George and Cindy Anthony’s Body Language on the Today Show Indicates They Are Feigning Denial and Know Daughter Casey is Guilty

Even through Cindy and George Anthony’s words on The Today Show say that they believe their daughter Casey is innocent, their body language clearly says something different. Their body language says they know their daughter is guilty of killing their granddaughter Caylee. The shoulder shrugs, hunched shoulders, bowed head, head jerks, vocal choking. uhms, pained facial expressions, lip pursing, Cindy’s closed eyes when speaking, and George’s constantly looking down, are just a few of the “tells” which say they are not telling the truth about what they really think of their daughter and her role in the murder of their granddaughter.


I have always found Cindy Anthony’s yelling, belligerence, anger, rudeness, obnoxious and inappropriate gum chewing, manipulation, and hostility extremely offensive. While my dear friend Nancy Grace, who’s show on which I regularly appear on Headline News cuts Cindy a lot of slack just because she is a parent and is defending her daughter, I refuse to do so.

Like Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla who has seen Cindy up close and personal when he first bailed Casey out of jail, I find that Cindy is a large part of why Casey is in the predicament she is in.

While it is not always the parent’s fault that a child misbehaves as they do, in this case, I believe Cindy and George as well must take responsibility for letting their daughter run amuck over their lives. They knew about Casey’s lying and bad behavior throughout the years, yet they did nothing to stop it. They didn’t seek professional help or set serious boundaries for their daughter when they clearly knew something was wrong. Their letting her get away with her lying and stealing from them and others, not graduating from high school, lying about being in college, not even knowing she was out of a job, not even knowing Casey was pregnant and Cindy telling her own brother who asked about Casey’s growing abdomen that Casey was a “virgin: is unconscionable!!!!!!


While we are used to see Cindy Anthony with shoulders squared off, jaw jutted forward, an angry scowl on her face, tight pinched lips and loud staccato argumentative tones posed for a verbal battle with anyone who didn’t agree that Casey was innocent, we saw a very different Cindy on the Today Show. We saw a much meeker looking woman who’s shoulders were rounded and head was bowed, with softer more controlled tones indicating defeat. Even though her words still proclaimed Casey’s innocence, they were not said with as much bravado and vocal confidence as before. There was also somethinbg she did which is indicative of someone one not wanting to face the truth, They close their eyes when they speak or answer a significant question. this is vey telling as Cindy is in essence is literally closing her eyes to seeing the truth she obviously knows exists.

Cindy’s body language spoke volumes as they clearly belied her words. They screamed “ I know Casey is guilty but I have to defend her because I feel so guilty not only for letting Casey get away with all her crap over the years, but for our fight which lead to kicking her out of the house and her killing my precious granddaughter.”


Throughout the entire interview on the Today Show, George looked as though he was going to break down in tears any second. His facial expression showed pure anguish. His initial statement that his attorney told him that things would get worse indicates that he is doing whatever his attorney is telling him to do and following his attorney’s advice by proclaiming his daughter’s innocence no matter what.

George’s pained facial contortions, lip pursing, shoulder shrugging, and looking down all the time and head shaking are all body language “tells” which clearly indicate he knows he is not speaking the truth when he says that he believes Casey didn’t kill Cayley.

The only time George spoke the truth since this incident occurred was when he was interviewed by police and said the trunk smelled like there was a dead body in there and when he told police that he was afraid to open the trunk for fear of what he would find in there.


George is not as dumb as he plays. He knows the drill! After all he was a member of law enforcement for years. He knows if a person is guilty or innocent and he clearly knows Casey is guilty. That is why he had to leave the room when prosecutor Ashton graphically described what his daughter did to his granddaughter.

His body could no longer take his’ living the lie and not facing the truth.” The truth hurt so much that he had to leave the room. But the thoughts haven’t left his psyche as this was the second thing brought up in the Today Show interview -how hard it was to listen to the prosecutor’s graphic description.


On the Today Show Cindy now blames how every move of Casey’s is picked apart” and how that is why she hasn’t seen her daughter face to face for 15 months. She then says how even her Casey’s court appearance was picked apart.

Of course Casey’s movements picked apart Cindy. When the public clearly sees signals of deception and lying and fake tears and anger leaks, and lack of remorse, they are definitely going to pick it apart! Something isn’t right! Something doesn’t add up! The public is not dumb! You can’t spin it so they will fall for any for your BS. They see it ALL!

Then during the interview, the unthinkable happens with regard to Cindy. She has the audacity to say in an indignant and admonishing tone- “ This is a mother.” This is a mother who would never hurt her child. Yeah Right!!!! Casey is a mother all right. She is a mother who didn’t want to be a mother and would not only hurt her child, she would kill her child to get rid of her forever!

Then Cindy continues by blaming the investigators for not looking at all the evidence. This is the same woman who was willing to throw Casey’s innocent former fiancé Jesse Grund, and Casey’s former friend whom Casey stole checks from- Amy Huzunga, and Caylee finder Roy Kronk “under the bus” just to protect her sociopathic daughter Casey. Now you know where Casey got her abilities to blame others so freely. The apple defiantly does not fall to far from the tree!


Since my area of expertise is Vocal Forensics I can tell you a lot about the tone of a persons voice and what it means. So when I heard Cindy’s voice choke off and croak out her BS that there is a lot of evidence that is not being presented out there, I can tell you that it was clearly her body’s way of trying to shut her off. Her body was in essence saying “stop this lying at once/ I want no part of it!” Just as the body doesn’t lie- neither does the voice speech patterns. The several “uhms” as she says Nothing ties Casey to this. There is no motive there is no evidence UHM linking Caylee to Casey…except for the act that she didn’t report Caylee missing.”


When Cindy says that there is no evidence that Casey had anything to do with Caylee’s death and that all Casey is guilty of is not reporting Caylee missing I had to listen to Cindy say that several times as I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from her false lips. WHAT???? Is she kidding!! ALL Casey is guilty of is not reporting her missing daughter in over a month?

Anyone who had a missing dog for over a day would report him missing and put signs up around the neighborhood. Not reporting a missing child is a crime in itself! This clearly shows how Cindy will come up with anything just to save Casey’s skin. But there is no way she will succeed as no one will buy it. With her shoulder shrugs and uhms and pauses and slow and deliberate speech patterns even she doesn’t buy it.


There is also something that Cindy did on the Today show which she has done numerous times- saying Caylee when she means Casey and vice versa. She often collapses and confuses the name of her daughter with her granddaughter. In doing so it appears that she is collapsing and confusing her love and the innocence of her granddaughter on to her daughter. The bottom line is that is disconcerting and clearly shows what is going on in her mind.


There is a point in the interview when Meredith Vierra says “”You want to know the truth about who killed your granddaughter.”

Cindy's head jerking back (taken aback)

You literally see Cindy throw back her head. This means she is literally taken aback by the question. It was clearly a reality check that she was being jarred into reality and out of her own feigned denial.

When George hears this question he looks as though he is about to cry. One could not help but notice the heart breaking anguish that has leaked across his face. It indicated that in hearing Meredith recite those words, this may have been the first time in a long time that his brain literally processed the harsh reality of the situation.

He has been in denial for so long that he has no doubt come to believe his own lie- that Casey had nothing to do with Caylee’s death. In essence, Merdith’s comment clearly jarred him into facing that reality, even if for a moment.


With an alleged suicide attempt behind him, George is no doubt emotionally fragile. So whatever it takes to keep him hanging on to life is fine—even if it is using Caylee’s room as a shrine. Meredith mentioned that she understood he kept Caylee’s room exactly as it was before she left home.

This is the only time you see a little spark in George’s eyes as they open wider. It is also the forst time you hear animation and a little bit of joy in George’s voice as he says he goes in there often and that this is what keeps Caylee alive.

This is so sad because that may be the only thing to keep him alive when he finally faces the full blown reality that his daughter, whom he claims would never hurt anyone, is the one who smothered and tortured his beloved granddaughter.


31 thoughts on “George and Cindy Anthony’s Body Language on the Today Show Indicates They Are Feigning Denial and Know Daughter Casey is Guilty

  1. I don’t care too much for these people. Besides being liars, they are obnoxious and arrogant. Having said that, I can’t imagine how they will be able to get through the rest of their lives. My mind just can’t wrap around everything that has happened in their family. I do, however, think that there is much that went on in that family than we know about and probably will never know.


  2. Wow ! I started reading your blog for the first time yesterday. I am glad I did not see the interview, as I’d probably get mad at the Anthonys all over again. I just got so burned out on all of it, and am just now venturing back in. What a way to come back . . .

    I am wondering what your thoughts are on Amanda Knox. To me, she seems very like Casey (changing stories, weird and promiscuous behaviors, seeming lack of any feelings, almost the same age, etc), and it surprised me that so many in the press and on TV did not see that too. Most have defended Knox as if she is innocent, and I mean defending her the way the Anthonys defend Casey. Have you done any body/speech analysis on Knox and her parents? What is your take on her?

    Thanks, good job.


  3. Very well written visual body language of Cindy, George and Casey. Beloved Caylee never had a chance in that family. Growing up, Casey never suffered the consequences to any of her actions/wrong doings. Like mother, like daughter. I did feel sorry for George at the beginning, but that faded fast. Cindy and George are as guilty as Casey, but it was Casey who snuffed the life out of her daugher, Caylee.


    1. I blame Cindy more than George in the raising of Casey.I heard many times when George had tried to do or say something to Casey and Cindy has said “I’ll take care of it George, you go on” She herself was always covering for Casey. George on the other hand I believe tried to step in many times. Like the time he tried to follow Casey but ended up losing her. George seems to have been kept out of the loop for a very long time.That is why Casey said in one of her jail visits that she wanted to see George alone. For a visit. Because their relationship had been the most strained and that they had been the farthest apart for a very long time. I think Casey enjoyed when her parents were having problems too. She had control over her mother b/c of her mother’s loneliness. Casey taking advantage once again. I really don’t understand how Cindy or Casey can live with themselves. I think Casey killed Caylee right there at her parent’s home out of jealousy of Caylee and out of spite to Cindy. Casey is a very screwed up sick woman. She is not a girl either. She was spoiled rotten and wanted everything her parents provided for Caylee to be provided for her even though she was now an adult. What do you bet if Cindy came home with new toys or clothes for Caylee. Instead of being thankful, she thought to herself. I wanted something. I could have used some new clothes. This seems to be the dynamic of this family. George was told to stay out of it and he was always the last to know. Now Cindy has put her guilt trip onto him. I think she should have to live with her own guilt. George’s guilt should have been to stand up to Cindy and Casey and put his foot down. They both just walked all over him. Even today. He doesn’t seem like he is doing what he really wants to be doing. He once again is doing what Cindy wants him to do. I think George would be better off without Cindy. I’ve heard him say he’s afraid after this is all over with he will lose Cindy. At this point in time. I think he would be way better off without him. She is the one who controlled that family made him leave the sheriffs dept. Then when she had to go back to work b/c her idea didn’t work out. She blamed him.


  4. Thank you so much for this post. I believe in their hearts they know. I know they need to say their daughter is innocent because she has not been to trial yet. However, I think even after the trial they will still not believe it or own what their daughter did. I have great sympathy for their loss, but I blame them for Casey’s very bad behavior. No parent should turn their head while their child lies and steals. They have done a great injustice to Casey. I believe that is the real reason why Casey started crying at the last hearing. The judge said she would get jail time for the theft. She was never punished for it before when she stole from her parents and grandparents, why should she be in trouble now. Thank you for your professional opinions.


  5. Wow Dr. Lillian,
    Thank you so very much for the great insight into George and Cindy Anthony. You are “spot on”.
    Casey is definately her mothers daughter. The ability to lie right in someones face like they do is just amazing to me. They know that we know they are lying, but they still won’t stop.
    I agree that Cindy has to feel very guilty for her part in making excuses for Casey all of her life…..but she is STILL doing it!! When will it end?


  6. Thank you very much Dr. Glass!! Amazing how that’s what I always thought about Cindy, she feels guilty for Casey killing her granddaughter. She certainly is not setting a good example for Casey trying to throw innocent people under the bus, so unfair.


  7. Wow..Dr Lillian Glass, this was a fabulous report about Cindy and George..When I heard George say..would we have a daughter that was a murderer..I felt so sorry for him..this is what I believe is their deepest denial…all about a suicide survivor, I know what the signs are now…after spending some 38 years in volunteer work, I can tell you George is still too in love with himself for the dirty deed…Casey, you hit on the nail with a sledge hammer. It is exactly what I saw. She used only one kleenex the whole intire interview…how could that be..unless those were fake tears!…then if you watch carefully she twisted her own wrist when the state talks about the restrants of Caylee…she felt herself restrain her…so Freudian! I hope your message gets out there load and clear…she is such a fake..I think Lyon’s has Casey stay up all night the night before she goes to court so she is in a more fraile form….FAKE…you do not need to even read body lauguage for Casey…


  8. I have noticed Cindy jerking her head before when she is about to tell a lie, or about to spout off something ridiculous. She did this when she accused the media of bad reporting and if her grandaughter isn’t found it’s all their fault. She is so obvious.
    I think there will be things revealed about this family that they would rather keep private.


  9. I loved your post, again confirming eloquently what most of us have ” felt” but been unable to quantify. So sad they lost their granddaughter, more sad yet that the reality of this situation will not set in until the media is long gone, Casey is more than likely in state pen., Lee has abandoned them for his own sanity, and then…it is just the two of them with no one to spin to. No adrenaline regarding the trial or tv appearances. I hope they get the help they will need, because taking this out on eachother will be their only option and that would achieve or change nothing.


  10. I think your assessment of Cindy and George is quite accurate with one exception. You said that George had to leave the room when prosecutor Ashton graphically described what his daughter did to his granddaughter because he knows Casey is guilty. It appeared to me that Cindy left the room first and George followed her out.

    The reason Cindy left the hearing was obvious to me. The state’s attorneys were cagey like a fox when they got Cindy to declare in her depo about the extraordinary physical dexterity and prowess that Caylee possessed at such a young age. I do believe Ashton alluded to that fact at the hearing when declaring that Caylee would have been able to remove the duct tape if she had not been restrained. I also believe Cindy realized what she had done when she heard Ashton say that, and that was what made her so upset she had to leave the courtroom. She knew she had given the SA the ammunition they needed to strengthen their theory of how Caylee was killed. I think she got literally sick with that realization and had to get up and leave. It was only then that George got up and left too following after Cindy.

    BTW, your blog would be easier for me to read if you would use a spell checker and someone to proof read it.


  11. I have to agree with much of what you said in your article. However, I don’t think that Cindy’s softer manner is a sign of defeat. She knows that the public hates her and has likely been advised to smooth out her edges. She acted all subdued in her last interview. It is all an act, just like her daughter.

    Cindy and Casey have a lot of stubborness and anger in them. It appears that they are used to taking out that anger on each other. What a dysfunctional family.

    George is pussy whipped. He knows that if he doesn’t go along with the script, he will be without a home.


  12. Fabulous post! It’s been my feeling from the beginning that it’s not necessarily Casey they are trying to protect, but themselves. They cannot face the fact that they raised a murderer.


  13. Thank you so very much…. Your description of Cindy & her rude & hateful attitude is excactly what I have seen in her & has made me change from at first feeling sympathy for her to now feeling nothing but a major dislike for this woman.


  14. I so agree with Sophie!

    And, thank you, for saying that which few bloggers dare to say: that Cindy must take some responsibility for how she raised a monster.
    I have posted both of your articles, this one and the one about Casey at my site. And, you are bookmarked as I find it fascinating to learn about body language. I believe its the conscience telling the truth through the body.


  15. I’ve always thought body language is very telling, very interesting insight on George, Cindy and Casey. Please, please analyze Lee and his inappropriate laughter at the deposition in the Zeneida Gonzales case.


  16. Thank you so much for doing this.I think this one woman,Casey has distroyed many.I have seen quite a few parents lose control of Rebellious children.Some time they get to an age,you love them.But are so baffeled at their behavior.You just dont know what to do.I did not at all think it was right that the protesters,should have been allowed to harrass these people,at their own home.But i to became so disgusted at the way they lied,an covered for Casey.But tonight,i do have compassion,which had left me for a while.To lose 2 has to be terrible.We has a family murder of a 2 yr old.An never acted like these people did.They should from the beginning sought a Murder grief groups.Its just sad all the way around.If you get the chance Please do an report on the exwife of Roy Kronk,the one who said she thinks Roy killed Caylee-we know he did not,but that womans body,an voice language tells me shes a lier,im not an expert.Would love to hear what you have to say. How could she lie,an knowing she has cancer.I see her as a bitter,scorned woman.


  17. Dr. Glass,

    It is obvious in their words and actions that George and Cindy KNOW Casey is guilty! Truth ended for them the day they found the car! The smell of Caylee’s decomposition has been permanently embossed in their souls.
    They will never admit the truth, to do so makes them failures!

    At this point Caylee is a non issue to them, their only interest is Casey and self preservation. What they are failing to see is that by lying and defending Casey they are making fools of themselves. The stance they have taken is ridiculous and preposterous at best!

    I totally agree with your assessment of George, he would and could crack at any second if not for the coaching of Cindy! Cindy will hang tough and continue to deny and lie, that is her form of “ugly coping”


  18. Dr. Glass. You are wonderful. Have you ever given your observations on the Hayleigh Cummings case? I’d be interested in that also.


  19. Casey was never held accountable for what she did. It was Caylee, in the end, that paid the ultimate price. Cindy knows all of this and I hope she is suffering every second of every day. Cindy knew when they picked up Casey’s car what had happened. That is exactly why she cleaned the trunk. There weren’t even any fingerprints found on the trunk. How could that be when the trunk had been full of junk??


    1. You know I never thought about the trunk. If Cindy admitted to washing pants that smelled just like the trunk. What else did she take out and clean. Was her fingerprints found on the car? Their could have been even a roll of duct tape in there she took out. She could have cleaned the boots before putting them back. I don’t understand why with everything going on that day, that washing Casey’s pants would have been a priority. Dr. Lillian Glass, I just love your site. Please keep us informed as this case proceeds.


  20. Dr. Glass,

    Thank you for your analysis of this family. I only started reading your blog as of this week. I think you are absolutely correct on your findings. I still feel very sorry for them but hearing the prosecutor described the other evidence and details of what they have found with what was done to Caylee..It seems to me that even if Casey is killed via the DP or gets life; it still doesn’t bring back Caylee. HOWEVER, Casey needs to be held accountable and it is obvious that her parents are part of the reasons why this tragedy became what it is today. I hope that Casey gets exactly what she deserves for doing what she did to Caylee. I keep hoping that Casey will admit to what she did to Caylee openly in the court. I doubt she will due to the amount of time that has passed and how stubborn she seems. She has robbed her parents and the public who fell in love with the picture of the beautiful little toddler when we led to believe that she was “missing” but didn’t really believe it then and thought her mother did her in from the beginning—-from any kind of “closure”. Even with the finding of Caylee’s skeletal remains and there not being a “real” funeral, it still doesn’t seem real. I can see why Casey’s parents are in denial but they too robbed the public from being able to grieve and have closure. To me, they are all very crazed and caught up in their own egos and denials.


  21. Great insite into the dysfunction that is the Anthony family.

    For your next article, please consider discussing Lee’s behavior – from trying to be an amature PI, to laughing at the deposition.



  22. It is my personal belief that the only reason for Cindy’s, and George’s relaxed behavior; is due to the possibility that they’re both medicated.., a suggestion given by their attorneys.I also believe that Cindy’s “compensation for disabilities”,is one of a mental disability…, obviously it’s not physical. The only comment I care to share about Casey is simply the fact that she is a very distrubed,scary bit-h.


  23. Casey saga will end soon Im betting. No one wants to hear anything anymore about this clan of human soil for ppl. Just let Casey sit on DR for the rest of her beautiful life.. DP has been on the delcine in recent yrs.. but thats ok as long as she gets to sit in her cell called Death Row.


    1. I wonder if she is still a staunch believer of Casey now. This seems to be a very old video.Lots of people have said this is not the Casey they know.That’s because she lies and puts on fronts in front of people.Casey has been very good at making people think she is someone she’s not until now.Even people that have known her since grade school believe she is guilty. There was a visitor at Tony’s house that said when they arrived.Caylee was on her own.Even opened the front door.That Tony and Casey were in the back bedroom. Then Caylee was out on the back balcony to the apartment and she had to go get someone to make sure she was safe before she left.I certainly wouldn’t call letting someone you don’t even know, watch your daughter and her safety of not knowing if this person is even experienced in children is being a good mother. I have a feeling Casey treated Caylee more differently in front of others than she did while they were alone.


  24. Dr.Lillian Glass, I love your site. I was wondering about you doing a speech and body language on Brad Conway and their first attorney. I can’t think of his name right now.He is the one representing Tim Miller now.Do one of him when he was the Anthony’s attorney. It’s funny the way they parted ways. I think it was because of their insisting that Caylee was alive and their daughter was telling the truth when they knew none of it was true.


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