Meter Reader’s Ex Wife, Jill Kerley, Shows Signals of Deception When Discussing Roy Kronk Possibly Murdering Caylee Anthony


When Cindy Anthony recently said on the Today show that “they did not investigate all the evidence in the case,: I assumed she was no doubt, referring to Roy Kronk, the meter reader who discovered the body of her granddaughter Caylee Anthony.

Then, I received emails from several of my wonderful and loyal readers asking to me analyze the body language of Roy Kronk’s ex wife, Jill Kerley, who stated that ” he probably was the one who killed Caylee Anthony.”


Before I share my thoughts and observations, I want to say that as soon as Roy Kronk came forward and appeared publically, I scrutinized his body language and communication patterns. I I did not find any “tells” indicated deception or that he was not telling the truth.

He appeared direct and forthright in his body language as there was a fluidity in his movements with no hesitation in his voice. What he said matched how he moved and comported himself. He appeared genuine to me as he discussed his finding Caylee’s body.


Having said that, I will say that there are indeed some unanswered questions as to how he discovered the body, as Kronk called 911 three times, saying he saw something suspicious in the woods off Suburban Drive.

It makes me wonder if

a. he didn’t possibly know someone who may have overheard Casey talking about where she put the body.

b.Perhaps he played detective on his own and went into the woods with the intention of discovering the body, or

c. what seems to me to be the most likely scenario, was that maybe he had to relieve himself and went into the woods and found a body there. But the bottom line is that he did find the body! If he had something to do with Caylee;s murder, chances are he would NOT have wanted the bOdy to be found!


The other thing that points fingers to Casey rather than to Kronk was how Casey allegedly reacted when she was sitting in the infirmary and heard on television that Caylee’s body had been found.

According to those who witnessed her reaction, she apparently doubled over as though she had cramps. She was BUSTED and she knew it, so her autonomic nervous system took over! Apparently she wasn’t upset that her daughter was dead, she was upset that she got caught.


If any of us were asked about an “ex” boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse who did us wrong, most of us definitely would not have anything nice to say about them as we would recall every flaw they possibly had. Likewise, if the relationship ended badly, they may not have anything positive to say about us. So from that standpoint, analyzing what anyone says about an “ex,” one always has to be cautious.

That is why it is so important to look at body language and voice and speech patterns to see if indeed they match up. In Jill Kerley’s case they do not match up.


I initially looked at Jill Kerley’s tapes when they first became public back in September. In examining the tapes of Kronk’s ex wife, to whom he had been married to for only four months, I immediately observed a very bitter, angry and disgruntled appearing woman, still bearing the scars from a no doubt, Toxic ex husband.

I later leaned that Ms. Kerely was suffering from teminal cancer. While I felt sorry for her and her having to deal with her condition, it had no effect on my analysis of her specific body language “tells” as they related to her ex husband.


Some of these “tells” included a lot of looking away to the side, lip pursing, shoulder shrugs, and hyper articulated speech with too much pause time when asked pertinent questions, as well as closing her eyes (not wanting to see the truth) when asked when asked pertinent questions. All of this made me question whether Ms. Kerley was telling the truth about Ray Kronk and whether or not she really believed her very serious allegations she was making about him.

The two most important statements which she made clearly show the deception signals to me. This make me think that she most likely did not believe what she was saying about Kronk or that she was not telling the whole truth.

When she says “He duct taped my hands one time, “ she looks way off to the side so that you can see her sclera (the whites of her eyes) as she purses her lips (holding back). These are clear signals of deception.

Even if he did duct tape his ex wife’s hands, the person who duct taped Caylee didn’t duct tape her hands but rather he mouth and nose. Most killers don’t just use the same material, (duct tape) they often use the same ritual for their killing. So had Kerely said Kronk duct taped her mouth and nose, there might have been more cause for concern. But the fact that he used duct tape on he hands means nothing to me.

Then when she says” he probably was the one who had murdered Casey”, said in a halting hesitation in a slow hyper articulated speech pattern in contrast to a more rapid rate of speech pattern when she discussed other things , it spoke volumes to me. There was also a slight head movement as she spoke these words. It was a red flag that said that said to me that she was probably not telling the truth when she said that. She probably did not believe what she was saying about Roy at all. It seemed to be like her final attempt to finally get back at him for all the grief he apparently caused her during their short but tumultuous Toxic relationship.

After hearing her say these words, it seemed like an obvious attempt by Casey’s legal team to involve Kerley ( a sympathetic cancer suffering woman who is in essence making a deathbed confession) so they could point a finger at Kronk and deflect attention away from Casey and create reasonable doubt.


When I heard veteran attorney, Linda Kenny Baden a member of Casey’s defense team referring to Kerely’s
accusations about Roy Kronk on the Today Show, I observed via her body language and verbal ”tells” that even she, didn’t believe what Ms. Kerely was saying.

While the attorney said the right words in her attempt to defend Casey, her body language screamed that she was clearly not buying it. Her lip licks, eye gaze, lack of hand movement, shoulder shrugs and numerous other “tells” while making pertinent statements said it all.

Once again, it validated my thoughts that Jose Baez’s team was really doing whatever they could to cast reasonable doubt . But it wasn’t working- at least from my standpoint.


To further insure their position in casting reasonable doubt and taking the attention off of Casey, the defense team interviewed yet another ex spouse of Roy Kronk’s- Crystal Sparks. During her interview, Sparks also spoke about alleged abuse from Kronk and his “laziness.”

She also said “He made threats. He made constant threats against me,” “It was not uncommon for him to say ‘I should have killed you when I had the chance.’ I heard that all the time.”

Once again, just because one threatens a spouse in the heat of anger, does not mean they would kill a child. While there is motive in killing the spouse- enough anger at what went on in the relationship to destroy the spouse, that wouldn’t necessarily translate into motive for killing an innocent little girl with whom he did not have a long term or intimate relationship.

Then Sparks said “Roy is not heard from. Roy is not seen. Roy is just non-existent in our lives, which is great for us.”

Then disgruntled ex, Crystal Sparks seems to contradict herself about Roy as she said that Kronk told her son two weeks before Thanksgiving, that he was going to be a hero and on TV. She reported that her son said “‘I know where Caylee is and I’m going to go get her,’

My question is that if he was so nonexistent in their lives, how did he suddenly become so existent two weeks before Thanksgiving ,all these years later. Besides, this is heresy. Crystal said her son said Kronk said this. I would like to hear this directly from the son’s mouth as I watch his body language before I would believe this allegation.

Then Sparks made the allegation that he was inappropriate with young girls. There is even an interview the defense made with the daughter of Sparks who claims Kronk was inappropriate with her when she was a young girl as he watched her dress etc. To that I say, even if he was inappropriate with young girls, that is quite a leap from oogling them or leering at them to creating violence with them- duct taping their mouths and killing them.

No doubt, this is yet another attempt on the defenses part to make Kronk look bad in the court of public opinion and in the eyes of a jury to take the oneness off of Casey and point the finger at Kronk, thereby creating reasonable doubt.

So what if Kronk is lazy and has a drinking problem, is an absentee father, was inappropriate with young girls, and has had a history of abusing women- especially ex wives. That doesn’t necessarily translate into a history of abusing and killing children. He may have issues with grown women and not little girls.


No matter what one says about Roy Kronk and any circumstantial evidence there may be, to me all fingers point back to Casey. After all:
a. Casey was the mother of the child who did NOT report her child missing for 31 days
b. Casey lead law enforcement on a wild goose chase
c. Casey lied about her work
d.Casey was out partying while her daughter was missing
e. Casey has yet to identify or find Zanny the Nanny
Even if she and her defense team stick to the cockamamie story that Zaniada Gonzalez threatened her if she talked to police and that is why she didn’t report Cayle missing, who is Zanny the Nanny and why hasn’t she been found yet? And finally,
f. Casey’s circumstances in which she took Caylee out of the home after having a fight with Cindy.

This fight, I might add may be the reason why Cindy is so intent on defending Caylee. It may be due to her guilt at throwing Casey out of the house for her bad behavior and Casey taking Caylee with her and no doubt killing her to get back at Cindy. That seems like a motive to me. It also seems like motive to bounty hunter Leonard Padilla who initially bailed Casey out of jail and who also saw the whole family up close and personal.

It is clear to me that Kronk is being made the escape goat for the Casey Anthony defense team. From witness, he has now become a victim in this whole tragic mess.

The bottom line is that he found the remains and thankfully the judge will not allow Baez and his legal cohorts to bring in Kronk’s past, point the finger at him and put him on trial when all fingers needs to be pointed at the real culprit- Casey Anthony.


Instead of pointing the finger and questioning Kronk, Cindy and George Anthony need to be grateful to him for finding he remains of their beloved granddaughter.

In doing so, Konk has allowed them to have the closure they desperately needed so that they could know their granddaughter was no longer alive and so that they could bury her and grieve her properly.

Cindy, the most vocal of the two needs to put her focus on the “real killer” and not pull at straws. As egregious as it is to her, Cindy needs to come to grips that the “real killer” may no doubt be her own daughter.

She needs to deal with her own guilt in terms of what she has allowed Casey to get away with all these years and her own guilt on the night she threw Casey out of the house which precipitated all of this. She needs to know that it was not her fault what Casey did after she was kicked out of the house.

As much as I have found Cindy’s behavior to be obnoxious in the past, I do understand that it no doubt comes from guilt and fear. I only hope for her sake that as this trial progresses, she is under the care of a licensed psychotherapist who can help guide her through the emotional roller coaster that is yet to come.


9 thoughts on “Meter Reader’s Ex Wife, Jill Kerley, Shows Signals of Deception When Discussing Roy Kronk Possibly Murdering Caylee Anthony

  1. dr.lilian,thanks so much,i believ cindy will never be under an
    licensed psychotherapist ,cindy think its nothing wrong with her,but for sure it would help her may!


  2. Dr.Lilian, I do appreciate Your Professional Observation of the varies Players involved in this Case.
    To accuse Mr.Kronk of this heinous Crime is just ridiculous and can’t be taken seriously in my Opinion. It is just another Attempt by the Defense to establish a reasonable Doubt.
    In the long run their Attempt to accuse Mr. Kronk of murdering little Caylee will fail and rightfully so. Mr.Kronk might have a lot of Character Flaws which doesn’t make him very popular at the same time that doesn’t make him a Child Murderer. That Privilege belongs to Casey Anthony and her alone, the Evidence will prove that when it comes to the Murder Trial despite all the smoke screens the Defense is coming up with. JMO


  3. Hilde – I happen to agree with you!!!! Casey is the only one Cindy should be blaming of Caylee’s murder.
    Thanks Mrs. Lillian Glass, I also appreciate your professional insight.
    You are so right about this dysfunctional family. Cindy is obnoxious and she has thrown everybody under the bus and she has the courage to state on National TV that Casey was a good mother and she is also a victim. I want to puke every time I hear that. She is making a fool of herself and also a LIAR, BIG LIAR!!!! I agree about unconditional love towards your children but lying and covering up for your kids NO MATTER WHAT, that’s being very selfish and inconsequent. I have no sympathy for the Anthony’s, I am sorry but they deserve what is coming to them.
    Thank you very much Dr. Lillian.


  4. Dr. Lillian,
    It is such a great thing that when your readers request a topic for you to blog on that you respond and provide it! This latest post is an example of this. Excellent information. You are the real deal! I am learning a lot from your posts and very much enjoy following your blog and your loyal reader comments.
    A reader requested last week for your analysis on Amanda Knox. I am also requesting, if it is possible for you, to discuss your insights into her non verbal and verbal communications. I find the crime to be very disturbing but I feel that something is really not right about Amanda. When I have seen her on TV I find some of her “story” and her delivery to just be unbelievable. When I initially heard of her plight over a year ago and read an initial article that was in Vanity Fair, I believed that she was probably innocent but that she was unlikely to get a fair trial due to the Italian Prosecutor’s own legal problems and Perugia being such a buttoned-up and ultra conservative town. I no longer really believe that she is innocent but what in the heck do I know–not very much–and many of the trial documents have not been transcribed into English so they are unavailable. Thank-you so very much for all the time that you put into this blog. I am addicted!!!


  5. Thank you for your willingness to help us see deeper into this whole tragedy. I did not believe any of the accusations made by the ‘axe-wives’;). In fact it was appalling to me the OS kept using Ms Grumpus video picture on their front page. And it has not been difficult to see through the schemes of the very shallow defense team.

    My favorite people to watch or read are: Bill Sheaffer, Kathi. Belich of WFTV, Mark Klaas, Mark Nejame, Judge Strickland, Jeff Ashton, Linda Drane Burdick and now you have also been added to my list. Thanks again for your help. It is much appreciated.


  6. Body Language is not the same as finding or knowing the truth. Kronk’s wives may have extrapolated their stories, but there does seem to be very disturbing situations with these relationships that Kronk has found himself in. Not that he had anything to do with Caylee. He could be a bum elsewhere but still help Florida in finding Caylee’s body. Both facts don’t have to inter-relate.


  7. Thank you so much Dr. Glass for this analysis ! I truly enjoy your work. I read that you also do voice analysis. I know you are busy, but I would be so interested in your thoughts, on some of the key players in this case (Casey, Cindy, George…), with a voice analysis interpretation.


  8. Dr. Lillian Glass,
    I have followed Casey Anthony case from the beginning and I would like to know your opinion about Holly Gagne, one of the Anthony’s supporters when she was interviewed by Nancy Grace, if it is possible, of course.
    I am your big fan, I read your blog every day and I love it!!!!
    Thank you so very much for your analysis.


  9. I love reading this site and love watching your observations confirm what many of us suspect when we watch these tapes and appearances.

    As far as Kronk knowing where to look, it’s no mystery. I don’t think he overheard anyone mention anything. Casey exhibits a type of arrested development, as if she were stuck in a young teen’s mindset. Drawing little hearts around her and Tony’s names and writing her ”married” name with his, playing with Baez at one of the hearings when its a serious matter about her murder trial, things like that. It’s been said that where Caylee’s body was found was a place they buried pets as teenagers, and often hung out around there at that age. It isn’t hard to draw the conclusion that she would put the baby there. Due to flooding conditions, the area was not completely searched and the search had been called off and never resumed.

    Thank God for Kronk taking some initiative on acting on things a lot of us have been suspicious of, otherwise that poor baby would never have laid to rest properly.


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