Dr. Lillian Glass Body Language Analysis of Kate Hudson and A Rod in Her December Cosmopolitan Column First Revealed Their Troubled Relationship

When the headlines read that A Rod and Kate Hudson were breaking up I wasn’t at all surprised. I knew that it was only a matter of time. I first detected that there was trouble in their relationship back in September when I first analyzed a series of photos of the two of them together. Since we work three months in advance, I noticed their troubles long before analyses appeared in my December body language column, “The Real Story.”


What was the most significant observation from all of the photos I examined was that Rod was “just not that into her.” It was Kate that would initiate the hugs and the kisses. He wouldn’t look directly into her eyes. He would look away.

Rod’s feet were rarely pointed in Kate’s direction. That is a bad sign. When you want to know if someone likes you, look at where their toes are pointed. If they are pointed towards you, they are onto you. If they are pointed in your direction they are not into you. While Kate;s toes were usually pointed in Rod’s direction, it wasn’t mutual.

Rod’s torso often seemed to back away when Kate approached him. He didn’t look directly into her eyes when they kissed, but rather off to the side. There was also a consistent rigidness and a stiffness in his body language whenever he seemed to be around her. He never seemed relaxed facially or body language wise.

One photograph was very telling when she had her son in a stroller and Rod was walking directly in back of her with his children. There did not appear to be a strong connection between them.

So yesterday when TMZ reported that Alex Rodriguez was seen without Kate (who was in NYC with her son) and was surrounded by a lot of women in Miami it was pretty clear that he has moved on.


According to rumors A Rod reported told a friend Kate was “too high maintenance” and “too clingly.”

If the “high maintenance” part is true than it means that he is not willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Kate is happy. Perhaps he wanted a more superficial less committed relationship. After all, he just went through a very nasty divorce and a nasty breakup with Madonna so maybe he didn’t want to commitment just yet.

Kate apparently has turned out to be his “rebound relationship.” When he felt more confident and secure and emotionally healed from the divorce and the Madonna experience, he apparently felt ready to explore greener pastures.


Perhaps that “clingliness” which he may have accused Kate of being, is the thing that actually allowed him to heal and re- gain his self confidence in the love department. There is no doubt that when you know someone is really into you it makes you feel a lot more secure with yourself.

Conversely, when you feel that someone you care about is not that into you, like Rod was with Kate as reflected in his body language towards her, it makes you feel insecure. When some people feel insecure they often react by getting clingy and needy.

Judging by the photos of them together and their body language Kate did appear rather clingy and the aggressor when it came to displays of affection.

The lesson leaned here is that when someone is not into you, read the body language signals. You can’t force it. If you do get clingy, they will usually run in the opposite direction which appeared to be the case here. http://www.drlillianglass.com


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