Toxic Snitch Michael Lohan Commits Emotional Murder By Backstabbing “Friend” Jon Gosselin

In the Court of Public Opinion Toxic Father, Toxic Snitch, and Toxic Traitor Michael Lohan received the death sentence for his emotional murder of Lindsay and his now fatal backstabbing of his former friend Jon Gosslein. When you didn’t think Lohan could not go any lower for selling out his daughter, he showed us that he could go as low as possible if the price was right!

Jon Gosselin naively never saw it coming. A lot of people told him that he was keeping bad company this summer by hanging out with Michael Lohan, but he refused to listen to anyone. Now he is paying the price big time! Lie down with dogs you get fleas and lie down with “dawgs” you get sleeze!


Now it is so obvious what this Toxic snake scum did to Jon. Jon Gosselin was no longer interested in Michael’s hair brained “Divorced Dads” project nor was he interested in Michael’s other hair brained scheme that he and Jon participate in Celebrity Boxing. Besides, with the TLC suit against him and vice versa, there was no way he could participate in the project, even if he wanted to. Michael could no longer make money off of Jon, so he figured out a way to make some money off of Jon anyway.

Lohan sold Jon out via tapes he secretly made of him and threw him under the bus. He planned this all along, as evidenced of his secretly taping Jon. He used the tape as an insurance policy, in case Jon backed out of Michael’s project. He didn’t care that it would make Jon look horrible. It did! It also made Michael look even worse!

Also, as long as Jon is with Michael Heller, Lohan apparently gets a piece of any of Jon’s financial action. Evidently, he Jon to brought to Mike Heller, so as Lohan is quoted as saying “ Michael (Heller) had an obligation to pay me a percentage of what he made.”

TR is a joint venture of Lohan’s company and Mike Heller’s company, but Heller never signed the deal after his dad Mark Heller, Jon’s lawyer, advised him not to. So no doubt Michael has stopped getting paid, if in fact he was paid at all.

Toxic blabber mouth Lohan is quoted as saying” Heller “was paying me all along, which basically proves I have a deal. Why was he paying me checks and giving my wife and my son checks?” Then Lohan added that some payments he got for helping get Jon gigs was in cash. So now you are starting to see the clear picture and it all stinks!


Any person who can sell out their daughter is the worst creature alive. There is no justification for that! No matter how poor you are or how much money you need, go to a soup kitchen, work at McDonalds, wash windows, or do anything else but sell audiotape recordings of your daughter’s conversations and your now your friend’s conversations to the press. Anyone who can pimp someone out and throw them under the bus for money is the devil incarnate!

This is a nefarious and evil mind that would do something like that. I never want to hear about how he is a Born Again Christian and how he found Jesus. He found Lucifer! He found the Devil and this is how he has lead his life since he got out of prison. Once a Toxic Sociopath, always a Toxic Sociopath! No one who has found Jesus or who is a Born Again Christian would EVER act like Michael Lohan. His actions are unforgiveable! Let him try his snitching behavior in prison and see what happens to him.

He may very well be facing jail time according to TMZ, for the recordings he made of Dina and Lindsay, considering they were made in 2005. Dina had a protective order against him at the time, barring any communication with him via telephone until 2011.


Lohan he has leaked his private conversations with Jon Gosselin over the internet and I ask why is there not a law against this in his state? If there is some loophole that can be found so he is charged with secretly taping other’s conversations, he needs to be charged with a crime and sent to jail forever. This where this nasty Toxic troublemaker belongs.

In my opinion, he is a Toxic Con Man. If there isn’t a law and if what he did is legal in his state, he will no doubt eventually trip himself up doing something else that is egregious. He’ll do another Con and do himself in just like OJ and Madoff did themselves in. No question about it. It is only a matter of time before this Toxic creature is behind bars. Mr. Lohan was convicted of assault in the past , which is a violent crime, and wad under parole supervision until February of 2009.”


Apparently Bodyguard Thomas Meinelt, was subpoenaed to testify in Jon’s court battle with TLC over his breach of contract. This body guard allegedly claimed he saw Jon’s secret sex tape. Jon’s ex-nanny, scorned. big mouth who jabbered to Radar on Line for days about how bad Jon was, alleged she heard about the Jon Gosselin sex tape as well.

She said that someone close to Jon ( Lohan?) paid for him to see a girl and flirt with him and it was filmed. If it does exist and if this is true and Lohan is behind it that would be yet another nail in Lohan’s coffin.

I strongly believe that no one should ever put this Toxic Loser on TV or in any magazine ever again. He needs to be shunned by all media as well as by his daughter. Then only time we should ever read about him if it is his obituary. He is a disgrace to any human being! Poor, poor, Lindsay for having this scum as a father. No wonder this poor girl has suffered so much.


In the audiotape Michael made of Jon Jon Gosselin demonstrated that he wasn’t the best judge of character. Here is exactly what he told Michael Lohan on tape:
“And you know I always give everyone a second chance, I mean, honestly, I don’t really…I’ve known you a couple weeks, and I like you…you know, but I don’t even know your past, Michael,” he tells Lohan.
“Our relationship started a couple weeks ago. I don’t care about the past. I could care less. It’s the same with Hailey. She did all this s–t in college, but I didn’t know her then. Our relationship started May 4. You know, it’s like, it’s irrelevant to me. So, you know, that’s how I’m gonna go.”
That’s right, totally irrelevant. After all, why would it be helpful to inform yourself about someone’s past? It’s not like people repeat bad behavior or anything.
“His past, I’m like, ‘I don’t know about his past. I only know what you assholes write about him. It’s the same s–t you write about me, so why should I believe you?'” Gosselin continued on.
“They never say the good things. Never, cause the good things don’t sell. I’ve learned. I’m not stupid.”

Well Jon I wouldn’t call you stupid. I would call you naive. Being a public figure you MUST do diligence on everyone and you MUST care about their past. Look what happened to you. If you would have seen what a sleeze Michael Lohan was, you never would have gone into business with him. And if you would have done so after knowing how awful he was, then yes Jon we would all call you stupid. And here is a little dose of reality- When you said “It’s not like people repeat bad behavior or anything.” Guess what??? People DO REPEAT BAD BEHAVIOR, especially if they haven’t been in therapy. That means YOU Jon! So get your behind into therapy and don’t blab about it. Just do it and grow up! You have 8 kids to raise. They need to be raised by a non naive non stupid MAN. So step up!


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