Body Language of White House Gate Crashers Shows Entitlement and NO BOUNDARIES! They MUST Be Prosecuted To the Full Extent of the Law!

With all that has gone on lately, can you imagine if a terrorist crashed the White House party and killed the President, the first Lady, the Vice President, the Speaker of the House, the Indian Prime Minister and everyone else that was at the party? This could have easily happened and could been a horrific reality!

That is why I say Reality Show Wanna Be (Real Housewives of DC) Michaele Tarique and her husband, Tareq Salahi,( who by the way is also a member of the American Task Force for Palestine ) MUST be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Secret Service spokesman, Jim Mackin says an investigation is now happening. I say forget the investigation! We already have the evidence on tape. I say arrest these two and let them stay in prison for a long, long time. That is the only reality show they should be getting.

I say there is no excuse for this behavior! There was no excuse for Balloon Dad’s entitlement and now there is no excuse for these White House Gate Crasher’s entitlement ! They need to pay a huge penalty for this Sociopathic Behavior and serve as an example to everyone in the world that this self entitlement and narcissism cannot and will not be tolerated!


Look at Michaela Salahi’s body language. Look how starved she is for camera attention. Her husband was ready to walk into the room for the dinner, but this narcissist turned around And went back to the cameras to pose for photos. You can see the desperation in her face and the hunger for attention as she leaves her husband’s side to turn around and pose. Look at how high she holds her head. It’s like she really believes she’s a star.


This dinner was to honor Indian Prime Minister Monmohan Singh. With all that is happening between India and Pakistan, the Prime Minister could have been an open target for an assassination. These two could have easily been terrorists. Terrorists don’t necessarily wear turbans and have long scraggly beards. They can be anyone. That is why everyone is screened at airports – even little old ladies in wheelchairs. They can be slender, attractive blonds like Michaela and they can be light skinned clean shaven men like her husband, Tareq.

In fact another Tareq, Tareq Hassan killed a lot of people at Ft. Hood and he didn’t look like a terrorist. He was clean shaven a member of the US Military. Whether he is technically a terrorist or not, he ended up killing a lot of people like terrorists do. He created terror so he is a terrorist in my definition. The bottom line of what I am saying is that they can look like anyone.


These two self entitled losers are so desperate to be stars, that they will stop at nothing to get attention and to try to get close to and hobnob with the rich and famous. This ex 44 year old former Redskins Cheerleader, was apparently auditioning for the Real Wives of DC as there was a camera and makeup person following her around DC all day. Apparently, NBC news anchor Brian Williams got a little suspicious of her when he saw a makeup artist combing her hair and patting her husband’s face down as they had a camera trailing behind them. Since this couple wasn’t anyone he would have known that would have merited such attention, he wondered what was up!

Tareq Salahi, the husband of this boundaryless duo is several years his wanna be wife’s junior. He apparently is involved in a lot of lawsuits where he is the defendant as well as the plaintiff. One of the lawsuits where he was the plaintiff involved his own mother. Apparently, he sued his own mother to gain control of a winery, which he later ran into financial ruin.

This litigious wanna be probably ran into financial ruin by donating so much of his money from the winery to the campaigns of the politicians with whom he can be as seen glad-handing, many of whom are on his Facebook page.

In fact, his wanna be wife is not a stranger to glad handling and who knows what else handling. In fact, look at her body language where she poses with VP Biden. It is clearly inappropriate as she leans in with her head cocked towards the VP. Notice how Biden’s head is straight up, mesning that he is being proper and appropriate with. Look at how she places an open hand over his heart on his chest. If that isn’t a RED FLAG, I don’t know what else is!

This is the body language you show to someone you know intimately like your lover where you put your open hand on their heart. You don’t use this body language with a happily married Vice President. This way too intimate and disrespecting of the office of VP pose, indicates that she is being very invasive and inappropriate, as she clearly demonstrates has no boundaries whatsoever.

But before these two boundaryless wanna- be Sociopaths go to prison they will be interviewed by Larry King, where they will have a chance to speak about their egregious behavior. Hopefully they will say something to further incriminate themselves. And even more hopeful, there will be authorities waiting outside the studio at CNN to arrest them and take them away in police cars. I hope that I am in the CNN Studios taping my Nancy Grace segment for her show the samre day these two creatures so up, so I can witness it up close and personal! http://www.drlillianglass


4 thoughts on “Body Language of White House Gate Crashers Shows Entitlement and NO BOUNDARIES! They MUST Be Prosecuted To the Full Extent of the Law!

  1. I am very sorry to say that this couple comes from my own community here in No VA.

    Larry King should not allow them to put themselves forward any further by giving them a forum on his show.

    Like the criminals they are, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I saw a picture in which she was shaking hands with President Obama. This could’ve been a national disaster.

    If anything good comes from this, it will be that the secret service will reeducate its people so that they realize, as you said, that terrorists come in all sizes, shapes and forms, and so this never happens again.


    1. Well said! I agree with you that they shouldn’t be rewarded by appearing on Larry King Live and getting any more attention. But then again, Larry has had a lot of criminals on his shows over the years. I hope that authorities witll be waiting outside the sudio to arrest them on camera in front of everyone. That would be GREAT! Now THAT is REALITY TV!


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