Casey Anthony’s Body Language in Recent Court Appearance Looks Like the Fake Tears and Emotion of Sociopath

When I looked at the video and analyzed the body language of alleged daughter killer, Casey Anthony during her latest court date, where the death penalty was being discussed, I saw phony tears with no liquid coming out of her eyes, contrived sobs and manipulation by her attorneys.

When Casey Anthony sat in the courtroom, was listening to all the horrible things she allegedly did to her little daughter Cayley, by the prosecutor she showed flashes of anger and nervousness in her facial expression. This is exactly the facial and body language the sociopaths show when they are busted!

For Casey, like most of those who exhibit sociopathic tendencies, there is no remorse whatsoever .There is only the anger that she got caught, is confined, and may possibly be facing the death penalty for something with she thought she could get away.

Shortly after seeing Casey’s anger flash across her face, we see Jose Baez leaning into Casey’s ear, out of camera range. He obviously does this so that his lips cannot be read. Even so, we can imagine what Baez most likely whispered to Casey. He no doubt, told her to show some emotion- a task which is virtually impossible for Case, considering her limited range of emotions. He probably told her that all eyes would be on her so she needed to garner some sympathy with tears.

In what looked to me like a choreographed move, Jose Baez’s co- attorney Andrea Lyons grabbed Casey’s wrist and continue to hold on to it even before Casey feigned emotion.

Although there are times we see Casey’ shoulders heaving. The giveaway that it is phony is that she seems to do it in rather inconsistent intervals. There is way too much lag time and non rhythmic rising and falling of the shoulders that you would see with genuine sobbing. This is what also casts doubt on the genuineness of her tears.

The upset she feels is not for Cayley but for herself as she no doubt heard the prosecutor giving a graphic account of what she most likely did to her daughter Cayley as she smothered her breathing with duct tape.

Apparently, there were whispers that were picked up via tape when Casey was doing her phoney crying. She apparently said to attorney Andrea Lyons to make the prosector stop as he continued on about how he belived Casey murdered Cayley. She obviously knew she was busted as prosecutors no doubt figured out what to the little girl in graphic detail. Casey didn’t want to hear what she most may have likely done to Caylee.

When Casey does finally come up for air, there is no wetness on her face, or tears in her eyes. Although she attempts to wipe away tears, there are no tears to wipe. This is consistent with behavior of sociopaths and is consistent with what he have seen from Casey Anthony all along. While they many mimic the facial contortions associated with crying, it is nto genuine crying and there are no genuine tears as we see in this case.

We also see a flash on non facial emotion during the one the time she supposedly breaks away from the co-attorney Andrea Lyon’s embrace, thereby validating Casey’s faking her emotions.

While this may have ideally been a good plot to garner emotion and sympathy towards Casey, if you watch Casey in action, you clearly see that something is amiss, You may not be able to put your finger on exactly what it is, but you know something about Casey just doesn’t seem right or add up, You are absolutely correct. It’s not just your instincts working here, it is your eyes and your brain processing what you have and have not seen. You have not seen genuine emotion and you have seen someone trying to manufacture and manipulate those emotions.

I think that no matter how Casey or attorney Baez try to spin he tale that she had nothing to do with little daughter Caylee’s murder, a jury will never buy it. They will no doubt, see through her phony body language and recommend the appropriate penalty for her taking the life of her innocent beautiful little girl. www.


66 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Body Language in Recent Court Appearance Looks Like the Fake Tears and Emotion of Sociopath

  1. Great Post! I agree 100 %.
    I wanted so to believe her Tears were genuine but they weren’t.
    Like You mentioned if You really pay Attention to her Demeanor in Court You can see very clear that Casey Anthony is just putting on a Show to get Sympathy but what You also can see if You pay Attention is the Anger and Frustration she has inside because she doesn’t like the Fact that the Prosecution will make her responsible for her Actions and she won’t be able to lie her Way out of it this time. There will be Justice for Caylee when the Trial starts and the Verdict comes in after the Jurors have looked and listened to All the Evidence. JMO


  2. I also agree…You know I keep hearing from the media about her tears and showing emotion. I don’t hear about the anger she is showing in the second picture you have up…I wonder why that is.

    Hi Hilde…I also believe in body language…Our body language can tell so much about us.
    If I don’t see you…hope you have a wonderful and very merry Christmas.


  3. Dr. Lilian Glass, thank you very much. Your analyzes made me understand what was not right with Casey’s fake crying, and yes something was amiss… I was trying to figure that out. I didn’t buy her crying, didn’t see any tears either. Although Local Media was reporting Casey sobbed, I was wondering what was wrong with those reports, I didn’t see any of that. Anger I could see when Mr. Ashton was describing the way he believes Caylee was killed. Yes, her defense team needs to understand Casey is not Julia Roberts and she can’t fool anybody. Her acting skills are not so good.
    Thank you once more.
    I just hope Justice will be served to little Caylee.


  4. I also thought it was more anger then anything. I immediately thought about the day her parents visited her in jail and she was angry at them. Her fist was in the air, just like in court. Thank you so much for posting your professional opinion on Casey in court. This was a very interesting read.


  5. For just a split second before the fake waterworks, she flashed anger. I would love to know what she was babbling to Lyon at that moment. She had the same look as she did in an angry jail visit from her parents.


    1. I don’t agree that she is afraid of Cindy. She has her whole family wrapped around her little finger and has kept them under control with her outbursts and behavior for probably her entire life. She will never admit what she has done. It just isn’t possible for her to do so.


  6. Hi! I just found your Blog by way of the Hinky Meter! Great article.

    I was wondering if you could address a question for me:

    During Ashtons description of Caylee’s death, he talked about Caylee being restrained. And, right as he did that – Casey grabbed her wrist.

    It was eerie.

    Do you have any comments about that?

    Thanks much!


  7. What I find most disturbing is the constant dabbing at her eyes with Kleenex or fingers and then examining the results every time. I was wondering if you could elaborate on this very peculiar affect. Do you think this is an indication of her complete fascination with all things pertaining to herself, even her tears or does it tell much more?


    1. I am so glad others saw the anger flash across her face! I felt she was almost ready to yell out…I also noticed that Lyons tightened the grip on Casey’s arm almost as an attempt to keep her from doing just that. Her defence team are going to have trouble containing her when the grueling day to day of the trial happens.


    2. I’m glad you brought that up. It’s bothered me since the case came to light. IMO, Casey is so self-centered and vain that she is more concerned about her appearance than showing emotion for her daughter. She runs her fingertip along the bottom of her eye to wipe away any running eyeliner. She is looking at her finger tip to see if any eyeliner or mascara is on her finger to see if her makeup might be smudged as women do when we don’t have a mirror available.

      She wants to look good for the cameras.


    1. Were you able to hear both of them talking when their
      mike was on?

      You’re good I didn’t hear it!

      Thank you so much for posting!


  8. O.K. folks, most of us know that when someone cries, I mean really cries, a normal occurance is a very runny nose that needs to be frequently cleared by blowing it and using a tissue. A tissue will not last after someone blows his/her nose once or twice. The tissue then becomes so wet that a new one is needed. I watched Casey and her tissue. She never blew her nose which is a necessity if one is crying. She dabbed her nose and ran the tissue under her lower eye lids. God forbid that she mess up her eyeliner. Casey just repeatedly folded her tissue which was never replaced nor did it look wet. She used the same tissue for her entire performance. A tissue that was truly “used” would be a soggy mess, not a neat little square that lasted for her entire pseudo crying episode. In closing, she has a habit that I find so repulsive. I have mentioned this before in forums. Everytime she uses a tissue or wipes her face or nose with her hand or fingers, she looks at the tissue or her hand when she is finished. Why does she find the need to examine her “waste?” That to me is so gross, but then again, I must consider the source. I truly believe that Casey killed her daughter. There is not one doubt in my mind. Some people are so worried that Casey’s constitutional rights are, or may be violated. What about poor little Cayley’s rights? An epitath that I read on a head stone in Tombstone, AZ says it best. “So soon I was done for, I wonder what I was begun for?” R.I.P. Caylee. So many people love you and forever will.


  9. It was the first time anyone has stood up to Casey. All her life no one held her responsible for any of her actions. First time to be told, “your busted Casey”.


  10. Joyce,

    If you look at the video when Casey was indicted for murder, she was crying and you could see real tears. Every time she carefully dabbed at her eyes, she would check her fingers to see if she was smudging her mascara. In court, she never once blew her nose. When I watch a very sad movie I have to use several tissues to blow my nose. A little dab WON”T do you!

    When I first watched the video, I saw Casey flash anger. Then Baez leaned into her ear and I knew he was saying, “Okay, now’s the time to start crying.” Then she looked away to get her “act” together, turned back and started the tearless crying. Notice on the video how all of the sudden she turns to Andrea and the crying stops. Then shes goes back into her dramatics. If you look back at that really ugly photo of her while in her jailhouse digs when she is definitely crying, her face is very contorted. That was because she was busted and there was nothing her Mommy could do about it.


  11. OMG, Dr. Class, What a fake. The up coming trial is going to be
    one the most interesting ever shown on TV. Hopefully
    not only will Caylee have her deserved justice’s
    but the world will learn a few things
    about sociopathic behaviors.

    We all need to know how to recognize a “Casey”
    We as parents need to understand how NOT to
    encourage one of our children to become like her.

    I see many spoiled me,me, kids in our neighborhood.
    In fact most children I know including my own, have had
    very easy lives and most everything their little hearts
    desired. I’m praying we are not raising a whole generation
    of sociopaths..I realize most will never go to the extreme that Casey Anthony has, however, her behavior modified, if nothing
    else, hurts families, ruins marriages, uses people and commonly leaves a trail of heart breaks and lies.

    After watching and learning about this young woman
    and her mental problems I’m going to be seeing my grandchildren in a different light.. I’ve always picked my battles
    and let things slide by that I felt wasn’t worth the effort or
    the out come. I know now that there will not be any getting away with manipulations or lies.. It will be nipped in the bud!
    Thank goodness, my grown children that are now
    parents with youngsters agree~~


  12. I think she let whatever guilt she felt convert to the “sobbing” ala method acting. You guys are right though when you mention the whole nose blowing thing that accompanies sobbing. She is still too narcissistic to let cameras see her crying like that. Says a lot- if it were me, and I was innocent, there’d have to be a box of Kleenex and a decongestant after a session like that. Shoot, I get stopped up watching a chick flick.
    BTW, since we’re all discussing this and the defense scans the blogs, expect a big WOOOONK next time around in January.


  13. Thank you, Dr. Glass, for this great blog.

    It is so obvious to anyone who has really watched this clip that Casey never shed a tear. She wished she could shed a tear, she tried to shed a tear, she poked her eyes enough looking for a tear, but alas it was not meant to be. She just didn’t have it in her.

    The only time she really showed emotion, it was anger! Baez leaned over and told her that it was time to show some emotion and so she leaned back on Andrea Lyon’s shoulder and shielded her face with her hair. I believe she held her breath and was so angry that she let it out explosively a couple of times, but there was no way that she was sobbing. When she came up for air, her face was red but there is no way she had been crying.

    And then you watch Jane Velez Mitchell who reported that Casey had been sobbing and in convulsions. Huh? A bit of inventive reporting there, to say the least.

    Casey doesn’t have a lot of emotion at the best of times, and when she does it’s all about her and how she feels.

    Thank you Dr. Glass for telling it the way it is.



  14. Awesome post, validating all of our amateurish opinions. You are so right, sometimes we cant put our finger on it, but realize something is ” hinky”.


  15. Dr. Lillian Glass I know you from the Nancy Grace show.

    I knew Casey’s crying was fake, no tears.

    Excellent photo showing Casey’s anger. Yes the same
    anger we saw in one visit with her parents.

    Why does she wipe and look at the tissue over and over?
    Do you agree that Casey is sedated daily to keep her
    locked up in her private cell? I believe she is only permitted out to shower (she is watched) and some exercise time.
    23 hour in her cell.
    I am sure she is flirting with the male guards/maybe female too?
    There is definitely a change in Casey with Andrea Lyons being her attorney.
    I did not see the look on her face when Baez got near her (disgusting). She shows in her face the two have been intimate. She is not laughing. And her hair is so long,
    long like Andreas!
    But Andrea Lyons has been exposed!
    Judge Strickland has turned down of the defenses motions so far!


  16. I noticed the same thing with her dabbing her eyes and then looking at her hands and fingers when she was finished. She was only too concerned with how her eyes looked. How can someone sit there, faking it, when she knows the eyes of the world are watching her every move? If it were me bawling my eyes out, I surely wouldn’t care how I looked. I’d be wiping my nose on my sleeve every time my nose ran. I wouldn’t care if my eyeliner blackened my eyes and cheeks. Who thinks about that when they are in the middle of an emotional meltdown.

    Casey is all fake because she is a cold hearted callous self-centered manipulative witch who is finally being made to be accountable for her actions.


  17. Joyce
    I think it’s a family trait she learned from her Mother. Once in court, George blew his nose and Cindy examined it, prompting a commentary to say: Nope….No brains in there!
    Can you imagine how hard it is for Casey to make herself appear to cry.? I wonder what she thinks about to be them on. Tony dumped me hoo. No more bars….boo hoo.


    1. Cindy examined George’s tissue after he blew his nose?

      In court?

      Any thoughts Lillian?

      Casey also wipes, then inspects the tissue.
      Same thing over and over WHY??


  18. Even if they were real tears, I do not have any sympathy toward Casey at all.
    I believe these are fake tears. She never shed a tear for her daughter before.
    I also believe these fake tears are for herself. She’s finally realizing she might get the death penalty.
    No Casey, Mom and Dad can’t help you this time. They tried and it back fired.
    The public is behind you Caylee 100%, even if your family isn’t.
    Justice For Caylee.


  19. One of Casey’s many problems is that from the time she was arrested she has not accepted the fact that she no longer controls her family, she said in her visit that she had to stay there and Cindy said they had no money to bail her out. Had Cindy said she would have had money but for the fact that Casey put her in debt then Casey could have been prepared to attempt to accept that she was no longer free and she contributed to it.

    She can’t cry for Caylee due to the fact that she never had to do anything for Caylee, how can you miss someone or something that never mattered before? Cindy knew so much about the baby, so much so that she can describe Caylee’s wardrobe by heart. Casey’s pics with the baby look as if she were visiting with the baby. Who smiles more? Casey does, Caylee looks confused in most of the pics with the monster.


  20. Went back and listened to her video of the visit with her parents, she says everything has been taken away from me, she never says her daughter has been taken away from her. When she buried Caylee, Caylee ceased to be in her sick mind. Too bad C & G can’t wrap their heads around that.


  21. If any emotion is shown w/ Casey, my opinion is that it is, as Dr. Glass says, completely emotion for herself and her situation and that she can not, as she has done all her life, lie and weasle out of it.

    Watching her recent appearance in court on a huge hi-def TV, there were no tears, no running nose, no reddening of the eyes or cheeks. Her attorney very clearly whispered that she “could cry now”. I think that death grip she kept on Casey’s wrist could be some kind of signal that they’ve worked out.

    There are ways to make yourself cry as we learn in the theater, and I think that someone may have clued Kate G in on using a hankerchief to irritate the eye for real tears to come. Don’t want to say more because I wouldn’t want Baez to clue Casey in on this if he has not already.

    I noted also, did you, Dr. Glass, that they seem to have broken her from giggling and smiling and trying to be queen of the prom while displaying her newly store-bought breasts in as tight a blouse as they can find for her. I wonder about the two sheets of hair hanging down the sides of her face, though. Do you think that is to shield cameras from her or to make her feel somehow more secure?


  22. I wish for nobody in this world to be so lost. I have no understanding of how someone could be so cold and have thought processes as these people and thats because im not like them…. if you want to see genuine care and worry from a person who has lost their child, take a look at Haileigh cummings Dad…. you can see how distraught he is and they havnt even found her…. I have to pray for help not being really angry at the Anthony family for Caylees sake… This is the sickest at its purest state… its a disgrace… God help me channel this anger, i feel like whoopin their A*s…


  23. Also!!!!!!!!! Can we get a body language biopsy done on the anthonys from the most recent today show???????? Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeee…..


  24. I believe if there were tears (she wiped at them immediately- how would one really know?) it was for herself and it was caused by anger at Ashton’s description of what Casey may have done. “How dare he!” I noticed that her face became reddened before her “crying” jag which came from anger. I also learned something from your article about the heaving one does when they are genuinly sobbing. I never thought about that. Another thing I noticed was Casey’s quick recovery of herself afterward. A little too quick for someone who has just heard how her child could possibly have died. And for somebody who is implicated in the child’s death.


  25. Even though you look at her and see her cry, it always seems so “off” and something is amiss. I don’t believe her and a beautiful little girl – a baby still really – was taken from her grandparents who are so crazed with grief that they will hold on to Casey even though she is the killer because she is also their last living link to Caylee. Terrible, Terrible tragedy that did not have to happen and is a warning to all grandparents to take your grandchildren away immediately if you think something is wrong. It is your gut instinct so don’t ignore it. No jury is going to acquit her of anything. Casey is a beautiful liar and a child killer.


  26. Dr. Glass,

    Would you mind commenting on what appeared to be a “reflex action” when Prosecutor Ashton brought up physical restraint and Casey grabbed her left wrist. Am I making too much out of that? It sure seems like an almost subconscious reaction.


  27. while displaying her newly store-bought breasts in as tight a blouse as they can find for her.

    *********I’d be more inclined to think that the “store bought breasts” are due to the carb laden prison food and snacks she’s been wolfing down for the past year wouldn’t you? As much as I despise Casey she can kiss her cute 22 year old shape goodbye….it’s HELLO to getting old, ugly and fatter in prision and then you’re given a lethal injection!


  28. I would agree with your assessment of a character disorder. I timed the episode of tears the second time and this lasted just over 4 minutes, beginning to end. Under the circumstances, and as emotionally difficult as this would have been for any normal person to have broken down and recovered, the time seems to me to be very short. It is my feeling that people with emotional disorders frequently shift gears much more quickly than a normal person.


  29. First of all I use my body language skills as an expert witness in both Federal anbd State cases and I am qualified in the area of Behavioral Analysis and Vocal Forensics.

    Second of all, you use the Hare Test of Psychopathy to determine a Sociopath, there ae also Body language, facial language, vocie and speech tells that go anothing with this opsychopathy as well as I have personally rearshed which will be published in my upcoming book.

    You an definately make assessments as to a person;s behavior based on the 4 codes of communciaiton. There are a lot of people walking around with these sociopathic and psychopathic treaits who go undetected like 3 to 5 percent of the population and it is increasing.


  30. With respect to all people knowledgeable on the subject of phycopathy, I do believe that there are degrees of psychopathic behavior. Not all are murderers and many live their lives abiding by the rules of society.
    It is not realistic to suggest that we could lock up an individual before a crime is committed based only on a diagnosis.
    Reading body language has been instrumental for survival among humans, and in the animal world those that read well live longer.


  31. Dr. Glass was not looking in on a 2 hour hearing and seeing the subject for the first time. She has been analysing Casey Anthony from the time she was questioned initially & arrested on June 16, 2008.

    We do need to educate ourselves to read the people we deal with so that we are not sucked in by manipulators in the way Tracy the body guard has been. There are simple watch-outs and we should learn them. Resort to written testing and interview testing is not practical or possible in sorting out for ourselves who might be sociopathic or psychopathic in our surround.

    No one is suggesting citizen arrests when we don’t like what we see. What Dr. Glass has to teach is valuable in forming everyday judgments and we are all called upon to make them. In worst case situations, this learning is protecting us from a variety of harms and life complications.

    In criminal cases, written psychological tests and findings would not be convincing for me without the complement of body language examination and its analysis, along with voice and speech scrutiny and assessment. It is there before our eyes and ears. To ignore it would be preposterous avoidance.


  32. Dr. Glass, I wonder what you make of the repeated pattern that Casey employs when showing emotion. Nearly, 100 percent of the time she will wipe her eyes and then look down at her hand or a hanky, then she will stroke her hair away from her face. The pattern is incredibly noticable but i have not heard any expert address what it means. Is it some form of OCD? I would love to hear your take.


  33. George and Cindy Antony’s Body Language on the Today Show Indicates They Are Feigning Denial and Know Daughter Casey is Guilty

    Dr. Lillian Glass Body Language Expert Dec. 17, 2009


    I have always found Cindy Anthony’s yelling, belligerence, anger, rudeness, obnoxious and inappropriate gum chewing, manipulation, and hostility extremely offensive. While my dear friend Nancy Grace, who’s show on which I regularly appear on Headline News cuts Cindy a lot of slack just because she is a parent and is defending her daughter, I refuse to do so.

    Full article:


  34. Dr. Lillian:
    You state above that 3 to 5 percent of the population has these psychopathic traits, and that it is increasing. PLEASE answer this question: Are sociopaths born with this horrid disfunction, or is it developed over time? What is the main reason it is increasing, and how can it be prevented, if that is possible?

    I think you should analyze your friend Nancy Grace. She appears to be filled with rage, and then immediately turns on her sweetest charm. I find this a bit disturbing.


    It would be great if u would take the time to answer these questions.


  35. Please do a work up on Kronks exwife,the one who claims He could have dont this to the baby.I know Casey is the one who murdered her.But what i see out of the woman is lies.If you get a chance,i would like to hear your take on the X.


  36. I appreciate this analysis. I agree with what has been said. I do have a question. Everytime I’ve seen Casey attempt to cry, she immediately looks at her fingers. I thought “What is she looking for, water”? I have never seen anyone do that. Is it a hidden non verbal clue or what?


  37. DR. Glass,i have enjoyed reading,all of your pages on body language.About The Anthonys,Casey,Roy Kronk,his exwives,as well as others.I find you right on the money.The terrioist body language i found interesting.Thanks this will help me through travel.I am from Caylee Daily..The part on the physcicopath.Really helped.As i had a stalker a yr back.An the signs that were posted fit the man to a tee.I will return again to read,an comment.Thank you for taking the time to write these it helps us understand,things we have saw,an knew had to be lies.As you say a A gut feeling,an a warning.You have defently helped me understand,what im seeing out of the people involved in the Case due to Caylee Maries murder.Have a great evening.I will chat with you soon.


  38. What no one has mentioned is at the very beginning of this court hearing, Baez tells Casey that Cindy has a tissue waiting for her. This whole thing was orchestrated.


  39. She showed more remourse when she was in court for the stolen check charges! At least there, she really did cry because she knew she was BUSTED! I hope the jurors see through her lies (as well as Cindy’s), and find her guilty.

    I live in the Bay Area of California and we see riots all the time involving court cases. I can clearly see that if she walks “scott free”, there will be some kind of backlash from the people of Florida. As it is, laywyers who just talk about their opinions on tv are getting death threats, and they are not even direclty linked to the case!

    I know that if MY taxes dollars went to fly in “experts” from ALL OVER THE WORLD, I’d be more than slightly ticked off.


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