Photo of Tiger Woods a LAX Elicits Body Language of Smirks, Giggles, and Groans


The other day I was at Los Angeles Airport headed towards the baggage claim area when I saw a huge backlit wall mural of Tiger Woods staring at me. My immediate thought was “ I wonder if that sponsor left Tiger’s photo up intentionally or they forgot to take it down. Perhaps they are sticking by Tiger until they see what else happens.”

But what happened next was rather interesting from a sociological standpoint. I immediately heard a man in back of me chuckle and say in a loud voice to the man he was with “ Hey look, it’s Tiger Woods ! Can you believe that?” The man with him replied, “Yeah, they should have a photo with him will all the women he slept with next to him. Now that would be funny! Then the man who made the initial comment about the photo retorted. “Yeah if they were all nude that would be even funnier.”


I then slowed down my pace and let these two men pass me and walked over to the area where people would first see the photo. I had the impulse to conduct a little informal psychosocial experiment and see other’s reactions to the photo. Would they react like these two men? What comments would they make if any? And what did their body language say when they unexpectedly saw a photo of the most famous adulterer over the past few weeks, staring them in the face as they shuffled through the airport to pick up their luggage ?


Several people I observed made no comment but shook their heads while others ignored Tiger’s photo completely and went about their business, hurrying their pace to get to the luggage carousels. I did however, observe that many people smiled or smirked. The ones who did verbalize often had a snicker or a giggle. Here are some of the comments I over heard :
“What an asshole!”
“What a scumbag!”
“Hey look.! That’s Tier Woods! Heh heh”
“Tiger Woods? Oh No!”
“That wife of his is gonna be rich when she leaves him!”
“Tiger Woods” (said with a groan)”


While I didn’t do a major scientific study here, I did get enough of a sampling to see that people did react to the photo in negative way. That is something that would have never happened months earlier. The reaction to the photo would have either been neutral or positive, but never negative.

Tiger’s womanizing has had such a negative affect on his image that many of his sponsors have dropped him and I believe many will continue to drop him, depending on what else unfolds.

If more mistresses or sex partners come forth, more and more sponsors will drop him like a hot potato. If a love child should emerge, I think he can kiss the majority of his sponsors goodbye. And if the nude photos of him should appear, it’s OVER!


Can Tiger’s image be resurrected ? Can he be forgiven by the public? Personally I don’t think so. It’s not only that he had all these mistresses and sex partners while he was married which is disturbing. It’s bad enough that he lied to his wife, But what is just as upsetting if not more is the fact that he lied to all of us fans.

He made us think he was “Mr. Squeaky Clean,” when in reality he “Mr. Freaky, Not So Clean.” People can’t stand to be fooled and they can’t stand hypocrites.

Also he gave such lame apologies, that it added insult to injury for many of his fans.

It was not one or two women with whom Tiger had an affair. It was 14 if not more and he had the affairs when his wife was pregnant with their children. That is pretty sleazy no matter how you look at it. There is no way that you can spin that around PR wise.


If ANY PR person spins it that Tiger has a sexual addiction so we should forgive him because he can’t help himself and is powerless over sex, nobody will buy it! We are not stupid! He had sex with so many women- because he could! It’s that plain and simple. He was in a different city all the time and wanted different women other than his wife to address his sexual needs. That’s it!

While he may also have the “Madonna Whore Complex’ where a man find’s that he can’t get sexually turned on by the mother of his kids, Tiger was allegedly cheating on Elin before she became the mother to his children. He was even cheating during his bachelor party, which is pretty sleazy as well.

These are more the reasons why I don’t think people will to be so open to readily forgive him for his indiscretions.


The only person I have heard stick by Tiger and say something positive about him is Donald Trump, who is good friends with Tiger. He was very supportive of Tiger on Larry King Live. Donald has been known for his loyalty and values that trait in others, so it is not surprising that he would support his friend through thick and thin. I actually find this trait admirable in a person and that is another reason why I am so fond of Donald Trump.

But for those who are not Tiger’s close friend like Donald Trump, but rather his fans who used to respect Tiger and even looked twice at any product because he endorsed it, I don’t think most people would be that loyal to a man who misrepresented himself in such a big way.


So much of what will happen to Tiger in the future will depend on what happens with his relationship with Elin- if she leaves him for good and divorces him, or if he ends up with one of the mistresses. It will be interesting to see which sponsors continue to stick with him and which ones drop him.

No matter which sponsors stick with him or not, I think that for the rest of the public to not have a negative perception of Tiger or look at him without a smirk, giggle, or groan will be a huge challenge for him.

Public trust is not something to be toyed with. While we all love a good comeback, I think it will be extremely hard for Tiger to come back. What he did was so egregious. It will take a long time, if ever, for him to regain the public’s respect, no matter how great a golfer he was.


3 thoughts on “Photo of Tiger Woods a LAX Elicits Body Language of Smirks, Giggles, and Groans

  1. I so enjoy your body language observations it is a good learning tool. I always wondered why I got such bad vibes at times about people and found out later I was correct to feel that way.
    I however do not feel the same as you do about Tiger Woods’ future. There is a saying among people in the public eye, the only two things that can ruin a mans career is being caught in bed with a dead prostitute or a live boy.
    I feel that racisms might be playing a part in his scenario. The saying does not suggest what would happen should the man be black and the woman white.
    Tiger has broken all kind of race and social barriers in one of the most segregated and socially elitist communities as the world of Golf.
    The point I am suggesting, President Clinton and also President Kennedy have not only been forgiven for their indiscretions but have very strong admirers.
    I suppose we will have to wait and see, but if Tiger hires himself a very good PR man he may be able to salvage his career, mainly because he is a wonderful athlete…. and that may be all he is.


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