Don’t Be Blinded by Tiger Wood’s Celebrity! His TOXIC Alleged Cheating Behavior Towards Wife Elin and Lack of Good Communciation Could Destroy His Family

  • I just finished writing a sequel to my best selling book “ Toxic People- 10 Ways of Dealing With People Who Make Your life Miserable.” The sequel and new book is called “ Toxic Men- Identify, Deal With and Heal from Men Who Make Your Life Miserable.” Adams media will be publishing it and you will see it on shelves next year in 2010. It is not about male bashing or man hating. Instead, it is a very realistic book that empowers both men and women. There is a section in the book that clearly reflects what happened between Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren. The above photo, however, reflects the two of them in happier days.

    So before any of you get on Team Tiger because he is the best golfer that ever lived, look at the whole picture. Don’t be blinded by his looks, his fame, his celebrity, his wealth, his power, his skills, his talents or his endorsements or the fact that he has a whole community in Dubai named after him, The Tiger Woods! Too many are willing to look the other way because of a person’s celebrity status.

    Too many are willing to hide their heads in the sand and give the celeb a “free pass” because of who they are. Who cares who a person is? Toxic behavior is Toxic behavior no matter who is doing it- even beloved Tiger Woods!


    The bottom line is the man allegedly cheated or was thinking about cheating on his wife and she scratched the hell out of his face and chased after him with a weapon, he held near and dear to his heart- a golf club. He apparently told someone in detail about what happened before his Escalade hit a fire hydrant.

    Allegedly, Elin confronted him about reports that he was seeing another woman. The argument got heated and she scratched his face up.

    So Tiger made a hasty retreat for his Escalade when Elin followed close behind with a golf club. striking his SUV with the club several times as he drove away. This no doubt “distracted,” Tiger who thought the vehicle was stopped, and looked to see what happened and ended up hitting the SUV hit the fire hydrant and then hit a tree.

    He also told the informant that he had been taking prescription medication for an athletic injury which explained why he seemed somewhat out of it as authorities and paramedics arrived at the scene.

    While I personally do not condone physical violence of any kind, many would say that Tiger had it coming. If he could destroy this stunningly gorgeous family and all the love that was there for a stupid indiscretion there is no way I would support Team Tiger on any level. I am almost certain that his late beloved father coach and mentor wouldn’t tolerate this behavioras well.

    Look at these heartwarming photos. If Tiger could cheat on his beautiful and loving family, then he is a stupid TOXIC idiot ! I hope that if this is the case he gets himself into therapy and sorts himself out immediately. Elin will have her own hell to contend with for scratching him and banging up his car.

    Even though she was livid and thought he no doubt deserved what he got, she was clearly not using her head at the time. There is a huge price she may have to pay for her actions. Everyone must know the reality of this and not act blindly when you feel like clocking a cheating spouse.You can fantasize about what you wouold like to do, but don;t do it!


    In the state of Florida, domestic violence is taken very seriously and is a crime. Charges for first time and repeat offenders range from a first class misdemeanor to a felony. If you are found guilty you may be facing any of the following:
    Mandatory jail time
    No contact with the victim/spouse or your children
    Loss of access to your residence
    Fines and court costs
    Anger management classes / Mandatory counseling
    Community service
    Batterer’s intervention program
    Multiple criminal charges
    Permanent criminal record
    Loss of right to own a fire arm
    Inability to practice certain professions

    First time offenders like Elin may be eligible for a pre-trail diversion program whereby charges could be dropped. If you she establish that you acted in self-defense, the court could reduce or dismiss the charges. But repeat offenders and those who violate an Order of Protection face even harsher penalties.


    Tiger Woods has a lot of fans out there and one of those fans could be a judge who could really throw the book at Elin. There is the real possibility she could be separated from her gorgeous babies and spend time in jail for this and face criminal charges. It would be a horrific shame if this happened.

    I hope and pray this does not happen and I hope and pray that the two of them gets counseling asap to help whatever ails their not so well relationship. We definitely don’t want to see them going down the same road as the Gosselins.

  • 7 thoughts on “Don’t Be Blinded by Tiger Wood’s Celebrity! His TOXIC Alleged Cheating Behavior Towards Wife Elin and Lack of Good Communciation Could Destroy His Family

    1. I enjoy reading your blog and usually agree with you. Having said that I’m very surprised by your opinion on Tiger Woods. The affair rumor was printed in a tabloid magazine that isn’t the most credible. So you are assuming that he had an affair instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt that he is innocent. You are also condoning domestic violence by blaming him for his wife’s actions. Would you be saying the same thing if it was a man who smacked a woman around because there were rumors of an affair?


      1. Well W. Gring as it turns out I was right. There is mistress # 1,2,3,&4 so far. As the old saying goes, “usually where there is smoke there is fire”
        And as far as condoning domestoic violence goes- please re-read my blog carefully. In no way am I condoning Elin;s violence but yes I am nblaming him for cheating on a woman with a 9 month old infant and toddler and creating havoc in her life.I donlt believe anyone should smack anyone and I do NOT condone physical violence of any kind.


    2. The problem with this blog post is that you’re commenting on ALLEGED problems – allegations made by the National Enquirer and fully denied by both parties cited. I prefer to hold off on making judgments about people, celebrities or not, until I have some real evidence.


        1. Who got their information from the Enquirer who apparently have plenty of attorneys too. Having attorneys on your team doesn’t indicate an ability to tell the truth though. They hire attorneys to ensure that they aren’t crossing the line between legal and illegal. As long as you and these publications continue to use the word “alleged” there is nothing illegal going on, but that doesn’t make it right or responsible.


    3. I beg to differ with you, It is VERY responsible to use the word “alleged” as I have done, TMZ has done and every other publicaiton is done. Dont be too quick to diss the Enquirer. After all they were the ones who broke the story on Senator Jon Edwards cheating with Reile Hunter and his famving an illegitimate child with her. Thwe mainstream news followed their lead. Tiger Woods is human and not perfect as he said in his statement which he released to the press. Most of us are Tiger Woods fans and hate toimagine the “allegations” being true. That is why wer responsinbly use the term “alleged” until we know it to be a proven fact.


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