Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s Body Language Says If Khloe Pays More Attention To Her Blackberry Than Lamar, She’ll Lose Him


I have purposely held off blogging about Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom until after

my monthly column in the December issue of Cosmopolitan hit the stands which it just did. In it I talk about the “Real Story: of Khloe and Lamar Odom on page 58. I discuss their body language and how their whirlwind romance shows signals that they were far from the perfect match.


When I looked at photos of Khloe and Lamar when they were just dating I saw Lamar with a half smile and a lot of jaw tension. He never seemed to look at Khloe. His body language clearly said that he was not really that into her. He definitely did not show body language signals of a man in love.

Likewise. Khloe’s body language didn’t show signs of a woman in love. She appeared distant and awkward around Lamar. It was uncomfortable to look at the photos of them together. There was a stiffness and an uneasiness with both of them..

At first I thought, well maybe they are just getting to know one another. I thought that even though Lamar is a huge basketball star, he’s probably not used to the intense paparazzi scrutiny that comes with hanging around with a Kardashian .

But as time went on, he hardly looked at her in any of the photos. His body consistently leaned away. She also never looked happy. She never smiled a bright smile or had that excited that you see in new lovers where all the endorphins are dancing around in their systems.


My first instinct was they probably hooked up and this is some type of PR thing for her TV Show. I figured it was some ploy cooked up by Ryan Seacrest. who produces her show, to keep people interested in her and the show.
I thought that it gives her PR mileage that she is dating a Laker and it certainly gives him mileage that he is now on the PR map just by his association with Khloe. I thought it was a great PR move for both of them. Because of that I also thought that it wouldn’t be long until we heard about some type of scandal and a huge breakup. I thought the whole PR stunt would probably last two or three weeks.


Was I ever surprised that in week three Khloe announced that she was getting married to Lamar. At first I thought that this was wishful thinking on her part. Lamar was with his high school sweetheart baby mama with whom he had an 8 year old and a 5 year as well as a baby who would now have been 3 had he not tragically died of Sudden Infant death Syndrome when he was 61/2 months old. They had been together for 12 years. With a history like that I figured that there was no way Lamar would jump into a marriage only after 3 weeks. But I was wrong.


At first I thought she must be pregnant. But they had only been dating for three weeks. That may not have been enough time for her to miss a period or to even realize she was pregnant.


Then I thought that he must have had a falling out with his baby mamma and this may have been some sort of a rebound thing. But after hearing that baby mamma Lisa Morales report that things were going along fine with them and that she was as shocked as everyone else that he was tying the knot with Khloe, then I realized that it wasn’t a rebound thing.


Then I thought that must poor girl is so desperate she would do anything to secure a man who paid her any attention. We found out later from Khloe’s mamma Chris Jenner, that Lamar was indeed her daughter’s first beau. Wonder if he was her first lover as well. It certainly is a possibility. After Khloe was not the most popular Kardashian sister when it came to the boys. Unlike her sisters, you never saw her having a boyfriend on the show or in real life for that matter.

She seemed like the odd woman out and she was. She was much bigger and taller than her sisters and not in a bad way either in my opinion. She was proportional and beautiful like her sisters but she was double the size of them.

So when she stood next to them she looked a heavy giant next to them and people commented. This no doubt did not help her self esteem issues.


While I am sure these sisters love on another one cannot help but wonder about sibling rivalry with her ever popular gorgeous sister Kim and her now pregnant sister Kourtney. Both sisters had long term boyfriends while Khloe didn’t have any man to lover her up. Perhaps that played havoc on her psyche. Like Cinderella, she may have wondered when and if her Prince would ever come.

Maybe it was the fact that Khloe had no life of her own that she got involved in other people’s lives so intensely. On the show she appeared as the feisty bitch sister who was in everyone’s business,. She was actually downright nasty and sarcastic and way too judgmental. She had an opinion about everyone and everything and most of her options were negative.


While watching the show,” Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” I remember thinking that she need a boyfriend to get her mind of everyone else’s life and focus more on her own. Her outward negativity and nastiness were clearly acting out the emptiness and low self esteem she must have been feeling inside. In fact, we saw her acting out when she made the news and got a DUI.


She seemed to straighten up after her DUI and after she appeared on Celebrity Apprentice. Maybe the Donald Trump set her straight. In any event, I thought she did a good job on the show and I was impressed with how well she handled herself with celebs who were much older more experienced than her. It was no doubt her successful experience on Donald’s show gave her a more a more positive view on life and more self confidence, which she desperately needed.


Then Khloe meets her Prince Charming Lamar Odom. She was looking hot and really started to feel good about herself which was a key factor in why Lamar had some interest as I am sure that he found this appealing.
For the first time in her life, Khloe’s size worked for her. Her 5’10 large frame to Lamar; 6’10 was no doubt a physical turn on to the both of them. No doubt, she he felt and looked petite. next to him. She looked and felt little and not super imposing as she did around her sisters, It made her feel more feminine which was yet another boost to her fragile sense of self.
From Lamar’s point of view, it’s always easy for a huge guy to find a good physical fit. For many supersize taller guys, it feels more physically comfortable to be intimate with a woman who is nearer to their size than not. So a tall thicker and curvier Khloe was as a goof physical fit making their intimate moments an even better fit. So, no doubt that was a big turn on for Lamar.

Also he was attracted to her physical looks as she very much resembled his baby mamma and longtime girlfriend Liza Morales .

They really didn’t have a lot to say or a lot in common after the sex part so As Khloe reported in the media they stayed in bed all day and did nothing and just watched TV. No doubt Khloe has her trusty Blackberry in bed with them and texted between watching TV with Lamar, having sex, and doing nothing.


Khloe was no doubt thrilled that for the first time in her life, she was actually able to spend time doing nothing with a man and be in bed with him, let alone have sex with him. Lamar I am sure was taken by the newness as well and really enjoying their sexual liaison a lot.

So I wouldn’t doubt that in the heat of the moment, Khloe heard words she never heard in her life. These words which came from Odom’s lips while in the throes of his lovemaking were something like “Ohh baby I love you, This feels so good, I could do this forever.”

Khloe, beyond thrilled and looked right into his eyes and said :Me too baby, I want to be with you the rest of my life.” Then the two no doubt ended their liason with the best possible sexual results. As soon as Lamar left their intimate embrace to go to the bathroom Khloe grabbed her Blackberry and texted Chris with a message that most likely read: Mom he asked me to marry him. I said Yes” Then she texted her sisters with the same message.

As soon as Lamar got back into bed to watch TV and do nothing Khloe tells him she is so excited about spending the rest of her life with him, He probably isn’t paying much attention because he is now more focused on TV and watching the basketball game so with a deaf ear says :yeah, yeah baby, Good, Now I just wannna watch this game for a bit OK.”

Khloe was cool with that as she had a lot more texting to do. No doubt the next text was to her producer of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” Ryan Seacrest. Being the entrepreneurial little genius that he has become he most likely said, “Let’s make your wedding as part of the show. It’ll be a huge extravaganza.” She loved it!

Days pass and Khloe seems to have a little more energy instead of being so laid back and doing nothing, around him When he overheard her talking on the phone with her mom and sisters about wedding plans he wonders what’s up and asks which sister is getting married, When he finds out it that she is the sister, he turns ashen
After realizing that there may be an upside to this such as: all his newfound fame drawing more attention to his previously failed clothing line and the fact that he will be getting some serious bucks from media outlets exclusively filming and taking photos of the nuptials. He also figures he is attracted to Khloe in that she looks like Liza except without all the history. It’s a fresh clean start and besides Khloe is young enough to start having babies with. Also there is a prenup and he knows he’s got the best attorneys in town to cover his behind.

Although he goes with the flow and with the program, his body says “get me the hell out of here!”You can see it in every single photograph with the two of them. You can see the half smile and the stiffness and the lack of close physical contact that would expect from to lovebirds. He looks like he is going to his execution rather than to his wedding.


His wedding walk to the alter says it all. The body doesn’t lie! He looks like a dead man walking. He looks like he is on death row ready to get his last rights before getting a lethal injection.


Lamar is even in shell shock during the celebration. Look at how stiff and uncomfortable they both ar. There should be no distance between any couple who just shared their vows, They should be hugging and kissing and all over each other.


So the party is over and everyone is gone. Khloe dons something more comfortable- purple workout gear. Lamar is still in his wedding suit with tie askew, He gives his new bride a piggyback ride, Awww isn’t that sweet? It could be if Khloe was paying more attention to him and held him with her hands, instead of holding the Blackberry and texting on the most special day during her most special moment with her most special man.


It is exactly a month since these two have ties the knot in a huge ceremony which took place November 3, 2009. It is about two weeks since the all the prenup details were ironed out and about a week since they made a down payment on a house and the honeymoon is clearly over!

Had Lamar spent more than 3 weeks with Khloe and not gone along with the flow he would have saved himself a lot of money and aggravation. He would have seen that Khloe most likely has a Crackberry addiction to her Blackberry. His case exemplifies why marrying anyone only after knowing them for three weeks is a bad idea.

Of course there are people who have done it and have even lived out their entire lives together, but this is the exception rather than the rule in this day and age. Khloe used the excuse that her mom Chris met Bruce Jenner and married him after three weeks. But her mom was previously married and Bruce wasn’t her first boyfriend. She was also not in her 20’s. She was a grown mature woman with kids and knew what she was doing.

It takes time to get to know someone’s habits and quirks. Some you can live with and others are deal breakers. This one is obviously going to be a deal breaker in the long run.


No matter how they spin it, this photo of Lamar’s and Khloe’s body language speaks volumes and tell the whole story. She is paying more attention to her Blackberry and he is pissed!
An eyewitness was quoted as saying the following as was reported on and in other outlets:
“Lamar caused a huge scene. He got jealous because Khloe was texting at the table and he yelled at her to quit it. She refused, so he stormed off and sat alone at the bar. Khloe just ignored him…
He went and sat at the bar and watched TV by himself. Khloe was with her best friend [Malika Hagg] and the poor girl was totally stuck in the middle.”
The source reveals that there was no “kiss and make up” moment for the young couple.
And after some failed attempts to reconcile them by Khloe’s BF, Lamar left in a huff without ever speaking to Khloe.
Adds the source, “Everyone thought Lamar had left but then he pulled around front in his SUV and the girls went out and jumped in.

Khloe is going to blow this marriage big time because she is clearly in denial. Here is what she posted on her Twitter page regarding the incident:
“Im so tired of all these crazy rumors that Lamar n I r fighting!” page today. “Come on people the honey moon phase is the best! I love being married!’


Well Khloe my dear, if you love being married and want to stay married get your blinders off and you head out of the sand. Open your eyes and see what IS not what ISN’T . What IS is that you are pissing off your husband and he is getting totally turned off with you because you are spending more time being a yenta on your Blackberry then spending time getting to know and paying your undivided attention to your man.

So if you keep it up here’s a reality check for you. He will get more and more pissed at you. He will come to resent your lack of attention. He will look at this as your being selfish and will be turned off to you in every way even sexually.

Then he will succumb to one or more of the many women who will most likely throw themselves at him after a Lakers game who wait outside the locker room. He may say, what the heck, my wife isn’t there for me and probably won’t notice or care anyway- she’s more into her Blackberry.

Then on road trips it will become easier and easier for him to cheat on you as he has completely emotionally distanced himself from you. So Khloe if you are addicted to your Crackberry be addicted when you aren’t around Lamar. In the meantime take care of your man! If you are doing something that pisses him off, respect that and stop it before it is too late. Trust me, he is not going to put up with it!

I were advising Lamar I would tell him to get an annulment asap and give you nothing in that pre nup because it would be null and void. I would tell him that if you are showing these signs so early on- after only a month- signs of selfishness and self absorption is not going to get better with time. It will get worse. I would tell him to run away from you like his hair was on fire- of he had hair! http://www.drlillianglass,com


15 thoughts on “Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s Body Language Says If Khloe Pays More Attention To Her Blackberry Than Lamar, She’ll Lose Him

  1. This marriage was a sham in the beginning. The prenuptial agreement they had after the marriage gave Khole a “jackpot” if the ever decide to divorce.

    Lamar is an idiot. Someone with his stature could have grabbed himself a better woman. Lamar is getting played and he will lose out in the end. Just like most men with money and laws that have the woman’s interests and are clearly one sided.


  2. I see your point; with this situation I tried my best to be optimistic for her but all the signs are too obvious to deny. It seems that Khloe’s hostile attitude does come from resentment and insecurity:
    – she’s not as “pretty” or has a resemblence like her sisters. She is a pretty girl but it must be weird to constantly hear how “weird” your looks are b/c you look different
    – there was an episode where she felt she was adopted. It was done in a “fun, joking” way but I remember Bruce hit it on the nail when he said she was just doin it for attention
    – she was never really in love in a long term relationship it seems…maybe she picked the first guy who seemed sincere but I don’t trust his motives as well
    – maybe you’re right…this marriage was a way to still keep her place in the family. Kourtney is pregnant, Kim is back with Reggie…and her younger brother just graduated college. What has she done?

    Also, I read on a gossip blog (I know you can never full believe them but this was interesting) that Lamar was dating an actress a month prior to Khloe…i THINK it was Vivica A. Fox (not sure). Anyhoo, he supposedly proposed to her as well – she was freaked out and dumped him. He probably has his own issues in his head. Of course, being a superstar athlete…how else can life get better? Hmm i got a ring – check, i’ve got kids – check, i’m rich – check…now I need a wife. Some guys are just weird like that. They can be so confused as women and think being married to someone is icing on the cake. When they feel they’re ready they think finding the person is the “easy” part when in reality, it’s the other way around.

    Anyhoo, Dr. Glass I wanted to ask you…if Khloe is so “happy” as she claims, then why is she still texting her blackberry? You would think insecure girls like herself would be “soo happy” and “soo into” their new boyfriend/husband, they would give all the attention in the world for him…


  3. As a first time commenter to your blog, this post was spot on and well said! These two are hopeless but if they can make it to their first year anniversary that means E! paid Khloe to stay married for ratings purpose only.

    Love your blog and its overall concept. Keep it up!


  4. You look like a fool!! According to this article they have been together for over a year! And I follow him on twitter (I am a Lakers fan, not kardashian) and he constantly talks about loving his wife,!!


    1. If anyone looks like a fool it is you for not looking at the date Look at the date the blog was written. It was over a year ago. They hardly knew one another and she was constantly seen in almost every photo texting and not paying attention to her man. Things have obviously changed in a year and I am happy for both of them.


    2. Oops just goes to show you that body language is not always right! I think it’s silly to study someone’s body language and then act like you know everything about them. You don’t know them whatsoever and its silly to say they aren’t happy and their marriage is a sham just based on their body language. I’m so sick of all the judgmental people in this world! How about you mind your own business and stop talking about other people!


      1. It wa right at the time. i report what I aw and I aw a young day consumed by her Blackberry. It;s obvious she changed her ways and hey have grown together. And my dear hater Jesssica, I don;t have to know the, I have to know their body language and at the time it spoke volumes.The beauty of body language is that it reflect change in behavior. And FY Jessica it IS my ubsiness to analyze people and discuss people.


  5. u guys are a bunch of fool n haters.go get a life people n leave d luv birds alone.khloe n lamar are obviously happy n it’s none of u’all business wat they do


  6. Dr. Glass – You made me laugh at your response to Jessica LMAO – my first thought was why was she even reading what you wrote & then when you told her to FO it made my day – had a very dramatized day, which I’m still gathering up Tools for my Toolbox, & you my friend are such an awesome person that I would love to sit down & have a drink with you, because I know you would have me laughing so much that it would be the best day of my life, & I mean that with all sincerity. Deborah


    1. I will not leave anyone alone who is in the public eye as that is what I do and that is the purpose of this blog- to analyze body language of newsmakers. FYI I do have a real job where I lecture around the world on the topic of body language and have even lectured to law enforcement agencies in US and Canada including the FBI, I have also written 18 books and in fact my latest book The Body Language of Liars comes out next month.And finally I have a job where I analyze body language of the public who send me photos and videos at Khloe isn’t hurting anyone but herself in this photo by not being in the moment and texting when she should be focusing on her man during their wedding.They turned out not to be too happy as Lamar has allegedly been chearing on her with multiple women.


  7. Dr glass you just picked the 3 photo ‘s where they were not paying attention to each other. While you are so busy ‘analizing’ their ‘bodylanguage’ you are not paying attention to your man. What does your ‘body language’ have to say about that?


    1. Take your contentiousness elsewhere Khloe’s body language at the time of her wedding was accurate and I stand by it. And yes I am a body language expert so it is obvious that I analyze body language- including that of Khloe and Lamar Odem. Obviously there was a problem in their marriage which I picked up as it turns out that he has allegedly not been faithful to her so this analysis at the time was a precursor of things to come. Your question about my body language and my man has nothing to do with Khloe Kardashian and the subject of this blog.The tone of your question clearly revels your own issues at hand. So once again your contentiousness is not welcome here.


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