tried to concoct something with her first cousin Craig Cherry being the father of baby Gabriel when he in fact never even met Elizabeth, anything is possible.

Perhaps there was a relative of Tammi’s in San Antonio who agreed to do this. The fact that Tammi nonchalantly in her monotone loud confident voice told reporters that Elizabeth said the people who have the baby “are going to try to hide the baby” said that his looks will change as he gets older.

Tammi’s statement is cause for concern. This sounds like a concocted story. Why would anyone even think to say this? If Elizabeth gave the baby to someone they wouldn’t say that they were going to hide the baby until his looks changed. That is preposterous!

Also who in their right mind would want to knowingly get involved in any illegal action with a baby and ruin their lives and freedom and face kidnaping charges down the road?

Also the fact that Tammi mentioned to the press that Elizabeth said that she and the couple to whom she gave the baby” signed papers but it was not notarized,” is also a signal of deception to me. It is way too much information.

Who talks about notarizing papers when they are giving away a baby and when they have lost custody of the baby and have kidnapped the baby and are on the run? It is ridiculous!


The fact that Elizabeth is uncooperative and won’t meet with a sketch artist to recreate the physical characteristics of the “alleged” couple to whom she gave Baby Gabriel leads me to believe the poor baby is dead and has died at her hands, most likely through an overdose of medication

I am not the only one who thinks this way. Criminal Profiler Pat Brown seems to think that Baby Gabriel is dead as well. I hope we are both wrong, s.unfortunately I believe we are both right in our thoughts.

Dr. Lillian Glass First to Show John Edwards Lied About Baby. Now His Admission is Too Little Too Late

When the Edwards paternity scandal first broke Dr. Lillian Glass was the first to publically show how Edwards was lying based on his body language. After Edwards gave his now famous ABC interview with Bob Woodruff stating that he was not the father of mistress Reille Hunter’s baby, Dr. Glass showed that he was lying and that he was indeed the baby’s father.


The eye blinking, hemming and hawing, stuttering, circumlocution, staring, hand movements, foot movements, leaning, lip licking, voice cracking, uh ums, shoulder shrugging, and even his covering of his private parts right after discussing his not fathering the child, were all “tells” that Dr. Glass pointed out on Entertainment Tonight, Extra, and Access Hollywood as well as other media outlets.


Now , two years later and only because a tell- all book will be released in two days by Edwards’ former aide Andrew Young, is Edwards admitting paternity. Coming forward now and not earlier, clearly shows this man’s lack of character.
Edwards then goes on to say “It was wrong for me ever to deny she was my daughter and hopefully one day, when she understands, she will forgive me.”


Let’s hope that Quinn is able to forgive her father someday. But as far as the public is concerned, what he did was unforgivable. His lying was bad enough, but irresponsibly getting someone pregnant when his wife lie dying of cancer is unthinkable. Edwards is absolutely right when he says that he knows people cannot forgive him, even though he has apologized.
To think that this man had a chance of becoming our President at one time or even becoming Attorney General is a frightening thought.
The bottom line is that the body doesn’t lie. Neither does the voice or one’s speech patterns. His admission is too little too late. But Dr. Glass knew he was lying just as soon as he opened his mouth.