How Body Language , Speech, and Voice Patterns Can Be Used to Spot the Possible Sociopathic “Casey Anthony’s” of the World


Being passionate about the body language my intention in my blogs is to share with you the truth about what is really going on with newsmakers based on their body language, voice patterns and communication skills. Hopefully my blog will not only give you insight as you see how I “read between the headlines” but will allow you learn how to read others so that you can apply it to those in your own life


Since I wrote the blog about Casey Anthony’s body language and fake tears during her recent court date, many people have asked me how to spot a sociopath- how to spot the Casey Anthony’s of the world. Casey isn’t the only such creature in the public eye who appear s to fit the description of a sociopath.


That is why I want to share with you how to read a sociopath based on their body language, facial language, voice, and speech characteristics .


According to the literature and the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). the definitions are blurred as the two often share common antisocial traits. One of the main differences between the two is that the “sociopath” tends to be more disorganized like the Columbine killers and Casey Anthony, while the “psychopath” is more methodical like cannibalistic monster Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy, especially in their criminal pursuits.


Famed Canadian psychologist, Dr. Robert Hare, developed a checklist called The
Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised(PCL-R) which is a diagnostic tool of 20 traits
assessed by a scoring system used to rate a person’s antisocial behaviors. They include :
1.glib and superficial charm,
2. grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self,
3. need for stimulation,
4. pathological lying,
5. cunning and manipulativeness,
6. lack of remorse or guilt,
7. shallow affect(superficial emotional responsiveness),
8.callousness and lack of empathy,
9.parasitic lifestyle,
10. poor behavioral controls
11.sexual promiscuity,
12. early behavior problems,
13. lack of realistic long-term goals
16.failure to accept responsibility for own actions,
17.many short-term marital relationships,
18.juvenile delinquency ,
19. revocation of conditional release, and
20.criminal versatility.


The more of these traits one has, the more of a sociopath they are. When you look at these characteristics and apply them to Casey Anthony, it is interesting how many of these traits she possesses. She appears to have at least 17 of these traits of not more.

While there have been clinical approaches to describing people with his aberrant behavior pattern, before this blog, no one has ever approached analyzing them in terms of profiling both their Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Patterns. I will do this for you in this blog so that you will be more able to easily recognize them.


These people prey on others using charm, deceit, violence or other methods that allow them to get what they want. Therefore in terms of speech patterns, they may try to cajole you by complimenting you excessively and speaking to you with inviting words. They seem very agreeable with whatever you say in order to draw you in. Initially they would never show thatthey are contentious or had a difference of opinion to yours. That is why they are so great at first impressions because they’ll say what you want to hear. They’ll ask you lots of questions about yourself because they want to quickly figure out what you want to hear and what are your” hot buttons.” They want to know what makes you happy, mad, glad or sad, so they can play on your emotions- emotions which they lacks.


There is a grandiosity in terms of how they speak of themselves. When they speak about others it is usually to place blame and to tell you how awful the person is and what they did to them. They take no responsibility and never use the words “I’m sorry” or “I apologize.” It is always someone else’s problem. (Doesn’t that sound familiar in terms of Casey? Recall the Jailhouse Tapes as you read on.)
“I” “I” “I” “I”
The one word they will use with frequency is “I” as they have an overly inflated opinion of themselves and lives in a world which only revolves around them, with a sense of entitlement that they are the center of the universe. This makes them brag a lot and seem very cocky.
They will lie to you to get what they want and has a complete disregard for the feelings or rights of others. Words mean nothing to them unless it benefits them and their needs.


They are also highly receptive to perceived slights, so if you say something they think is directed at him, they’ll react by saying hostile and derogatory things back to you. (Perhaps that is why Casey’s parents always seemed to be walking on eggshells around Casey, You really heard evidence of this during the jailhouse tapes).


Since they are usually impulsive and tend to live for the moment, there is little regard for consequences. You’ll often hear a lot of wild ideas and ever changing topics and subject matter during is conversation since it’s difficult for them to stay focused on one thing. There wee certainly a lot of wild ideas taking place when Casey was describing what was going on with Zanny the Nanny and the whereabouts of Casey.


But as charming as they try to be, they’ll often leak out insensitivity by making unfeeling and even sadistic comments. Remember when Cindy came to the jail and Casey laughed insensitively and said :Why is this one crying?” ,

At first it may sound strange and macabre and it may even give you a chill when you hear them- say it. Don’t ignore your body response. It is your limbic system warning you that something is very wrong! Because most Socio -Psychopaths have been cruel to animals as children, while they may tolerate animals, deep down, they won’t like animals or may even make sadistic comments about your animal.. Any sadistic comment about animals or children are huge red flags. When Casey said to a boyfriend “Can I bring snothead?” that may have been a hige red flag.


The telling sign of a Socio-Psychopath is that they often contradict themselves in the same sentence. Toy rally saw it in the video when case was questioned by police. She was asked if she had Jose Baez;s number. She said she didn’t. Then when questioned later, she voluneteerd that she had Baez’ cell number. This is a HUGE RED FLAG!\Researchers are discovering
that this contradiction you see so often in their speech patterns has a lot to do with the
particular way their brain is wired.

There is usually a deadness or a hollowness to their tone. They don’t seem to be connected as they would ever feel guilt or remorse for anything they did.


But you may hear a whine in their tone from time to time when blaming others. It’s everyone else’s fault but his. You hear this message in their tone of voice. If you disagree or have another point of view, you’ll also hear the whine in the voice. This was very evident with Casey in listening to the jailhouse tapes.


Because they lack empathy, that’s why you don’t hear emotion in their voice. You may therefore hear a monotonous sounding voice.

Their deadpan tone lacks empathy and remorse, like Bernie Madoff displayed when he “apologized” before he was taken away to prison in handcuffs. People were angered by his lack of remorse, He couldn’t express remorse because he had no feeling. He was essentially as Dr. Hare describes, and “emotional android.”


But when trying to manipulate you, you’ll a shift in their normally monotonous voice. They’ll get louder and the rate of speech will get faster as they try to get your attention.


You will often find a lack of fluidity in their body language. There is a stiffness and a rigidness to their movements. You may often think they have good posture, but it comes from having a rigid stance. Since movement is dictated by what you feel, and there is a void in the Socio-Psycopath’s emotions, they are not able to express the full range of emotions through their body.

That is why all of these well known Socio-Psychopaths have a mechanical rigidity in their movement or little movement at all. In fact you often see them holding on to themselves as a ploy so they won’t have to express themselves, since their body language expressions are so incongruous.

It is not uncommon for them to speak about something in the positive and watch them shake their head “no” or speak about them in the negative and watch them shake their head “yes.”

Because of their puffed up ego you may notice a puffed out chest or breast to go along with this ego, as well as a swagger in his walk , indicating they are above it all.


When gesturing, it’ll be over the top with wide, seemingly out of control large hand and arm gestures when trying to make a point. Sometimes you wonder why he’s gesturing so inappropriately. You really see evidence of this in the jailhouse tapes when Casey is angry at her mother.
They use their over the top gestures try to get your attention so they can manipulate you. You see it with Madoff and and every otheSocio-Psychopath.


Because they lies so often and manipulate so well, you want to pay attention to their gaze. If they constantly look you in the eye without moving and stares at you, that is a huge warning signal they are lying to you or trying to manipulate you.


Unlike a lot of liars who break their gaze, the Socio-Psychopath will intensively stare into your eyes when he wants something from you or wants to manipulate you. There’s no doubt that Charles Manson did this as he convinced his followers to commit heinous acts. You can see his intense and compelling eye gaze as you watch interviews of him on youtube. When he wanted to make a point with Geraldo or another interviewer, he looked right into their eyes, otherwise he consistently looked away.


So when a Socio- Psychopath has nothing to gain from you, they’ll have a hard time looking at you because they can’t relate to you as a person. They can only relate to you as an object- what you can do for them.

There was nothing anyone could do for Ted Bundy during his last interview before he was executed. That is why he made very little if any, eye contact with his interviewer as you can observe on youtube. The same holds true for ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff. In a roundtable talk he gave, he made no eye contact with anyone. Why? Because he didn’t need them. They weren’t of value to him. He couldn’t manipulate them so he didn’t even bother to try.
What these Socio- Psychopaths do is use intermittent operant conditioning which tends to compel you to listen or at least to pay attention to him, by intensely gazing at you and then suddenly ignoring you eye contact wise, so you wait for his burst of attention. They can read your anticipation as well. That is how they manipulates you.


Facially, they lacks animation and appropriate emotional response. Oftentimes you may see a masklike facial expression which actually looks rather pleasant because they have trained themselves to keep a pleasant expression on their faces to avoid the unpleasantness that is lurking in their minds. Casey certainly had this pleasant facial mask on most of the time.Other times she looks as though she has a smug expression on her face, This was particularly evicent during her latest court appearance when she wasn’t faking her tears.


Because they are so devoid of emotion, it is impossible for them to show the wide range of emotion through their facial expression. That may be why serial killer John Wayne Gacey, who murdered so many young boys lured them into his path of destruction by painting his face as a happy circus clown.

This is evident in Bernard Madoff’s communication, up until the time he was sentenced to prison. In fact many reported that he had a “smirk” up until the end. That is exactly what I am talking about. It is a half smile where they try to display pleasantness but it doesn’t quite make it, so it comes out as a smirk. Ted Bundy had the same expression and the same thing was said about him up until his execution. Wife and fetus killer Scott Peterson had the same “smirk” during the trail which unnerved jurors. He still had the masklike smirk even when he was first being escorted into San Quentin by the guards.
His facial appearance appeared masklike and devoid of animation and emotion. This is a huge facial language signal that there is a problem. Unless someone’s face is boxtoxed, they must show some facial animation. But in the case of the Socio-Psychopath, they devoid of emotion, so that is why he has difficulty showing a range of emotion in his facial expression. That is why Casey’s crying doesn’t look real.


Sometimes they’ll try to feign emotion by crying in order to garner sympathy. But you will rarely see tears. Since they have no feelings, which includes their having no sadness, they will often mimic crying behavior by wiping under their eyes. The give away is there are no physical tears to wipe! This was definitely the case in Casey’s latest court appearance.

If you notice any of these signals do not ignore them! Doing sp could ruin your life or even cost you your life. If you instincts tell you that you are in the presence of a Sociopath or if you
ever have a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach, know that your instincts are right! Listen to them and RUN!!!!

25 thoughts on “How Body Language , Speech, and Voice Patterns Can Be Used to Spot the Possible Sociopathic “Casey Anthony’s” of the World

  1. Very interesting!
    In the part about sociopathic speech patterns where you talk about people being charming and complimentary I would like to say that people should be that way toward others. Its just being nice. What is the kicker is the motive behind niceties. Is it out of respect toward others or is for the gain of self? The latter is the sociopath. And, its usually not known the true intent upon first meeting unless the compliments are obviously overboard.
    I have spotted these traits in a couple of family members of mine. Needless to say, I had to cut off contact with them since a relationship of any decency was just not going to happen. There was too much stress in it and too many false guilt trips laid on me and my husband.
    Thanks for sharing your insights and knowledge with us.


    1. auntdeedee,
      I appreciate Lillian Glass’s insights as well. I have also fallen victim to people who fit the criteria of sociopath personalities. I learned something from those interactions. I figure, if the person is constantly charming and complimentary on the surface; there’s a hell of a wallop of a dark side under it. Or so its been my experience.

      I’d rather be of no use to a sociopath. They move along quickly.


  2. I have been following your blog for a while and love all the insights on behavior. It has taught me a lot. I think my ex husband was a sociopath. I was young and had a child with him. He fits at least 15 of the traits to a t. I was wondering if you could lead me to any good books about raising my son with a sociopath father. I am nervous it is hereditary and I want to make sure I handle the situation properly. Thank you got your blog.


  3. Dear Dr. Lillian Glass, thank you very much for this article. I always observed Casey’s icy cold yes as if she could NOT care less about anything that was been said in all of the hearings. She couldn’t stand the fact she had to listen to them, no emotions… I couldn’t understand what it was. Thanks for clarifying that to us. At the last hearing she seemed mad not sad, well, never saw tears.
    What do you make of her lawyers, I mean Jose Baez and Lyon, they seem to be very egotistical persons. What about Jose Baez smirky face? Are lawyers trained to show no emotions? Can you determine even when a lawyer is lying???
    Thank you so very much.


  4. thank you so much for this article! it really helped me get the jist of how a real sociopath/psychopath feels for a short story i’m writing.. it’ll be much easier to bring him to “life” now


      1. Dr. Lillian Glass,
        I really liked your splendid article. I already knew about sociopaths, but learned more about the facial expressions, lack of body language, levels of attentiveness, and why.

        That being said, your list, like other lists, contains characteristics that should NOT be mentioned: need for stimulation, poor behavior controls, and impulsivity. The reason is that these characteristics depend too heavily on age and intelligence levels. Sexual promiscuity should not be mentioned because it depends too heavily on the person’s gender.

        And although you may be great at reading certain characteristics and signs, you failed when you jumped all over the man who make the horoscope comment, which is an obvious joke. You should see the comments I get on my YouTube channel. Men are men, and they will occasionally say something deemed offensive. They have no desire to be feminized through sensitivity training.

        My website: Have a nice evening


      2. I have not received professional training, but I have lived with a person with borderline personality disorder and was painfully aware of a lack of facial expressions and stiff body language which seemed “off” (for lack of a professional term) and set my internal alarms off. This person appeared to be caring and sympathetic at first, but that was just a ploy. Once my defenses were down and I became a trusting partner, everything changed. When I learned of my partner’s past, I was just another cog in the pattern wheel. I was not treated any differently than the past relationships nor family. What I did differently was counter-attacked with questions to show proof of the allegations, something that my partner was not used to. I took the upper hand, and consequently saved myself from any further mental damage. This person had no reactions to generally joyful things. This person exaggerated joy and sadness and illness in a way that made others feel uncomfortable or was very noticeable to others. Again, I am not a professional, however, most people can “read” body language and facial expressions, and I believe this is a basic instinct for self preservation. I am in tune with this inner part of myself, and when my partner was always stiff and jerky in movements, I found that very odd because there was nothing physically wrong with this person. Again, I will say I am not a professional, however when someone has something to hide, or is stressed, the tendency is to hold one’s self very rigid. Fight or flight. I sensed this stress in my partner, coupled with the non expressive face, the lack of emotion, the verbal attacks on me for no apparent reason, and this was the pattern for decades. This person had the capability of getting into other’s vulnerable areas and have them doubt themselves, as I did, and within 6 months, I was totally unsure of myself. I concluded that this person did not want to change even though years and years of therapy was fruitless because I believe this person wanted attention, or worse, to use this therapy against “loved ones”… I was subjected to questioning from my partner in a way that I thought I was with a therapist. The questions were closed and only pertained to how I made my partner feel…. without any remorse or feeling from my partner. This person has not changed. I am still in contact because of financial reasons, and from one day to the other, I am either welcome, or a person to be feared. This is the first relationship that has been so overwhelmingly toxic and I am proud to say I still have my dignity and know that I was not, in any way, responsible for my partner’s behavior. I have resumed my life as a happy, loving person, and if I did not have to deal with this person again, I would say good riddance. This person is dangerous, and I truly don’t believe they are capable of being helped. They do not see the wrong they do.


  5. I dated someone who fit just about everything you wrote about in this article. We only dated for 1 year and he harassed me for 7 more. He was very good at stepping right up to the edge when doing all of this so as not to get caught up with law enforcement, or at least I thought that at the time. He would get other people to do his dirty work for him as well, he was very good at this. He had incredible good looks and a lot of playful charm that helped. I figured out there was something wrong but couldn’t put my finger on it, I was young, unsophisticated and came from a mess of a family so I didn’t know what he was doing was abuse since he didn’t hit me, raise his voice to me or directly call me names. He got others to do that once I left and his behavior after terrified me, I felt very stuck for awhile.

    My gut said NO, my heart said, I dunno? My brain said I don’t want to hear about it until you two figure it out and blocked a lot of what happened for years. I honestly didn’t realize how bad he was until I moved out of state and got some real perspective. I realize how very typical I was of an abused partner in a relationship. I still worry that he will try to contact via social media etc., we have mutual friends and it has been over 20 years. I just had to totally disengage from him and from everyone we knew for a long time, this made me sad as I have some good friends I loved very much and hated being away from them. I was young, 16 and had no support or family to help me. I’m lucky that strangers and friends were there to look out for me and help keep me safe.

    The only thing you can do with someone like this is just drop them totally out of your life, no returning phone calls, if they are on the other line when you answer just hang up, don’t open letters, if you see them in public places just leave, even if you paid a lot to be at an event or really wanted to see a performance, any chance they have to start something with you will be taken by them if they think they can. If they start showing up in your neighborhood or where you work use the police and get a restraining order if you can, at least to document what is going on. He had girlfriends on many of these occasions and still kept on, people were like kleenex tissues to him, once he was done he would toss you until he needed you again. I think he kept on with me because I saw what he was and told him when I left him, he didn’t like that and I became a target for him for way too long.

    Don’t bother with trying to reason with them. It will be like fighting with a tar baby. I didn’t think anyone would believe me, I still don’t as many probably think he is a “nice” guy. It was a lot of why I never got help. Follow you gut, it is smart. Someone like this will wreck your life, follow red flags.

    Thanks for writing this, very spot on. I wish I had this information back then.


  6. “If you notice any of these signals do not ignore them! Doing sp could ruin your life or even cost you your life. If you instincts tell you that you are in the presence of a Sociopath or if you
    ever have a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach, know that your instincts are right! Listen to them and RUN!!!!”

    Or perhaps try and help those people? Getting them to a psychiatrist? I partially fit into your list, does that mean nobody should deal with me at all and I should kill myself? I manipulate people, I lie A LOT, I’m impulsive but not persuive, I lack of certain emotions and yes: I kind of have a parasitic livestyle as I am 21 and still depend on my parents financial support.

    You’re talking of “those” people as if they weren’t human at all, as if they came straight from hell, never mentioning that they – perhaps – had experiences that made them like this? It sounds as if you’d reaaally believe those people don’t DESERVE any help. And you’re constantly talking in an I-them-pattern. Doesn’t this make you kind of a sociopath too?

    “Your comment shows your ignorance take your hate elsewhere and go to an astrology site not here”
    “16.failure to accept responsibility for own actions” – You wrote this but you cannot deal with “critique” if you want to consider the prior comment so.
    “14.impulsivity” – The only comment with a negative tone is the first comment you reply to AGGRESSIVELY!
    “2. grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self” – You don’t respond rationally when someone critizises you.

    Greetings from Germany


  7. Unbelievable…. I just spent about 14 months with a sociopath. Problem is she wasn’t diagnosed medically, but the signs are all there. At least she was non-violent. She did have a strange monotone way of speaking, but she told me she had suffered a stroke. Not. She carried her self in a rigid manner, and I said something about that once when we tried to cuddle, and she wouldn’t relax…or couldn’t relax. Again, the stroke excuse came up. Not. (her ex confirmed she did NOT have a stroke). Then I got conned into buying a few expensive things for the house… with a promise of repayment…still waiting. My gut feeling was SCREAMING at me when we first met, but alas, my ears were hearing other things… my heart was following but my brain was right. She has done it on purpose to leave things at my place after she left to keep in contact. She has snuck back to my place to bring things back that she accidentally took… verrrrrrrrrry uncomfortable since I do not know where she is living… and not one single solitary nice thing to say about her youth, parents, siblings, daughter, ex’s, my friends or family or anyone……… except herself. Barf. I got out unscathed. She had to throw a despicable, nasty, sick comment in about my dog. My ex was jealous of everyone, even the pets… and she said that now the dog can sleep with me in the bed. I threw at her that I had the dog, she would be alone, and she insinuated that I was doing inappropriate sexual things with my beloved dog. Sick sick sick. Sick mind. You can only pity these people, and hope they don’t destroy others. She will meet more than her match. I went toe-to-toe with her called her out, and she promptly packed up and left, even though we made plans for Easter weekend, plans for the summer vacationing, etc. Like wtf? I am free from a person that has no remorse, no feelings, weird and wanted sex all the time. I said no twice but she insisted. What kind of partner disrespects another for self gratification? It was not fun. But I am free now.


  8. Thank you for this article. Unfortunately, I have had a few encounters with sociopaths, people with Borderline Personality Disorder, and narcissists in my life. I had studied some psychology when I was about 20, but could not fully understand these personality disorders until I’d experienced it first hand. When you mentioned how the sociopath/psychopath might use exaggerated hand or arm gestures, I picture Adolf Hitler giving speeches. I’ve also seen Obama wipe a fake tear many times after pushing for more gun control. I believe that George Bush might be a sociopath, due to mind-fucking Americans into believing that 3,000 people died on 9/11 as the result of Muslim terrorists flying into the World Trade Center building. There also seem to be more and more shooting incidents recently in America, with ISIS to blame. The Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando is an example that came to mind. I think this event was staged. Since you’re educated in this topic, I encourage you to look up a few Youtube videos on this treasonous fraud. There are only about 4-5 people that they interview constantly, yet there should be MANY more because the narrative that we’re being fed is that 50 died, 53 injured. This woman, Christine Leinonen, is the mother of a supposed deceased victim. This woman is EVERYWHERE! She did about 4 interviews for Mainstream media (who also use MK-ULTRA Mind control, not only on the reporters, anchors, but on US), as well as being at the Democratic National Convention, and the Human Rights Campaign Dinner. She really thinks she’s fooled everyone, but there are other like me who are sick and tired of having our tax dollars go “Project Orlando” to push Agenda 21


  9. This article is lacking simply because it looks at sociopaths/psychopaths as mainly as criminals and extremely disturbed human beings. It seems that the entire goal is to ostracize a good amount of people who most of the time have no idea what the are and what they’re truly capable of. These people need help, they need training, they need to be able to feel like they’re human. They just aren’t capable of feeling normal emotions and it’s not their faults so ofcourse they’re already alienated. Don’t make it worse Jesus Christ


    1. Nothing is lacking here. You can’t help these people for a number of reasons and they cannot be trained. So you are either a. very naive b. a troll or c.a psychopath or sociopath yourself or d) any combination of a, n, or c


      1. Wow doc. I read your article with a lot of interest. Just out of curiosity I decided to have a peach at the comments. Your responses at a “professional” is scary and shocking. I think you might just have self diagnosed yourself successfully in your own article. Its sad. People need to think for themselves before taking advice from “professionals” or anyone for that matter.


      2. No Rob Your armchair psychology needs a lot of work as I am far from being a sociopath. Nothing is scary or shocking. As a professional body language and communication expert I report what I see and hear and there is nothings hocking about that. And no one is forcing anyone to take any advice. After 30 yers of experience I believe I have lot of information to offer. Take your hate with you as this site does not welcome haters. If my blog disturbs you- go elsewhere and don’t stress yourself out PSMaybe you are the sociopath and the information hits too close to home for you.


    2. Hi Kenzie. I don’t read the article the same way you did, and I won’t attack you in your views, either. I will, however, shed some light in my experience. Almost every single point that was listed on how to spot a sociopath was “spot-on”, with the exception of criminal reversibility. My relationship with my significant other is in a nutshell in an earlier post. I am not a psychologist, nor do I have any training, but I’m not stupid either, and realized a little bit too late that I was taken advantage of and it was sooooo smooth and slickly done, I was dumbfounded when I finally crawled out of that black hole I backed myself into. I do not blame the other person. I was had, and should have dug my heels in a lot sooner, but I am too forgiving…which is a huge target about me. I also think my significant ex was also BPD(borderline personality disorder, for those who don’t know) , and everybody who knew this person came to the conclusion that there was a significant danger being involved with the ex. It was not physical danger, but emotionally and mentally exhausting and damaging. Of all the relationships I’ve been in, that 11 month horror show was the worst I’ve experienced. It was all calculated and executed with such precision, that my head still spins…and it’s been almost 1 year it’s been over. This person felt they were entitled to be respected, honored, and treated as royalty. This person did not care that others were played on against the other as if in a cruel psycho game. No, I disagree with you about training them. They do not care what they do, and it is been proven that it is a very rare instance where a sociopath, psychopath or someone with BPD can actually go seek help on their own. They WANT to be alienated so they can cry that nobody loves them. The WANT to go to seek professional help so they can cry that they are broken. They are the quintessential narcissistic at the worst end of the spectrum. They COMMAND attention. They feel ENTITLED to what is theirs and what is yours (not necessarily material, but more emotional…. your time, your love, your emotional well being). They are attracted to good looking, successful people because they want what you have: confidence, charm and all that goes with it, but they want to strip you of that to CONTROL you. After 11 months, I finally got my backbone and said “fuck off” (sorry). I challenged my ex, and lo and behold…. I always had the power. They are cowards and do not adapt socially. They manipulate everyone they meet: potential spouses, employers, family and very few are spared. Their goal is self-preservation and they are mental predators. So, no we folks who are socially adept, socially inclined, well or better adjusted to human society are not alienating them. We are are their victims, and that’s right where they want us.


  10. Yes, all of you trolls/socios/narcissists/ airheads/etc, do your research before you condemn an expert on personality disorders. It will save you a lot of shame.

    And though I believe in God, I have to tell all of you churchgoers that even He cannot help them. Because they think they ARE God. They are evil and soulless and no amount of therapy, meds, or love can change them.


  11. Dear Dr Glass, I’ve been through the list of sociopathic and pscycopathic traits you identify and I can recognise many of them in myself. Particularly the use of charm and mirroring someone else’s language both physical and verbal etc. I was painfully shy until my mid twenties and used these traits at work in a sales related role and in social situations to attract women. I do admit and confess to making mistakes though and taking the blame and not blaming others. When my mother died and her final hours were traumatic to my bro and partner i.e. loss of bodily functions etc. I clicked into the mental space I used as a fire-fighter I don’t know the technical term. A form of detached and objective empathy, sorting things out and keeping busy trying to make the situation better without showing emotion or thinking emotionally. Same thing when my Dad died to. I miss them both and I really like and loved them. Troubles me I haven’t broken down and had a major emotional outburst like you’re supposed to which makes me think I’m a pscychopath


    1. To be sure about anything you may need to consult with a bona fide psychologist in or out of your are to determine any type oflegitimate diagnosis but just based on what you describe and the knowededgeI have it doesn’t seem to me that you fit that diagnosis.


  12. Especially the smirk (because it’s not a smile) freeing creepy I saw him one time
    Only the lips are smirking whitout any front line or expression lines Whit a creepy blank eyes

    It’s like the have difficulty to smile sometimes


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