Dr. Lillian Glass First Mentions Mistress Rachel Uchitel’s Lying Signal on Nancy Grace Show

When someone gives WAY too much information, like Rachel Uchitel did in her NY Post interview before she was lawyered up with Gloria Allred, it is a clear sign that they are LYING! So on Nancy Grace’s Show last Tuesday, Dr. Lillian Glass , who is a regular commentator on the show was the first to reveal Mistress Uchitel’s Signal of Deception.

Therefore, it came as no surprise today, when the home wrecking mistress revealed that she lied in order to “protect” Tiger.

She needed to “protect” Tiger Woods by not engaging in an affair with a married man in the first place.

But before she came clean, Mistress Uchitel told the media she never had an affair with Tiger Woods. In fact, she added that the hook-up news has made her “look like a home wrecker and an a- -hole.


She then went on to diss the Enquirer, who busted the story by saying” I told them not only did I have information to disprove the story, but I offered to take a lie-detector test.”

Truth be known, she did NOT offer to take a lie detector test. According to the Editor in Chief of the Enquirer, Josh Levin, she REFUSED to take a lie- detector test after he offered to have administered to her. In fact Levin revealed this exclusive information on the Nancy Grace Show.

Then she continued, “It’s the most ridiculous story. It’s like they are asking me to comment if there are aliens on Earth.
“It’s just dumb stuff. I was happy to answer any of their [the National Enquirer’s] questions, but they didn’t want to listen to me when I denied it. I look like a home wrecker and an a- -hole.


Her is why you are a HOMEWRECKER AND AN ASSHOLE, It is becuase you
1.got involved with a married man for what you now admitted was for five months.
2. lied to the press about your affair
3 lied about the lie dectector
4. and finally you ARE A HOMEWRECKER AND AN ASSHOLE because your ONLY came clean with the truth AFTER you discovered that other like-minded “whorey” types like

Mistress Number 2 Jaimee Grubb and Mistress Number

3 Kalika Moqin came forward to receive each of their 15 minutes of fame.

No doubt you wanted 15 more minutes of fame. You were also no doubt pissed that you weren’t the ONLY “hole in one,” so I wouldn; be surprised if you asked for some big bucks to keep quiet or you would share your hundred of emails and text messages from Tiger during you five month affair.

Even though you are spinning it in the press that you ever received any money from Tiger in exchange for your silence, since you have lied so much already, I don’t believe you. I think there must have been some type of payoff becuase the because you gave was totally lame.

You ans Gloria Allread were so gung ho to hage a news conference and then all of a studden it is cancelled becuase of “fear: for your safety and that you know too much about Tiger and his secrets and his marriage woes! Puleez- we aren;pt stupid. You probablt threatedned to tell all those secrets unless you received some financial remunieration no dount.

Only a “whorey” mentalities ” who are up to no good would think keeping the emails to use at a later date. You are the type of women that disgusts me to the bone ! You knew exactly what you were doing and kept them as an insurance policy at a later date. Perhaps they would “happen” to get stolen and leaked if Tiger decided to toss you away like a used Kleenex.


Normally if someone cheats, it is their business. Who cares what someone does in their private life. In fact because of all of the temptation and the entitlement issues we have come to expect stories about the cheating athlete like a Kobe Bryant or the musical beddings a film or music star. It may even come with the territory. It’s become so commonplace that it us the non cheating faithful mate who seems to be the oddity in the world of show business. While it’s interesting and titillating and makes good water cooler gossip, it’s really not such a big deal.

But politicians are different where character is an issue. A scum bag who can cheat on a wife who is dying of cancer and father an illegitimate baby with another woman and deny it like repulsive John Edwards has NO character and is NOT someone who want making political decisions on your behalf.

But when the public figure who goes out of his way to tell you how great and squeaky clean they are and then cheats-we feel pissed and betrayed! That is why people are reacting so negatively.


Even though there are a lot of disappointed people out there, his sponsors are still sticking by him through thick and thin, While he will definitely loose a lot of female fans, it won’t really matter that much because he mostly caters to male fans. But nevertheless, it is still a disappointment.


According to reports Tiger and Elin are getting some counseling. I think that is FANTASTIC! Both of them have way too much to lose in this relationship. They built a life together and they really need to stick it out for as long as possible and try to work it out for the sake of their precious children, Little Sam and Charlie need a loving and happy home. I pray that they can put all of this behind them and make it work! http://www.drlillianglass.com


One thought on “Dr. Lillian Glass First Mentions Mistress Rachel Uchitel’s Lying Signal on Nancy Grace Show

  1. Rachel, the home-wrecker, went out of her way to bash the messengers that gave the Enquirer the story. I thought it was disgusting what she said about them, hilarious when the Enquirer produced the pics proving them her friends after all. When a person tries to discredit the people with the truth, usually said person is a liar.
    It is shameful all these whores/home-wreckers are fighting for their 15 minutes of fame and cash instead of thinking of those two little babies. Shame on Tiger Woods.


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