Tiger Woods “Sex Partners” Play the Semantics Game- “Hooker,” “Whore,” ‘ “Ho” “Prostitute,” Mistress, “ “Homewrecker”- They Feel that Adjectives Do Make A Difference

Several of the women who publicly declared they had sex with Tiger Woods have their “panties on a bunch” because of what adjectives they are being referred to in the press.

Mistress #1 Rachel Uchitel doesn’t dare want to be referred to as “hooker” and is so upset about being called a “hooker” by co-host Joy Behar on the View, she is threatening to sue for defamation.

Holly Sampson is in tears that she is being called a “mistress,” but the Vivid porn star doesn’t mind if you call her a “whore” or a “prostitute.”

Jaime Grubbs admits that’s he was a “homewrecker” as she was involved with him while his wife was pregnant and had a baby and even contacted her on family day- Thanksgiving day.

And Jaime Junger does not want to be called want to be called a “hooker,” an “escort” or a “prostitute” but doesn’t mind being called a “mistress” or “girlfriend” as she mentioned on the Today Show.


I actually see Holly Sampson’s point. Nobody likes a “Mistress” or a “Homewrecker” especially when they were “homewrecking” a beautiful home complete with a gorgeous 2 year old little toddler and an adorable 9 month old baby boy. It’s bad for business, especially of you are a porn star like Holly.

But if you are a “whore” or a “prostitute” who serviced Tiger Woods “before” he was married at his bachelor party when he was still single then as the saying goes in Portuguese, it makes things “less worse.” For those inclined to look looking at porn with a bit of a “moral compass,” it doesn’t ruin your sexual fantasies as you watch Ms. Sampson doing her thing, without thoughts of a sobbing wife and children at home gnawing at the back of your mind.

Now that you know she’s just a “whore” it makes watching her a lot more palatable. For some, it makes watching her even more exciting. For them, just knowing that this is a woman who actually had sex with Tiger and his” well endowed” member as she described him, might be even more of a sexual turn as they download her videos. Others who don’t usually download porn but who are curious might even spend a few bucks to support their curiosity and watch this woman in action to give them an idea what Tiger must have experienced with her.

But if she’s known as a “homewrecker” or a “mistress” fewer would ever think of coughing up any money to satisfy their curiosity because they would be sickened to spend any money on a seeing a woman who made a mommy cry, babies to be upset because mommy was upset, and who contributed to their daddy leaving their safe and happy home as they knew it since birth and now rendering them “daddyless.”

So yes, Holly Sampson you are correct. You are not Tiger Wood’s “mistress” or a “homewrecker.” You are his “whore” and “prostitute. ” And by coming forward and garnering even more publicity for no doubt, paid interviews and whatever else you plan to do to capitalize on your new found fame as a porn star like doing pornofilms with a theme involving a golf pro or even selling molds of your private parts to be used as a sex toy.


Rachel Uchitel just made a huge stink in the press an threatened to sick legal pitbull Gloria Allred on ABC and the View for calling her a “whore” to, no doubt, to get a retraction as well as some financial remuneration for the damages to Uchitel’s “reputation .

I would say lining your pockets with even more money when you just got millions from Tiger Woods for being paid off for keeping quiet when you really didn’t keep quiet and instead gave a third party your emails to disseminate to the press so it looks like someone leaked those racy emails between you and Tiger, sounds pretty “whore- like” to me. You no doubt, allegedly released snippets of some of those tapes on purpose to make you appear in a good light- that Tiger loooooved

I am sure that Joy Behars little humorous bluntly comment which was a play on her name “uou ka tell she’s a hooker” will not destroy your reputation. Here is a reality check Ms. Uchitel- your reputation was already destroyed when it came out in the public that you and Tiger were effing. In fact, in your own words you said that “now you’re gonna look like a “homewrecker” and an asshole.” And guess what Ms. Uchitel, you not only look like a “homewrecker” and an “asshole”- you ARE a homewrecker and an asshole for getting involved with a married man with babies and flying to Austrailia for “Make up sex”

Joy Behar has nothing to do with that and if I was one of the ABC’s legal counsel I would fight you and my good friend Gloria Allred ( whom I first met when we were both involved in a program where were went into various prisons to help motivate and aid in the rehabilitation of female prisoners) tooth and nail. I would not let you or Gloria get away with such nonsense.

The fact that you may sue ABC or Behar or both for that comment certainly smacks of yet another way to line your pockets which see, pretty opportunistic whore-like behavior to me.

In Blackbook magazine Rachel Uchitel specifically said how she wanted to find a “fabulous” investor for a club she wanted to have. Indirectly her fabulous investor turned out to be Tiger Woods. He paid her off with 7 figures of hush money.

So now she can begin her dream of having her own supper club like her grandparents had back in the day. In her OK Magazine interview Rachel says that she will be spending the holidays with her family and after the new year she will start her plans to have her own supper club (with no doubt, the money she got from the Tiger payoff.

People would more likely to check out the club of the “mistress” of Tiger Woods as opposed to the “hooker” or “homewrecker” of Tiger Woods as “mistress” may be better for business than “hooker”
Lookie loos” would love to get a glimpse of the woman whom Tiger Woods allegedly fell for not just who Tiger effed and didn’t give a hoot about . So that is why Rachel is so keen on keeping her adjective straight.


Based on Jaime Junger’s numerous signals of deception and lying behavior on the Today Show all fingers seem to point in the direction of her being a paid escort. Considering the fact that her madam spoke out and admitted Jamie was indeed a “hooker” and that she had some tax forms with Jaime’s name on them to prove it. It sounds too cold to be a “hooker” but from what she describes Tiger didn’t really care about her enough about her to help her out financially. Her detached monotone voice also reflected the emotional distance between them.

Since Jaime isn’t quite clear on what her future will bring, the one thing she does know that being an “escort” or “prostitute” isn’t a very good career move.


Jaime Grubb knows that she was a part of Tiger’s personal and intimate life when she shouldn’t be. While she indulged his sexual and no doubt emotional needs when Tiger’s wife was pregnant and when she had her first child, she stopped seeing Tiger sexually after the birth of his 2nd baby. The fact that she was texted on Thanksgiving day – a day meant to be spent and thinking about family, Tiger obviously had some type of emotional bond going on with her.


The semantics game all of these women are playing seems very ‘Carrie Prejeanish” to me. Remember how former Miss California, Carrie Prejean refused to say she had a masturbation tape but instead kept saying the tape wasn’t a sex tape but a tape of her by herself.

So in order to avoid confusion all this semantic confusion why don’t we all these women by their rightful name- “sex partners.” This way it encompasses all the other terms to which these women are referred. http://www.drlillianglass.com


2 thoughts on “Tiger Woods “Sex Partners” Play the Semantics Game- “Hooker,” “Whore,” ‘ “Ho” “Prostitute,” Mistress, “ “Homewrecker”- They Feel that Adjectives Do Make A Difference

  1. When my business partner and I received an email from Gloria this past Friday stating that she was suddenly free for our video interview, we were shocked and thrilled. We knew she was in the midst of the Tiger Woods case and as such, we were originally set to visit her Malibu home on Saturday. We later learned that she cancelled her press conference that, according to her daughter Lisa, was most likely due to a settlement from the parties at hand. Gloria invited us to her LA office for a 30 minute interview that I wished lasted all-day. She put her trial aside to talk about all things motherhood and empowerment. Gloria’s interview will be loaded to our site, MyWorkButterfly.com, to inspire our online community of return to work and working moms. Gloria Allred is a woman who should be in the forefront of the news, not Tiger Woods (a man who can’t keep his club in his pants!).



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