White House Gate Crasher’s Manipulation , Lies, and Lack of Remorse Show Signs of Sociopathic Behavior

Today I appeared MSNBC to discuss the White house party crashing Salahis from a psycosocial standpoint. I discussed why they did what they did. Here are some more of my thoughts on these two Sociopaths.


We have yet to hear what these two White House party crashers have to say for themselves, since they cancelled Larry King Live in order to hold out for an interview that would pay them six figures. This in itself is very disturbing as it reflects manipulation, something a lot of Sociopaths do. There are a number of other things to which I have been paying close attention. In researching their writings and their backgrounds I see a lot of signals that indicate Sociopathy according to the Hare Scale of Psychopathy.


Before I begin I want to share with you the difference between a Psychopath and a Sociopath. A Psychopath is more methodical and organized and not as spur of the moment as the Sociopath. Otherwise they are essentially the same thing.

The major characteristic is their lack of empathy as they use charm manipulation to get what they want. Since they do not have a conscience and empathy, they take what they want and do as they please. In essence, they violate social norms and expectations without guilt and remorse.

They are glib and superficially charming and can even mimic human emotion. Some, like the Salahis can blend in quite well for a long time until they are caught. Even if they are busted as in the case of the Salahis, it doesn’t seem to faze them in the least. They show unmitigated gall as the Salahi’s have shown in manipulating the press for the highest interview fee. There is no cure for the Sociopath as one percent of the population have this disorder.


Besides whoring out for money and seeing which media venue would be their biggest “John,” the next two things that bothered me about these two which point them in the direction of being Sociopaths is their lack of remorse and lack of taking responsibility for what they did.

The Secret Service manned up and showed remorse as they said they took full responsibility and felt terrible about what happened. But we certainly did not hear from the Salahi’s in this regard. I am sure they are noT remorseful at all. They are thrilled as it put these two self absorbed narcissists on the map. It gave them the attention they craved. So they don’t feel bad about what they did like normal people would feel . Instead, they feel GREAT!


The fourth and fifth and sixth things that bothered me about these two is their glibness and superficial charm as these wanna be’s try to Hob Nob with the movers and shakers.

If you look at EVERY single photo of the wife Michaelea Salahi she is posed. She obviously knows how to act and how to behave at these VIP soirees.
She clearly looks like she can put on the charm and she does.

In examining a variety of photos of her over the internet with celebrities you state to see a pattern emerging. With her hand strategically placed on VP Biden’s chest, hugging on to fahionista Betsy Johnston,

and displaying a way too close for comfort pose with Dancing With the Stars winner Donny Osmond, to finally
finally her looking directly into Obama’s eyes as she did at the crashed event, she clearly knows how to manipulate and weasel her way into things.

She does it by using her good looks to the fullest extent. Since she is so pleasing on the eye, people are charmed by that alone. So they let her in and have let her get away whatever she wants. She has relied on her good looks for years and used them to gain entry and charm .


Michaela is model thin and has a gorgeous wardrobe . Her hair is shiny blond and her face, although it is nothing special is symmetric, thereby making her attractive. With the right makeup, her imperfections from a long nose and crooked teeth are not that noticeable. With all the right pampering (7 hours in a DC Salon to get ready for the White House crashing) and botoxing , she no doubt looks much younger than her late forty something age. Her slender figure also keeps her youthful looking.

She looks like a celeb, so celebs initially react to her as if she is one . Gate keepers may let her into places us mortals cannot go, simply because she looks and carries herself like a VIP. The first thing she does when she sees a celeb is grab her on hand photographer husband Tareq to snap a photo of her and whomever ,like Donny Osmond . She gets cuddly and close and voila (she is their new best friend) But the celebs don’t mind . They think she must be a celeb too. Because she is no doubt, so overly friendly and charming, they don’t want to embarrass her or themselves by not remembering her or if and where they met her, so they play along . The smile nicely for the photo op and then it is over.


She not only looks posed with the celebs where she leans her head in like she is their best friend. She even looks posed in the video and photos of her own wedding .

Her mask like smile also disturbs a lot of people. In fact one comment from her wedding video ( which was professionally produced so it looked like it was a Royal wedding with 30 bridesmaids dressed in flesh colored gowns) was “her smile is so phony I could puke. ” What this viewer is reacting to is something to which we all react- a mask like empty smile that so many sociopaths exhibit. Ted Bundy. Bernie Madoff, and wife and baby killer Scott Peterson has the same mask like Cheshire cat smug smile.

Remember how charming Ted Bundy was as he lured in all those women which he subsequently murder? Remember how charming Amber Frey said Scott Peterson was so charming as he lured her in? Well the Salahis may not murder a person’s body, but they very well may murder their pocketbook and swindle like a Madoff.
Look at all the photos of Michaela on the internet.

They are all of her with that the same mask like expression. If you see one or two photos, you don’t notice it. But if you see a lot of them it begins to give you the creeps. There is something wrong- very wrong!


We all saw her feelings of grandiosity when she first walked into the room to be announced at the White House. The White House press snapped photos of her. Michaele and Tareq walked by and photos were snapped. Buy she wasn’t satisfied. She went back and stood in front of the press corps for them to take more photos of her. No one else did that- just her! It was an obvious display of malignant narcissism.


Reports also show that in Aspen at a Snow Polo Event although the husband Tareq paid the 3000 dollar entry fee, he failed to pay the rest of the fee and stiffed people. The Salahi’s have apparently left a trail of debts behind them. They appear to be mired in debt and lawsuits against them where they owe a lot of money, according o sources and reports.


The superficial charm and lack of boundaries also concern me in the photos. Michale’s putting her hand on a Vice Presidents chest in such an intimate gesture with her hand on his heart is disrespectful and unconscionable.

If you look at every single photo of Michaela her head is cocked towards the person like she is their best friend. But the give away is this mask like appearance. She is an obvious wanna be phony.

When she double cupped Obama’s hands with both of her hands it means in body language talk that you are trying to influence someone. No doubt she was trying to influence Obama with her charm. It was unacceptable and showed her disrespect for the office of the President. You never double cup a President’s hand. He is in power and if anyone is gonan double cup it is him- not you. You need to respect that protocol and reflect it in your body language.



The LYING is also great cause for concern. While there is evidence the Salahis had their photo taken with Obama at an event in 2005, they were not “dear friends.” She was delusional when she revealed on her twitter page back on Sept 26:
“Honored to participate in the Black Caucus Gala this evening, and meet with my dear friends President Obama & DNC… http://bit.ly/42gLXX 9:27 PM Sep 26th from Facebook

If she was “dear” friends with the Obamas, they would have immediately come to her rescue and said they knew her and Tariq and all would be fine. But that is not what happened. Obama is upset about this security breach and upset they got into the Party uninvited.

We are now discovering that Michaela is full of lies. She said she was a member of the Redskins cheerleading squad back in the ’90s, but team officials have no record proving her claim.

If this is the case this is one sick and scary woman! And to think she got so close to our President. Nothing happenedm but it could have happened with her just as it could have happened with any other sick lying Sociopath.


These two had all the trappings that made them look like rich folk, They were heading up Polo Events which they hosted so that they could stalk their prey. They had a winery which apparently Tarequ the husband sued his mother to obtain and which he ran into the ground financially.

With a Winery and Polo it seemed like great stalking ground for wanna be’s to tap into the lives and the pocketbooks of the rich and the famous. The hoped that some of the celebrity and fame of those who attended their polo events rubbed off on them. They also hoped some the celebrity money would rub off into their pockets as well.


No doubt Michaela told the Housewives of DC production company that she could get them into the White House so they needed to film he . That is why someone was seeing following her around with a camera while another was seen powdering her face and primping with her hair by NBC’s Brian Williams. He astutely saw that something was very wrong with that picture.

I certainly hope that the Housewives of DC don’t put her on and indulge this sociopathic narcissist. They may feel they have an obligation to put her on the show because she did after all put them on the map. Who heard of them before that? No doubt they would garner ratings as she would be the one you love to hate- the Omarossa of the wives set. It might work at first but in the long run, it might come back to bite them . People could gang up and boycott the show after the first episode. People are LIVID at the Salahi’s and would be livid if any show made reality stars out of them. They would be rewarding bad behavior and there would be protests. It wouldn’t be worth it.


There is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING Michaela and Tareq Salahi can to do repair their image. No top PR agent, no spinmeister, no one can ever fix what they did. It is unfixable. No one likes a cheater and a liar. No one likes people who feel entitled that they don’t follow rules and protocol when it is essential to do so. No one likes a manipulator. No one likes phoniness. No one likes a mask like smile.
Nothing can repair their lack of remorse and their holding out for a better offer than Larry King! No one will tolerate this. We have seen enough of these non talented zeros with nothing to offer- trying to be famous for being famous. Their 15 minutes are over! They are not interesting ‘

I just hope that NO media venue comes forward to offer them money. That would speak volumes about the venue and people would in turn disrespect that venue. It may also cost the venue in the long run- just like the Gosselin’s cost TLC in bad press. Ratings may happen initiallybut they need to be sustained so it wouldn’t be worth putting these sociopathic low lifes on any show. http://www.drlillianglass.com


2 thoughts on “White House Gate Crasher’s Manipulation , Lies, and Lack of Remorse Show Signs of Sociopathic Behavior

  1. Body language analysis is so fascinating. Good job, Dr. Glass. This couple has a thirst for being in the spotlight and it’s causing them nothing but trouble. Did they think people wouldn’t ask questions and dig into their background. Not only do they have a Secret Service investigation but the digging also exposed lawsuits, bad debts, problems with the neighbors, lying about being a Redskins cheerleader. They should have just stayed under the radar.


  2. The sad fact is that they probably will benefit financially from their antics. No different than the woman with 6 kids giving birth to another 8 while living with her mother. We were all sickened. But we tuned in to watch…and it made her money.


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