Body Language- Lamar Odom and Tiger Woods Imprinting In Choosing Similar Looking Mates and Lovers

Isn’t it interesting how Lamar Odom quickly jumped into marrying Khloe Kardashian after only knowing her a few weeks? Perhaps he felt there was something about Khloe that was very familiar which made him feel so comfortable in her presence. Upon careful inspection, we see there is something that was indeed very familiar to Lamar when it came to Khloe, She looks just like his ex Lisa Morales!

The same is true with Tiger Wood’s mistresses. When looking at photos of Mistresses 1 and 2 Rachel Uchitel and Jaime Grubbs unless you really look closely, it’s hard to tell the differences between them. They have the same hairstyle, hair texture and similar coloring and features.

Elin Woods

If you then compare his wife Elin with several of his other mistresses:

Jaime Jungers

Holly Sampson

Holly Sampson and

Cory Rist

Cory Rist

Michelle Braun
they also look so similar, they could all be sisters.

The one thing they ALL have in common body wise is that they are all physically built the same- slender tight well toned bodies with large breasts.

The reason for that Lamar and Tiger chose the similar type or types of women has a lot to do with imprinting that happens early on in life. Early on in our development we determine what we personally find attractive and appealing to our eye and what we don’t. It can be a look a mannerism, a smile, or an attitude, as well as s physical look.

Imprinting happens at two crucial points in our lives- when we are children and when we are in puberty. That crush that you had a child or teen may set the stage for what attracts you for the rest of your life.

It can not only affect your physical choice but your emotional choices as well. While we haven’t heard all of Tiger’s mistresses up close and personal, the ones we have heard from seem like upbeat spunky personality types.

So even though there are those who may not look like the others with different color hair, rest assured that if he spent any significant amount of time with them, they were no doubt similar in one way or another. Only Tiger could tell us what are those specific similarities.

The bottom line is that there may be a lot of comfort in finding physical familiarity. That was obviously the case with Lamar and Khloe and with Tiger and his bevy of mistresses as you can clearly see.


2 thoughts on “Body Language- Lamar Odom and Tiger Woods Imprinting In Choosing Similar Looking Mates and Lovers

  1. Interesting, that Tiger Woods doesn’t consider himself to be African American and does not like AA women. Does that mean that AA women are not attractive, and have lousy personalities? His choice of women, says more about him then them.


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