Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner’s Body Language Showed Their Lack of Chemistry and How the Relationship Was Over Before It Began


Recently, the most popular music award winning star, country singer Taylor Swift and Twighlight’s hit movie star, Taylor Lautner have broken up, deciding decided they were better as friends . So when a “source” allegedly told US weekly that it “There was no chemistry, and it felt contrived, ” it came as no surprise to me .

It was obvious that the relationship between the two was clearly a “career enhancement relationship” move. They both furthered one another’s stock in the entertainment world. The idea of two young and innocent rising stars being boyfriend and girlfriend was sweet, but the reality was a different matter.

I’ll show various photos of the two of them when they were at the prime of their relationship and how certain body language “tells” clearly show that things were definitely lacking in the romance department.

There is not doubt that the two like one another- but only as friends and nothing else. Based on their body language analysis, the intention of their relationship no doubt helped support one another rise even higher on the star scale as their pseudo relationship’ became fodder for the tabloids.


The most tell tale sign as to whether or not someone is into you is in their “feet” believe it or not. If someone’s toes, are pointed in your direction chances are they really like you. If their feet are pointed in the opposite direction, chances are they are not definitely not into you.

In the case of he two Taylor’s, their feet were never feet were never pointed in one another’s direction. That is a bad sign.

In fact in the photo above, you can see Taylor Swift’ toes pointing at her own toes. This usually indicates at a person is clearly not into the other person. It shows that she would rather be by herself than with Mr. Lautner. Her looking down is also further indication that she wasn’t into him.

a href=”https://drlillianglassbodylanguageblog.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/taylors-lookin-down-and-her-feet-pointing-at-herslef3.jpg”>

This isn’t the first time Ms. Swift has her feet turned in and looks down at them, indicating ambivalence and that she would rather be alone or with someone other than Mr. Lautner.


Another telltale sign of a non relationship or a very bad one is when there is a lack of physical distance between the couple. In this case the two Taylor’s aren’t even touching one another. That is rather odd- especiay for young people whoa re supposedly an item, Usually, people that age can’t keep their hands to themselves as their hands are all over one another.Hormones alone often translate into a lot of touching and feeling and kissin and hugging and stroking and caressing.


The non touching and too much distance between them theme seemed to be a rather common occurrence between them. It seems that in most of their photo ops they appeared this way. It showed that their young bodies were telling it like it is- they simply weren’t into one another. No matter how hard they tried to show it for the cameras, it just wasn’t happening!



Another really bad sign that a person is not into you, is when you are both looking in different directions. That not only translates physcially, as you see here with both Taylor's looking in opposite directions during their photo ops, it translates literally as well. It means people are not like minded when they are not looking a the same things or in the same direction at the same time. This was a common occurence that could be seen in many of their photos together.


If this photo doesn’t represent the most awkward kiss we have seen from two stars allegedly in love, I don’t know what is. There is aobviously a height issue with Taylor Swift towering over Taylor Lautner and her trying to compensate her height to reach his lips.

It just doen’t work! you do not feel the chemistry when you look at this photo and neither did they. It is quite clear, they were kissing for the cameras but they weren’t able to pull off their sham relationship in the kissing arena.

In this photo above, Taylor Lautner’s body language is stiff and rigid. He is not leaning into her. He is clearly uncomfortable and looks so awkward. You are not feeling the kiss and neither are they.

Let’s hope that Mr. Lautner learns how to kiss and become more comfortable with displaying affection and romance, especially if he wans to continue on as a young heartthrob.

Having buff arms and ripped abs is not all it takes to be sexy, You need to know how to move, how to connect with a woman, and most of all how to kiss a woman.

There’s a heck of a lot of truth in the lyrics of that “oldie but goodie” song ‘It’s in His Kiss” sung by Cher. The lyrics “if you wanna know if he loves you so, it’s in his kiss.. thats where it is” hold true when it comes to lookin at any man’s chemistry or sexiness. Taylor Lautner I believe needs a lot more practice in this area. Maybe if he hooked up with a woman wherer he felt more chemistry and where the relationship wasn’t a PR move, he would be feeling it a lot more. but the bottom line is that we weren’t feeling it at all when it came to his planting one on Taylor Swift.


There is no doubt that this contrived romantic couple were just friends and not lovers. When you see someone touchin or hugging one’s shoulders it is a f’riendship hug” and definately not a “lover hug.” They are both hugging one another int he same manner which indicates that hey both feel the same way abou one anoher- tha they are simply good friends. There is nothing wron wih that by don’t try to spin it any other way as people will always detect that something is off. They may not know exactly what it is, but they will know that something isn’t right between a couple. So when PR people try to force a spin at us, we can’t buy it if it isn’t true.


I always say that the public is not dumb. We are shap as a tack, so when PR people think they can pull one over on us they are mistaken. Maybe they could back in the day when we weren’t as sophisticated it workes, but now that were as savvy and hip to their manipulative tactics we won’t fall for their BS. At any rate their respective PR teams earned their keep for yet another month’s salary as they did their job. They got their respective Taylor’s, cover stories in major magazines.


I have been analyzing Jon mayer’s body language for years. I analyzed him when he was with Heidi Kum, Jessica Simpson,and Jennifer Aniston, he was usually aloof in photos, not very demondtrative with his affections and rarely smiled. If he did, it was a pained and forced smile. In fact.

I commented in his body language in so many publications throughout the years as well as in in my own column “The Real Story, in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

So when I was sent these recently photos to analyze from “In Touch Weekly” about John Mayer and Taylor Swift, I was absolutely stunned! This is the first time I ever say John really really smile a genuine smile when he was around a woman. Taylor is equally as turned on by John as he was by her . Now that is chemistry! I don’t even have to analyze it for you. You can feel the sizzle! Now THAT is BODY LANGUAGE!


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