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  1. Dr Glass…your observations are detailed and complete. Thank you for explaining these behaviors so well because I have been absolutely mystified at how Casey would continue to lie when the sky was falling down on her. I thought she must be too stupid to realize her own lies or she must have a brain tumor…but she is just your normal run of the mill psychopath. One who has a mother as an enabler which allowed her to become what we see today. How tragic for a two year old baby…who knew to much about her mother and was learning daily how to communicate what was happening to her. This baby will rest in peace because she no longer is abused.


  2. Dear Lillian,

    I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read through the Anthony’s and cut to the chase. Of course we can see the problem with Casey Anthony’s innocence; but you put it into total perspective with your talent for reading body language and I love it all! Keep us posted and out of doubt. She’s one scary socio.

    Bless you!


  3. Dear Jana,

    At first I thought she was a drug addict, but since she’s been in jail and she can’t possibly be influenced by that, or be mind altered in any way, it stands to reason that Lillian’s observations are spot on.

    I’m thinking it would be virtually impossible to read her with all the planned confusion going on with her parents. I totally agree that they are feeling culpable, so it is by proxy, they are defending themselves- in their efforts to make it appear that they are defending her.

    I truly believe they won’t go see her in prison because if they were in the same room, Casey wouldn’t walk out of it on her own two feet. They can’t possibly be feeling love for her at this point. They need to profess love because it’s their daughter, but that’s all they can do.

    She’s a destroyer of lives- and well taught.

    Just my opinion here.



  4. Hello Mazz,
    I completely agree with you about visitations. There has been no time when the Anthony family could not have visited her to say we ” love and support you”, but this has not happened because as you said…they do not really want to see her and she does not even acknowledge them in court.
    I have believed all along Casey was groomed to be the perfect daughter. When she failed to meet expectations, she resorted to lying. Lying worked because the facade had to be maintained…in my opinion.
    Mr Hill, body language is an important tool used in varying applications. Many civil and criminal cases are won by hiring people like Dr Glass to select juries.
    Thanks for your comments, Mazz.


  5. Jana, well said.

    I’m thinking how good it would be if the state used a body language expert in this trial, however circumstantial it may be thought of as. I’m sure part of the reason they haven’t visited her is, Damage Control .Casey has proven how well she aims her guns; usually at her foot.

    At the end of the day I can see that the Anthony’s do NOT see, that staying under the radar may make them appear to own some sense of integrity. Too late for that I suppose.

    If I were to speak to Grief, I could give voice to it in their direction; certainly they are devastated. But they are not finding the proper track to run on with their distraction. But properness never found a home in such dysfunction I’m afraid.
    Only denial speaks to this behavior and by virtue of the very nature of denial, the Anthony’s are clobbering themselves in the media while they blame the media for making them unable to see their daughter because the public is “tearing her apart for everything she says, or doesn’t say.” At the same time, they are throwing innocent people under the bus at every turn, tearing apart consistantly the lives of these people.

    Here’s the link to the Today Show.. after reading this blog, I saw it in a new way.



  6. Hello Mazz,
    Thanks for the link. I decided to also review it again. It’s strange how much you can see after reading Dr Glass’s explanations.
    It bothers me how the defense is throwing accusations at completely innocent people. I am waiting for them to attack George and Cindy because it will happen in my opinion. They, however, are not completely innocent.
    Noticed you must be a night owl! Your name seems familiar to me…do you blog elsewhere? I am pleased to chat with you. Some other bloggers aren’t as interested in the case but seem to socialize more. Great to find someone willing to actually intelligently have a discussion.



  7. What do you do when the person is related to you?It is nearly impossible not to interact with them on some level.
    Any advice or sugggestions would be most helpful. Thank you


    1. Barb,

      I’m sure I know what I would do if the “person” was related to me. I’d call the situation what it is and let my heart do the rest. The very last thing I would do is feed the media material so they could insult the intelligence of the world with it.

      In this case, we already know more than we need to or want to. G&C Anthony have done more harm than good. We don’t want to redeem their daughter. so they need to stop trying to force us into their quandary- (though it may be a human interest story) and badger us into a posture of seeing them as needing redemption. They’re pushing the envelope.

      Of course we want justice for Caylee, their personal life is … is personal!



  8. “I am waiting for them to attack George and Cindy”

    Very interesting idea! I agree that is a matter of time. If for nothing else but to defer the death penalty. Once she’s found guilty, blaming her parents for her mental melt down, due to pressure from them, they could get her a ticket out of the noose at the very least. Perhaps? The abuse excuse? The, My mom controlled me, excuse? They wouldn’t let me mother my own child, so I lost my mind, excuse? They wouldn’t let me get mental help, excuse? And on and on?

    I don’t blog anywhere, but I read and participate on Truetv Crime Library boards. I don’t use Mazz as my name there.
    It is a pleasure for me to read your thoughts as well. Thanks.



  9. Dr. Lillian Glass,
    It’s interesting to me that Jose Baez believes Casey or does he? Do you believe Casey manipulated him with her lies or he really does know what she did and playing dumb just to using her for his gain? Who is the worst one, I have always wondered.
    Your insights are helping us to understand how sociopaths and psychopaths act, it’s hard for us normal people to understand.
    Thank you so very much for sharing this with us.


  10. FRG,

    I am also not sure what Baez believes, but I would think at least, Casey is teaching him a few things about legal creativity.

    If he believes she’s guilty, the bottom will, most likely, fall out of the case. If he believes she is innocent he’s got a job ahead of him that won’t be the envy of any attorney on earth. Especially since no one is paying him to do it.

    I also thank you Ms Glass.



  11. The Anthony’s have always been their own worst enemy as a group and individually. The parents have acted in the worst way possible and have brought only negative attention to themselves. It would not surprise me that, if all else fails, Baez does not intend to point the finger at Cindy and George in a last ditch effort. IMHO Casey would be okay with that.


  12. Bingo there BH. Casey has already proven that she’d rather chew glass than give a damn about her mother and father. She is more interested in the art of expediency, no matter what it costs anyone, including Caylee. So if casting her parents into the furnace will get her off the hook, she’ll do it and go have lunch and a jolly good dessert.

    After what I’ve read on this site, it would appear that Casey Anthony is not sorry for anything she does. No one is indispensable to her. She’s dangerous, in my opinion.


    By the way, what happened to Dr. Hill’s post? Seems he forgot his credentials in that nastigram. Did someone spray the room?


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