Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner’s Body Language Showed Their Lack of Chemistry and How the Relationship Was Over Before It Began


Recently, the most popular music award winning star, country singer Taylor Swift and Twighlight’s hit movie star, Taylor Lautner have broken up, deciding decided they were better as friends . So when a “source” allegedly told US weekly that it “There was no chemistry, and it felt contrived, ” it came as no surprise to me .

It was obvious that the relationship between the two was clearly a “career enhancement relationship” move. They both furthered one another’s stock in the entertainment world. The idea of two young and innocent rising stars being boyfriend and girlfriend was sweet, but the reality was a different matter.

I’ll show various photos of the two of them when they were at the prime of their relationship and how certain body language “tells” clearly show that things were definitely lacking in the romance department.

There is not doubt that the two like one another- but only as friends and nothing else. Based on their body language analysis, the intention of their relationship no doubt helped support one another rise even higher on the star scale as their pseudo relationship’ became fodder for the tabloids.


The most tell tale sign as to whether or not someone is into you is in their “feet” believe it or not. If someone’s toes, are pointed in your direction chances are they really like you. If their feet are pointed in the opposite direction, chances are they are not definitely not into you.

In the case of he two Taylor’s, their feet were never feet were never pointed in one another’s direction. That is a bad sign.

In fact in the photo above, you can see Taylor Swift’ toes pointing at her own toes. This usually indicates at a person is clearly not into the other person. It shows that she would rather be by herself than with Mr. Lautner. Her looking down is also further indication that she wasn’t into him.

a href=”https://drlillianglassbodylanguageblog.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/taylors-lookin-down-and-her-feet-pointing-at-herslef3.jpg”>

This isn’t the first time Ms. Swift has her feet turned in and looks down at them, indicating ambivalence and that she would rather be alone or with someone other than Mr. Lautner.


Another telltale sign of a non relationship or a very bad one is when there is a lack of physical distance between the couple. In this case the two Taylor’s aren’t even touching one another. That is rather odd- especiay for young people whoa re supposedly an item, Usually, people that age can’t keep their hands to themselves as their hands are all over one another.Hormones alone often translate into a lot of touching and feeling and kissin and hugging and stroking and caressing.


The non touching and too much distance between them theme seemed to be a rather common occurrence between them. It seems that in most of their photo ops they appeared this way. It showed that their young bodies were telling it like it is- they simply weren’t into one another. No matter how hard they tried to show it for the cameras, it just wasn’t happening!



Another really bad sign that a person is not into you, is when you are both looking in different directions. That not only translates physcially, as you see here with both Taylor's looking in opposite directions during their photo ops, it translates literally as well. It means people are not like minded when they are not looking a the same things or in the same direction at the same time. This was a common occurence that could be seen in many of their photos together.


If this photo doesn’t represent the most awkward kiss we have seen from two stars allegedly in love, I don’t know what is. There is aobviously a height issue with Taylor Swift towering over Taylor Lautner and her trying to compensate her height to reach his lips.

It just doen’t work! you do not feel the chemistry when you look at this photo and neither did they. It is quite clear, they were kissing for the cameras but they weren’t able to pull off their sham relationship in the kissing arena.

In this photo above, Taylor Lautner’s body language is stiff and rigid. He is not leaning into her. He is clearly uncomfortable and looks so awkward. You are not feeling the kiss and neither are they.

Let’s hope that Mr. Lautner learns how to kiss and become more comfortable with displaying affection and romance, especially if he wans to continue on as a young heartthrob.

Having buff arms and ripped abs is not all it takes to be sexy, You need to know how to move, how to connect with a woman, and most of all how to kiss a woman.

There’s a heck of a lot of truth in the lyrics of that “oldie but goodie” song ‘It’s in His Kiss” sung by Cher. The lyrics “if you wanna know if he loves you so, it’s in his kiss.. thats where it is” hold true when it comes to lookin at any man’s chemistry or sexiness. Taylor Lautner I believe needs a lot more practice in this area. Maybe if he hooked up with a woman wherer he felt more chemistry and where the relationship wasn’t a PR move, he would be feeling it a lot more. but the bottom line is that we weren’t feeling it at all when it came to his planting one on Taylor Swift.


There is no doubt that this contrived romantic couple were just friends and not lovers. When you see someone touchin or hugging one’s shoulders it is a f’riendship hug” and definately not a “lover hug.” They are both hugging one another int he same manner which indicates that hey both feel the same way abou one anoher- tha they are simply good friends. There is nothing wron wih that by don’t try to spin it any other way as people will always detect that something is off. They may not know exactly what it is, but they will know that something isn’t right between a couple. So when PR people try to force a spin at us, we can’t buy it if it isn’t true.


I always say that the public is not dumb. We are shap as a tack, so when PR people think they can pull one over on us they are mistaken. Maybe they could back in the day when we weren’t as sophisticated it workes, but now that were as savvy and hip to their manipulative tactics we won’t fall for their BS. At any rate their respective PR teams earned their keep for yet another month’s salary as they did their job. They got their respective Taylor’s, cover stories in major magazines.


I have been analyzing Jon mayer’s body language for years. I analyzed him when he was with Heidi Kum, Jessica Simpson,and Jennifer Aniston, he was usually aloof in photos, not very demondtrative with his affections and rarely smiled. If he did, it was a pained and forced smile. In fact.

I commented in his body language in so many publications throughout the years as well as in in my own column “The Real Story, in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

So when I was sent these recently photos to analyze from “In Touch Weekly” about John Mayer and Taylor Swift, I was absolutely stunned! This is the first time I ever say John really really smile a genuine smile when he was around a woman. Taylor is equally as turned on by John as he was by her . Now that is chemistry! I don’t even have to analyze it for you. You can feel the sizzle! Now THAT is BODY LANGUAGE!


Body Language Analysis Can And Will Help Detect Terrorists! Signals To Look For In Spotting A Terrorist

While screening procedures in the US and Europe are stringent, 23 year old terrorist Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab still managed to fall through the cracks as he was allowed to board the flight where this Al Qaeda terrorist almost blew everyone to smithereens.

As a result, airlines around the world have issued notices that there will be heightened screening, more bomb-sniffing dogs, officer units and an increase in all Behavioral Detection Officers (BDO’s) at some airports.

But he problem is that that are not enough Behavior Detection Officers to go around. In fact, there are current estimates that BDOs are currently at less than 200 airports around the US.

That is why I feel compelled via this blog. I want to share with you the importance of body language and how it is a science and an art used by law enforcement and the FBI.

I will share valuable body language information with you about how to detect a potential terrorist. Hopefully, this make you feel safer the next time you have to fly. The information may even end up potentially saving your life!


Anyone who poo poohs the area of body language or makes disparaging comments about it, such as calling it a “pseudoscience’ is to be ignored in my opinion like a certain blogger recently did by the name of Leslie E. Packer, a Tourette Syndrome psychologist and author of http://www.pogowasright.org and Chronicles of Decent who goes by the moniker “dissent. ”

Leslie E. Packer, by the way, is the person, who without even knowing me, has had an obvious personal axe to grind, ever since I wrote a blog about Britney Spears back in 2008 when dear Britney was in so much trouble and people wondered what was wrong with her and why she possibly behaved as she did.


Leslie E. Packer, “dissent” of pogowasright.org and Chronicles of Dissent, of North Bellmore, New York, admits she also has issues with “media psychologists, ” including Dr. Phil and Dr. Laura, along with the work which I do in the media as a commentator, in addition to my work as a body language expert. She has even resorted to making disparaging remarks concerning Nancy Grace, a show on which I appear regularly as a commentator.

My personal opinion is that perhaps the reason Leslie E. Packer has lashed out at so many in the media, is due to “professional jealously” and her own envy at wishing to appear in the media.

It is ironic that Leslie E. Packer has called the area of body language a ‘pseudoscience,” when it was my use of my body language analysis techniques that uncovered this once “anonymous “ blogger who made farfetched and ridiculous claims about me concerning a blog I once wrote on Britney Spears back in 2008, during the time everyone was so concerned about dear Britney, who thank God, has turned her life around.

It is so ironic that Leslie E. Packer has called the area of body language a ‘pseudoscience,” when it was my use of my body language analysis techniques that uncovered this once “anonymous “ blogger who made farfetched and ridiculous claims about me concerning a blog I once wrote on Britney Spears during the time everyone was so concerned about dear Britney,who has now thank God, turned her life around.

Liskula Cohen and Rosemary Port

Since I am obviously on Leslie E. Packer’s radar so often, in my opinion, her behavior smacks of nothing other than “professional jealousy.” or envy. As a very famous psychotherapist, Sigmund Freud once said , “envy seeks to destroy.’

In their attempt to destroy others through their vitriol , they end up destroying themselves with stress related illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

They even end up destroying themselves like what happened in the case of an obviously jealous and envious “Non- Model, ” Rachel Port, who anonymously called “Vogue Model,” Lisukula Cohen, a “skank” in her blog. Subsequently, Rosemary Port’s ‘ anonymous “ identity was outed by Google, so she could no longer hide her nasty posts under the cloak of anonimity.

I didn’t need Google to discover the identity of Leslie E. Packer, PhD, who made what I believe to be ridiculous and far fetched claims about me. All I needed was my body language analysis skills to detect her identity which I did successfully.

So in my view, it is rather ironic that I used the exact same body language skills that Tourette Syndrome psychologist, Leslie E. Packer, author of pogowasright.org and Chronicles of Descent, refers to as a ”pseudoscience” to uncover her identity after she made her farfetched claims about me, while hiding behind the cloak of anonymity.

Even if someone has psychology training or is a licensed psychologist or even a Tourette Syndrome psychologist, like Leslie E. Packer, this does not mean they necessarily know anything about body language. In fact, most psychologists do not. They have not been specifically trained in this area or studied it intensively or had the practical experience it takes to understand the subtleties of this very important field of endeavor.


So the bottom line here is to never listen to anything negative a psychologist or anyone else may say about body language. It is a science based on research that has been replicated time and time again. While there are indeed cultural differences and nuances, there are universal behaviors that all human beings have, regardless of ethnic background.

There is also an art to the study of body language, as it takes years of experience to become very skilled at it in order to accurately read others.

In this day and age, as you will see in this blog, understanding certain body language “tells” can potentially save your live, especially when dealing with a potential terrorist.


A BDO basically observes a person’s body language to identify potentially high-risk passengers to help detect people exhibiting behaviors which indicate they could be a threat to aviation and/or transportation safety.

The program these officers undergo is a derivative of other successful behavioral analysis programs where ‘body language’ analysis has been employed by law enforcement and security personnel both in the U.S. and around the world.

In a nutshell, they screen travelers for involuntary physical and physiological reactions that people exhibit in response to a fear of being discovered. No matter how much people try to main train their cool, they are only human. So there is a response elicited deep in the brain – the limbic system, that translates the feelings of fear into autonomous nervous system responses. This can be seen in the form of uncontrolled eye and pupil movement to uncontrolled perspiration and respiratory response.

There are also associated body language movements and vocal as well as speech changes. So in essence, people convey emotions in subconscious gestures, facial expressions, speech and voice patterns in answers to simple questions such as what flight they are taking.


It is important that I bring out the point that even though a lot of these signals are exhibited, it doesn’t automatically mean a person is a terrorist or has criminal intent.

It does mean that this particular person needs to be watched carefully, as they would be determined to be a higher risk than those who don’t exhibit these signals.

So, to make sure these higher risk individuals who exhibit certain behaviors are well screened, they are referred for additional questioning and screening at the checkpoint.

But the problem here lies in the astuteness of the screener. Some screeners may be more lax than others, while other screeners may look at the wrong behavioral cues and misdiagnose the situation. Thus, they may allow those who shouldn’t be allowed through the screening process. As well they may misinterpret certain behavioral cues whereby they focus on the wrong person.

So because of the unpredictability to the security screening process some ‘terrorist types” may get through the security process as the Nigerian Northwest airlines flying terrorist just did.

That is why I am writing this blog for you so that you can feel a bit safer when you travel. I will share with you what signals you can look for to help you determine who may be suspicious as you travel. Who knows, the information I may be sharing with you may even end up saving your life.


While I don’t particularly like the notion that people are profiled because of their race, religion, or ethnic background, I believe that if it comes between a person’s hurt feelings and upset that they were singled out because of how they looked and our safety, I say, single them out!

Let’s face it, how many little old ladies or four year olds or tall blond women have blown up a plane? Every single terrorist thus far in terms of airport security have men male’s in their 20’s and 30’s of a specific ethnic group. While there have been women suicide bombers in Palestine. It is usually the exception rather then the rule.

Even though the TSA and BDO will never publicly admit to it, it does go on. Unfortunately it is upsetting to those who would never even dream of committing any terrorist act. I have spoken to enough people who mentioned to me they are repeatedly singled out, which they believe is the result of their skin color and how they look. Many with whom I have spoken to have even said they become used to it. Even though they don’t like it, they understand it- that it is all about safety.

They are even more upset that a few fanatics had to ruin things for the rest of their ethnic group.That is how most people feel about shoe bomber Richard Reid. He ruined it for everyone becuase now you have to inconveniently remove your shoes at the airport just because of him!

But no matter who is more scrutinized, it has to be the ones who fail the behavior analysis test- a recognized by legitimate law enforcement tool used worldwide whoa re scrutinized the most.

If someone look like they may be walking strangely because they have a device strapped to their leg or is doing a lot of bending down, or fiddling with chemicals, or they obviously need to be looked at more closely than others.


A day before shoe bomber Richard Reid tried to light his shoes on fire and blow up a plane, other lives were also spared. On an earlier flight the shoe bomber was refused boarding because the airport personnel’s instincts said something was amiss. But since he couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was amiss, the shoe bomber boarded a flight the next day and tried to do his dirty deed.

Using your “gut instinct” is your key to survival and can greatly help in your identifying a potential terrorist. Essentially, it is your body telling you that something is just not right! Maybe you see something in someone’s eyes, or the way they move that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. That is something to never be ignored! It is nature’s way of telling you something is wrong with this picture.

In looking for terrorists, the New York Post reported that “New York police officers are taught to be on the look out for men who appear freshly shaven with cuts or nicks — which could indicate a beard has just been removed or unfamiliar identification. It’s the little things like that which may set off alarm bells in your system. So listen to them!

I remember having those alarm bells going off in my system years back when a client was referred to me to help him with perfecting his communication and speaking skills as he wanted to appear on television as a financial analyst. Even though he was dressed well and wore an expensive, well tailored suit, there was something about him that literally made me sick to my stomach- so much so that I told him I wouldn’t be able to help him. There was something about his mask like smile and creepy stare that made by body feel sick. It turned out my instincts were right! Today he still sits in a federal penitentiary for his nefarious financial dealings.

Your instincts MUST be trusted. If someone seems suspicious to you, there is usually something you are picking up in their body language that just doesn’t seem right!

Maybe it was a sudden flash if anger you saw in their face or maybe their lack of movement bothered you. Maybe they were sweating on their forehead and upper lip when the temperature was cool inside the airport. Whatever it is, they rubbed you the wrong way- trust it!.


If you notice a person is sweating when the temperature indoors is climate controlled, that may not be a good sign. This is especially true if you see sweat above their upper lip or on their forehead.

This is usually a signal of nervousness. It can easily be spotted a red flag during the screening process at the airport. If they are asked more detailed questions, they will perspire even more , to the point they will have to wipe their foreheads or upper lip with their had or forearm.


When the terrorist gets a sudden flash of reality they are about to die as well when they commit their final act of terrorism, their whole body reacts in the form of uncontrollable shaking. This is due to the brain’s knowledge that something horrible is about to happen. It is the body ultimate response to fear.

The body undergoes a temperature change when it knows something harmful or scary is about to take place so it creates a shaking vibratory motion in order to help regulate the temperature change.

In fact one of he things that the hero, Jasper Schuringa, the Dutch tourist, who saved the flight mentioned during his CNN interview was that the terrorists shaking.


They will usually walk with a purpose and often walk as fast as possible. They are people on a mission and are focused to get to that mission. As a result you will never find them walking at a slow or leisurely pace.

They will walk as fast as possible without being noticeable and when they are walking their eyes will be fixed ahead. They will not be looking around . If they do it will be somewhat quick nervous glances- looking for authority figures or escape routes.

If they are in a group and walk behind one another in a single file as though they are on a mission. You need to pay attention to that. Most people walks side by side and not in single file.


You may see a lot of upper chest breathing and a lot of sighing behavior whereby they quickly take in a breath of air, and forcefully release all he air in a sudden burst. This often indicates a highly emotional state. It is their autonomic nervous system kicking in, over which they have no control.

When interviewed by security, changes in breathing such as a rapid rate, can also be a tell that the person is up to no good.


One of the things that passengers who were interviewed who were on the recent Northwesr flight said was that the terrorist appeared calm and showed no facial expression. This is consistent in what we know about the facial animation of terrorists.

According to those who have studied them like famed body language expert and Stanford University researcher Paul Ekman, who the show Lie to Me is based on, has discovered is that these terrorists lack animated facial expressions.

Thus, their facial expression will be consistent and not change. This is not normal behavior as our facial expression consistently changes. In essence, there is a mask like appearance. They appear to be focused on their mission and it show in their lack of facial animation.


You will often see tight or pursed lips. This indicates that they are holding something back (like the fact they are about to blow up a plane).

The mouth is very tense and doesn’t deviate from that position. This is one of the first things Israeli officers observe when then are screening people for possible terrorism. Once again, it is the function of the autonomic nervous system operating and muscularly bracing the terrorist for what is to come.

When they are interviewed by security and asked a lot of questions, there will usually be a lot of lip licking and lip biting and continued lip pursing, to indicate they are lying to authorities.


When researchers have studied body language of terrorists, the one thing they notice is a common denominator- all terrorists or potential terrorists have terrible eye contact.

In looking back at the security tapes of all of the 911 terrorists, not one of the men looked at the security guards. They all had their heads bowed down.

So this is a hue red flag indicating the kind of behavior that could reveal someone is planning a terrorist attack, as those from the TSA- Transportation Security Administration have reported.

The bowed heads often reflect a fear of discovery, So in their attempt to get under the radar, they will often bow their heads and not look at anyone. Therefore, avoiding eye contact with authorities is the kind of behavior that could indicate someone may be up to no good.

Because they know that their end and your end is near, another autonomic nervous system reaction is for them to widely open the folds of their upper and lower lids, thus giving a wide eyed appearance. In essence, what they are doing is taking in every detail of their last minutes.

When they are interviewed by airport security and asked a simple question like ‘where are you going?’ or “Where have you been?” you will often see a lot of eye “tells. ‘”

They may try to act as though they are in control and stare directly into the questioner’s eyes.This is a huge warning sign and an indication of deception.

Or they may be thrown off guard and look around to the left and right in their attempt to manufacture a response. This is also a huge warning sign.

Another “tell” is if their eyes continually art around as though they are looking for an escape route.

A final tell which indicates they are lying and fearful is rapid eye blinking.


There is often a lot of nose scratching and scratching in general. Once again, it is due to the increased blood flow, which is the result of the autonomic nervous system taking over. The capillaries expand. As a result, it causes you to itch and then to scratch.


Just as there is a serious lack of facial expression, there is often a serious lack of gestures . This is another huge red flag!

Often you will see unnatural hand movements that appear awkward.

Usually you will see their hands will be balled up in a fist like position. This represents a subconscious display of anger- anger at the enemy they are about to annihilate. This internal anger, which is revealed externally through their hands, helps them justify their upcoming egregious act.

If you see them with one hand is in a pocket and the other is not (and you see other intensity signs, know that you are in immediate danger!)

If their body is turned to the side it is also a signal that they are ready to attack!

When interviewed the security officer will notice a lot of foot shuffling and nervous hand movement such as hand picking, wringing, and pulling. These are all red flags, especillay when these gestures are being done while they are asked pointed questions.


Oftentimes when a person is nervous, you will hear their voice crack or go up an octave in pitch. The reason for this is due to the body’s defense mechanism that something awful is about to take place.

When being interviewed by security ,if the person is lying, their voice will give it away as their throat may often close up due to all the muscle tension as they have to clear their throat.

They may also speak at a rapid rate as to hurry up and get it over with.

They may even pause and hesitate, with a lot of like um and ums.

They may also speak loudly as if feign confidenc. But if they die off at the end of sentences when they speak, or speak too softly there is a good chance they may not want you to hear what they have to say. It is often a tell of deception.


Even though they may think they believe in their mission and in what they are doing intellectually, the terrorist’s body is telling them a completely different message.

Their body is screaming “ Are you crazy? Are you really willing to end your life and the lives of others for some promise that might not exist like having 40 beautiful virgins at your disposal? After you blow your body to bits how are you even going to enjoy the virgins you were promised?”


So besides the fear “tells” I listed earlier , you may also see changes in the color of their skin. Depending on their skin tone, it may become red and flushed if they are ligher skinned or grey and ashen is they are darker skinned.


As As they become more realistic that they will soon die you may see a flash bulb appearance to their eyes, as they open wide to take everything in one last time.


There may also be a lot of self touching or self grooming , brushing things off of them in a vigorous manner, which is a self comforting mechanism.


Being vigilant and observing all of the “tells” described in this blog when you encounter a fellow traveler who may rub you the wrong way or cause your hair to stand on end, may save your life!

If you feel something is amiss, don’t let it go. DON’T KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! Share your feelings with those in authority positions so that they can take a second look and save innocent people’s lives.

Body Language of U.S. Soldier on Video Released Christmas Day By Taliban Shows Signals of Distress And Being Manipulated In His Speech

Looking at the body language of the recently released videotape of Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl, the American serviceman in taken by the Taliban in Afghanistan six months ago, there is no question he was being manipulated and exploited. The words he spoke were clearly not his own.


The first “tell” is the staccato and monotone of his voice which clearly indicated he was trying to be precise in the rhetoric that he was obviously told to say. The fact that the tone is monotone shows that it is devoid of emotion that would normally go along with the passionate words that he spoke. In essence, there were no feelings behind the words he spoke, because it is clear to me that he did not believe them. There were also times where it appeared as though he was reading what he was no doubt told to say by the Taliban.


His cocked head when he begins to speak, shows that he is not confident as there is confusion and internal conflict of not wanting to be there and not being able to say what he really believes but is rather forced to say.


When you initially look at the tape and see that he is wearing sunglasses. Then in the middle of the tape there is a shot of him wearing no sunglasses . The sunglasses were used to hide the fact that he may have been reading perhaps a screen or cue cards held in front of him or even from a chalk board. The sunglasses are the Taliban’s attempt to make it look like he is speaking from the heart. The sunglasses are to hide his eyes tracking the words as he reads them.

There are times where you could see him looking down at his lap where it was clear that he looked like he was reading the notes.

Another reason for his being told to wear the sunglasses by the Taliban was for them to try and disguise any fear that others would detect through Bergdahl’s facial language or via his eye movements.

But even though they forced him to wear the sunglasses, his forehead movement and red nose and chin compared to the rest of his pallid complexion gave away that he was very sad. Perhaps may have even been crying. His facial expression looked as though he was about to break down in tears at any minute. His facial expression clearly leaked out signals of distress, despite the cover up of the sunglasses. Perhaps he was crying before and that is why they insisted he wear the sunglasses to hide his glassy teary eyes


His gestures were ridged and mechanical which is further indication that he was force fed his speech. They were out of synch with regard to what he was saying. He even gestures with one hand with the back of that hand exposed indicating insincerity. As he mentions how US officials keep leading America “into the same holes,’ and recites the names of the various the countries Vietnam, Japan, Germany, Somalia, Lebanon and Iraq he appears to be counting them on his fingers as though he was forced to memorize this information. There were several other times he made inappropriate hand gestures that didn’t coincide with what he was saying.


Apparently when pfc Bergdahl was first captured there was a military analyst for FOX television former Lt. Col. Ralph Peters went on the air to say that he was a deserter and should be killed.

I believe that Ralph Peters doesn’t know what he was talking about. After carefully examining this recent tape and the past tape which was released this summer, there is absolutely no way that he deserted his country. His body language, communication patterns clearly show that he is speaking against his will. There are too many body language and vocal “tells” which validate this.

In the first tape I observed, which was equally as disgusting as this latest tape, he was asked how he feels about Islam. He was very diplomatic and said that he was in essence raised to be open minded and to respect all religions and that he would learn more about it. Then you hear a voice from one of the Taliban questioners in the background say you should.’ It was as though they were trying to convert him right on the spot.

There were also several occasions where berdahl leqaked out sinals of distress on this facial expression.

So Ralph Peters I believe, acted very irresponsibly and added insult to injury by making this ridiculous statement about a now captured prisoner of war.

The fact that this video was released this video on Christmas Day was an obvious attempt by the Taliban to show contempt and disrespect for an American tradition. What they forced him to say in terms of how well he was treated and that his clothing was not removed and he wasn’t attacked by dogs as was the case in Abu Ghrab prison was a clear and obvious dig and contempt against the Americans for how they treated their prisoners of war. They actually did have a point there. In any event, it was there way of letting us know that Pfc Bergdahl is not being abused by having to parade around in the nude and be attacked by dogs. But there are other types of abuse as any POW will tell you. we don’t know what this soldier has had to endure over the past five months. We can only pray for him and for his family for a speedy release. We can only pray that he does not have to suffer while he is in captivity in enemy hands. http://www.drlillianglass.com

Photo of Tiger Woods a LAX Elicits Body Language of Smirks, Giggles, and Groans


The other day I was at Los Angeles Airport headed towards the baggage claim area when I saw a huge backlit wall mural of Tiger Woods staring at me. My immediate thought was “ I wonder if that sponsor left Tiger’s photo up intentionally or they forgot to take it down. Perhaps they are sticking by Tiger until they see what else happens.”

But what happened next was rather interesting from a sociological standpoint. I immediately heard a man in back of me chuckle and say in a loud voice to the man he was with “ Hey look, it’s Tiger Woods ! Can you believe that?” The man with him replied, “Yeah, they should have a photo with him will all the women he slept with next to him. Now that would be funny! Then the man who made the initial comment about the photo retorted. “Yeah if they were all nude that would be even funnier.”


I then slowed down my pace and let these two men pass me and walked over to the area where people would first see the photo. I had the impulse to conduct a little informal psychosocial experiment and see other’s reactions to the photo. Would they react like these two men? What comments would they make if any? And what did their body language say when they unexpectedly saw a photo of the most famous adulterer over the past few weeks, staring them in the face as they shuffled through the airport to pick up their luggage ?


Several people I observed made no comment but shook their heads while others ignored Tiger’s photo completely and went about their business, hurrying their pace to get to the luggage carousels. I did however, observe that many people smiled or smirked. The ones who did verbalize often had a snicker or a giggle. Here are some of the comments I over heard :
“What an asshole!”
“What a scumbag!”
“Hey look.! That’s Tier Woods! Heh heh”
“Tiger Woods? Oh No!”
“That wife of his is gonna be rich when she leaves him!”
“Tiger Woods” (said with a groan)”


While I didn’t do a major scientific study here, I did get enough of a sampling to see that people did react to the photo in negative way. That is something that would have never happened months earlier. The reaction to the photo would have either been neutral or positive, but never negative.

Tiger’s womanizing has had such a negative affect on his image that many of his sponsors have dropped him and I believe many will continue to drop him, depending on what else unfolds.

If more mistresses or sex partners come forth, more and more sponsors will drop him like a hot potato. If a love child should emerge, I think he can kiss the majority of his sponsors goodbye. And if the nude photos of him should appear, it’s OVER!


Can Tiger’s image be resurrected ? Can he be forgiven by the public? Personally I don’t think so. It’s not only that he had all these mistresses and sex partners while he was married which is disturbing. It’s bad enough that he lied to his wife, But what is just as upsetting if not more is the fact that he lied to all of us fans.

He made us think he was “Mr. Squeaky Clean,” when in reality he “Mr. Freaky, Not So Clean.” People can’t stand to be fooled and they can’t stand hypocrites.

Also he gave such lame apologies, that it added insult to injury for many of his fans.

It was not one or two women with whom Tiger had an affair. It was 14 if not more and he had the affairs when his wife was pregnant with their children. That is pretty sleazy no matter how you look at it. There is no way that you can spin that around PR wise.


If ANY PR person spins it that Tiger has a sexual addiction so we should forgive him because he can’t help himself and is powerless over sex, nobody will buy it! We are not stupid! He had sex with so many women- because he could! It’s that plain and simple. He was in a different city all the time and wanted different women other than his wife to address his sexual needs. That’s it!

While he may also have the “Madonna Whore Complex’ where a man find’s that he can’t get sexually turned on by the mother of his kids, Tiger was allegedly cheating on Elin before she became the mother to his children. He was even cheating during his bachelor party, which is pretty sleazy as well.

These are more the reasons why I don’t think people will to be so open to readily forgive him for his indiscretions.


The only person I have heard stick by Tiger and say something positive about him is Donald Trump, who is good friends with Tiger. He was very supportive of Tiger on Larry King Live. Donald has been known for his loyalty and values that trait in others, so it is not surprising that he would support his friend through thick and thin. I actually find this trait admirable in a person and that is another reason why I am so fond of Donald Trump.

But for those who are not Tiger’s close friend like Donald Trump, but rather his fans who used to respect Tiger and even looked twice at any product because he endorsed it, I don’t think most people would be that loyal to a man who misrepresented himself in such a big way.


So much of what will happen to Tiger in the future will depend on what happens with his relationship with Elin- if she leaves him for good and divorces him, or if he ends up with one of the mistresses. It will be interesting to see which sponsors continue to stick with him and which ones drop him.

No matter which sponsors stick with him or not, I think that for the rest of the public to not have a negative perception of Tiger or look at him without a smirk, giggle, or groan will be a huge challenge for him.

Public trust is not something to be toyed with. While we all love a good comeback, I think it will be extremely hard for Tiger to come back. What he did was so egregious. It will take a long time, if ever, for him to regain the public’s respect, no matter how great a golfer he was. http://www.drlillianglass.com

Kate Gosslin’s Body Language on Jay Leno Shows She’ NOT Ready for Prime Time And Unrealtistic Expectations In Wanting to Appear on Dancing With the Stars


Before Kate is ready to appear on camera other than a mother disciplinining her husband and kids she needs a lot of work in my opinion. Her constant phony laughter on the show where there was no associated eye movement or cheek movement but just a loud laugh which was inaapropriate at times, her mugging for the camera, snarky sacrsasm,shoulder shrugs, and amature timing reflects that she does not have the IT factor required for on camera personalities.


As the Body Language Expert on Dancing With the Stars, I have personally seen the tremendous hard work and dedication that it takes to participate in this show- up close and personal. When you sign up to be one of the dancers you might as well kiss your life as you knew it goodbye. You will rarely see your family for months and if you do it will be for a very short period of time. That would be a horrible thing for her 8 kids. They would not be seeing their mother very often and that is for sure!

Anyone appearing on the show as a dancer has to be prepared for a lot of physical pain that may possibly even debilitate them for a while . This is especially true if they happen to break a bone, pull a ligament, or sprain an ankle. This could put a mother of 8 who needs to remain in tip top physical condition, out of commission when she needs to be there for her kids 100 per cent. She is definitely not considering her kids in her decision. She is obviously just considering herself and not her kids to even consider appearing on the show without thinking about that. While Marie Osmond was a mother with children, she didn’t have 8 little ones who were very dependent on her as Kate’s children are.

The dedication and the requirements to learn the dance routines each week is tremendous. It is not a frivolous show on which you appear to “laugh at yourself” as Kate said on Leno. The routines and the hours and the hours and of practice required and the physical stamina has been a challenge to world class and Olympic athletes. So when she said she is not a dancer and it was embarrassing to hear her speak and make light of this show.

As I said in my last blog, Kate needs to spend the time raising her 8 kids and giving them the attention they need and address any and all psychological needs they may have as a result of the fallout from her nasty divorce with Jon and their trashing one another in the media. She does not need to be away from them for months with only a few meager visits when they need so much attention at this crucial age.


Many may feel that since Kate rubs so many people the wrong way, it may be a bad idea to put her on such a popular well rated show as DWTS, as it could reduce the show’s ratings, with people turning it off if Kate appears on it. Personally, I think that the ratings would go up, but only if they paired her up with one of my favorite professional dancers Maksim Chmerovskiy.


If Kate does appear on DWTS, the only salvation would be if she gets partnered up with no nonsense Maxim Chmerkovskiy . Maxim is pretty hard on his partners if he detects any BS, attitude, or the dancers don’t live up to his professional expectations.

He would definitely give Kate a reality check. He wouldn’t let her get away with any of her nonsense. He would for sure give her a taste of her own medicine so she will completely get what it feels like to be treated the ways he treated Jon or her kids. Heaven help her if she tries to bully Maxim around! Now that would be GREAT reality TV! She can then see what it feels like when the tables are turned on her.


I am not the only one that thinks her performance on Leno was wooden and vey amaturish or thinks she performed so poorly on Leno that it was an embarrassment.

And for those of you who may say that I don’t know what I’m taking about, for the past two and half decades that is exactly what I did for people in Hollywood, helping them to get ready for “prime time” and learn how to effectively appear on television. In fact a lot of people who see on camera – talk show hosts, news personalilities as well as actors, political people and others have been trained by me. So I say with complete confidence that Kate needs a LOT of training!

TMZ said : Kate Gosslin- No Future in Showbusiness! With her appearance on that Jay Leno thing last night, we can now say with 100% certainty Kate Gosselin has absolutely no on-camera talent whatsoever … beyond yelling at children, of course.”

“Perez Hilton Said Shameless! Kate Gosslein Fishes for Work! Leno asked the mother of eight if there was a certain reality show she’d like to appear on.”Yes, Dancing with the Stars because I cannot dance,” Kate quickly offered. “I want to laugh at myself. I so cannot dance. It would be a sad sight.” Is that your open plea to ABC, Kate Gosselin??? Sad!”

The Baltimore Sun said “ TV: Kate Gosselin on Jay Leno: TV mom bombs again”

Radaronline Said “ Friday night’s Jay Leno show featured Kate Gosselin for the 10 @ 10 segment — that’s 10 questions at 10 pm, for those of you who’ve never seen it — and the newly-divorced reality star had just one quirky revelation.When Jay asked if there was another reality show she’d like to compete in, her answer was Dancing with the Stars. Although the former Jon & Kate star said she’d do it just as a laugh because she can’t dance at all, we have the feeling she was seriously floating the idea to producers.”


In a way I do hope that producers put her on so that even more people can be turned off by Kate’s whining, entitlement and self absorption so that they won’t want to tune into her own upcoming show on TLC .

When she isn’t able to take off and see her kids whenever she wants to because of her grueling workout schedule, she will not be laughing .

When she isn’t able to walk after the first week because of all the muscle pain and all the physical hard work it takes she will quickly see that she won’t be doing the show for “laughs.”

And finally when she gets a reality check from Maksim ,if the show pairs her up with him, I can assure you that she will not be laughing- but crying if she tries to pull any of the obnoxious behavior we have see her exhibit on television thus far.

If Kate wants a career on television, in my opinion she definately needs to get some professional training because being a mother on a reality show isn’t the experience you need to sustain a bona fide television career.

Meter Reader’s Ex Wife, Jill Kerley, Shows Signals of Deception When Discussing Roy Kronk Possibly Murdering Caylee Anthony


When Cindy Anthony recently said on the Today show that “they did not investigate all the evidence in the case,: I assumed she was no doubt, referring to Roy Kronk, the meter reader who discovered the body of her granddaughter Caylee Anthony.

Then, I received emails from several of my wonderful and loyal readers asking to me analyze the body language of Roy Kronk’s ex wife, Jill Kerley, who stated that ” he probably was the one who killed Caylee Anthony.”


Before I share my thoughts and observations, I want to say that as soon as Roy Kronk came forward and appeared publically, I scrutinized his body language and communication patterns. I I did not find any “tells” indicated deception or that he was not telling the truth.

He appeared direct and forthright in his body language as there was a fluidity in his movements with no hesitation in his voice. What he said matched how he moved and comported himself. He appeared genuine to me as he discussed his finding Caylee’s body.


Having said that, I will say that there are indeed some unanswered questions as to how he discovered the body, as Kronk called 911 three times, saying he saw something suspicious in the woods off Suburban Drive.

It makes me wonder if

a. he didn’t possibly know someone who may have overheard Casey talking about where she put the body.

b.Perhaps he played detective on his own and went into the woods with the intention of discovering the body, or

c. what seems to me to be the most likely scenario, was that maybe he had to relieve himself and went into the woods and found a body there. But the bottom line is that he did find the body! If he had something to do with Caylee;s murder, chances are he would NOT have wanted the bOdy to be found!


The other thing that points fingers to Casey rather than to Kronk was how Casey allegedly reacted when she was sitting in the infirmary and heard on television that Caylee’s body had been found.

According to those who witnessed her reaction, she apparently doubled over as though she had cramps. She was BUSTED and she knew it, so her autonomic nervous system took over! Apparently she wasn’t upset that her daughter was dead, she was upset that she got caught.


If any of us were asked about an “ex” boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse who did us wrong, most of us definitely would not have anything nice to say about them as we would recall every flaw they possibly had. Likewise, if the relationship ended badly, they may not have anything positive to say about us. So from that standpoint, analyzing what anyone says about an “ex,” one always has to be cautious.

That is why it is so important to look at body language and voice and speech patterns to see if indeed they match up. In Jill Kerley’s case they do not match up.


I initially looked at Jill Kerley’s tapes when they first became public back in September. In examining the tapes of Kronk’s ex wife, to whom he had been married to for only four months, I immediately observed a very bitter, angry and disgruntled appearing woman, still bearing the scars from a no doubt, Toxic ex husband.

I later leaned that Ms. Kerely was suffering from teminal cancer. While I felt sorry for her and her having to deal with her condition, it had no effect on my analysis of her specific body language “tells” as they related to her ex husband.


Some of these “tells” included a lot of looking away to the side, lip pursing, shoulder shrugs, and hyper articulated speech with too much pause time when asked pertinent questions, as well as closing her eyes (not wanting to see the truth) when asked when asked pertinent questions. All of this made me question whether Ms. Kerley was telling the truth about Ray Kronk and whether or not she really believed her very serious allegations she was making about him.

The two most important statements which she made clearly show the deception signals to me. This make me think that she most likely did not believe what she was saying about Kronk or that she was not telling the whole truth.

When she says “He duct taped my hands one time, “ she looks way off to the side so that you can see her sclera (the whites of her eyes) as she purses her lips (holding back). These are clear signals of deception.

Even if he did duct tape his ex wife’s hands, the person who duct taped Caylee didn’t duct tape her hands but rather he mouth and nose. Most killers don’t just use the same material, (duct tape) they often use the same ritual for their killing. So had Kerely said Kronk duct taped her mouth and nose, there might have been more cause for concern. But the fact that he used duct tape on he hands means nothing to me.

Then when she says” he probably was the one who had murdered Casey”, said in a halting hesitation in a slow hyper articulated speech pattern in contrast to a more rapid rate of speech pattern when she discussed other things , it spoke volumes to me. There was also a slight head movement as she spoke these words. It was a red flag that said that said to me that she was probably not telling the truth when she said that. She probably did not believe what she was saying about Roy at all. It seemed to be like her final attempt to finally get back at him for all the grief he apparently caused her during their short but tumultuous Toxic relationship.

After hearing her say these words, it seemed like an obvious attempt by Casey’s legal team to involve Kerley ( a sympathetic cancer suffering woman who is in essence making a deathbed confession) so they could point a finger at Kronk and deflect attention away from Casey and create reasonable doubt.


When I heard veteran attorney, Linda Kenny Baden a member of Casey’s defense team referring to Kerely’s
accusations about Roy Kronk on the Today Show, I observed via her body language and verbal ”tells” that even she, didn’t believe what Ms. Kerely was saying.

While the attorney said the right words in her attempt to defend Casey, her body language screamed that she was clearly not buying it. Her lip licks, eye gaze, lack of hand movement, shoulder shrugs and numerous other “tells” while making pertinent statements said it all.

Once again, it validated my thoughts that Jose Baez’s team was really doing whatever they could to cast reasonable doubt . But it wasn’t working- at least from my standpoint.


To further insure their position in casting reasonable doubt and taking the attention off of Casey, the defense team interviewed yet another ex spouse of Roy Kronk’s- Crystal Sparks. During her interview, Sparks also spoke about alleged abuse from Kronk and his “laziness.”

She also said “He made threats. He made constant threats against me,” “It was not uncommon for him to say ‘I should have killed you when I had the chance.’ I heard that all the time.”

Once again, just because one threatens a spouse in the heat of anger, does not mean they would kill a child. While there is motive in killing the spouse- enough anger at what went on in the relationship to destroy the spouse, that wouldn’t necessarily translate into motive for killing an innocent little girl with whom he did not have a long term or intimate relationship.

Then Sparks said “Roy is not heard from. Roy is not seen. Roy is just non-existent in our lives, which is great for us.”

Then disgruntled ex, Crystal Sparks seems to contradict herself about Roy as she said that Kronk told her son two weeks before Thanksgiving, that he was going to be a hero and on TV. She reported that her son said “‘I know where Caylee is and I’m going to go get her,’

My question is that if he was so nonexistent in their lives, how did he suddenly become so existent two weeks before Thanksgiving ,all these years later. Besides, this is heresy. Crystal said her son said Kronk said this. I would like to hear this directly from the son’s mouth as I watch his body language before I would believe this allegation.

Then Sparks made the allegation that he was inappropriate with young girls. There is even an interview the defense made with the daughter of Sparks who claims Kronk was inappropriate with her when she was a young girl as he watched her dress etc. To that I say, even if he was inappropriate with young girls, that is quite a leap from oogling them or leering at them to creating violence with them- duct taping their mouths and killing them.

No doubt, this is yet another attempt on the defenses part to make Kronk look bad in the court of public opinion and in the eyes of a jury to take the oneness off of Casey and point the finger at Kronk, thereby creating reasonable doubt.

So what if Kronk is lazy and has a drinking problem, is an absentee father, was inappropriate with young girls, and has had a history of abusing women- especially ex wives. That doesn’t necessarily translate into a history of abusing and killing children. He may have issues with grown women and not little girls.


No matter what one says about Roy Kronk and any circumstantial evidence there may be, to me all fingers point back to Casey. After all:
a. Casey was the mother of the child who did NOT report her child missing for 31 days
b. Casey lead law enforcement on a wild goose chase
c. Casey lied about her work
d.Casey was out partying while her daughter was missing
e. Casey has yet to identify or find Zanny the Nanny
Even if she and her defense team stick to the cockamamie story that Zaniada Gonzalez threatened her if she talked to police and that is why she didn’t report Cayle missing, who is Zanny the Nanny and why hasn’t she been found yet? And finally,
f. Casey’s circumstances in which she took Caylee out of the home after having a fight with Cindy.

This fight, I might add may be the reason why Cindy is so intent on defending Caylee. It may be due to her guilt at throwing Casey out of the house for her bad behavior and Casey taking Caylee with her and no doubt killing her to get back at Cindy. That seems like a motive to me. It also seems like motive to bounty hunter Leonard Padilla who initially bailed Casey out of jail and who also saw the whole family up close and personal.

It is clear to me that Kronk is being made the escape goat for the Casey Anthony defense team. From witness, he has now become a victim in this whole tragic mess.

The bottom line is that he found the remains and thankfully the judge will not allow Baez and his legal cohorts to bring in Kronk’s past, point the finger at him and put him on trial when all fingers needs to be pointed at the real culprit- Casey Anthony.


Instead of pointing the finger and questioning Kronk, Cindy and George Anthony need to be grateful to him for finding he remains of their beloved granddaughter.

In doing so, Konk has allowed them to have the closure they desperately needed so that they could know their granddaughter was no longer alive and so that they could bury her and grieve her properly.

Cindy, the most vocal of the two needs to put her focus on the “real killer” and not pull at straws. As egregious as it is to her, Cindy needs to come to grips that the “real killer” may no doubt be her own daughter.

She needs to deal with her own guilt in terms of what she has allowed Casey to get away with all these years and her own guilt on the night she threw Casey out of the house which precipitated all of this. She needs to know that it was not her fault what Casey did after she was kicked out of the house.

As much as I have found Cindy’s behavior to be obnoxious in the past, I do understand that it no doubt comes from guilt and fear. I only hope for her sake that as this trial progresses, she is under the care of a licensed psychotherapist who can help guide her through the emotional roller coaster that is yet to come. http://www.drlillianglass.com